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Have you ever wondered what the terms "scale" and  "gauge"  mean to model trains?  What the letters mean on a  train set?  Which size of  train is right for you?  In the following paragraphs, we will answer for these questions .  So sit back and enjoy the ride of your favorite  train!   "Scale" is defined in terms of is the comparative ratio of measurements between a model railroad and its full size prototype.  Large scale l trains are the largest model trains. In this language,  "gauge" refers to the space between the rails of track.  "O" gauge are the largest gauge of model railroad  followed by "S gauge model trains.  About half the size of "O" gauge model trains are "HO" gauge .  After "HO" comes "N" gauge  followed by the smallest, the "Z" gauge  trains. So which of the wide variety of  is right for you?  A big determining factor for most model railroaders is available space,  I believe this is what makes "HO"  trains the most popular form of model railroading.  The HO scale are small enough to be in a small space, but yet are big enough to allow you to work with easily and people can see what they have created. This scale is over sixty percent of the  market.  If you don't have much space to work with, "N"  gauge trains might be right for you.  For the really adventurous  enthusiast, the large scale garden  trains are probably the one for you.  You can use your backyard for the landscape of your layout.  What a great deal for you!  Trains of every different scale and gauge will be perfect for someone.  Choose the scale and gauge that is right for you and happy railroading.

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==== ==== Check Out this huge popular online forum specifically for Model Rainroaders. ==== ====

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