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Technical Bulletin

Legacy™4 Fixture-Mount & IQity Impression Technique™ Legacy4 Implant is mounted on a revolutionary two-piece color-coded fixture-mount. The top fails at excessive torques to protect the interface during insertion and detaches in impression for the accuracy of an open-tray transfer with the simplicity of a closed-tray. The fixture-mount may be shortened at the line to function as a final preparable abutment. A healing collar is included in each vial.

Each implant is packaged in a sterile vial

Vial labels are color-coded with two tear-off labels

Cap labels are color-coded by platform diameter

Open vial and release implant assembly onto a sterile surface

Remove implant assembly with hex tool

Place implant into osteotomy

Fixture-mount top designed to fail at approximately 112 Ncm

Index fixture-mount flat to labial or buccal

Hex will then be aligned for proper abutment placement

If, in the unlikely event, the fixture-mount top becomes loose during insertion, remove it with the hex tool. Implant insertion may be continued via one of the Legacy4 Alternative Insertion Options

Place the fixture-mount on a stable, sterile surface with the pronged end facing up

Insert the appropriate pointed end of the Legacy™4 FixtureMount Tool [FMT] into the pronged end of the fixturemount and press completely down to ensure the prongs are correctly positioned

Legacy4 Technical Bulletin  

Legacy4 Technical Bulletin

Legacy4 Technical Bulletin  

Legacy4 Technical Bulletin