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Teeth Implants Cost in Houston: What You Get For Your Money, PART 2 This four-part article series explains what benefits and lifestyle improvements patients can expect from choosing dental implants as their teeth replacement solution. Welcome to Part 2 of this four-part article series on teeth implants cost and what Houston residents can stand to benefit from making the right investment in their oral health. It is the objective of this series to obliterate the misconception that the cost of dental implants is prohibitively high and to help patients understand all the incredible benefits they will stand to enjoy by opting for the more sophisticated teeth replacement technology. In Part 2, we will be speaking to an All On 4 implants specialist in Houston about the key differences between the oral rehabilitation techniques used to give edentulous (toothless) and near edentulous patients new teeth and why dental implants offer much better solutions than traditional removable dentures. We will then, in Part 3, explain why dental implants can actually cost patients less in the long run, contrary to popular thinking. ” Implants Versus Removable Dentures: What “All-On-4 All-On-4” What’’s the Difference?

“All-On-4” implants offer Houston residents a fixed (non-removable) solution to rampant tooth loss, which is usually a result of gum disease. The use of dental implants (see image above) to support a strong, durable and custom set of replacement teeth means that patients can eat all the foods they love, but previously couldn’t because of their failing dentition or inferior teeth replacement technology. The “All-On-4” bridge also feels like natural teeth and because it doesn’t press down on or rub against the gums, it doesn’t cause acute oral discomfort as dentures frequently do. Dentures, on the other hand, are removable appliances that rely on their bulkiness and products such as adhesive strips to remain stabilized in the mouth. They need to be removed after meals and at nighttime for cleaning and to allow the gums to breathe, respectively.

Dentures may initially fit comfortably, but after time the underlying jawbone undergoes a remodeling process caused by a lack of stimulation to the bone. It’s atrophy of the hard tissue that causes the jaw to waste away, which ultimately leads to that pinched, sunken-in facial appearance one typically associates with elderly denture-wearers.

“Dental implants help to prevent the aging process caused by tooth loss because they replace the roots of the teeth, whereas dentures only replace the visible crowns,” explains the All On 4 implants specialist in Houston. “It’s always worth considering just how much you value your youthful facial appearance because dentures slowly destroy it, whereas implants help to preserve it.”

Other key benefits of “All On 4” implants include: � � � �

The bridge supported by them isn’t bulky, so it won’t trigger the gag reflex or impede taste ability, They are cleaned just like natural teeth, They cannot shift or move around and won’t ever fall out, as dentures tend to. They feel natural and so they don’t cause constant self-consciousness and discomfort.

Stay Tuned for Part 3 Now that we’ve taken a look at the key differences between All On 4 implants and removable dentures, we want to know just how their costs differ in both the short and the long term. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this four-part article series to read about how the teeth implants cost in Houston can actually be lower than the cost of removable dentures when you consider all the repeat expenses the latter comes hand-in-hand with.

Teeth Implants Cost in Houston: What You Get For Your Money, PART 2