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ndia, the second most populated nation in the world, welcomed an important group of pastors from the Worldwide Missionary Movement. They traveled to share the Word and promote the Work in the country. It was an amazing journey to the East, unfamiliar as it is to those from the West.

Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra

Our mission was to fulfill a command: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16: 15). We travelled to the other side of the world, to a country with a different culture and different languages, but with the same children of God. It was a rewarding experience as part of our work to bring the Word all over the planet. The first to arrive in India for the mission trip were Rev. Samuel Mejía, Supervisor of the WMM in Asia, and Pastor Albert Rivera, National Supervisor of Puerto Rico. Both of them traveled to Sri Lanka to edify and serve the church. A week later, Pastor Jimmy Roca and I joined them. After an exhausting 21-hour flight, we finally reached New Delhi, the capital of India, a chaotic yet calm city where it is not rare to see cows wander the streets bordered by farms. There is the impressing Red Fort from the 17th century, a combination of domes and towers, and the Chandni Chowk market, the biggest in the country, where friendly bargaining is commonly practiced. We did not stay long in New Delhi, MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 20 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



we immediately departed to Chennai. After three-hour of flight, we arrived

to the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state. It is the four-


Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition November 2017 English language


Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition November 2017 English language