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Our Class of the Day promotion adds a little last-minute spontaneity to an otherwise dull & dreary November. At 10am each day, check out our Twitter feeds, Facebook page, website or the blackboard at Frame to find out what tomorrow’s class is. All classes £5.


CHRISTMAS On the 12th Day of Christmas Frame gave to me... a bunch of 1 quid classes and a partridge in a pear tree*.

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So, it works like this: You buy a 12 Days of Christmas discount card for £78. Then you come to as many classes as you can jam pack into your December. Your first class costs £12, your second costs £11, your third costs £10 (you get the drift) right down to 1 quid. Then every class after that costs just 1 quid for the whole of December!

To keep your life well spiced, we will be choosing classes from the full repertoire - Hip Hop, to Yoga, to Cardio Pilates there’s something for everyone!

*Partridge and/or pear tree may not be included. Max 6 Reformer Pilates and Vibe classes at discounted price.

See for more info, give us a call on 020 7033 1855, or talk to us next time you visit us.


Friday Night Club – BOO Halloween theme ...Dance to Thriller! 19.00 - £20


Dirty Dancing Workshop 14.30-16.30 - £20


Get in the know, impress your friends or become a pro with a course or workshop at Frame.



Yoga ‘Core’ Workshop 19.00-21.00 - £20


Reformer Pilates Course 4 wks, 20.30 - £20


Chicago Workshop 20.00 – 22.00 - £20


Strictly Come Dancing Workshop 14.30 – 16.30 - £50 per couple/£30 singles


Friday Night Club – FRAME XMAS PARTY Strictly Come Dancing Theme



15th-17th Yoga Detox Weekend 19th

Beginner Pilates Course 6 wks, £68, Tues 20.30


Reformer Pilates Course 4 wks, £72, Wed 20.30


Beginner Yoga Course 6 wks, £68. Mon 19.15

22-24th / 29-31th ‘DANCE IT OFF’ Detox weekend £30 for 5 dance classes.



FRAME SIGNATURE BOOTCAMP £ 160 (4 weeks) £230 (6 weeks)

So it’s nearly the end of the year again, and surprise surprise all that drunken New Year’s Eve talk of your new healthy living regime has failed to materialize for another year. Not so! But you’ve got only a couple of weeks to squeeze into a tiny bodycon dress and are prepared to do all it takes! This Bootcamp is designed to get you results in a short amount of time. A combination of 6x30 minute exercise sessions (3 cardio fat burn & 3 toning) a week and following a healthy eating plan will help you say goodbye to those excess pounds, leavimg you feeling and looking great for the Christmas party season. See website for more details.

It’s the female prerogative to find decision-making almost impossible, so we’re going to help you out and package up the solution to a new better you in a big swanky velvet (yes apparently it’s back in) bow. The Frame signature Bootcamp gives you a little bit of everything. 4 classes a week for either 4 or 6 weeks (your choice). Each week of the Bootcamp includes: 1 Vibe, 1 Pilates, 1 Yoga and your choice of a dance or fitness class. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction of which classes to choose dependant on your fitness level and what your personal goals are.

For more bootcamps (including Vibe and Pilates) see

Classes range from £6







WED 19:30 60mins An 80’s dance/aerobics class to the sounds of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran... Come and learn the routines from Thriller to Vogue and be in a dance off to Beat it... leotards and leg warmers encouraged!

TUE 18:30 60MINS So you used to play with Barbie as a kid, but thought nothing of her incredible physique and too-good-to-be-true flexibility? Well now you’re old enough to appreciate these things, why not try to rediscover some of the flexibility that you once had. Whether you want to do the splits, or just become more supple and manage to touch your toes, this class is suitable for everyone focusing on shoulders, spine, hamstrings, hip flexors, splits, straddle, butt and feet.

Short and Sweet. These classes involve a number of exercises performed for a minute each, on a vibrating platform, excellent for strengthening and toning muscles. 25 minutes is all the commitment required, leaving you free to get on with your day.

BALLET WORKOUT TUES 13:15 / WED 20:30 / SAT 13.15 60mins Get a dancer’s physique using basic ballet skills and strength building exercises to create a long, lean, toned body, as well as improve balance, core stability and flexibility. Don’t know your jetes from your tendus? Don’t worry - no ballet experience necessary. Leaps included, but grace not essential.

COMMERCIAL HIP HOP WED 18:30 60mins Leave the stress of work behind you and get down...21st Century style. An hour led class filled with chart topping hits blended with those various fresh moves. It will have you wishing every day was Wednesday!

DANCERCISE THU 18:15 45mins Build up a sweat with this high energy dance workout, it will take you through an aerobic warm up, followed by a simple, easy-to-follow routine which will keep you moving continuously so that you get a great cardio workout, along with lots of moves to tone your body, with an emphasis on your legs. SUN 12:15 60mins Want to dance like the Pussycat Dolls? Bring out your inner diva in this class that mixes street, funk & wacking. Great for those with a little dance experience as the choreography is a little more technical than some of the other classes.

HOUSE MON 19:15 60mins The perfect way to get a great cardio workout without even noticing it. A combination of various dance styles including African, salsa, tap, jazz danced to uplifting house music. A great way to learn about rhythm while getting a good sweat on and having a bit of fun.

JAZZ SUN 13:15 60mins Frame brings back JAZZ HANDS! The warm up will work on strengthening your core and leg muscles before you get moving around the room with split leaps, step ball changes, jazz runs and stag leaps. The class will finish with a short routine, putting all your moves together and making you feel like you are on Broadway.

MUSICAL THEATRE TUE 20:15 60mins Learn a new dance from one of the top West End musicals each week. A fun and upbeat class, using choreography from old classics like Chorus Line, West End Story and Chicago, alongside newer shows like Dirty Dancing, Hairspray and Grease.




Oooohhh... look at us all fancy and superorganised with our complete class timetable for November and December.*



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TUE 19:15 / SAT 11:15 60mins This class uses hip hop/street based movements seen on music videos and the latest commercial/pop music to really keep the classes up beat! 15 minutes warming up with stretches and simple isolation sequences, followed by 30/40 minutes learning a routine, before repeating and really getting into it!

MUSIC VIDEO CLASSICS FRI 19:00 60mins Remember Michael Jackson and his famous “Moonwalk”, Madonna getting “Into The Groove” or T.L.C. chasing “Waterfalls”? NOTHING beats the classics. A fun 1 hour class with non-stop classic hits danced with a modern, funky, fresh groove.

BOXERCISE SAT 10:15 60mins “Sure there have been injuries and deaths in boxing - but none of them serious” (Alan Minter). Don’t worry, there will be no deaths at Boxercise on a Saturday morning at Frame... Just a lot of high energy punching combos choreographed to music to build stamina and burn calories.

FIT BALL WORKOUT WED 13:15 45mins 45mins of whole body conditioning using a Swiss ball. This class is fantastic for toning and strengthening your abs, back, butt and arms using the basic principles of Pilates. There are always easier/harder alternatives for each exercise, making this class suitable for everyone.

CARDIO TONE THU 19:00 60mins A simple, high-intensity class great for improving fitness levels and burning calories. You’ll experience high-energy sports training moves for cardiovascular fitness, along with upper and lower body conditioning exercises. WED 7:15 45mins Work all your muscle groups and burn calories moving through a series of stations, working to your own ability whilst being motivated by your instructor. Each exercise is short and sweet...No room for boredom.

DANCE CONDITIONING MON 18:30 45mins A mat-based total body conditioning and sculpting class where you’ll be led through a sequence of toning exercises and stretches to strengthen and lengthen every muscle group in the body. Elkie adds her unique slant with a bit of uplifting electronica...

ENERGISE AEROBICS TUE 7:45 / FRI 7:45 45mins The treadmill is dead; long live aerobics! Interesting and fun routines led by the everenergetic Diana, with an emphasis on raising the heart rate and keeping moving. This class uses a combination of simple aerobic moves and conditioning exercises to improve strength and muscle tone.

JANE FONDA TRIBUTE TUE 18:15 60mins Voted as the number 1 fitness class in the UK by Harpers Bazaar, the original 80’s Workout is back! You still ‘go for the burn’, with this up-to-date version taken by Leila, combining all the old classics including jumping jack, grapevine and lunge. Bring your leg warmers!

REBOUNDING *NEW WED 17:45 / FRI 18:15 45mins SAT 11.15 (Cardio Bound) 60mins Rebounding! Get all the benefits of running - working you heart, lungs and muscles - without the impact on your legs or fighting natures elements. All this with the added motivation of a teacher, music and other people to do it with. A great total body work out!


THU 13:15 / SAT 12:15 60mins Do you like pop music, R’n’B and hip hop? Are you always the first one on the dance floor? Do you watch pop videos thinking “I wish I could do that?” If so, then Street Jazz is for you. No experience necessary - just bring yourself and a good attitude.

TU 12.30, 19.30 / W 19.00 / TH 8.00 / F 13.00 Don’t fancy getting drenched in the rain, or getting squashed by a bus... then why not ride inside! This ride class is great for those who want to get a great cardio workout but who can’t face an early morning ride to work in the pouring rain.

MON 20:15 / 60mins SUN 13.15 (BEGINNER) 14.15 (OPEN) Tap is a fun and exciting way to get fit and really learn about rhythm. Made famous in the 30s and 40s by Hollywood movies and the glamour that surrounded them, this beginner level class will have you tip tapping and shuffling away before you know it.



WED 20.00 A more advanced Vibe Class for those with a good level of fitness who have done at least 10 regular Vibe classes already. Expect lots of dynamic exercises and plyometric work to keep your heart rate raised and to improve muscular power as well as strength.

CARDIO VIBE *NEW MON 19:00 / WED 13:00 / THU 19.30/ SAT 12.30 30mins Think of circuit class but with a difference! A combination of exercise stations using the Vibe machines to tone up your legs, arms and abs in the most efficient manner possible, with cardio bursts on the bike, skipping and mini tramp in between to raise your heart rate and burn calories.

YOGA VIBE *NEW TUE 19:00 / THU 12.30 30mins Rhos and Emma will take you through a series of yoga postures, carried out on the Vibrogym machine for 1min at a time, building muscle strength and endurance to benefit and complement regular yoga practice. A good way to speed up your progress in class!




25min Regular classes throughout the day - check out our timetable online for exact times.

CARDIO QUICKIE REBOUND *NEW M 13.00, 17.30 / TU 7.30 / W 8.00 / TH 17.30 A fat burning class using the mini-trampoline, this is the perfect low-impact but super effective cardio workout, especially great for those with dodgy ankles, knees and backs. Research has shown rebounding to be highly beneficial for lymphatic drainage, so this is the perfect way to fit in your cardio whilst saying goodbye to cellulite and getting to jump about as if you were a child again!

HOLISTIC HATHA FLOW YOGA THU 19:30 60mins Hatha Flow links the postures practiced in a traditional Hatha class into a sequence of movements that “flow” with the breath. Variations on the Sun Salutation are often used as a warm-up, followed by a standing sequence, balancing poses, and then seated poses. As in all Hatha classes, relaxation (savasana) ends the class.

HAPPY HOUR YOGA *NEW FRI 19.00 60mins A well-rounded Friday night class for all levels using postures and Pranayama breathing to energize the body and clear the mind, preparing you for the weekend. This class is taken to an upbeat soundtrack, leaving you feeling uplifted and helping you to forget the stress of the past week.

RISE AND SHINE YOGA *NEW THU 7:30 60mins Our early morning yoga is a wake-up class that is geared to invigorate, strengthen and prepare your mind and body for the rest of your day. This class is similar to a Hatha Flow class, moving through a sequence of postures using the breath.

ISHTA YOGA TUE 19:30 / WED 13.00 60mins Ishta Yoga combines the breath and movement of Ashtanga with the careful alignment of Iyengar. Like most forms of yoga, Ishta yoga relies on a series of postures (asanas) that strengthen, stretch and align the body. The benefits of Ishta are a long, lean body and a clear, focused mind.

YIN & YANG YOGA *NEW SAT 12:15 75mins This class balances the Yang quality of a strong Vinyasa flow with the Yin qualities of longer holds, restoratives, deep relaxation and meditation, leaving you feeling like you have worked hard but also managed to restore balance and energy levels throughout your body.

POWER YOGA *NEW MON 18:15 / SUN 11:00 60/75mins A vigorous approach to Vinyasa-style yoga, focusing on strength and flexibility. A fast paced and dynamic class to make you sweat. This class will leave you feeling like you have worked hard and earned the relaxation (Savasana) at the end of the class.

FAMILIES KID’S DANCE THU 16:00 (2-5 yrs) 45mins A class to develop confidence, creativity, fitness & team work. All round fun to tire the little one out.



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So, you’ve been waiting the whole year to finally get one up on your boss! We’ve got what you need. Instead of the usual Xmas party antics get your boss dressed in spandex and have them learning

PILATES the steps to Beyonce’s Bootylicious, MJ’s Thriller or perhaps Kylie’s Locomotion! - Host your Xmas party at Frame and we will tailor make a package that will shift the office balance of power for one day at least!

MAT PILATES WED 19:15 / THU 18:30 / FRI 12.15 60mins This mat-based Pilates class using the techniques of Joseph Pilates focuses on building your body’s core strength and improving your posture through a series of low-impact strengthening and conditioning exercises.

CARDIO PILATES *NEW M 19:30/ T 20:30 / W 8:30 / TH 19:30 60mins Performed on the Pilates reformer, this class focuses on strength, power and precision.

Using the jump board, you will get a strong cardio workout on top of the stretching and toning exercises. Demanding, dynamic and fun.

REFORMER PILATES Regular classes throughout the day - check out our timetable online for exact times. You will be led through a series of toning and stretching exercises using resistance from springs and pulleys, to create a lean and streamlined body. All exercises concentrate on the core muscles, but arms and legs are also worked hard. Our open classes are limited to 5 people meaning that you’ll get all the individual attention you require.

THU 10:30 60mins Yoga postures that involve both you and your baby to help you bond & connect with each other.

Check out our full timetable with class details, prices, online booking and more at or call 020 7033 1855 Find us at 29 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch EC2A 3EY * Times and days of classes are subject to change. Please check website for up-to-date timetable.

Frame DM timetable number 2  
Frame DM timetable number 2  

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