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WELCOME! Your CV is your first opportunity to market yourself to potential future employers. This booklet has been produced by the Careers Service to show a range of different CVs devised to cover a number of scenarios. There are examples from undergraduates, Masters and PhD level students, and the CVs have been tailored for a variety of positions - internships/placements, graduate roles, postgraduate study applications, academia, and industry. You do not have to find your particular department below - we’ve simply tried to present a range of CVs from different courses here at Imperial College. The aim is to be inspired and give you some further ideas of how you might want your own CV to look.

CONTENTS: How to Write a CV

Undergraduate CVs Design Engineering Biochemistry Mechanical Engineering Mathematics Bioengineering Chemistry Medicine Computing

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2-page CV for 6-month placement 2-page CV for UROP 1-page CV for internship in industry 1-page CV for banking and finance graduate role 2-page CV for non-technical graduate role 2-page CV for graduate role in science 2-page CV for medically focussed role 1-page CV for a technical role

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Masters CVs Life Sciences 2-page CV for PhD application Earth Science & Engineering 2-page CV for industry

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2-page CV for role outside of academia 2-page CV for an academic post 2-page CV for industry

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The Covering Letter

Remember, you can find further advice about writing your CV on the Careers Service website:

CVs handout 1/4: Applications



A CV (curriculum vitae) summarises your education, employment and achievements to date. It is usually accompanied by a cover letter (see handout 2 of this series). A good CV will: • • • • • • • •

be consistently laid out and easy to get information from be targeted to the job/internship you are applying for enable the reader to follow your timeline - use start and end dates be either one or two full sides of A4 (for some recruiters one page is preferred) always start with the most recent item in each section and then follow reverse chronological order have the most relevant content for the target reader on the first page give more detail for the most relevant items and concisely present less relevant/older items have correct spelling and grammar

See examples of good CVs online at: See examples of successful CVs online in the Imperial Careers Service Guide to CVs:

CHOOSE SECTION HEADINGS After Education, you can start to choose section headings. Where you can, use sector or skill specific headings that are relevant to your target opportunity. For example, if you are applying for a job in a conservation charity, you could use ‘Conservation Experience’ as your first heading after your Education section. Examples of section headings Generic

NamContact details Your address, email and phone number. Keep it short – the information won’t be used to select you so don’t allow it to take up a lot of space. Use a sensible email address that looks professional, such as your imperial email. Education If you are currently a student or have just graduated, your Education section will come next. Start with your most recent education at the top of the section. State the university name, degree subject, degree title (e.g. BSc). Include when you expect to graduate and your projected grade. If relevant to your target reader, include details of course content.

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Research experience



Banking/Finance experience

Technical skills

Work experience

Industry employment



Clinical experience

Communication skills

Extra-curricular activities

Conservation experience

Language skills

Voluntary work

Science communication

Social media

Interests and achievements


START YOUR CV Name In large letters at the top of the first page.

Sector Specific

Be in reverse chronological order ie with most recent first. Use start and end dates and state what you did and where. E.g. May – June 2017 Intern at the Science Museum.

Under each item use bullet points to concisely describe your achievements.

Use the words they have used in the job description or typical words you see in the LinkedIn profiles of people working in these types of roles so that they can see the match to what you are applying for

Use active language (see box)

There is no need to use ‘I’ repeatedly. It’s your CV so they will assume you are describing what you did

Do not be vague – avoid words/phrases like ‘several’, ‘some’, ‘a number of’. Be precise.

Include evidence that your work has been of high quality. E.g. ‘recommendations were presented to the client’; ‘campaign increased membership by 50%’

CVs ACTIVE LANGUAGE When describing projects or work experience in your CV, aim to express yourself clearly and concisely, making use of the language used in recruitment. Here are a few examples of words you might like to use, describing actions which demonstrate particular skills. Using your thesaurus can help you find others: Achievement - accelerated, accomplished, achieved, carried out, completed, improved, delivered, enhanced, finished, negotiated, obtained, produced, secured, increased, doubled, implemented Communication - advised, participated, chaired meeting, wrote, instructed, demonstrated, edited, presented, discussed, promoted, persuaded, recommended Taking initiative -created, formulated, designed, established, introduced, devised, started, developed, set up, launched, initiated, enabled Research - classified, differentiated, investigated, determined, experimented, equated, searched, developed, surveyed, examined, indexed, compiled, catalogued Organising and planning - distributed, reorganised, arranged, restructured, budgeted, verified, scheduled, computed, planned, produced Interpersonal -advised, negotiated, consulted, evaluated, proposed, handled, sorted out, collaborated, discussed, mediated, facilitated Leadership - directed, supervised, motivated, guided, managed, led, organised, undertook Managing -organised, implemented, established, produced, initiated, attained, maintained Problem solving - analysed, diagnosed, reduced, increased, simplified, evaluated, synthesised, tackled, investigated, reviewed, identified, refined, streamlined, examined, reorganised, solved

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Reference books - including: ‘The Perfect CV’, and ‘CV and Cover Letters’, available in the Careers Service, level 5 Sherfield Building

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For information on the disclosure of disability or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia please see information on the Careers Service website: disclosure


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CVs - Undergraduate Example 2-page CV for 6 month placement in Design Engineering

Ellie Stephenson

54 Northanger Road London SW8 4RT 07989 3475895;

EDUCATION 2015– 2019 Imperial College London – MEng Design Engineering (Expected result 2:1) □ Achieved overall average of 2:1 (67%) to date. □ Modules include (Year 2): Computing 2 (72%); Gizmo (Mechatronics and Robotics) (65%), Engineering Analysis 2 (66%), Big Data (63%), Design 2 (66%), Engineering Design Project (72%). 2008 – 2015 Isleworth School – A levels: Physics, Mathematics, Further Maths, Chemistry (AAAA) □ GCSE's: 9 Grade A-C, including 5 A*s AWARDS & PRIZES □ The President’s Undergraduate Merit Scholarship from Imperial College London (2015 – 2019) - one of only 112 students awarded this most prestigious of awards at Imperial. □ National Maths Olympiads (silver and gold 2013 and 2015) ENGINEERING PROJECTS (Portfolio attached) □ 3rd Year Engineering Design Project Grade (only team to be awarded DESIRE Award) - designed low cost medical device for measuring tidal and residual volume (lung capacity). - proposed alternative concept to measure residual volume; innovation was highlighted as ‘ambitious and creative’ by assessors from Royal Brompton Lung Respiratory Unit and Institute of Public Health. - received DESIRE (Design Engineering Innovation Reward) for best engineering design project. - next stage will be to build a prototype of the design and test it. □ 2nd Year Bucatini Water Tower Challenge (Group Project) Grade (x%) - worked in a team of five to design a water tower for economical construction in the developing world, built in biodegradable material and strong enough to hold 5 tons of water. - undertook FEA (finite element analysis) in InfoSys and produced a design simulation. - built a scale model of the simulation out of pasta strands and destructively tested this to see how the buckling and fatigue of structures under loading compared with the FEA prediction. □ 2nd Year People’s Pod (Group Project) Grade (x%) - worked in a team of five to design interior of a small public transport autonomous vehicle. - produced innovative design concept and scale model, receiving feedback that ‘our design showed vision and originality as well as being a feasible concept’. - gave presentation on the design concept to panel of assessors comprising external academics and industry representatives (Nissan and Transport Systems Catapult). □ 1st Year Catapult Competition Grade (x%) - worked in groups of five competing with other teams to achieve the most accurate measurements when catapulting a projectile to a target 10m away. - calculated optimum angle and distance and produced a simulation of gravitational potential energy, based on projectile’s mass, gravity and height in flight, managing to hit the target. - designed and created innovative medieval-themed costume, winning 1st prize for our design.


CVs - Undergraduate WORK EXPERIENCE 2017 FastForward Prototyping - Prototyping Engineer □ Set up and developed a novel prototyping initiative on my own (early 2017) to produce one off equipment and prototypes for clients; joined by partner in summer 2017. □ Have executed 6 large projects to date; ran 4 projects concurrently, managing them all myself, negotiating paid contracts with clients, resulting in income of £6,000+. □ Undertook all lab automation and aides, including designing and building robotic apparatus, embedded development and application software development. 2016 – 2017 3d Printing – Open Source Project (RepRaps) □ Maintain a number of printers for the Imperial College Robotics Society and provide advice on the process of 3D printing to a large number of students at Imperial. □ Currently developing software to implement 5 axis 3D printing as 4th Year Project.

□ □

TECHNICAL SKILLS & LANGUAGES Machine Element Design – Have gained experience in developing and refining complex machines through synthesis, analysis and prototyping. Know how to produce technical engineering drawings of machine elements and electronic components. Have designed and materialised machines, which involve integrating hardware (machine elements, structure, electrical components, micro-controllers, sensors & actuators) and high-level programming languages, such as Python to achieve specified outcomes. Programming – Experience in Object oriented programming in Python to solve mathematical problems, plot graphs, and manage data structures; basic API design using Python as well as Java and Assembly (ARM). Have also programmed in C++ as well as Matlab. Competent in use of Linux platforms for real time control as well as in use of LaTex to produce project reports. Technical software / analytics: Adept at using FEA software - InfoSys. Languages: German (Intermediate); French (Conversational); Driving Licence – UK.

EXTRA CURRICULAR INTERESTS □ Imperial College Robotics Society – Elected President (2017 – 2018); served as Sponsorship Officer (2016 – 2017) - Recently elected to lead and manage this society, which is a hub for all students who are passionate about robotics and electronics - Liaise with staff from many departments as well as key external and industry stake-holders - Answer technical questions on electronics and robotics; give presentations on key concepts - Managed to raise sponsorship from industry last year totalling over £4,000 and currently overseeing committee involved in rolling out ambitious programme of new competitions (with £2,000+ prize money) and events, bringing together members and industry contacts. □ Other achievements - Member of Imperial College netball team (2nd) and captained the school team - Organised 3 independent Inter-rail trips across 6 countries in Europe over last three years and have visited east coast of Canada, USA; plus several visits to India, Far East and Kenya - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze & Silver Awards (2013- 2015 respectively) - Piano Grade 8 (2014)

References – available on request


CVs - Undergraduate Example 2-page CV for a Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

Alexa Student

58 Tennyson Road, London, NW9 2XB +44 (0)123 456 7891

Education 2016 – 2019 

   

BSc Biochemistry, Imperial College London Current average: 67% Modules (Year 2): Molecular Biology 2; Physical Biochemistry; Molecular Cell Biology 2; Immunology; Protein Science; (Year 1): Biological Chemistry (67%); Molecular Biology 1 (71%); Molecular Cell Biology 1 (65%); Proteins and Enzymes (67%) Weekly lab sessions have entailed using a range of laboratory techniques including sterile cell culture, DNA extraction, agarose gels, PCR, fluorescence microscopy Planning and conducting experiments in pairs or small groups requires good team work and communication as well as organisational skill and precise record-keeping Completed two data handling modules, gaining experience in using specialist software such as SPSS and ‘R’ to capture, analyse and report on numerical data Have undertaken numerous assessed reports and presentations throughout degree, all of which required excellent written and verbal communication skills

2006 – 2013 Passmore College, Bournemouth  A Levels: Maths (A), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*)  GCSEs: 10 A* - C

Research / Laboratory Experience Department of Biochemistry, University of Nottingham -




Undertook six-week summer placement in Centre of Cell Biology, working in laboratory of Dr John Smith, supervised by Dr Jayne Richards Undertook tissue cultures of different cell lines such as EC and hES cells in compliance with health and safety procedures Observed several lab techniques and protocols including SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting, qPCR, Bacterial transformation, gel extraction, plasmid purification and antibody staining for fACS analysis and cell sorting Helped with general maintenance of Research Lab and associated tasks such as autoclaving and filling stock reagents Assisted in process of feeder inactivation and freezing of cells for long term storage, visiting Liquid Nitrogen Room Gained experience handling various lab equipment including microscopes as well as flow cytometers, Biostation and NanoPhotometers

CVs - Undergraduate Other Employment / Work Experience 2014 - 2016 Waitrose, Bournemouth, Team Leader (part-time / in vacations)  Promoted from Customer Assistant to Team Leader in summer 2014  Demonstrate strong customer service in a fast paced retail environment  Develop an in-depth knowledge of products and train new staff  Ensure excellent communication while working across several teams

Volunteering Feb 2014 - Present RAG, Imperial College London, Volunteer  Responsible for securing street collection permits from local authorities and arranging transport for up to 50 volunteers 2012 – 2013 Befriend a Child, Bournemouth, Volunteer  Supervised homework and other activities for two children once a week for a year

Laboratory Skills 

Have learnt a range of techniques including sterile cell culture, DNA extraction, agarose gels, PCR, fluorescence microscopy, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, affinity chromatography and immunocytochemistry

IT / Statistical Skills and Languages   

Have learnt how to apply statistical packages such as SPSS and R to analyse data Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint Learning French on Imperial Horizons course (have passed Level 1, progressing to Level 2 next year)

Interests 

Imperial College Boat Club 1st eight. Have demonstrated commitment to undertaking five early morning training sessions per week and currently planning Fresher’s Week event offering novice rowers the chance to have a go and consider joining the club

Elected Treasurer for next academic year (2017 – 2018) of Imperial BioSoc. Aim to increase sponsorship for events and help organise these as well as manage accounts

References available on request 6

CVs - Undergraduate Example 1-page CV for an internship in industry

Jo Olsen

2 Long Road, London, SW7 7AZ 07123 456780 / EDUCATION 2016-2020 Imperial College London MEng Mechanical Engineering with a Year in Europe  Relevant Modules: Stress Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Design and Manufacture.  Successfully completed various group projects including a task to design and make a small hovercraft in a team of four.  Developed an understanding of the entire design and prototyping process through the completion of an individual project undertaking drive transmission design project.  In addition to engineering courses, participated in a French language course at Imperial. 2009-2016

Leeds City Academy, Yorkshire A Levels: Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Further Maths (A), French (A) GCSE’s: 6A*, 4A

WORK AND VOLUNTARY EXPERIENCE 2016 Imperial College London Temporary Events Assistant  Worked at several corporate events on campus, providing a first point of contact to external visitors and speakers from industry and other universities.  Demonstrated strong customer focus, working as part of a team of other students and members of the Events department at Imperial. 2013   

Kirklees Badminton and Squash Club Qualified Badminton Coach Regularly coaching children aged between 10 and 16 to encourage active participation in sport. Voted on to the club management committee to represent the views of younger members, and introduced and maintained a social media presence which has increased membership by 22% Developed leadership skills in addition to the ability to motivate others.

2011 9th Leeds City Explorer Scout Group  Participated in numerous local and international volunteering activities, including undertaking charity walk from Leeds to Edinburgh, which raised £2,500 for children’s charities. IT AND LANGUAGE SKILLS  Proficient in Microsoft Office applications  Coding in MATLAB  CAD and solid modelling in Solidworks  Advanced French INTERESTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS  1st Year Student Rep (2016/17), representing student body at academic committee; proposed and designed template to assist with online learning module.  Active member of Imperial Engineers Without Borders student society.  1st 4Sport Level 1 award in badminton coaching REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST


CVs - Undergraduate Example 1-page CV for a graduate role in banking and finance

Xi Li

39 James Square, London, SW7 1NN, United Kingdom +44 7123 45678 | |

EDUCATION Imperial College London London, United Kingdom Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics for Finance September 2015 – June 2018  Predicted to graduate with First Class Honours – (ranked top 5% in first and second year)  Modules: Financial Management, Statistical Modelling, Time Series, Games Theory  Awarded prize for best group in 2nd Year, M2R project, leading a team of 4  Achieved Distinction in Imperial Horizons course: ‘Professional Skills for Employability’ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ChinaGold Asset Management Beijing, China Summer Analyst, Investment Division July 2017 – August 2017  Participated in a 3 billion live deal within energy industry o Designed financial model individually to estimate earnings of a convertible bond, which facilitated the adjustment of transaction structure  Worked effectively in a project team on non-performing commodities assets o Proposed solutions on assets recovery and produced business plan as part of a team of 5 Blue Sky Securities Beijing, China Summer Analyst, Corporate Finance Division June 2016 – July 2016  Contributed to the IPO of a high-end laser company o Conducted laser industry research and comparable company analysis o Collaborated with a team of 4 and composed the industry section of Due Diligence report  Provided integrated financial advisory services to a medium-sized sports company based in Jiangsu o Analysed a major competitor’s financial and identified potential market in sport industry o Discussed effectively with clients and amended business plans based on market performance PwC China Shanghai, China Summer Intern, Finance Division June 2015 – August 2015  Analysed 25+ transactions across all industry, including 25 million deal with Shanghai Electric  Performed basic audit tasks and liaised with project manager to request client information FURTHER RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Imperial College London London, UK Research Assistant, Computational Statistics August 2016 – September 2016  Implemented graph and string matching algorithms efficiently in statistical analysis  Gained experience of working in a team with 2 PhD researchers and also a Senior Lecturer Enactus Imperial London, UK Project Leader October 2015 – March 2016  Investigated producers of ethically sourced chilled green tea and negotiated with college shops to introduce the product.  Donated the profit made from speciality tea sales to support Enactus Philippines project SKILLS, ACTIVITIES & INTERESTS Languages: Mandarin (Native), English (Fluent) Programming Skills: Python, Matlab, R, C++ Activities & Interests: Volunteered for London Fashion Week 2015/2016, Finance Society, Swimming


CVs - Undergraduate Example 2-page CV for a non-technical graduate role

Adam Student

24B Tennyson Road, London, NW9 2XB; Tel: 01234 56789;;

EDUCATION 2014-2018 MEng Biomedical Engineering Imperial College London  Predicted degree class: Upper Second  Year 3: achieved Upper Second, distinction in Third Year independent project  Year 2: achieved Upper Second; distinction in fluid mechanics  Year 1: achieved Upper Second; distinction in mechanics Courses include: Biomedical Advances & Computational Stress Analysis; Biomechanics; Image Processing; Biomimetics: Medical Device Entrepreneurship  

Group Projects: 2016: The Application of edge detectors in MATLAB on images of eczema; working with 10 students 2015: Adapting a rowing ergometer for users with limited range of wrist and ankle joint motion; working with 5 students

2012-2014 Sutton Grammar School, Surrey A Levels: Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (B), Chemistry (B); GCSE: Japanese (A*) 2007-2012 Ladywell Manor School, Morden, London GCSEs: 12 including Mathematics (A*), ICT (A) and English Language (C)

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Jan – April 2017 Third Year Project, Imperial College London  Developed design concept of Implantable knee joint for knee amputees  Gained practical experience of using Solidworks, rapid prototyping and knowledge of tissue engineering and biomechanics  Enhanced report writing and presentation skills, delivering summary of project results to tutors July – August 2017  

Researcher, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) Imperial College London Mechanical characterization of the vitreous humour and changes due to eye movements and age using non–Newtonian material models Developed proficiency with MATLAB and acquired experience of applying mathematical techniques for use with unsteady oscillatory flows

July – Sept 2016 Volunteer project member, MERU ( London  Volunteer member of a team of 5, including 3 professional bioengineers working on assistive equipment for children and young people with disabilities  Responsible for investigating resin mouldings for a camera mount for wheelchair users  Participated in focus groups with young people and their families; responsible for gathering and analysing feedback on prototypes

WORK EXPERIENCE June – July 2015 Operations Assistant, Boomerang Travel Operations, London  Set up Access database and updated information on the system, demonstrating strong attention to detail and organisational skills  Communicated effectively via phone, email and Skype to companies and individuals to pre-book services and successfully secured confirmations


CVs - Undergraduate

July 2014 HR Admin Assistant Intern, Winchester Training & Consultancy, London  Utilised attention to detail to organise and crosscheck documents for auditing  Provided admin support to departments by chasing up candidates and companies for references and CRB renewals  Resourced candidates from recruitment websites such as Reed and TotalJobs  Submitted timesheets using various management systems such as Beeline and Manpower  Created invoices, entered remittances and reconciled a bank statement using Sage 2014 - 2015 Maths Tutor Volunteer, Chiswick Park Academy, London  Tutored a group of 6 underachieving students, to help boost their maths for GCSE and A Level, providing one to one mentoring and support and classroom assistance to various year groups  Negotiated and strategized solutions to support a student struggling in class  Led a cover lesson with a year 8 class in the presence of a supply teacher 2013 - 2014 Shop Volunteer, British Red Cross, Sutton, Surrey  Responsible for handling money, including managing the till and cashing up  Served and interacted with customers providing excellent customer care; demonstrated listening and communication ability by answering queries about products  Approached customers asking if assistance was needed and investigated stock availability, showing proactive customer service skills 2012 - 2013 Young Enterprise, Sutton Grammar School, Surrey  Fundraised money to register company and collected donations for a talent show  Helped manage a stall at Borough food market to sell the products and communicated with customers with a professional attitude  Generated ideas for a product in a team of 13 through weekly team meetings  Made profit of £600

POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY 2015 – 2016 Student Associate, Ladywell Manor School, London  Raised students’ interest in studying A Level mathematics and aiming for university through presentations and a question and answer session to 30 students. 2013 

Manga Club Volunteer Monitor, Chiswick Park Library, London Assisted library staff, at Saturday club, working with children, and organising and displaying stock.


Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) Competent in use of Solidworks, COMSOL, MATLAB, Graphviz, LATEX Intermediate proficiency in C/C++ Proficient in Japanese, both spoken and written


Member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Institution of Engineering Technology Active member of Imperial College Sailing Club, with regular attendance at committees (2014-17) Running; currently training for 10k race to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital


Available on request


CVs - Undergraduate Example 2-page CV for a graduate role in science

John Student

14 Kedleston Close, Allestree, Derby, Derbyshire, DE22 2JP Tel: 07769234568 /

EDUCATION Imperial College London 2013-2016 BSc Chemistry Results:  Predicted 1st class honours  Second year Modules: Applied Molecular Biology (75%), Immunology (79.1%), Cancer Biology (70.02%), Tutored Dissertation (70%), Epidemiology & Global Health (77.5%), Nanotechnology (75.45%), Principles of Pharmacology (66.55%), Infectious Diseases (69.56%)  Second year average – 72.90% Key Projects:  Demonstrated research abilities and critical appraisal skills by producing a 4000 word 1st class Tutored Dissertation entitled “To exercise or not to exercise: the health benefits”  Proved scientific practical and writing skills by achieving a 1st class grade for a 3 week laboratory project and write-up  Achieved a 1st class grade for all coursework oral presentations working both as a group and individually  Enhance critical analysis and presentation skills shown during weekly Journal club meetings Derby College A Levels – Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Maths (A) AS Level – Psychology (A) Derby Hill School GCSEs: 5A* including Maths and English Language, 5As, 2Bs, 1 Distinction



EXPERIENCE Undergraduate Research Opportunity Placement – Imperial College London Summer 2015  Received bursary for 8 weeks laboratory work experience  Worked as part of team of 7 students, a postdoctoral researcher and a project leader  Examined fish muscle M-bands using cryosectioning and electron microscopy  Prepared pins for cryosectioning and grids for electron microscopy  Cryosectioned fish muscle, preserved and viewed the samples under an electron microscope  Carried out weekly journal clubs and developed presentation and leadership skills  Researched current articles on the M-band to further scientific understanding


CVs - Undergraduate Au Pairing and Teaching English – Milan, Italy Summer 2014  7 weeks English coaching  Responsibility for the solo care of two children  Improved skills in Italian listening, reading and speaking  Communicated with a wide variety of people  Gained experience of living in a different country, developing adaptability and cultural awareness The Star Inn, Quarndon  Carried out waitressing and bar staff roles  Trained new staff members  Demonstrated interpersonal and team working skills Derby Jazz Festival  Assisted in waitressing, bar work and food preparation  Guided new staff members and assigned tasks


Annually 2009-2014

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre, Nottingham 2012-2013  Observed the roles of doctors and instructors in the centre and developed commercial awareness and an understanding of the requirements of running of a business  Undertook secretarial tasks KEY SKILLS Technical – Laboratory skills: PCR, carbon coating, cryosectioning and electron microscopy. Proficient in Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint Languages – GCSE French, German (B), Basic Italian INTERESTS/ACHIEVEMENTS  Imperial College School of Medicine Boat Club (ICSMBC) (2013-present) – Progressed from beginning rowing in 1st year of university to competing in the 1st eight boat for every race of 2nd year. Demonstrated time management skills by attending 5 training sessions per week while obtaining a high standard degree. Responsible for the welfare and technical training of novice rowers  Part of a team of rowers who walked 100km from London to Brighton to raise money for the RNLI and ICSMBC. With the money raised a boat was bought was bought for the 2nd eight team  Gliding (2010-present) – Flew solo at 16. Supervised youth members by demonstrating how to be safe on the airfield and the essential skills needed for their first flight. Presented theory to the youth flying group  Tennis – Club finalist (2014)

REFERENCES Available on request 12

CVs - Undergraduate Example 2-page CV for medically focussed role

Amed Student

123 Shooters Hill Road, London, SW3 8AB, Tel: 01234 567890

EDUCATION: 2013-2018 MBBS/BSc Medical Science with Management, Imperial College London First Class BSc awarded. Currently sitting in the top percentile for MBBS Recent Clinical placements: St Mary’s, Paddington – general surgery, respiratory, Care of the Elderly, neurology, ICU and gastroenterology. GP placement with Munster Road GP Surgery Relevant BSc modules: Health Informatics, Managing Healthcare Organisations, Health Economics, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Group project: Understanding the Junior Doctors contract negotiations – presented to the junior doctors committee at the BMA. Achieved 82% 2006-2013 Sutton Grammar School, Surrey A Levels: Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A) GCSE: 11 GCSEs at A* and one at A, including English, Mathematics and Latin

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Jan – April 2017 Development Project, Help for Hero’s  Developed design concept of detachable knee joint for veteran knee amputees  Gained practical experience of using Solidworks, rapid prototyping and knowledge of tissue engineering and biomechanics  Collaborated with veteran amputees and consultants from St Mary’s to trail knee joint and assess expanding the project. Funding currently being applied for July – Sept 2015   

Researcher, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) Imperial College London Extended BSc group project to fully assess potential impact of introduction of new junior doctor contract, both economically and anthropologically Developed proficiency with R and developing meaningful surveys to enable the application of mathematical techniques Published results in student BMJ, wrote a blog for BMJ online and presented findings to the BMA Medical Academics Conference

Aug – Sept 2014 Volunteer project member, MERU ( London  Volunteer member of a team of 5, including 3 professional bioengineers working on assistive equipment for children and young people with disabilities  Given responsibility for training the 24 differently abled users on using their new equipment, working with carers during home trials and providing technical assistance as required  Participated in focus groups with young people and their families, responsible for gathering and analysing feedback on prototypes

RELEVANT CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: July – Dec 2016 Care of the Elderly Attachment, St Mary’s Hospital, London  Shadowed consultant and registers over 10 weeks, observing medical care of up to 30 patients at any one time  Communicated effectively patients, ensuring their comfort and building an understanding of the realities of the theoretical learning received during training  Supported the nursing team in an audit to assess patient care, interviewing carer givers and families. Collated responses and contributed to a poster delivered at the Royal College of Nursing AGM


CVs - Undergraduate

Feb – April 2015 General Surgery Attachment, Charing Cross Hospital, London  Followed a range of patients throughout their surgery experience, included 2 amputations and 3 paediatric cases (appendix removal, emergency spleen repair and fracture correction)  Observed over 20 surgeries per week  Produced graphs mapping aesthetic usage as part of a QIP in collaboration with an anaesthetic registrar

POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY: Aug2015 – Present Manga Club Volunteer Monitor, Chiswick Park Library, London  Assist members of the library team, working the children and teenagers at the club and also organising and displaying stock Sept 2013 – Present Widening participation ambassador, Imperial College, London  Raised students’ interest in medicine, mathematics and university through presentations and a question and answer session to 30 students at various colleges within London Aug 2015 – Aug 2017 Imperial College Representative, British Medical Association, London  Collaborated with the Imperial College Medical Student Union to ensure Imperials views were voiced at the quarterly meetings of the BMA Medical Students committee  Ran a training on speaking on conference at the 2016 BMA Medical Students Conference to an audience of over 50 students from across the UK

OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE AND VOLUNTEERING: Jan – April 2014 Maths Tutor Volunteer, Chiswick Park Academy, London  Tutored a group of 6 underachieving students, to help boost their maths for GCSE and AS, providing one to one mentoring and support, in addition to classroom assistance across various year groups  Negotiated and strategized solutions to support a student struggling in class  Led a cover lesson with a year 8 class in the presence of a supply teacher Sept 2012-Sept 2013 Shop Volunteer, British Red Cross, Sutton, Surrey  Responsible for handling money, including managing the till and cashing up  Served and interacted with customers providing excellent customer care. Demonstrated listening and communication ability by answering queries about products  Approached customers asking if assistance was needed and investigated stock availability, showing proactive customer service skills


Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Competent in use of Solidworks, COMSOL, MATLAB, Graphviz, LATEX University level laboratory techniques including PCR, splicing, inoculation, sterilization, filtration, reagent mixing and sample collection Proficient in Japanese, both spoken and written Current drivers licence


Student member of the BMA and Royal College of Physicians Active member of Imperial College sailing club, with regular attendance at committees (2014-) Running. Currently training for 10k race to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST


CVs - Undergraduate Example 1-page CV for a technical graduate role

Edmund Husserl 134 Phenomenalogia Strasse, Leuven 1010, Belgium;; 07123456789 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Computing / Coding skills

Intermediate: Java, C#, Python, (T-)SQL, C; Basic: Haskell, Assembly, C++, JavaScript (JS), LATEX

Education MEng Computing (2:1 expected) – Imperial College London  Included six month industrial placement at Deutsche Bank (April to September 2017)

2014 - 2018

Baccalaureat, St Francis Xavier College, Leuven: Mathematics:10/10; Physics:10/10; Overall:9.86/10


Employment Technology Intern (Algorithmic Trading), Deutsche Bank 2017 (Apr-Sept)  Assisted Foreign Exchange Automated Trading Team by devising enhanced software for algorithmic trading, working under pressure to achieve deadline, allowing time to thoroughly test software as well. Software Developer Intern at Digital Capital Markets plc 2016 (Jun –Sept)  Created a natural language processing app in C# to process relevant information based on emails Research Intern at Riverside Data Analytics 2015 (July)  Analysed hybrid theoretical models for fraud detection in invoices for small/medium training sets Technology Spring Intern at UBS 2015 (Apr)  Developed a budgeting app to predict when the user will achieve a financial goal (‘Best Project Award’) Ambassador at IMG Investments and Services Insight Intern at RBS

2015 (Jan-June)

Projects (Full details and portfolio at    

Wrote an operating system, variation of BSD, called Pintos with monolithic kernel, several syscalls, two schedulers (mlfqs, priority), virtual memory with paging and swap – using C Wrote full compiler for a complete general purpose statically typed language (WACC) – using Java Created an assembler and an emulator for ARM Assembly language – using C. This has since been extended to support Morse Code communication for Raspberry Pi’s – using C Produced algorithm to rate a decision with respect to benefit it can bring, versus others – using Python; CTA Technologies now uses it globally to improve priority selection for all its subsidiaries

Awards   

The President’s Undergraduate Merit Scholarship from Imperial College London (2014 – 2018) National Mathematics Olympiads and Contests – Gold (1), Bronze (2), Prizes: awarded top 3 Junior Fellow UK Society of Mathematical Sciences; awarded prizes in national and regional Olympiads Hackathons: 1st Prizes – IC Hack (Imperial): Swift (2016); Hack X (King’s): JavaScript (2015); 2nd Prizes: Hack King’s (King’s): Java (2016); Bloomberg at Lauzhack (EPFL Lausanne): Python; Capital One at HackLondon (UCL): JavaScript; Prizes: HackUPC (UPC Barcelona) tech: Python; Hack King’s (King’s)

Additional Interests / Achievements   

Elected Chair (2017 – 2018) and Secretary (2016 – 2017) Imperial Belgium Society Schools Ambassador at Imperial College London (2014 – 2015) Fluent (mother tongue) in French and Flemish; highly proficient in English and German References – available on request




CVs - Masters Example 2-page CV for a PhD application

Astrid Jansen Imperial College London, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot, SL7 PY Nationality: Austrian - Hungarian Phone +44(0)123456789 Email: Languages - German (native), Hungarian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner) IT / Statistical Skills - Excel, SPSS, R, GIS

Education MSc Conservation Science, Imperial College London (2016 – 2017) MSc is aimed at experienced conservationists; significantly improved statistical (e.g. R, SPSS), teamwork, project planning skills and knowledge of conservation in practice.

Bachelor and Masters of Science in Forest and Nature Conservation, University of Wien, Austria – GPA 3.7 (2011 – 2016) Undertook broad range of courses including statistics, ecological modelling, forest ecology and forest management, agroforestry.

Conservation Research Projects / Internships MSc Dissertation on Conservation, Imperial College London (April – August 2017). Supervised by Dr C. P. Snow. Project: sequencing and comparing soil microbiota genome and observing impact (if any) on seed germination in Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas. Collaborating with Falkland Conservation, Natural History Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and Darwin Initiative. Methods: DNA extraction, bacteria isolation & identification, molecular phylogenetics. Analysis: SPSS and R. Optional Internship (January – June 2016) in Forestry Department, Ministry of Environment and Rural Affairs, Wienerwald. Supervised by Dr S. Bakker. Supported Austrian Council of European Union at EU and UNFCCC level, by preparing and attending negotiations on sustainable timber trade and climate mitigation. Final Year Research Project (June – December 2015) in Ecological Research Centre, Agronomical Institute of Krems in collaboration with Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Supervised by Arne Thorensen. Designed and implemented a study on the limiting effect of grazers on tree line expansion in Siberian Tundra. Methods: cafeteria experiment, transects, abiotic measurements. Analysis: GzLMM (Excel, SPSS). Research Internship (October 2014 – April 2015) in Austrian Committee of International Union for Nature Conservation (IUNC), Graz. Supervised by Stephanie Krohn. Completed a desk-based study of conservation in landscape design; reviewed literature on the topic, created a theoretical framework and evaluated three different projects based on interviews with NGO partners and review of published reports.


CVs - Masters Conservation Research Projects / Internships Research Assistant Department of Plant Sciences, University of Graz (June August 2014). Supervised by Dr Samira Khan. Assisted with investigating evolutionary shifts from hermaphroditism to dioecy using annual mercury plant as a model. Extracted and weighed reproductive parts of mercury plants from different breeding lines; kept accurate records which were used by PhD student in her thesis.

Invasive Species Compendium Researcher – CABI, Delemont, Switzerland (July – August 2013). Supervised by Dr Goodluck Nelson. Reviewed recent literature, uploaded, updated and proof-read species profiles in the Invasive Species Compendium.

Contributions to Conferences

Youth in Landscapes Initiative, Member of trade and finance group (December 2015). Selected as one of 10 youths to participate in environmental advocacy course and pitched ideas to reform Danone’s Livelihoods Carbon Fund. EU Conference on Environmental Threats to Marine Biodiversity (June 2015). Selected to attend this conference. Contributed to discussions about coastal waste collection and threat posed by Chinese lanterns. Gained overview of global threats to marine biodiversity and demonstrated communication and leadership skills.

Summer School of Austrian Ecological Society (July 2011). Selected as one of 5 high school pupils nationally to attend this summer school. Learnt how to dissect barn owl pellets and analyse bones to gather data on barn owl’s diet in Wienerwald. Learnt how to trap and release rodents. Collected, examined and identified species of aquatic insects to assess level and impact of pollution in River Danube.

Outreach and Science Communication National Museum of Science, Wien – Digital Media Volunteer (May 2013). Interviewed scientists and curator of ‘Flora and Fauna Framed’ exhibition (2013); used editing software to help produce exhibit videos; wrote blogs on exhibits and debates and posted material on exhibition website. Austrian Ecological Society – Education and Outreach Volunteer (Jan – Jun 2012). Helped teach field skills such as collecting and identifying aquatic insects and lepidoptera to groups of school children, aged 9 – 16 years.

Additional Skills / Interests   

Member of Austrian Ecological Society and Forestry International Basic Outdoor First Aid Course (2017), Imperial College London Keen hiker and member of Imperial Fell Wanderers club; enjoy planning and participating in weekend walks, with trips organised to Alps, Norway, Scotland References – available on request


CVs - Masters Example 2-page CV for industry

TOMAS GARCIA Flat 19, London House, London Street, London SW7 2AZ +44 7099 12345 /

EDUCATION 2016-2017

Imperial College London MSc Petroleum Geophysics

Relevant modules: Petro-physics (log and core analysis), Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Geophysics, Basin Analysis and Advanced Seismic Methods. Individual Projects:  1 month – Taranaki basin (seismic data processing). Processed data collected from the Taranaki basic and submitted a report with results of the subsurface image.  Attended 1 week EAGE Geophysics Boot Camp, Tremp, Catalonia gaining practical experience seismic data processing. Group Projects: Gullfaks Field Group Project  Worked in a team of 4 over 2 weeks to research, draft and submit a report on the Gullfaks field.  Responsible for reprocessing field data using 4D seismic interpretation. 2013-2016

University of Leeds BSc Geological Sciences (Petroleum Pathway) 2:1 degree awarded

Relevant modules: Graphics/Statistics for Geoscientists, Advanced Applied Geophysics, Geohazards, Advanced Programming, Mineral Deposits, Minerals Processing, Reservoir Engineering Fieldwork: Conducted a five week independent mapping project in Sardinia.  Gained practical experience of the application and use of field maps, sections and observations.  Produced a detailed 20km2 Geological map and an accompanying 10,000 word report.  Demonstrated the ability to organise and prioritise and remain focused in a new and challenging work environment. 2011-2013 Madrid International College International Baccalaureate: Result, 39 (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography German)

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE July-Aug 2016      


Summer Intern, Shell, Aberdeen (6 week placement)

Practically applied knowledge gained during academic studies to analyse data for a live exploration project to assess the feasibility of a sector north west of the Orkney Isles. Contributed in the identification of potential geohazards for a 3000km pipeline project within the Middle East; successfully located and classified rivers along the full transect using remotesensing platforms. Worked on a Phase 1 rail project analysing historical changes along the designated route. Calculated and presented seasonal slip rates for ongoing borehole data in central Europe. Worked closely with a team of geologist, analysts and engineers, and gained a good understanding of upstream operations. Trained in and used 3D mapping and seismic interpretation software to analyse and present data for use by the project team. Received excellent feedback from supervisor, specifically relating to successful identification and subsequent correction of a data anomaly with project documentation.

CVs - Masters

Dec 2015-April 2016   

Conducted an investigation of carbon concentrations in samples of synthetic muds. Ran a suite of shear experiments identifying a 30% decrease in the co-efficient of friction from a 5% increase in carbon concentration. Co-wrote final report with Dr A Smith (project supervisor) which was then jointly presented at a Geological Society London Lecture on 05/05/2017.

Feb 2015-May 2015  

Final year project, University of Leeds

2nd Year Group Project, University of Leeds

Successfully co-ordinated a research project group of 5 individuals to produce and present an assessed report – An evaluation of Hydraulic Fracturation in North England. Achieved a grade of 85% and selected award E.H. Davies prize for best group.


Part-time Sales Assistant, Decathlon, Leeds

Delivered excellent customer focused service in busy retail environment. Negotiated sales and developed specialist knowledge of outdoor leisure equipment. Used communication skills to train new staff on both store and health and safety procedures Applied attention to detail to undertake regular stock checking, and introduced a new process for stock re-ordering which received positive feedback from the senior management.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Technical and computing skills  ArcGIS, CAD, GIMP and Inkscape to produce professional quality maps, drawing and general landform imagery  Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) Languages  Spanish – native speaker  German – fluent  French – conversational INTERESTS AND POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY 2016-2017  

Postgraduate Student Rep, School of Earth Science & Engineering Imperial College London

Liaised with academic staff to ensure feedback from an internationally diverse cohort of MSc students was communicated effectively. Co-managed an online student user group, piloting a test version of the Moodle online learning environment.

Travel: backpacked across South America in summer 2015 with a group of friends. Music: Play several instruments including: guitar, piano and accordion.

References available on request


CVs - PhD Example 2-page CV for a role outside of academia, e.g. technical consultancy

SAMIRA KHAN 15a Devonshire Court, London SE1 7QT, UK Tel: + 44 7788 234567 Email:

PhD candidate with three years’ experience managing complex research project, requiring careful planning and advanced analytical skills. Highly motivated to apply these, together with strong team work and communication abilities to a future career in technical consultancy. EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS 2012-2015

PhD project on silicon nanowire simulations, Department of Physics, Imperial College London  Collaborative research project with University of Manchester, UK  Contributed to development of novel linear-scaling code which enables accurate simulation of plane-wave and other quantum mechanical calculations  Published in international peer-review journal (  Presented work at 4 national or international conferences  Co-organised international summer school (Hermes 2013)  Title: ‘Pressure-induced structural phase transformations in silicon nanowires’


MSc in Theory and Simulations of Materials, Imperial College London  Distinction achieved.  Co-authored linear-scaling code ‘MISSTEP’ on group programming project.


BSc Hons Physics (1st Class achieved), St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford  Gained top overall marks in Finals examinations on this degree.  Final year project: Computer modelling of carbon nanotube spectra.


Bradshaw School, Nottingham A Levels Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics(All A*s); Chemistry (A).



Infotec Consulting, Summer Intern  Infotec provides analytics-based consultancy to the retail sector.  Analysed raw data and identified promising trends that could be implemented by major online retailer in the future  Managed to improve search engine optimization which resulted in 10% higher conversion rate to online sales.  Worked on 2 concurrent projects, providing data analytics, online research, written briefings and graphics for presentations.

CVs - PhD

SKILLS AND INTERESTS Technical skills & knowledge  PhD has developed ability to analyse complex data and solve problems logically  Have also taught myself to program and learnt modelling software including o C++ o HPC o Specialist materials science software eg Sigmaplot and GDCKit o Developed novel linear-scaling software (UNITEP) and co-developed MONOTEP Team working  Helped set up and develop collaboration with University of Manchester nanomaterials group, visiting regularly to maintain good relations through face-to-face discussions  Have supervised the projects of two Masters students, ensuring they know how to use relevant software and regularly discussing their progress with them  Co-organised Hermes summer school as part of a team of eight (2013)  Received positive feedback from colleagues at Infotec for flexibility and adaptability in teams Leadership  As Outreach Ambassador (2011 – 2013), gave presentations to insipire local secondary school students to consider a degree in science and led small group discussions  Led a team of ten volunteers to organize a day-long Festival of Science and Engineering 20117, receiving highest possible evaluation from them for leadership ability Communication  Have given numerous talks and presentations to both technical and non-specialist audiences  Invited to speak at four international or national conferences with audiences of several hundred people, receiving positive feedback  Published papers in highly-rated journals (  Produced written reports for professional and commercial purposes as well as academic, and learnt to communicate ideas and arguments clearly and succinctly tailor message to recipients Personal effectiveness  Supported several consultants at Infotec, from different teams, receiving excellent feedback on quality of my work, interpersonal and organizing skills, managing multiple demands on my time  Have learned to deliver high quality work to deadlines on my PhD, whilst also ensuring publication output, conference presentations and talks, as well as collaborations with university and industry  As a viola player and member of Imperial College Symphony Orchestra (2011 to date), rehearse and perform at least once a week and recently participated in concert at Vienna Opera House. Additional Skills  As well as technical skills in software development and programming, am proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)  Learning German, possess conversational level German (Level 2)

References – available on request


CVs - PhD Example 2-page CV for an academic post, such as a postdoctoral position or research fellowship SAMIRA KHAN

15a Devonshire Court, London SE1 7QT, UK; Tel: + 44 7788 234567; Email:

SUMMARY OF RESEARCH My research is supervised by Professor Samuel Smith and Dr Nicos Montani and focuses on modelling of high-pressure structural behavior of silicon nanowires up to approximately 24 GPa using angle dispersive X-ray diffraction measurements. Though the X-ray diffraction experiments do not reveal any size effect, the pressure dependence of Raman modes indicates that the behavior of nanowires is comparable but not identical to that of bulk crystal and porous Si. My PhD thesis aims to investigate these differences with greater accuracy than has been achieved to date. -

Have developed innovative linear-scaling DFS code UNITEP and co-developed with my supervisor MONOTEP technique. Have set up and developed collaborations with nanomaterials group at University of Manchester Aim to further improve accuracy of predictions using DFS simulations and novel CFD techniques, developed by Professor Xu Lin in next phase of research and contribute to wider international projects, potentially with groups in MIT and Max Planck Institute.


PhD in silicon nanowires, Department of Physics, Imperial College London, UK  Project title: ‘Pressure-induced structural phase transformations in silicon nanowires’ supervised by Professor Samuel Smith and Dr Nicos Montani.  Collaboration with University of Manchester, Nanomaterials Research Group, UK  Publications and poster presentations:  Methods include analysis by electron microscopy and X-Ray diffraction  Developed novel DFS linear-scaling software - UNITEP and contributed to development of MONOTEP with supervisor; apply both tools to analysis and simulation of behavior of silicon nanowires after application of pressure.  Planned completion date December 2015


MSc in Theory and Simulations of Materials, Imperial College London, UK  Distinction achieved.  Co-authored linear-scaling code MIS-TEP on group programming project.


MSci Hons Physics (1st Class), St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford  Gained top overall marks in Finals examinations on this degree.  Final year project: Computer modelling of carbon nanotube spectra.


GCE A Levels – Bradshaw School, Nottingham  Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics – Grade A*; Chemistry - Grade A.


‘Physica Plus’ scholarship for achieving high overall grade during 4 years on degree (2007-2011) Prize for top examination result on MSci degree at University of Oxford in 2011 Poster prize awarded at European Association of Nanomaterials 2013 conference



Smith S., Jones P.M., Montani N., 2014, Europium anomaly in silicon nanowire and bulk crystal transformation sequence, Applied Nanomaterials, vol 27, issue 15, p. 264-278

Smith S., Montani N., Jones P.M., 2013, Iridium anomaly in silicon nanowire and bulk crystal transformation sequence, Applied Nanomaterials, vol 24, issue 11, p. 132-1388

In total, four papers published, two as first-named author and six invitations received to speak at national or international conferences and meetings. Full details of all publications and poster presentations -

CVs - PhD


Conference presentations at o European Silicon Nanowires Union 2014 and 2015 o European Association of Nanomaterials, 2015 o DYF 2014 Conference in Vienna, 2014 o EPTHG 2013 meeting in Edinburgh, 2014 o ESHG 2013 meeting in Cambridge, 2013 o Hermes Summer School, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK, 2013

Invited to give a Thomas Giddon Centre lunchtime seminar and posters at the CESSNI local orbital conference (best student poster prize) and the TGH Energy Materials workshop.


Graduate Teaching Assistant on MSc course (2013 to date), teaching numerical methods applied to materials science Science Tutor (2013 – 2014) at King’s Academy, Leeds - weekly after school science lessons Volunteer Maths Tutor on Pimlico Connection scheme, teaching Maths to small groups of pupils in secondary schools in London and assisting with marking their work Gave recent lunchtime seminar for new PhD students on X-ray diffraction techniques Currently supervising two Masters students’ project work


Organising committee and presenter at Women in Physics (CUWiP) conference, presenting on research to non-specialist audience, receiving media coverage (Guardian and BBC London) With my supervisor, contributed to Government policy paper on nanomaterials and the environment Gave a Café Scientifique talk and answered questions from audience with wide ranging backgrounds and ages and invited to talk at ‘careers in physics research’ event at University of Oxford Wrote and presented my own 3-hour interactive Royal Institute Master class on nanowires (2013) Won 3rd prize for Three Minute Thesis Competition at Imperial College London (2014)


Awarded EPSRC Studentship for MSc and PhD (2011 – 2015) Obtained travel grant to attend European Silicon Nanowires Union 2014 and 2015 Assisted my supervisor with a successful collaborative bid for £1 million EU funding


Attended courses in Practical Demonstration, Communication & Presentation Skills for Conferences, Writing Project Proposals, Writing Scientific Papers

REFERENCES PhD Supervisor and Co-Supervisor Professor Samuel Smith, Department of Physics, Imperial College London ; Tel: 0207 594 1234 Dr Nicos Montani, University of Manchester (Nanomaterials research group); Tel: 031 2345 6789


CVs - PhD Example 2-page CV for industry

Sam Smith Address: Flat B, 101 Kennington Street, London, SW3 2AB Email: Mobile: 07531416029

Education: PhD: Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

Nov 2013-April 2017

Title: Novel strategies for using maternal analgesic pre-treatments as neuroprotectants against perinatal brain damage Researching the clinical implications of commonly used anaesthetics and how they affect the newborn brain. Supervised by Dr N. Oh.  Successfully awarded an MRC studentship Supervision and Teamwork  Direct supervision of five undergraduate students from Imperial College London.  Co-ordinating the design of individual projects, providing ongoing mentoring support and a daily point of contact within the wide research group.  Worked effectively as part of a team of 12 PhD and Post-Doctoral Researchers.  Supervised the work of a BSc student which won the Royal College of Psychiatrists President’s Prize and as a result received commendation for the Imperial Graduate School for leadership skills. Communication and Presentation  Undertook regular presentations at both internal, national and international meetings to a wide audience, ranging from industry professionals, clinicians and fellow researchers.  Effectively summarised lab work, collating and synthesising complex quantitative data.  Published three first author review articles (see which has given me a much greater depth of knowledge in techniques and topics that I encounter on a regular basis as part of my PhD. These papers centred on my ability to digest and assemble large quantities of information and present them in a clear way for easy understanding. Project Management  Efficient management of lab resources, to ensure transparency and accountantability to key stakeholders including Principal Investigator, Faculty of Faculty and MRC.  Successfully secured £5k funding grant from Tommy’s Charity to undertake cross disciplinary, time limited, research project with parents who have experienced the birth of a premature baby.

MSc Neuroscience, University College London

Sept 2012-Aug 2013

Overall grade: Distinction Project: Investigations of neuroinflammation and hypoxia in animal models of MS. Institute of Neurology. Supervisor: Prof N Di Guiseppe. Courses: Developmental Neurobiology, Systems Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Dengeration.

BSc in Neuroscience, Kings College London

Sept 2009-June 2012

Overall grade: 1 Class Honours Courses: Systems Neuroscience, Developmental Neurobiology, Pharmacology and Physiology of the CNS.  Awarded the J.F. Fellowes Prize for best overall student performance in final year of studies. st


CVs - PhD

Relevant Experience Consultancy with BiotechPharma

Apr-Sept 2016 Hired by BiotechPharma, and assigned to a consultancy project for Archid, research unit of AstraZeneca. Communication skills  Worked as part of a team of 6, the project involved writing reports analysing complex statistical datasets taken from ongoing clinical trials.  Visited Zurich to present findings to a committee of senior staff and researchers working for a partner organisation, Elias GmB.  Developed an understanding of the roles and responsibilities required to operate effectively within a small company, while also maintaining effective communication with clients at Archid. Commercial awareness  Worked towards a specific brief set by Archid, enabled practical experience to be gained of meeting and exceeding the requirements of commercial, time limited, R&D project.  Developed knowledge of intellectual property legislation and the commercialisation of research.

Imperial College Young Minds Enterprise Programme Ambassador  

Feb- Nov 2015

Represented Imperial at a number of nationwide events encouraging young people to participate in science and innovation activities. Used social media channels including Twitter and Facebook to establish communities of young female scientists aged 13-16 to provide peer support and role models.

Placement with Amgen Scholars programme

May-Sept 2013

Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology, Munich, Germany  Successfully selected for the highly competitive Amgen Scholars programme.  Applied for and was accepted to join the laboratory of Prof. Jens Holster in Munich, gaining international experience and cross-cultural awareness of science research.  On completion of the project and scholarship travelled to the University of Cambridge and presented findings at an Amgen conference and awards ceremony.

Technical Skills   

Proficiency in HTML, CSS and Java. Self-directed learning undertaken via Highly proficient in Excel and MS Office Colorometric assays; specialised behavioural analyses with Drosophila melanogaster; Drosophila melanogaster brain dissection; confocal microscopy and using Neurolucida, a software for neuron reconstruction, 3D mapping and morphometry Cryosectioning, immunohistological staining, immunocytochemistry, and Western blot Experience of using flow cytometry

 

Languages 

German (fluent written and spoken), basic French and Italian (written and spoken)

Full List of Publications, Conferences and Presentations available via: LinkedIn: ResearchGate:


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Covering Letters Example covering letter for a graduate role A.K Pharma Ltd. Central Square Winchester SO22 1AB

Adam Student 24b Tennyson Road London NW9 2XB 24 October 2017

Dear Ms Carter I am a final year MEng Biomedical Engineering student at Imperial College London and am writing to apply for a position on the graduate programme at A.K Pharma. I am particularly interested in the medical devices stream. Developing medical devices, whether computer-based applying theory from my course or practically as part of my project and volunteering experiences, has always been an activity I have very much enjoyed. Seeing my creations being bought to reality and how people interact with them, is enormously satisfying, and has helped me appreciate that a career in medical devices is for me. Developing, testing and analysing the usage of a knee joint, in collaboration with amputees and my supervisor, Dr Wong, was the subject of my final year research project. I have enjoyed being able to help manage the whole project, from initial modelling through to presenting my work back to tutors. On completing the graduate programme at A.K Pharma, I hope to become a chartered engineer and continue to work in your team developing cutting edge solutions for clients. Working as a volunteer for MERU has helped me to further understand the role of Biomedical Engineer. As one of a team of five students and three professional bioengineers, I helped to develop assistive equipment for children with a range of disabilities. My main role was gathering and analysing feedback from focus groups when the products were being testing. I facilitated the group discussion, using probing questions to help the children explain fully what they found good and bad about the devices. I then discussed these findings with the team, making further recommendations, so that we could work together to optimise the devices. Being the bridge between the end user and the engineering team was often challenging; however when the device finally worked, the enthusiasm from all parties was infectious. I look forward to helping to create this excitement in my career at A.K Pharma. I thrive on working on distinct projects with specific objectives. I understand from talking to Mr McCaw, a technician in your medical devices team at the Imperial Engineering Fair, that this is also A.K Pharma’s preferred way of working. The majority of my previous engineering experience has involved a project-based, outcome-driven approach, which is very much in line with A.K. Pharma’s values, as outlined on your website. Mr McCaw also told me how your company regularly seeks to collaborate with many different organisations, from charities to manufacturers. I was particularly interested in the work being undertaken with the NHS involving synthesising functional vitreous humor by adapting collagen synthesis. From my previous work experience, which includes several customer service roles, I know I work best when discussing and working through problems with a wide range of people, something I very much look forward to doing at A.K. Pharma, in medical devices product development. Thank you very much for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely,

Adam Student MEng Biomedical Engineering (2014-2018) Imperial College London


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