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Have you ever thought "What is a redneck?" In our minds a redneck is someone who is the epitome of the south. They love the usual southern foods, they act the southern way, and they are still wishing that the south had won the Civil War. It is true that we associate rednecks with this definition in this modern age - but in truth the name was given another way. There are many different backgrounds that people believe the term redneck was derived from. 1. Many believe that the term was given to people who had a red neck from the sun that was caused by the fact that they constantly worked outside there whole life. When the sun is beating on someone for years the effect will cause the skin that is exposed to redden what was once fair skin and cause it to be tough and leathery. By middle aged these workers were often very wrinkled. 2. Other believe that people would use red bandanas and tie them around their necks to show others their loyalty to the union affiliations during the violent fight between owners and the United Mine Workers. 3. There are some historians that believe the term originated in Scotland. The National Covenant and The Solemn League and Covenant signed special documents that stated that Scotland wanted to become a Presbyterian Church Government and would reject the Church of England from being their official church. Many of these Covenanters signed these documents by using their own blood. They also began to wear red pieces of cloth around their necks to show where they stood in the public eye. Soon people began to call them rednecks. Because many of the early inhabitants lived in the southern parts of the U.S. and came of Scottish descent they were given this term. It is obvious that the reason has evolved into what we know it today. Many from the South will gladly be called rednecks and feel a sense of pride from it. But as proud as they might be we aren't sure if they can still endure the many redneck jokes that have been created on their behalf. I guess we'll have to try a few on them and see what happens.

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==== ==== Check out this Redneck site, crazy cool Redneck Apparel ==== ====

What is a Redneck