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Technical Bulletin

Legacy 4 - Alternative Insertion Options: Legacy4 Implant is mounted on a revolutionary two piece color-coded fixture-mount. The top of this mount has been designed to fail at excessive torques to protect the interface during insertion. Although Legacy 4 is typically inserted with its fixture-mount in place, the Legacy4 may also be inserted at the abutment level (shown below) or at the implant level (not shown) if so desired. Please note, the same sized implant driver would be used regardless of which insertion level is chosen.

Each implant is packaged in a sterile vial

Vial labels are color-coded with two tear-off labels

Cap labels are color-coded by platform diameter

Drop implant assembly out of vial onto a sterile surface

Remove implant assembly with a ratchet or 2.5mmD hex tool

Place implant into osteotomy

Remove top of fixture-mount

Insert 2.5mmD hex tool & index fixture-mount flat to labial or buccal

Hex will then be aligned for proper abutment placement

Legacy4 Alternative Insertion Options  

Legacy4 Alternative Insertion Options