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==== ==== Looking to start building a Model Railroad? Check out this Club ==== ====

The model train hobby is alive and well, with many clubs all over the world promoting and preserving this time-honored pastime. A simple Internet search reveals multitudes of organizations dedicated to building train displays as well as to fostering old and new friendships. Most likely, there is a model railroad club near you. Purpose Just like any other club, model railroad clubs have a purpose, a mission and vision in mind. First, members are typically fellow train hobbyists who may or may not have much experience working with model railroad trains, accessories or displays. Members may simply be individuals who have a deep interest in train history. Second, members usually gather to work on a project together, usually a display that they showcase to the public and at train shows and conventions. Many clubs have been in existence for decades, an attestation to the longevity and timeless appeal that this hobby has to offer. Structure The structure of a model train club depends on the members themselves, as structures vary from club to club. Some clubs may have a board of directors with specific duties. Some may hold monthly meetings, while others are casual and open their doors every night for members just to gather and to work on a project. Others may designate "operators in charge" for specific hours of operation, when they might invite the public in for an exhibition. Additionally, some railway clubs may be part of a historical society or museum, a group of individuals who are interested in preserving local or national train and railroad history. Exhibition Railroad clubs typically present their model train displays to the public in a community area, which could be the club's meeting place, a storefront, a museum or even a train show. Train shows and conventions take place throughout the year all over the country and world, providing meeting places for vendors and hobbyists to network, to share ideas and to mutually enjoy the pastime. National Model Railroad Association Membership For a nominal entrance fee, the National Model Railroad Association extends an invitation to model railroad clubs to join its 100% NMRA Club. Among many others advantages, membership perks include club insurance coverage and international recognition in NMRA publications.

The NMRA also hosts an annual national convention for members. These conventions are the largest train shows in the United States and provide members with classes, tours of nearby railroads and plenty of networking opportunities with other members. The conventions take place in a different city each year and last for one week, giving club members plenty of time to enjoy the hobby with one another.

Johan is a model train enthusiast who loves to share his knowledge with others. To learn more about model trains, please visit and join the community who consider model trains the world's greatest hobby!

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==== ==== Looking to start building a Model Railroad? Check out this Club ==== ====

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