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It is a known fact that children who feel good about themselves tend to have a healthy self esteem. Very young children have a natural ability to be able to ignore conflicts and negative pressures, as they grow older and start to find themselves this changes and they become aware of how they feel and how others perceive them. If they are subjected to self critical thoughts they may become withdrawn and in some cases slightly depressed as they start to doubt their ability within their social community and peers. Children's self-esteem is not something that can easily be taught to a child but more a teaching and understanding that may be conveyed to them. The simple solution to children's self esteem is to ensure that when a child achieves something, that they are praised and feel good about themselves. Even if it appears only to be a small achievement. Children with low self esteem are easily disappointed with themselves; even in situations when they have no need to be for example when they have actually achieved something which is positive and they still feel down about it. No matter how well they do they do not feel loved and praised and they will continue to have low self-esteem. If you compare that to a child with high self-esteem that achieves something, they immediately feel good about themselves and this motivates them to try other things and to achieve more. Parents have a huge part to play in developing their children's self esteem and how their child perceives themselves, and in developing their child's self-awareness. Sometimes however when a parent talks to a child it looks like the child is not listening when actually they are. Even if you are having a conversation with another adult and thought the child was busy playing, in fact in a lot of cases they are actually listening to your conversation and taking it in. It is also vital to praise the child when they haven't achieved which will form the foundation for falling over and getting up and not just falling over and giving up. In my experience as a 70s child growing up, although my parents loved me, when I made a mistake I was punished and then over time became afraid of making mistakes which led to under achieving. I was often afraid to try new things and new ways of doing things for fear of failure. Now I look at failures as a step nearer to getting things right but it has taken many years to achieve this state of mind. My wife, who had a slightly different upbringing, trades on the foreign exchange markets which are volatile and have their ups and downs, however when things don't go her own way she learns from them, picks herself up and carries on. She has high self-esteem and was always taught that failure wasn't the end of the world as long as you learn from it. Instilling this philosophy into a child at an early age means that they are better prepared for school and then onto real life situations and should have a healthy self esteem. So my advice for helping children's self esteem is this, don't get down on the young people, nurture their failures and praise them for those as equally as their achievements. Eliminate

negative thinking patterns and you will have a confident child and you never know it may even help you. I have yet to meet someone that is perfect in every respect and never will, which is what makes us all equally as perfect as each other.

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==== ==== Become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children and Learn the Life-Impacting Secrets to Champion Kids to Elevate their Self-Esteem & Live their Best Lives‌ ==== ====

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