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DirectGen™ DERM

Decellularized Human Dermal Tissue

Providing an alternative solution to palatal grafts for soft tissue grafting cases Safe • Made from decellularized human dermal tissue • Processed and tested in accordance to FDA and AATB standards • Terminally sterilized (SAL 10-6)

Easy to Use • Eliminates morbidity and pain associated with a donor site • Allows multiple sites to be treated in same surgery • Proprietary processing allows either side to be placed against defect. No special orientation required • Rehydrates in minutes and is easily trimmed with scalpel or scissors • Retains enough firmness when hydrated to facilitate easy placement in graft site (especially when used for tunnel technique)

Available in multiple thickness and size options:


Thin (0.5-1.0mm)

Thick (1.0-1.5mm)

• Biocompatible

• • • •

• • • •

• Retains collagen and elastin and has elasticity of the native dermis

10x10mm – DD101005 10x20mm – DD102005 10x40mm – DD104005 20x40mm – DD204005


10x10mm – DD101010 10x20mm – DD102010 10x40mm – DD104010 20x40mm – DD204010

DirectGen DERM trimmed for site

• Processing preserves biologic properties that promote revascularization and repair of damaged tissues

Insertion of DirectGen DERM

Site sutured

4 week post-op Case courtesy of Avi Schetritt, DMD

888-649-6425 | Innovation.




DirectGen DERM  

DirectGen™ DERM Demineralized Cortical Allograft Sheet

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