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Introduction of Dentium

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Welcome to Dentium, Since the establishment of Dentium Co., Ltd. in Korea in June 2000, we have been manufacturing high quality dental implant products. In collaboration with leading clinicians, research institutes, and universities, the Dentium R&D center has developed a series of state-of-the art dental implant systems, focusing on efficiency. Our systems, including fixtures, surgical components, prosthetic components, and synthetic bone grafting materials, assist our customers in performing quick, accurate, and esthetic dental implantation. As the evidence of our quest for providing the highest quality products, we have attained ISO13485 and CE certification. We have also met the good manufacturing standards (GMP) set forth by many countries worldwide, including the United States FDA. Our ultimate event, Annual Dentium Symposium and Annual Clinical Case Presentation have been attended by many dental professionals from around the globe and serve as the benchmark educational events. In addition to our ever popular line of implant products, we entered into the world of bone grafting and regeneration. The bio materials line includes bone graft material, membrane, and growth factor and tissue engineering products based on our extensive research and development. The bio materials line is proof that we are continuously seeking ways to enhance our product line and services in order to assist the dental professional in providing their patients with a beautiful and healthy smile. We would appreciate your ongoing feedback, as this will assist us in providing you with the highest level of service in the future. Sincerely yours,

Dentium Co., Ltd.

Dentium is an innovative corporation that contributes to human well-being by providing dental implant and bio-technology to dental clinics in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Dentium aims to be the world's leading company as an implant expert by realizing quality absolutism and continuous research and development.

Dentium CAD/CAM System on market Collagen Membrane on market SimpleLine II on market Awarded Prime Minister's Citation by Korea National Health Industry & Development Institute China SFDA acquired SlimOnebody on market MAD/MAM System on market SuperLine on market FDA for Osteon acquired Russian Certificate acquired Australian Certificate acquired SlimLine on market Taiwan Certificate acquired CE for Osteon acquired Canadian Certificate acquired SimpleLine on market Indian Certificate acquired Dentium China was established FDA acquired Dentium USA was established ISO 13485 / CE Certificate acquired KFDA acquired Company name was changed from Biostech Co. to Dentium Co. Ltd. ISO 9001 approval was acquired from NOA in UK Biostech Co. was established in Korea to develop and manufacture dental implants.

Introduction of Dentium

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Dentium expands its business from Implant to Bio technology.

Dentium Co., Ltd. has provided with valuable information through scientific lectures in the annual Dentium Symposium and Case Presentation since its establishment in 2000.

Introduction of Dentium

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R&D Center / Factory Dentium Implant Institute is the supportive education / training institute operated by Dentium co., Ltd.

• Practical

Implant Course & Sinus Intensive Course • Perio Surgery Course • Advanced Prosthesis Course • Monthly Special Lectures • GBR

Introduction of Dentium

Dentium R&D Center is not only pushing ahead with systematic and multilateral clinical research and development on implants but also works in cooperation with institutions and universities through industry-university collaboration focusing on efficiency that can verify safety and effectiveness of implants. And numerous dentists and experts with many years of clinical know-how in Dentium R&D Center make their its greater effort to fulfill customer's satisfaction by performing clinical researches at the Clinical Research Center in collaboration with universities in all over the world.

Introduction of R&D Center

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Development Process

3. Product Verification Evaluate and verify the initial product as per the international standard. Check the roughness and hardness for physical specification.

1. Market Analysis

SEM & EDS analysis for clear surface

Analyze customer's needs and market with the marketing department and set the design concept based on the analysis. Set the direction of the product development through market analysis on the competitive products which are already on market. Check the fixation to minimize micro-movement. Ion Chromatography

2. Product Design

Verify nothing remains on the surface by checking Ion Chromatography.

Modify the design after reviewing the prototype design once the design concept is set. Set the product line-ups by modeling. Select the material suitable with good hardness and bio-friendly.

FEM (Finite Elements Methods)

Verify the model by finding faults in advance through FEM.

Introduction of R&D Center

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3. Product Verification

4. After Sales

In vivo test

Check the safety and affinity of the product surface through In vivo test.

Dentium focuses on improvement of products after its sales through activities listed below. 1. Collection of Clinical Case Data 2. Congress & Symposium, Case Presentation 3. User Meeting 4. Product Education and Training Course 5. On-Line Clinical Case Forum

Implantation torque

Measure the real chairing torque and set the optimal torque to have the initial stability.

Congress & Symposiium / User Meeting

Proceed Domestic and Overseas Certification after final verification of the product stability through transplant and cell poison test by international test agency.

Product Education and Training Course

Introduction of R&D Center

On-Line Clinical Case Forum

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Achievement & Technology skills of Dentium R&D Center Dentium R&D Center has steadily been presenting thesis with subjects of high success rate and surface treatment of Dentium Implant based on various clinical cases. Dentium has its own technology in S.L.A. surface treatment design preventing bone loss and lab system for esthetic and easy prosthetic work.

Introduction of R&D Center

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Advantages of Dentium Implant Surface Treatment S.L.A. surface treatment being used for implant fixtures from Dentium is commonly known as the state of the art technology for successful osseointegration.





Mature Dental Implant Dentium Implant is developed and improved by many dentists with long time experience in their clinics.

Simple Clinical Process Dentium implant simplifies clinical process and shortens surgery time which eventually lessens patients' pain.





Global Network As Dentium Implant is being used in more than 60 countries, patients may finish their implant surgery when and where they travel or emigrate.

Dentium Co., Ltd. is the leading company as an implant expert by letting its safety and efficiency be internationally proven acquiring ISO 13485, CE, FDA, and so on.

Introduction of R&D Center

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Dentium R&D center in Korea is organized by specialized researchers with the most advanced facilities for innovation. Also we precede the international technical development of implantology by diverse basic and clinical researches with the cooperation of the government, universities and hospitals.

Introduction of R&D Center

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Dental Implant


Dentium defines the future of implant. Dentium is known for delivering innovative value to customers, leading the implant industry, and explosive growth worldwide.

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Dental Implant Product development based on the analysis of trends and customers’needs Today Dentium, the Leader in Implant Industry Dentium takes it as the ultimate goal to achieve the highest quality that fully satisfies both dentists and patients by developing products with high stability in the long-term perspectives through participation of lab experts, dentists and professors with over ten years of innumerable clinical experiences. With the development and study of dental instruments, Dentium R&D Center developed the implant systems that enable Aesthetic Treatment, which features simple design, easily and accurately applicable fixture, and surgical kit.

As implant treatment is getting more popular, demand is high for immediate loading and early loading reducing treatment period. Surface Treatment and Fixture Design, which secure successful treatment through fast osseo-integration, are also growing in importance. More and more attention on problem solving for long-term safety is being drawn. In this regard, Dentium's implant system is the right answer, as it increases treatment efficiency and addresses problems easily and safely, as proven in numerous clinical cases.

Dentium R&D Center studies and develops products that meet customers’ needs and trends and is making Dentium a leading company creating value innovation and developing differentiated items.

Implant systems by Dentium are recognized as for quality both domestically and internationally by the FDA of USA, European CE Certificate, and other license certifiers and authorities. Dentium is a world leader that is continuously making progress. Main items include Dentium's top brand "SuperLine" capable of immediate loading that shows outstanding results in terms of osseo-integration response; "Implantium" resulting in the best initial stability and osseo-integration that shows minimal bone loss in any type of bone; Mini implant "SlimOnebody" that can be placed in the narrow ridge and replacing denture; and "SimpleLine II" capable of early loading using Tap Drill. Moreover, Dentium's S.L.A. Surface Treatment leads to safer and more successful results by using its technology. According to research papers issued by well-known research institutions and universities, S.L.A Surface Treatment method scored high in patients’ satisfaction for shorter treatment period and longer product life.

SimpleLine II


SlimLine 2009

SuperLine SimpleLine 2006


Introduction of R&D Center


Dentium Implant System on market


S.L.A. Surface Dentium's S.L.A. surface treatment is well-known to assure high stability by enabling the fixture to well attach to the bone minimizing bone loss. And a number of clinical cases and thesis proves that successful result.

Implant (S.L.A.)




(S.L.A.) Bone


Fast new bone formation inside the threads.


In vivo test

Fig 1.Histological image of new bone apposition over the implant surface at four weeks

Human osteoblast •

Well attached and proliferated human osteoblasts

Fig 4.Bone formation along the SLA surface from the cortical bone to the apex

Fig 5. Clinical radiography after one year of loading. (A) Single case and (B) multiple cases

Conclusion: 1250X



Introduction of R&D Center

Cell number 3x10 , After 7 days of cell culture

The surface treated by sandblasting and then acid etching(SLA)had beneficial effects on the biocompatibility and bone formation around the Ti implant. Although there was a slight decrease in the roughness value after the acid-etching treatment following sandblasting, it developed more uniform small micro pits (1-2Îźm in diameter) and sharp-edged peaks on the sandblasted surface. The SLA surface showed good biocompatibility with both in vitro cell response and in vivo animal study. Based on the short-term clinical results, the SLA implant used in this study showed an excellent survival rate (98.7%)with an average marginal bone loss of 0.28mm over a period of 15.2 months. A long-term clinical study is required in future work. 26 / 27

SimpleLine II

SlimOnebody •S.L.A. surface and tap drills for exquisite surgery enable early loading •Multiple choice of the fixture's gingiva height (1.6 or 2.2 mm) and S-Line shape enable esthetical prosthetics conveniently •Wide range of fixtures and prosthetic components line up for diverse clinical cases •Compatibility by 8° Morse taper and internal octagon design

Fix type

Ball type

•S.L.A. surface and torque adjustable ridge spreader enable immediate or early loading •Mini ball (Ø1.8) & metal socket make denture production easy •Wide choice range of prosthetic options

Mini O-Ring Retention Force Ø4.05

One Stage System Advantages 2.9

Mini O-ring

Internal 8° Morse Taper Octagon Screw loosening is well prevented owing to the cold welding mechanism for solid abutment application Dual abutment's good depth of octa makes an easy affirmation of adaptability.

° 15°

° 15°


Tilting Angle You can use it up to 30 degrees of angle tilted for path way of implant. (15°+15°)

Increment in abutment size decreases the chance of prosthesis fall outs.




Angled Abutment •Slanted implanting is possible with combination of angled abutment (15°, 25°). •Cement the final restoration onto the abutment.

Selecting direction is easy thanks to the Octa 45° rotation angles.

Improved thread design •Sharp edge, high density threads to secure successful osseointegration in short time •Double thread design reduces chair time Introduction of R&D Center

28 / 29


Implantium “Immediate Implantation with Excellent Bone Response” • Higher stabilization in extraction socket • Early loading in upper posterior with self tapping • Harmony with anatomy • Tapered design for sharp & fast insertion

Regular Platform

Wide Platform

Optimal Fixation Threads • Synchronized positive neck threads. • Initial stability & maximum sealing between the cortical bone and fixture owing to the micro theads. • Optimal fixation threads reduce stress of marginal cortical bone and minimize marginal bone loss.

Micro CT

Internal Connection • The conical hex connection between implant and abutment interface ensures hermetic sealing. • The biologic connection distributes load to the fixture evenly. Therefore it helps minimize micro-movement and marginal bone loss. • Implant fixture with all kinds of diameters share the same internal hex.

Introduction of R&D Center

Biological Thread • Thread platform design creates excellent bone to implant contact. • Threads charge the bone with ease. • Self tapping function.


30 / 31


Denture System Ball Attachment

Magnetic Attachment ( Sunken Type )

Magnetic Attachment ( Flat Type )

Dental Implant Denture System - Ball Attachment - Magnetic Attachment ( Sunken Type ) - Magnetic Attachment ( FlatType )

• Mini ball size (Ø1.8) • O-ring type denture socket • Denture socket with minimized size. • Mini o-ring can be replaced.

• Horizontal stability • Lowest vertical height • Easy insertion



Retention Force : 400g

Retention Force : 450g



Mini O-ring

Retention Force : 350g

Retention Force : 700g

Retention Force : 700g

Retention Force : 750g

32 / 33

Dental Implant Instruments Kits - Surgical Kit - Prosthetics Kit - DASK (Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit) - Sinus Bur Kit / Sinus Kit - Help Kit

Surgical Kit (Full)



Surgical Kit (Standard)

Prosthetics Kit 34 / 35

DASK (Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit)

Dentium Help kit

•Simple & easy access to sinus cavity •Minimal risk of membrane perforation •Broad exposure of bony walls with special tools

•Easy solution for critical problems which might occur in the prosthetics process •5 tools in 1 kit (Screw Remover / Abutment Hex Remover / Screw Tap Repair / Fixture Remover / Cover & Abutment Screw Remover) •Compatible with most dental implant products globally available now •Heavy duty with robust design and proven material


8° 8°


Screw Remover


Abutment Hex Remover

Screw Tap Repair

[주 의] * 나사선이 뭉개지면 Tool을 교체하시기 바랍니다.

Fixture Remover

[주 의] * 나사선이 마모되면 Tool을 교체하시기 바랍니다.

Crestal Approach (Sinus Lifting) Introduction of R&D Center

Lateral Approach (Sinus Elevation)

Cover & Abutment Screw remover

Sinus Elevation Instruments

36 / 37

Dental Equipment


In technology, Dentium R&D Center works in cooperation with institutions and universities and through industry-university collaboration providing enough facilities and equipments, to develop products that always meet the high-standards of quality control, and secure product safety requirements like FDA and CE certification.

38 / 39


Dental Equipment Today Idea and continuous challenge Dentium produces HIGH quality products with differentiated technology developed through its active commitment in its dedicated R&D CENTER. Dentium pursues more than the value of its products with its accumulated experience and technology.

Attained both economic and aesthetic efficiency Zirconia dental material and rainbow MAD/MAM system were awarded the Korean Prime Minister AWARD in the competition organized by THE Ministry of Health & Welfare in 2009. As a part of ZIRCONIA Dental material, Rainbow Block replaces Gold abutment in Aesthetics, and is known for being economical and useful in several aspects. rainbow Mill and special bur is also known in the dental market for enabling accurate milling process and reducing process time. Moreover, with this CAD/CAM system, the lab work environment in prosthetics manufacturing process improves besides raising efficiency in laboratories.

After carrying on R&D for a decade, Dentium is known to possess the primary criterion to be a leading implant specialist. With each passing year, Dentium's quality is being recognized in the field even while it continuously strives to become the best implant company in the world. Looking ahead, Dentium will focus on dental-related instruments with differentiated technology. A variety of practical items, starting with ICT Motor, will increase the specialty and efficiency in implant treatment. DENTIUM will also lead in developing implant systems and optimum materials which are teeth-friendly and easily facilitates handling. Dentium is working harder than ever to make the next 10 years much better than the last 10 years.

ICT Motor

CAD/CAM System MAD/MAM System Awarded Prime Minister's Citation by Korea National Health Industry & Development Institute 2009

Introduction of R&D Center

MAD/MAM System


Dentium Equipment on market


ICT Motor Strong power - Maximum torque 70 N·cm

Dental Equipment ICT Motor Dental Lab System

• The first motor in Korea with 70N·cm torque • Accurate RPM and stable torque • Real-time RPM and torque display • Real-time PID automatic adjustment of RPM and torque without calibration • 7 built-in programs with easy modification adequate for implant surgery • Simple and easy-to-use on-board panel • LCD graphic display with highly readable typography • Slim design with easy foot control manipulation • Good compatibility with any type of contra-angles

- Dentium CAD/CAM System - rainbow MAD/MAM System

42 / 43

CAD/CAM System Dentium CAD/CAM Block •Excellent marginal fitness owing to uniform shrinkage rate (20%-x,y,z axis) •Zirconia block with natural translucency •High flexural strength •Excellent fracture toughness •98mm diameter with 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26mm thickness.

Dentium CAD/CAM Mill •Compact size of the Mill enables average dental lab to install the machine and make own zirconia teeth. • 2 disc blocks can be installed for sequent milling in overnight work. • 5 axis orbital milling system.

Dentium CAD/CAM Scanner •Precise 3D model scanning down to 20㎛ can be made thanks to the 5 axis laser scanning system with 360° rotation of model. •User friendly MMI (Man Machine Interface) provides with easy working environment even after short training program.

Introduction of R&D Center

44 / 45

MAD/MAM System


rainbow Mill TM

Zirconia Copy Milling System •5-axis milling with digital control •Operator's health protection by the upper and lower side dust cover, front protector and increased efficiency of dust extractor. •Easy and time saving milling by use of exclusive special burs for various brand's cement & screw-retained coping. •Minimize fracture of porcelain with cut-back type core, not coping type core.

rainbow Coloring Liquid TM

•For coloring of milled zirconia before sintering •Natural teeth color & Uniform shade •Composed of the most essential 4 different colors •Applicable to any brand of pre-sintered zirconia framework

rainbow Coping Resin & Bond TM

•Higher work efficiency by keeping proper fluidity for resin coping. •Minimal curing time for fast and precise work. •Easy adjustment of copying thickness owing to semi-transparent meterial. •Excellent hardness and flexural strength.

rainbow Block TM

•Excellent marginal fitness owing to uniform shrinkage rate (20%-x,y,z axis) •Natural translucency •High flexural strength •Excellent fracture toughness •Thickness of 12, 16 and 22mm for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 16 bridges.

rainbow Gum TM

For Laboratory

rainbow Special Bur TM

It is possible to make screw internal form and margin form composed of various type of features by one step processing.

Introduction of R&D Center

•Scanable by the CAD/CAM system •Convenient to handle •Proper setting time to work •Similar color to natural gums •Excellent durability

46 / 47



Preparing to be the world's no. 1 R&D company Dentium will keep focusing on developing medical instruments that fit to the world by relying on our willingness to face challenges and become the leading company that leads the world with innovative value creation through constant R&D on the bio industry

48 / 49


Biotech Today Competition with differentiated technology Dentium is the world-best biomaterial institution researching and developing bone graft materials, membrane, neurosurgical and orthopedic materials and circulatory medical instruments based on product quality management and clean manufacturing technology observing KGMP(Korean Good Manufacturing Practice), GMP, CDMR. There are research projects actively on-going in the Biotech field based on biotechnology from molecular biology and genetic engineering.

World-Best Biotech Dentium's Biotech research sector is recognized with the world's top-notch products. Synthetic bone graft material "OSTEON TM ", incrementing the practitioner's convenience with solution for bone loss and the improvement of handling issue, and "Collagen Membrane", inducing periodontal tissue revival, are widely used in implant industry. Furthermore we contribute the growth of medical industry developing Spinal cage used in spinal fusion in the orthopedics and neurosurgery and balloon catheter used in circulatory department and cardiovascular stent.

Introduction of R&D Center

Bio technology enhancement Dentium's growth will not only come from developing surface treatment and core technology related to implant industry, but also as a comprehensive biotech company. Dentium will continuously focus on bio-technology R&D and strategic and long-term investment and will develop competitive bio products to make them be the strong players in the global market.

50 / 51



Interconnected porous structure similar to that of human bone Osteoconductive material as a bone growth scaffold

HA Scaffold (70%) + β-TCP Coating (30%) : 100% synthetic Human Osteoblast cell OSTEON



OSTEON Membrane TM

- Collagen Membrane - OSTEOGuide TM

Spinal Cage Balloon Catheter




In vitro test of OSTEON™

Vial Type -Ridge Augmentation - Extraction Site -Cystic Cavities -Sinus Lifts -Periodontal Defect

Syringe Type -Easy & Simple bone grafting -Syringe type bone graft -Crestal approach & Lateral approach

52 / 53



Bone Graft Tomorrow

Rabbit calvaria, 8W OSTEON New bone


OSTEON-Collagen Coating or Mixing with Collagen  Improved Manipulation New Bone

Osteoinductive Bone Graft Higher adhesion & Slow releasing of Growth Factor  Ideal bone substitute

*Goldner trichrome stain

Introduction of R&D Center

54 / 55

Collagen Membrane Rabbit calvaria, 8W •Thinner membrane(300㎛) with multiple layers for easy manipulation and sufficient mechanical strength in surgery.


•Resorption period of 4-6 months to provide enough time for stabilizing graft materials and supporting bone growth.


New Bone

•Multiple-layered structure enables more effective bone regeneration by sparing enough space for hard tissue formation and facilitates proliferation of osteoblast.


Rabbit calvaria, 12W

Easy manipulation


 Membrane

Dual-sided usage

Barrier function lasts 4-6months

*Goldner trichrome stain

Introduction of R&D Center

56 / 57



Spinal Cage Interbody Fusion Device

Cervical Cage •Radioluscent PEEK with Ti markers •Ti spikes & Teeth improve the stability against slippage •Enough inner space for bone fusion


Implant Biotech

Lumbar Cage


•Curved shape considering the endplate •Various width, heights and angles (54 kinds)

•Non-resorbable GBR membrane •Biocompatible polymer •Thin for easy manipulation •Porous membrane

Cage Filled with OSTEON


•Combination of PEEK cage and OSTEON •No need for harvesting of autograft


Synthetic Membrane (Polycaprolactone)

Introduction of R&D Center

58 / 59

PTCA Balloon Catheter


GENOSS is specially designed for different drive.

Compliance profile

H & E stain

Having low compliance property, GENOSS enables precise balloon inflation by controlled pressure.

Less dog-boning Ensure consistent pressure throughout the entire lesion or stent for accurate results

Smooth cross tip







Soft and tapered cross tip facilitates crossing stent struts and calcified lesions

Van Gieson Stain Pushability The PTFE-coated hypotube in combination with the power stylet provide powerful pushability and trackability

Wide choice GENOSS offers a wide range of balloon size Length :10 ~30mm, Diameter : 1.25 ~ 4.00mm (including quarters sizes)

The Genoss Balloon Catheter has low profile and shows good rewrapping performance by using the folding technology. Introduction of R&D Center

60 / 61

Research Agencies

Hard tissue analysis

Soft tissue analysis


Gold coater / Carbon coater

Research Agencies

Hard tissue & Soft tissue analysis Composition & Morphology Micro-CT & Bone mineral density


62 / 63


Implant Biotech 차세대융합연구원

Hard Tissue

Stain method : H&E(Slide thickness:15 ㎛)


Introduction of R&D Center





64 / 65

Soft Tissue

Composition & Morphology

Stain method : H&E(Slide thickness:2 ㎛)

SEM Image 1mm

New bone 1mm




New bone 1mm

EDX composition

Introduction of R&D Center

66 / 67


Morphology & Composition

Human Bone

Implant Surface

Introduction of R&D Center

68 / 69


Micro CT

3d rendered Model

Projection Image

3D model visualisation

↗ Morphometric Analysis

Cone-beam reconstruction

Segmented Binary Image

 Density Analysis: Calibrated to Bone Mineral Deisity and Hounsfield units



Reconstructed Crossection image Introduction of R&D Center

70 / 71

Dentium World

Dentium currently has its own corporate and branch offices in the U.S. and China. Dentium exports its implant products to more than 60 countries having local distributors. Information on the local distributors and corporate offices of Dentium can be searched on our web page. ( )

Introduction of Dentium

Australia T. +61-2-9874-0183

Greece T. +30-210-522-9911

Malaysia T. +60-3-4270-7669

Taiwan T. +886-2-2706-1279

Bulgaria T. +359-32-642056

Hong Kong T. +852-2322-8232

New Zealand T. +64-9-415-4266

Thailand T. +66-2-612-9133

Chile T. +52-2-243-1890

Indonesia T. +62-21-588-3788

Pakistan T. +92-21-3536-3525

Turkey T. +90-322-459-2956

China (Beijing) T. +86-10-6280-0505

Iran T. +98-21-4426-5178

Peru T. +51-1-348-1874

UK T. +44-845-0176-262

China (Shanghai) T. +86-21-5878-6737

Iraq T. +964-770-160-9090

Poland T. +48-22-501-3808

Uzbekistan T. +99-871-244-3055

China (Shenzhen) T. +86-755-2398-3420

Italy T. +39-2-331-01743

Portugal T. +351-273-328-637

Vietnam T. +84-8-5405-2678

Colombia T. +57-1-601-1929

Jordan T. +961-1-254-515

Romania T. +40-765-261-764

USA T. +1-877-304-6752

Croatia T. +385-52-851-897

Kazakhstan T. +7-727-244-0459

Russia T. +7-495-649-17-49

Egypt T. +20-2-2671-7578

Kuwait T. +965-6666-9111

Singapore T. +65-6767-1311

France T. +33-146-023-282

Lebanon T. +961-1-254-515

Syria T. +961-1-254-515

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