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WELCOME Property Magazine June 2014 Issue 11

Editor Martha Nagkoloudi Design Natalie Demetriou Publisher Imperio Printing RPM Lithographica lTD Contributors Petros Rialas Director, Head of International Tax Planning Dept, Totalserve Management Ltd ΙSSN 1986-2350 No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. All information contained in this magazine is for information only and is, as far as we are aware, correct at the time of going to press. Imperio cannot accept any responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in such information.

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Hybrid Chairs Turn Humans Into Mythical Creatures

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“Noble” At heart

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noble centre

In these turbulent times, Imperio impresses again with a brand new creation that is bound to be a very exciting addition to Limassol’s skyline.

Noble Centre, as a concept, is the ultimate destination for new and existing companies who wish to conduct their business in the right environment, one which will add value to their organisations and team members location, productivity and achievement wise. This impressive office tower combines superior architectural design and state-of-the-art technology. It is well designed with innovative state-of-the-art facilities, providing unique spaces with contemporary glass facades. Inspired by Richard Rogers’ One Hyde Park development in London, Noble Centre’s development concept was to find an architectural language that is current, expressive of the flexibility of the internal spaces, able to handle the changing environmental conditions (sun movement, shade and light) and at the same time become a landmark. Today, Noble Centre is seen as the ultimate business address of Limassol, giving the tenants the desired image in the market. The design of Noble Centre has been developed by leading architects Antoniades + Eleftheriou UDS.

Noble Centre received several major international awards for its architecture and the development concept. The development is now under construction by Imperio, and its delivery is slated for March 2015.


A private roof-top club space, dubbed “Garden in the Sky”, is inspired by the olives that Cyprus is famous for. This will become the perfect place to work and meet clients during the day, or relax in the evening and watch the sunset.

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One Hyde Park, London

The development’s design has been defined to maximise the customers’ attraction, while ensuring high visibility and a distinctive identity. Internally, the open-plan layouts together with the movable glazing and thermal panels on the perimeter walls allow for various layouts to be used, according to the needs of the occupiers and without interfering to the external elevations. The Vertical Garden in the centre of the building ensures that no internal position is more than 8 metres away from natural air and light.

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world news

Toronto: The prime getaway spot

The five-star incumbent is The Hazelton, in Yorkville. Open since 2007, it’s close to the longtime home of the film festival and became the standard berth for festival VIPs. It has giant suites whose granite bathrooms and a discreet lobby for hassle-free check-in.

Ask anyone about Toronto, and most points of reference will relate to the annual film festival. This star studded stop on the movie premiere circuit each September finally moved to a venue befitting its global profile three years ago. From its fusty old home in midtown Yorkville, it has been installed in a gleaming custom designed facility, the Bell Lightbox, in the heart of downtown.

But though the festival might be the spotlight-stealer, another industry has long loomed large there, at least for locals: hospitality. Both Fairmont and Four Seasons were founded, and are headquartered, in Toronto. Their names appear as presenting sponsors on dozens of marquees across town, including the second-highest-profile cultural venue: a 2,071-seat opera house, known as the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. But for visitors there was a problem. Despite this heritage, Toronto has historically been long on upscale hotels – businesslike dull places aimed at weekday road warriors – and short on chic boltholes for weekend indulgence. In the past few years, however, that has changed. Toronto is now a prime getaway spot, and if the corporate-to-chic balance is still not quite balanced, there are signs it soon will be. Certainly, Toronto was always an appealing, almost accidental city. For some time it was a standard-issue regional Ontario town, but once Francophone factions in Quebec finagled a new law in 1977 requiring all business conducted in Canada’s then-biggest city, Montreal, to be bilingual, most major firms fled the commensurate costs. They settled in Anglophile Toronto, and so morphed it into a metropolis and financial hub. The makeover took less than a decade; but that it was so rapid and so recent is one reason Torontonians retain a small-town politeness, and the city remains reassuringly human in scale. The heart of downtown is studded with a few skyscrapers and the Star Trek-style CN Tower (which reigned as the world’s tallest structure until it was debunked by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa seven years ago). But otherwise it’s a low-slung place, with tidy streets that are easy to stroll. Toronto’s miles-long east-west axis, an answer to London’s Oxford Street or New York’s Fifth Avenue, is Queen Street (along which the handy hop-on, hop-off trams constantly trundle). This stitches together the commercial zones along the waterfront with the residential and retail areas on the northern reaches. Those sit either side of the city’s other axis, the bustling throughway Yonge Street, where the major draws for visitors are the upscale shopping areas of Yorkville and Rosedale. Most tourists, though, will remain close to the water: the Old Town and the Distillery District were once

But The Hazelton now has to compete for its clientele. The Ritz-Carlton opened in early 2011. Rooms and common areas are decorated in corporate-comfort style with a few local concessions. Its biggest asset is its restaurant, Toca, which became one of the hottest tables in the city within days of opening its doors. Though the food is impressive, it’s the Canadian-heavy wine list that is the real draw, with crisp Rieslings from one of Niagara’s 100-plus vineyards or the emerging wineries in Prince Edward County. Last year, three more luxury hotels opened in short succession: the Trump, the Shangri-La and a new Four Seasons to replace the creaky 1970s original. First up was the Trump, with its 261 rooms and suites in a 65-storey skyscraper with views across Lake Ontario, a restaurant featuring a temperature-controlled chocolate laboratory and a 400 sqm presidential suite complete with its own cinema area. The Shangri-La, a few blocks away, lures visitors with vast rooms (50 sqm and up), a first-rate day spa, and literally next door, a branch of Momofuku, New York’s awarded modern Asian restaurant. Lastly – two minutes’ walk from The Hazelton – is the Four Seasons, a 259-room purpose-built complex, whose design was overseen by local firm Yabu Pushelberg, with Daniel Boulud (making his Canadian debut) superintending restaurants and bars. Torontonians have an obsession with food. Local palates are impressively adventurous. Take Susur Lee, the amiable, ponytailed chef who’s constantly on Canadian TV championing upscale Chinese food. At his bistro, his fusion menu combines standards from his own Hong Kong background with southeast Asian dishes. Nota Bene is another ambitious fusion spot, housed in a glossy glass box that sits incongruously on a nondescript block of Queen Street. The menu here reaches far, serving truffled housemade pastas, brisket burgers, octopus on a bed of tangy kimchi, and warm Asian duck salad. All these are proof that Toronto has a distinct creative identity in the making; here’s hoping it can trickle up and inspire some chic independent hoteliers.

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warehouse-filled, but now both have benefited from a Covent Garden-style renovation. And the Entertainment and Financial Districts in the centre of the city are Toronto’s sparkling hubs – home to many of the latest hotels.

at-home barista?

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The past decade has seen a remarkable shift in the coffee shop’s offering as the art of coffee is loved by more and more. The arrival of the Nespresso pod system has led to a wave of imitators, with the grind and tamp replaced by pop and go, although aficionados will always prefer the effort and reward of the manual system.

Here are some of the best looking domestic coffee machines out there!

Illy X1 Launched in 1995 and the work of the Italian architect Mr Luca Trazzi, the X1’s design nods to the dashboard of the Fiat 500 (the original, really tiny 500) and s a retro celebration of levers and sturdy metal switches. This is another lean and muscular manualground coffee machine for home baristas, but it does come in a wide range of very pretty colours. Illy.com; espressocrazy.com Illy Y1.1 TOUCH IPERESPRESSO A second entry for Illy but a very different proposition from the X1. Illy’s Y1 was an effort to launch a new design language for coffee machines, in an obvious if-Apple-made-coffee-machines sort of way. It has an elegant tempered glass and aluminum design, but the Y1.1 Touch, as the name suggests, adds a touch screen, and it uses Illy’s Iperespresso capsule system. Illy.com; espressocrazy.com

U by Krups The Nespresso system has revolutionised domestic coffee making and the U by Krups is one of the leanest and cleanest-looking machines that handles Nespresso pods. It switches on when you wave at it, delivers coffee in three sizes and even remembers which size you prefer. It also disposes of the pod automatically. And with the addition of the Aeroccino3 milk frother, you can serve cappuccinos and lattes. Nespresso.com Bugatti Diva Espresso Coffee Machine The Bugatti in this case is not the motoring marque but an Italian homewares producer. Perhaps acknowledging the potential confusion, the Diva boasts what looks like a speedometer but actually tells you when the machine is ready. This serious java engine has a 15bar pump that can deliver tow cups at a time, and handles both pods and ground coffee. Casabugatti.com

Gaggia Brera Gaggia is the General Motors, or rather the Fiat, of coffee machine makers, dating back to 1938. Its bean-to-cup Brera, is an elegantly restrained stainless steel automatic espresso machine. It boasts a double ceramic grinder, a sneaky little ground coffee compartment if you fancy an alternative to the beans you have in the tank, and of course, the panarello wand to add the froth factor. Gaggia.com

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AmbiEnce and flavour of a different era Housed in an old mansion in the heart of Limassol, Da Vinci combines elements of contemporary and vintage styles. Da Vinci remains open from early morning until late at night. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner in a quaint alley near the Castle, choosing from a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine dishes, desserts, drinks and coffees. Fantastic cocktails and good music by various music groups and artists promise enjoyable evenings for all tastes. Elena Anagiotou and Akoustikoi Epivates are among the local artists bound to inspire you and enjoy your night out.

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Powerful branding lessons from Gangnam Style

More than 880 million people have watched the #1 youtube video “Gangnam Style” since its release in July 2011; that means more than a third of the people on the planet with internet access. Which marketer would not love to reach that kind of awareness and engagement with his own brand message? So, what can marketers and brand builders learn from branding “Gangnam Style”? Be catchy: the Gangnam Style song is the kind of song that gets into your ears and stays there. So, when you are working on your own brand message, think of powerful and memorable tag lines which will easily stick in the minds of your customers. Be “eye entertainment”: the Gangnam Style video is very visual and includes a variety of unique scenes in colourful environments. Combine memorable,

ownable visuals with your catchy strategic tag lines, and your brand will have sticking power. Be unexpected: PSY, the Korean rap singer of Gangnam Style, is unusual, unique and different. He’s funny and quirky. All of these elements make his video even more memorable because it’s not at all what we anticipated. Make an emotional connection: watching the Gangnam Style video is an emotional experience. It reaches beyond your eyes and ears, and engages you at a deeper level. All that, and the song is sung ... in Korean! I

Billboard Music Awards 2013

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estimate more than 95% of all the people watching the video have no idea what is being said. It goes to show that you build a powerful brand by forging an emotional connection with your target customers.

PSY performing Gangnam Style on The Today Show (NBC)

Inspire action: this video makes you get up from your seat and move. How can you inspire your customers into action through your own marketing material?

All of these points are good news: you don’t have to spend a fortune to build a powerful brand. So, get to the drawing board and think about how you can build your own product, service, company or personal brand using “Gangnam Style” strategies.

Repeat, repeat, repeat: the melody and rhythm of the song are very repetitive. The “horse-riding” move is also repeated throughout the whole video. Repetition and consistency are key to remembering a brand name.

out who the singer was. Effective branding requires a good, solid link to the brand name.

Leverage on word of mouth: think about how you heard about Gangnam Style - through a friend, a family member, or a work mate? That’s the strength of word of mouth! And this is the lowest-cost, most effective marketing that exists. It’s essentially “free media”. Don’t forget name recognition: one problem with the Gangnam Style video is that most people remember the name of the song, and not the name of the artist. I must admit that i had to do some research to find

PSY Teaches Google’s Eric Schmidt How to Dance Gangnam Style

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10 amazing years of commitment

Premier Residences

The fact is, Imperio’s success is largely due to one specific aspect of its modus operandi: the commitment of Imperio’s team to every prospective, new or old Imperio homeowner. This commitment is always at the core of the company’s performance and goes way beyond a lightly used term, by being implemented in every sense of the word. As Imperio’s Sales & Marketing Manager Martha Nagkoloudi put it: “To us, commitment is a calling; It’s what drives us to genuinely care and offer solutions. Not merely as a matter of professional duty, but because it is our deepest desire. We love what we do, and that’s why we take pride in doing it well. Our business is full of challenges... but we welcome every challenge as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from others.” Ultimately, Imperio does not merely build homes... it builds long-terms relations. By earning a place in every existing and prospective client’s heart, it has succeeded where others have failed. That’s what Imperio is all about. The market appreciates and has rewarded us for our excellent work, in terms of high standard projects, impeccable service and pioneering ideas. In all we do, our attention is focused on the needs and wishes of Imperio homeowners. Wouldn’t you like to join Imperio’s family?

“To us, commitment is a calling; It’s what drives us to genuinely care and offer solutions. Not merely as a matter of professional duty, but because it is our deepest desire. We love what we do, and that’s why we take pride in doing it well”. Martha Nagkoloudi

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In response to the current challenges, the company rose to the occasion, rolled up its sleeves, and faced the uphill journey to further achievements, head-on.


This year, Imperio is experiencing a particularly exciting year.

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An alternative source of expression Grahame Parry

Grahame Parry was born in Wales in 1967. He lived and worked in Cyprus for over fifteen years and he is currently based in England. Τhe art historian and writer Michael Paraskos writes about Grahame Parry: “If there is a single most important influence on Parry’s work, it is surely his time spent at the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba, first as a student and then as a tutor and assistant to the Principal Stass Paraskos. There are abstract elements in these paintings that are reminiscent of work by one of the College’s tutors, Geoff Rigden, but in the colour and organisation of space it is Paraskos who seems to have had the most impact. Indeed, some of Parry’s paint-

ings seem to echo the sculpture wall, known as The Great Wall of Lemba, that surrounds the College’s campus near the town of Paphos. Like the images in Parry’s canvases, the wall is an amalgam of often very different objects, and it is notable that Parry assisted Paraskos during the main phase of the wall’s construction in the 1990s. Yet Parry’s work is also very much his own, and one has a sense that there are very personal narratives going on in the paintings, about which the viewer can (and should) know very little. Most, if not all, artists draw on personal experience to motivate themselves to make art, but art is not a spontaneous outpouring and it

is not a personal confession. As in Parry’s case, there is a need in all art for the artist to distance their personal experiences sufficiently well to allow the viewer a space in which to enter the work of art. In doing so, the viewer, and by extension the community for which the artwork has been created, makes it their own. This is a difficult balancing act, requiring the artist to retain enough personal commitment to a work of art to motivate themselves, and to give that work vitality and life; but also necessitating that they depersonalise it to allow the community to engage with it.” Paintings of Grahame Parry are being exhibited at Gallery Morfi in Limassol.

Morfi Gallery, 84 Agkiras, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus, Τel: 25378733 | morfi@morfi.org | www.morfi.org

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Zaha in Macau



city of dreams hotel tower under construction Melco crown entertainment, a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia, has unveiled the project details and design of the fifth hotel tower at city of dreams, the company’s flagship property in Cotai, Macau. Zaha Hadid will complete a 40-storey hotel tower as part of the ‘city of dreams’ development. The sculptural design forms part of a large-scale entertainment resort. Establishing a strong relationship with its surroundings, the tower is envisioned as a landmark structure and a strong presence within the site. The building is made up of two towers connected at the podium levels and the roof, while additional bridges span a series of voids carved into the singular volume. The elevation’s exposed exoskeleton not only presents a visually engaging and dynamic façade, but

also allows for the optimization of internal programming by reducing internal structural requirements. Maintaining a monolithic appearance, entrances to the building are neatly integrated within the external fabric, without the insertion of unnecessary elements. With 40 floors and a gross floor area of 150,000 sqm, the tower houses approximately 780 guestrooms, suites and sky villas. The hotel also includes a variety of meeting and event facilities, gaming rooms, lobby atrium, restaurants, spa, and sky pool. Including extensive back of house areas and supporting ancillary facilities, the tower’s design resolves the many complex programs for the hotel within a single cohesive envelope. The rectangular outline of the site is extruded as a monolithic block with a series of voids that carve

through the centre of the tower, merging traditional architectural elements of roof, wall and ceiling to create a sculptural form that defines many of the hotel’s internal public spaces. An expansive entrance brings guests inside a 40 meter high atrium finished with elegant and refined materials. At ground level, the lobby gives direct access to the retail strip and the main gaming area. The program is split between two distinct cores, either side of the atrium, which connect to the hotel accommodation floors and VIP gaming areas, while panoramic lifts allow for views of the voids when ascending the tower. The tower’s exposed exoskeleton reinforces the dynamism of the design. Expressive and powerful, this external structure optimizes the interior layouts and envelops the building, further defining its formal composition and establishing relationships with the new Cotai strip. Development of the new hotel at city of dreams commenced in 2013 and is expected to open in early 2017.

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michael virardi A Motivational interview How did you become a motivational speaker, and what was the turning point that led to your success? I never think of myself as having actually achieved success; and the more I advance, the stronger this feeling gets.  When I came to Cyprus in 1997, our company, Virardi, was the distributor for an American manufacturer of plastic items, Carlisle, which we still represent. At the time, we were not known for plastic goods, and my father told me that the company was expecting us to achieve a sales target of one 40-foot container. We started with one 40-foot container, and by the end of the year, we had sold seven 40-foot containers! But it wasn’t easy; I had to work very hard to achieve these results. At the end of the year, the company announced that we had won the first prize for the highest sales among all Euopean countries – in proportion to the size of our population. We were then invited to the United States to receive our award, and my brother Giovanni and I travelled together. There we attended a seminar by Gitomer, the number one sales consultant. While we were listening to his speech, I told my brother, that’s what I wanted to do. He agreed, and said we should organise such seminars for our staff. I said: “I’m not going to organize seminars only for our staff... I want this to be my job.”   So I went up to Gitomer and asked him: “How can I become like you?” And he said: “That’s easy and difficult at the same time.” “Tell me the easy part...”, I replied. “The easy part is to read about the subject you want to be an expert at. You have to read, every day, except on weekends,” he said. “And the hard part?”, I asked. “To persevere! You must make it a habit, a routine. In 5 years’ time your country will acknowledge you. In 10 years, you will be recognised around the world.” “Ok,” I said, “I’m starting now!” and I bought his books.  That’s roughly how it all began. When I came back to Cyprus, I read his books, and in general, I was reading continuously. For five years, I didn’t present a single seminar. In the 6th year, I held my first seminar, and in the 11th year I started presenting seminars

abroad. In other words, exactly as Gitomer had said! And that’s how I started what is known as motivational speaking & seminars on customer service, sales, and team building. In your opinion, what is the most effective channel of communication (email, video, social media)? Recently I was in Ankara, in Turkey, where I was invited to speak at TEDx. I always ask people where and how they found me, mainly in order to thank the person who recommended me, but also to send that person

a small thank-you gift. So, as usual, I asked that question in Turkey, and the answer was: “Everybody knows you in Turkey!” I was speechless, but I didn’t let this answer go to my head, because I know that I’m not widely known in Turkey... There is a small circle of people in Turkey who got to know me through their Turkish-Cypriot connections on facebook and LinkedIn and now follow my postings. What I’ve noticed is that each social media platform offers exposure to the wider public in its own way. For example, you wouldn’t post a case study on Facebook, because Facebook

users are not inclined to read longer postings. A more appropriate vehicle for a case study would be to present it in a newsletter which people are prepared to spend more time on. On Facebook, I post videos. But if the video is longer than one minute, again, it will not have the desired impact. The same considerations apply to LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Every medium has its specific following. For example, Pinterest, which is reserved for images and is followed mainly by women, would not be the ideal place to share information about football teams. In other words, I use a mix of social media, and the mix is constantly adapted. In the past, I used to only post quotes, until a friend of mine who is a social media expert pointed out that I shouldn’t limit myself to quotes. We learn as we go along. Personally, I place great emphasis on social media, and although it took several years, my efforts eventually produced results. Can you think of any mistakes that you made? I make mistakes all the time... The things I’ve done wrong are more than the things I I’ve done right. But people remember the things I’ve done right. Recently I posted something about Michael Jordan on facebook. He once said: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. As you mentioned, you were in Ankara recently; on Monday you will be travelling abroad again, and in general, you travel a lot. Do you have a particular habit, routine or ritual that you stick to even when you are travelling?

It has always been my dream to reach out beyond Cyprus. I used to visualize myself on a plane, reading a book, before going somewhere where I was invited to speak. That was always my deepest desire, a goal I was working towards for 10 years, and I always kept in mind that Gitomer mentioned that it would take me 10 years.  My ritual is to wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, and do some reading. I always travel light – I even travel to America with just a small suitcase. Of course, I don’t miss the opportunity to do some sightseeing in the country I’m visiting, but above all, I make sure to rehearse my speech, over and over again. When I was in Ankara, I must have spent 4-5 hours rehearsing my speech – not to mention the hours I practiced in Cyprus – although my speech was only 20 minutes. One of the phrases in your second book is: “Only coffee may be ‘metrio’ [which in Greek means both ‘medium-sweet’ and ‘average’]. This phrase is engraved in my mind, and I remember it every time I hear the word ‘metrio’. Can you give us any other advice? “It’s not what you think you are, but what you think... you are!”  Recently I was invited to CIIM as a guest speaker on the topic of networking. All the participants were young students, with the exception of a 37-year-old young lady. To break the ice, I asked them about their hobbies. Almost all the students said they had no hobbies, that they didn’t have time to pursue a hobby. But the 37-year-old, with two children, said she went to the gym every day, read books, and was a member of various clubs. She was among the top students in the class, and she was so positive. What we can and cannot do is all in our minds, and in our hands.

What are the most memorable moments in your career? Can you remember an experience that made a lasting impression on you? What I remember the most and find truly touching is the number of thank-you notes I receive after my speeches – whether in the form of written notes or messages via social media, or by phone. One instance that I will never forget was after I had explained to a group from New York Sweets how important it was to use thank-you notes to express your appreciation. About a week later, I received a thank-you note signed by the whole New York Sweets team from all towns... It may be something small, but the impact was enormous. It’s the small gestures that make all the difference. Another highlight of my career was something I experienced when I was invited to speak at UCL. The speech went very well, and as a result, the university bought 30 copies of my book “Crisis? Let’s Beat it!” for the university library. And now, my book is on the list of required reading for students at UCL’s Business School. Lately we’ve been seeing presentations signed by TailorMade. What’s the story behind that? TailorMade (http://tailormadepresentations. com/ ) is a new service which was developed almost by coincidence. Actually, it all started when my cousin, Nicos Kirzis, asked me to prepare a presentation for one of his projects abroad. At first I was puzzled and asked him where he wanted me to go. He said: “No, I don’t need you to present, I want you to prepare my presentation slides for me!” I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I explained to him that my own slides were prepared by my team – and finally we went ahead and prepared his presentation for him. This first presentation led to others... for PwC, Muskita, PropertyServe and many others. Come to think of it, and funny enough, my first opportunity to present a seminar in Cyprus also came through Nicos Kirzis! It was on 16-17 November 2002 at one of Nicos’s companies. He was the first to believe in me. Imperio is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Would you like to offer any special wishes? I’d like to say that I have a very special relationship with Imperio, in particular with the Misirlis family, and that I wish other companies would examine Imperio’s practices and apply them to their own businesses. That would certainly add value to Cyprus and help us overcome the trials and tribulations of the economic crisis – which I prefer to call a financial squeeze.  All I can wish Imperio is that they continue to differentiate themselves and excel, and I hope to see other companies following their example.

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Hybrid Chairs Turn Humans Into Mythical Creatures

Merve Kahraman‘s Hybrid chairs let you take a walk – or should that be a rest? – on the wild side. The handmade chairs are based on the myths of human-animal hybrids, hence the name. When sitting in one of the chairs, a person becomes not merely a reclining human figure,

but something slightly more magical. The animal parts protruding from the chairs’ tops give resting humans a mythological quality, turning them into dynamic combination creatures. Being handmade of natural leather and wood, the chairs’ materials further reinforce their connection to nature…or para-nature, at least.

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CYPRUS RESIDENCY AND CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT Since the dawn of civilization, Cyprus has been a centre for international trade and commerce. Due to its strategic geographic position, conveniently located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa, the island has at times played an integral role in international affairs. This role has evolved and Cyprus has developed to become a hub for international business and a gateway to access new markets. The natural beauty of the island, its climate and local hospitality fused with a very attractive business and tax regime constitute Cyprus as one of the most advantageous and sought after jurisdictions not just for business but also to reside in. Cyprus offers attractive programs for a Permanent Residence Permit (“PRP”) and naturalisation via investment. Since 2012, more than 1,300 investors have successfully acquired the Cyprus PRP and passport. Cyprus is considered as one of the few jurisdictions that offers the ‘full package’ and thus its residency and citizenship programs have been widely acknowledged. In response, the government has relaxed the criteria, making it easier and efficient to acquire either status.

» Clean and beautiful beaches » Upscale real estate properties » State of the art marinas and golf resorts

The Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit (“PRP”) has long been in existence and the requirements as well as the process have matured and evolved to become simple and efficient. Tested, straightforward and widely accepted, the PRP status can be obtained within two months from filing date.

By obtaining the Cypriot citizenship, the applicants, their spouse and dependents acquire the Cypriot passport (which in effect has all the benefits of an EU passport) and enjoy the same rights as other Cypriot / EU citizens. The citizenship status can be obtained between 3 – 5 months from filing date.

»H igh standard private international schools and universities


» Advanced medical centres and private hospitals

Applicants must fulfil the following main conditions:


»E xcellent Mediterranean weather, 320 days of sunshine per year



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» Mediterranean and international cuisine » Modern international airports

1. Own a property in Cyprus, valued over €500,000 plus VAT

» Low crime rate

2. Clean criminal record certificate

» English widely spoken

AND any one of the following:

» Island-wide broadband coverage.

1. Direct investments in Cyprus of €5 million in any combination of Cyprus based immovable properties, shares, businesses, financial assets OR


1. Own a property in Cyprus, valued over €300.000 plus VAT and proof of payment of at least €200,000 plus VAT prior to application 2. Minimum annual income of €30.000 (additional €5.000 per dependent person)

2. Three years fixed deposit of at least €5 million with any Cyprus Bank OR 3. Any combination of 1 and 2, provided the total sum is at least €5 million OR

» Established International Business Centre » Primary hub and platform to base operations for international business

3. Fixed three-year deposit of €30.000 with any bank in Cyprus

4. Invest €2.5 million in the same options as Point 3 through a collective investment totaling at least €12.5 million.

4. Clean criminal record certificate » Low costs for setting up and maintaining presence for business

5. Statement of no intention to work in Cyprus

» Attractive and tested Tax system

6. Visit Cyprus at least once every two years.

» Modern banking system »A dvanced telecommunications and infrastructure Totalserve Group is a leading International Service Provider based in Cyprus, with a global presence of

» High level of professional (legal, tax, accounting, financial, property) services

thirteen offices in eleven countries. The Group offers a wide range of services such as: Corporate, International Tax Planning, Shipping, Trusts, Financial Services, Property and Immigration. Legal, Accounting and Audit are also offered via associated companies.

» Skilled labour force Totalserve maintains an excellent success rate in assisting investors to acquire residency and citizen-

» Developed and easily understood legal system based on English Common Law

ship. We can fully assist with the preparation and submission of all relevant applications and offer other

» Political stability.

Totalserve House

professional assistance relating to the property acquisition.

17, Gr. Xenopoulou Street 3106 Limassol, Cyprus T: +357 25 866000 | services@totalserve.eu | www.totalserve.eu

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Bigger and better BMW reveals all-new Mini. New edition of the premium small car segment original

New MINI with hallmark emotional design, further optimised balance between driving fun and fuel consumption, innovative networking technology and clever functionality; significant advances in the areas of spatial comfort, safety, equipment, quality of material and finish as well as sporty flair and ride comfort as the result of consistently and extensively refined product substance; new model generation now more than ever before the benchmark for driving fun, premium quality and individual flair within its competitive environment. • Exterior design refined on an evolutionary basis with hallmark styling, proportions and body structure; characteristic design features such

as hexagonal radiator grille, headlamps and rear light clusters with wide chrome surround, turn indicator element and peripheral body surround in black reinterpreted and given additional emphasis due to the surface design in each specific area; high-end details underscore the sophisticated nature of the new model. • Newly designed headlamps; daytime driving light; optional: LED headlamps including daytime driving ring with integrated direction indicator, adaptive light distribution, LED turning light and LED fog lamp additionally available; rear lights also optionally available in LED technology,

optional lighting package with LED interior lights and orange-coloured ambient lighting. • Vehicle length increased by 98 millimetres, width by 44 millimetres, height by 7 millimetres, as compared to the predecessor model, optimised spatial comfort on all four seats • New generation of engines with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology; three model variants available as of market launch: MINI Cooper with 100 kW/136 bhp 3-cylinder engine, MINI Cooper S with 141 kW/192 bhp 4-cylinder petrol engine and MINI Cooper D with 3-cylinder diesel engine (85 kW/116 bhp); expansion of the model program to include the entrylevel variants MINI One D (3-cylinder diesel engine, 70 kW/95 bhp) and MINI One (3-cylinder spark-ignition engine, 75 kW/102 bhp); 6-speed manual transmission as standard, with optional 6-speed automatic transmission or sports automatic transmission, also newly developed; extensive MINIMALISM technology

including automatic engine start/stop function likewise in conjunction with automatic transmission and optional GREEN mode; improved driving performance figures and reduced fuel consumption; biggest efficiency advance in the MINI Cooper with automatic transmission: acceleration from zero to 100 km/h 2.6 seconds faster, average fuel consumption 27 per cent lower; lowest fuel consumption and CO2 levels in the MINI Cooper D: 3.5 – 3.6 litres/100 km, 92 – 95 g/km (EU test cycle figures, dependent on tyre format selected). • Intensification of the typical MINI go-kart feeling with extensively revised suspension technology, reduced weight and increased rigidity; new single-joint spring strut front axle with aluminium swivel bearing and also axle supports and wishbones made of high-strength steel; new multilink rear axle also in optimised lightweight construction and space-saving geometry; refined electromechanical power steering now with Servotronic as standard;

The new Mini Cooper is available at Chr. Pilakoutas Ltd Showrooms, T: 77771600.

Elite residences

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The uniqueness of Elite Residences is reflected through the distinctive design of each residence, based on judicious use of light and space, surrounded by calming greenery. The Elite Residences offers unmatched convenience by being only 500m away from the Limassolian coastline in one of the most desired neighbourhoods. Moreover, it is strategically located only

500m south of one of Limassol’s most upcoming avenues. Area: Pot. Yermasoyias, Limassol Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 2 & 3 Delivery Date: Immediately Title Deeds Available


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iris residences

Iris Residences is designed for stealthy chic insiders, those who are intimate with good life, yet seek to shun the limelight in exchange for a secluded oasis. It comprises of six impressive 2 & 3 bedroom apartments. These distinguished apartments boast beautiful design, high specification, emphasise space and guarantee to meet with even the most exacting of standards.

Area: Ayios Nectarios, Limassol Type: Apartments Bedrooms: 2 & 3 Delivery Date: Immediately

limassol bay residences

Limassol Bay *Residences*

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The Limassol Bay Residences is an exclusive development that sets the standard for luxury living - and then adds a little bit more. Ideally located in Potamos Yermasogias, just 2 mins walk from the sea and surrounded by amenities. A comfortable range of 13 iconic lateral apartments and penthouses jut boldly over the

swimming pool in an effortless statement of style and sophistication. Area: Pot. Yermasoyias, Limassol Type: Apartments & Penthouses Bedrooms: 1, 2 & 3 Delivery Date: December 2014

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noble centre



BEST OFFICE DEVELOPMENT EUROPE Noble Centre Imperio Properties

The impressive business tower combines superior architectural design and state-of-theart technology. It is brilliantly designed with innovative facilities, providing unique spaces with contemporary glass facades. These uninterrupted sound-insulting surfaces of glass give the impression that you are located far from hustle and bustle of Limassol, while being right in the middle of it. Noble Centre received a major international award in October 2010, when it was awarded as the Best Office Development in Europe by the International Property Awards, in London.

Area: Town Centre, Limassol Type: Showrooms & Offices Delivery Date: March 2015

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