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230 ton Link-Belt 298 crawler crane used at Fowler Ridge Wind Site to sort and set the bottom section of wind turbine columns.

Using both a 500 ton Liebherr, and a 550 ton Grove all-terrain crane, Imperial double picked a 102 ton reactor from a barge for the CITGO Refinery in Lemont, IL.

MISSION “Our commitment to safety and service has been the key to Imperial’s success. On behalf of Imperial Crane and the Bohne family I would like to thank the industry for your years of loyal support.” B.J. Bohne, C.E.O.

Imperial Crane Services, Inc. has been family-owned and operated since it was established in 1969. Since the early 1970’s Imperial Crane has been principally committed to the heavy industrial and manufacturing industries. Even with this commitment, Imperial has managed to be a leader and principal in new construction in the Chicago-Midwest region. Our promise of a “Commitment to Excellence” is the most integral component in our daily operations and consists of the highest standards in safety, service and quality. From the receptionist to the foreman, that commitment continues to grow through our tremendous customer service, state-ofthe-art technology and the safest equipment and procedures in the industry. Our greatest resource is our people and their dedication is what has made Imperial Crane a leader in the Chicago-Midwest region. It is our intent to be the safest crane service company in the country. By constantly updating our equipment and procedures, we are the recipient of numerous safety awards each year from accredited organizations such as American Subcontractors Association, Three Rivers Manufacturer’s Association and Specialized Crane and Rigging Association. We put forth a continuous effort to ensure that our equipment is state-of-the-art and our employees are the most skilled and highly trained. This combination allows Imperial Crane to rise above the competition.

Imperial engineered an unprecedented matting and shoring design for Chicago Mercantile Exchange with 500 ton Liebherr LTM 1400 with 161 feet of luffing jib.

Imperial Crane is large and diversified enough to supply street closure, coordination, and additional support equipment such as aerial lifts, boom lifts and lulls to your job sites.



Safety is integrated into every aspect of our organization. Our director of safety manages a staff to maintain in-plant and out-of-plant safety and safety training. Having a team dedicated to our “talk safety, live safety” culture encourages all supervisors and employees within Imperial to apply prevention and protection to every aspect of their daily tasks. Working proactively, by creating and reviewing lift plans, performing daily sight inspections, and adhering to OSHA and ANSI regulations, we are able to maintain a safe environment for our customers and workforce. Part of upholding our safe environment is employing staff and providing equipment held to the highest standards. Fully aligned with Three Rivers Manufacturer’s Association and managing partner of CITGO Safety Alliance, we keep our employees up-to-date on training and certifications. To provide our customers the most efficient and safe equipment, we update our fleet regularly providing daily inspections by our operators, frequent detailed inspections by our maintenance department, and yearly third party inspections.

Top left: 15 ton Tadano used for its compact size on 1400 S. Michigan. Bottom left: 90 ton Liebherr sets up modular home.

SERVICE “We do our job, so you can do yours.”

Our commitment to each job’s success gives customers confidence in our work, allowing the peace of mind to concentrate on other aspects of their projects. From providing a quote to a follow up, our staff is always available to assist customers, giving them accurate and timely information. Our full service sales department’s in-house estimators use the most advanced technology to provide prompt crane sizing, quotes and permit expediting. They are always available to offer alternative lifting methods and equipment, along with cost-cutting suggestions. Our field estimators will make job site visits, prepare sight diagrams, and meet with your project design and structural engineers. They are available to consult with your field staff in order to provide the appropriate equipment needed for any project. Clients know that by choosing Imperial they will have a stress-free experience, certain that their needs will be met and expectations exceeded.

50 ton Tadano at Fox Metro Water Reclamation Plant


Established in 1948, Tadano is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic cranes. Their over 50 years of staying power can be attributed to an ability to adapt to customer’s changing needs. We have depended heavily on Tadano’s quality over the years, so confident in their reputation we became a dealer in their line of rough terrain cranes. Tadano’s rough terrain cranes are known for their dependability, minimal maintenance and excellent service even while working under the toughest environments. Customer confidence is seen worldwide in their productivity, mobility, safety and versatility. Tadano’s lighter, stronger hexagonal booms achieve exceptional lifting height and working range. Their AML-L load moment indicator is at the forefront of rated capacity limiter technology, providing superior operation monitoring and safety. The outriggers are quickly and efficiently set and their wide span offers high stability. The rough terrain crane is a powerful machine with a six cylinder, direct injection, high output, water-cooled, turbocharged Mitsubishi diesel engine.

Above: 352 ton Sany SCC3200 setting new tower for ULSD project at CITGO. Right: Imperial Crane looks to the future of heavy hoisting to diversify ourselves into the alternative energy sector, always looking ahead to evolve with the current and future needs of contractors.


Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been recognized as the top 10 largest manufacturers in the world. As a leader in the crawler crane industry, Sany has attained a great deal of success in the Asian markets receiving Forbes “Top Enterprise of China Award” as well as being the most competitive brand in all of China. Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. invested 60 million dollars in Sany America, an overseas subsidiary of the company. The plant, founded in 2006, will incorporate an Americanized business model and culture. We saw an opportunity to partner with Sany and became the Midwest distributor for crawler cranes. This partnership gives them the benefit of having localized talents and manufacturer supported service.

Quality changes the world

We have been pleased with the crawler line performance and quality, available for both purchase and rental. The cranes are known for their excellent micro-mobility performance, independent main and auxiliary winches making it easy for operation, and built-in features such as the torque limiter, electronic controller and over-winding prevention device’s enhancing operation safety. They have adjustable track width for transportation convenience and high-strength steel pipe boom for high load capacity. Our Sany SCC3200 and SCC2500C are strong, versatile crawler cranes. With Cummins Tier III engines and Kawasaki hydraulic components, the cranes offer great execution and high reliability. The SCC3200 has a maximum main boom length of over 275 feet. With jib extensions the length can reach 340 feet and offers a luffing jib up to 216 feet, bringing the maximum height to 440 feet.

Genie provides multiple options for aerial lifts to meet customer demands.


Known for their quality production, Genie is a leader in their industry. We provide the recognizable white and blue Genies for both rental and sale. The company known for their customer focused values creates equipment at reasonable prices with high quality that are easy to use and service. Articulating Booms - Genie paved the way in lifting equipment by creating the first articulating boom. They have the versatility needed to not only give you height but also reach out and over.

Lifting you Higher

Telescoping Booms - Telescoping booms offer greater horizontal reach than any other type of aerial lift. Scissor Lifts - Scissor lifts are designed to lift more weight, allowing for additional operators and heavier tools. Being compact for easy transport while having large capacities makes scissor lifts perfect for contractors, pipe fitters and electricians.

Left and above: TEC HOIST is about modern equipment, special engineering, service response, and attention to detail and safety.

Barko’s new addition to scrap handling applications.

TEC HOIST U.S. distributor for STROS construction hoists and industrial elevators

BARKO Dealers in Barko

TEC HOIST, LLC is part of the Imperial Crane family of companies. We service local high rise building contactors as well as national customers with STROS permanently installed special purpose elevators. TEC HOIST employs a wide range of hoists, from equipment well suited for low rise residential projects to special high speed and large capacity lifts. We are dealers in STROS industrial elevators and construction hoists. Industrial elevators are used in spaces that are too small to use a conventional elevator and in extreme outdoor environments. They are useful in refineries, coal handling centers and cement plants. STROS construction hoists have single and dual cage rack and pinion construction hoists with capacities of 6000 or 7000 lbs, with speeds up to 300 FPM. TEC HOIST, LLC does not only employ a rental fleet, but is the USA distributor for STROS. We know the importance of having critical spare parts available and maintain a complete inventory of our equipment for STROS users across the U.S. Barko, established nearly 50 years ago, has become the leader in producing high quality material handlers for a more economical price. Used for forestry, scrap and industrial construction their products are known for their innovation and reliability. Operators are able to get their projects done efficiently and comfortably with cabs featuring climate control, non-slip flooring, emergency exit and 360 degree visibility. Barko is continually striving to produce more for less cost. They offer higher productivity and better quality than the competition, being more fuel efficient and using genuine OEM parts needing little maintenance. Their extra strength pins and bolts and centralized hydraulic control valves add to an extended product life. Barko has the quality our customers need while sticking to their bottom line.

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