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High quality backlinks are one of the main factors for getting a high page rank. It would be synonymous to votes for website quality. Quantity of backlinks is also, but without some of them being high quality, it may not get you anywhere in the search engine rankings. It would be far better to have a 10 high quality backlinks with relevant keywords than having thousands of backlinks with highly irrelevant keywords. It is best to get backlinks near the top of the page. The closer to the top of the page you are, the higher quality rating the search engines will assign to the link. On a similar note, you also don't want your link to be on a page with 100's of other links. Many search engines do not look beyond a certain number of links on a page. For example, Google does not look at any of the links beyond the first 100 on a page. Website owners or administrators can go for free or paid backlink placements. There are several options: 1. High Quality Directories Submit your website to directories under the right category or find directories that are relevant to your site. There are many free directories that will require a reciprocal ink on your site in return for a free placement of backlinks in their site. Don't waste your time with these reciprocal link directories. Finding the right directory will let you get high quality backlink exchanges. Some examples of high quality paid directories are Yahoo,, dirbull and. Some directories are high value and are worth submitting to more than others - usually the paid ones. For example, a link from the yahoo directory is worth 1000's of links from even decent directories, but getting placement in Yahoo costs $299 a year. It is worth it in my mind if you have a high profit potential for your site. You can also search for established authors within your niche and try to be published in the same directory where they can be found. 2. Article Creation and Submission Every high value article that gets written, submitted and published to high viewership social networking, press release or article submission sites like EzineArticles gives you the opportunity to put in backlinks that will improve your image in the "minds" of the search engines. Write articles that are within the industry where you should and would want to belong. The article should be focused on the niche that your website belongs and provide high value to the readers. Typically, when the search engines crawl the backlink, open up your site and see the information and writeups you have, your site will have more relevance for these search engines and will give it a higher ranking. 3. Social Bookmarking Sites Social bookmarking sites increase the visibility of your backlinks with high viewership. However,

popular bookmarking sites such as Twitter or Digg do not allow exclusive promotion of your own content and will ban your account if abused. These sites have high page rankings and are considered as authorities by the search engines so consequently, more weight is passed on from these backlinks to your site and will translate to fast indexing by the search engines. Social bookmarking is good for promoting very unique content that you hope will be enjoyed and passed on. 4. Posting comments on blogs and forums Posting comments on blogs is one effective way of betting high quality backlinks -- especially if the is a high page ranking site and is relevant to your site. Post useful comments that will be useful to readers and avoid going off-topic, posting useless comments or spamming for the sole purpose of putting in your backlink will likely not help you and may even hurt you. If you resort to posting useless comments, there is a high chance of it being deleted or disapproved. 5. Include links in your profiles If you have profiles in sites such Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn or other social or business networking sites, you can include your links to your profiles. Otherwise, you can also subscribe to Paul and Angela link list that for a monthly fee, gives you a list of high quality high page rank sites where you can put in backlinks to your site. Building quality backlinks take a lot of hard work as well as a lot of time. However, their worth can never be discounted in ensuring that your website gets a high ranking in the search engines and will consequently bring in your target audience. You have the option to buy backlinks that will give you anchor text variations and unique backlinks that can give you a greatly improved chance of high placement of your sites on the search engine results page.

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==== ==== Get free backlinks ==== ====

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