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Money, Money, Money… All About Implants Dental Costs This article takes a comprehensive look at all the hardware, technology, services and treatments that come included in the cost quotation of dental implant surgery.

Did you know that the implants dental costs you pay don’t only cover a single component of hardware, the replacement tooth? Actually, the implant dental costs quoted to you by your dentist include many different procedures and services. Many patients baulk at what they believe they have to pay for just the implant hardware when in fact, the quotation is comprehensive. So, in order to help you appreciate just what you’re getting when you opt to replace a missing tooth with this sophisticated dental technology, we’re going to discuss what all these services, components of hardware and procedures are. Implants Dental Costs: The Hardware

A dental implant consists of more than just a visible replacement tooth or crown. The implants dental costs you are required to pay cover three different components of hardware: 1. A small titanium screw or post, which replaces the missing tooth root. 2. An abutment or ‘collar,’ which is fastened to the titanium post and provides support for the replacement crown. 3. An artificial tooth crown fabricated from a durable ceramic material. Once placed in the jaw, the surrounding bone integrates with the titanium screw of the dental implant, allowing it to become a permanent part of your body. It can then be used to provide strong support for the artificial dental crown that is carefully rendered to be virtually indistinguishable, in function, feel and appearance, from any natural tooth. The implants dental costs you pay cover all three of these pieces of hardware, which, together, comprise a long-lasting and comprehensive replacement solution for a missing tooth. Implants Dental Costs: Services

The implants dental costs quoted to you also include your dentist’s time and expertise. Implant dentists require additional education and training in order to perform the surgery necessary to place dental implants. Implants dental cost quotations include all of the dentist’s services (excluding the initial consultation) required: from the extraction of any remaining tooth structure and X-ray imaging to the surgical placement of the implant and all follow-up appointments. Essentially, therefore, the only expense you have to cover outside the implants dental costs is your initial consultation with the dentist. After this appointment, and once the treatment plans have been drawn up, there typically aren’t any additional fees or hidden charges. Implants Dental Costs: Your Financing Options Dental implants are globally regarded to be the best and most sophisticated course of treatment for missing or irreparably damaged teeth. Unfortunately, in spite of this, medical aid and insurance companies still view dental implant surgery as an elective procedure. As a result, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that will cover all of your implants dental costs. This attitude is widely understood by implant dentists who, as a result, offer their patients a suite of financing options that are tailored to help them cover their implants dental costs. These payment plans – which can be long-term one with interest or short term no-interest – enable patients to afford the treatment they need to get their smile confidence and bite functionality back without upsetting their budget. Implants Dental Costs: A Final Note

Through the offering of flexible financing options, dentists around the United States are essentially providing Americans with an alternative, better solution to missing teeth than dentures. Implants dental costs should never represent an obstacle between you and your quality of life, so visit your dentist today to better understand your tooth replacement options.

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Money, Money, Money… All About Implants Dental Costs  

This article takes a comprehensive look at all the hardware, technology, services and treatments that come included in the cost quotation of...

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