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Case Submission Checklist for CAD Titanium Bars


Be sure to include:

Designing Process

1. Verified master model with removable soft tissues and new implant analogs

Once your case is received, it will be scanned and designed. You will receive an e-mail notification that your case is ready for viewing and you can download a 3D PDF to verify the design.

2. Wax try-in Upon review of the case design, you can note any changes needed via e-mail. Your case will be ready three business days following your approval.

3. Completed order form A. Include a completed order form with your case B. Enter the order information into the online case management application Do NOT send articulators Note: Any cases, changes or approvals received after 1 p.m. PST will be considered as the next business day.

CAD Titanium Bars Order Form

CustomDirect™ C ustomDirect™ Case Information

Account Information Account # Account Name Address City, ST, Zip Contact Dentist Name Email Address

Case ID Current Date Requested Delivery Date



Please fill out all account information to ensure no delays occur with bar fabrication.

Upper Jaw

Lower Jaw

Implant Location= O Desired Attachments Location= X Restorative platforms supported: Implant Direct's ScrewReceiving abutment; ScrewIndirect, RePlant; Legacy; Swish; ScrewPlant; Nobel Biocare’s Multi-Unit abutment.

Case Submission Checklist


Bar Design Details Distal Extentions: Rt: 4mm 8mm Lt: 4mm 8mm

12mm 12mm

Distance from Tissue: 00mm 1mm


For Overdenture Bars Only: Number of Attachments/Clips: Buccal/Lingual Wall Taper: 0° Fixed Bars Hybrid ML

16mm 16mm

2 2°

3 4°




Overdenture Bars Hybrid


Verified master model with appropriate analogs/replicas and soft tissue Wax-up of teeth in their final restoration position I Bar

Y Bar


Tapered Attachment

Tapered Attachment

w/GPS included

Use only new, undamaged analogs



(print name)

request a custom CAD Titanium Bar for a specific patient. (Signature)


CustomDirect 3050 E.Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. E-mail: Fax: (818) 444-3401 For Additional information on Implant Direct products, please go to or call 888-649-6425

Important Tip To ensure an accurate fit, use only new implant analogs in your master model. A model with inadequate analogs cannot be processed and will be returned.

Each CAD titanium bar is polished, ready for try-in and includes required fixation screws.

Custom Direct CAD Titanium Bar Case Submission Instructions 1. All CustomDirect CAD Bar orders must be submitted through our online ordering process. 2. Custom bar product information and bar submission documents should be reviewed before submitting an order online. They can be obtained from 3. Please use this document and our bar submission checklist as a reference for case submission and applicability. 4. Case work flow: A. Online case order entry: B. Ship case master cast and denture set-up only to CustomDirect. Implant Direct 3050 E. Hillcrest Drive. Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 - Please use protective packaging. Include a copy of the Implant Direct order summary. C. A bar design type must be selected although may be altered after design review. D. Upon receipt of the case, customer will be notified. Please provide a valid e-mail address. E. Initial designs will be provided within three full working days of case receipt. F. All CAD bars must be approved by laboratory or clinicians prior to production. G. Finished bars will be invoiced and shipped within three days after case approval. H. Please place all enclosed documents in a Ziploc bag. Disinfect all casts and set-ups using accepted infection control practices. 5. Laboratory work authorization: A. Custom CAD bars are custom laboratory products. As such, all case submissions must include a signature on the order form. 6. Case Approval: A. All bar cases are scanned and designed in our facility. Cases transition to ‘on-hold’ status until a design approval is received from the laboratory or clinician. B. Because CAD bar cases require specialized knowledge for design, approval and processing, CustomDirect recommends that clinicians and laboratories work collaboratively with respect to bar design. 7. The following situations will prompt case rejection: A. Implant divergence of greater that 40 degrees. B. Analogs that are damaged or covered with stone. Soft tissue casts preferred. C. Cases where denture set-ups do not fit securely on the master cast. 8. Warranty: Implant Direct warranties CustomDirect CAD Bars to fit precisely on the supplied master cast. Implant Direct warranties Titanium CAD Bars for a period of five years against failure due to defective materials, design and manufacturing only.

Case Submission Checklist for Precision Bars  

by Custom Direct - Implant Direct

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