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SPRING / 2014


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Porto Vivo-Huntington

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Porto Vivo


B A R R Y K AY , P U B L I S H E R , E D I T O R I N C H I E F


arch 2014, will hopefullyl help erase the memories of one of the most painful, daunting, and never ending winters. However, no matter what the weather is, our daily lives and business’s must continue to move forward. Fortunately, residents of New York, Nassau County, and the boroughs are able to find exceptional hospitality venues to take a brief respite from the daily grind. I am proud that our e-magazine “Excellence” has not only gotten off the ground, but has continued to build with each and every issue. We have established a rapport with our advertisers and our on line audience that is quite exceptional. Today, in this our first issue of Excellence for our second year, we feature one of the world’s most beautiful spas.The Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria. This glorious and gorgeous spa is located in one the city’s most iconic hotels..The Waldorf Astoria. The U.S. like Europe has seen the mental and physical benefits of taking care of your body through therapeutic massage. Dealing with the everyday fast paced life of a New Yorker, being able to find an “oasis” of relaxation and healing is one of the best gifts one can receive. The Guerlain Spa offers unparalled glamour, ambiance, and spa treatments and is a sure way. to show love to that special person in your life. When it comes to relaxation and enjoyment, taking a short staycation at the historic and iconic Maidstone Bed and Breakfast in East Hampton, fits the bill. In recent years the Maidstone was acquired by a Swedish corporation who spent millions to refurbish this landmark B&B. The end result is nothing short of amazing. The Maidstone has 19 very special rooms and suites to suit even the most discriminating tastes. Each room or suite is named for a famous Swedish celebrity i.e Sonia Henne, the world class ice skater/actress. The decor of the hotel and the rooms are chic, exciting, whimsical, wonderful, comfortable and fun. The Maidstone also features a highly praised gourmet restaurant..The Living room. The LIving Room, offers a Swedish influenced menu. Both the B&B and restaurant have met with overwhelming approval from the residents of the Hamptons, Long Island, and foreign tourists. Long Island is famous for its excellent steakhouses, and ethnic restaurants, and in this edition we have reviewed “Marble” a modern american steakhouse. Marble offers the finest meats, fish and produce, in a chic, elegant venue. Great food and service. We also enjoyed dining at Il Bacco in Douglaston Queens, an exciting and elegant Italian restaurant in a converted three story

townhouse. Il Bacco features rooftop dining/dancing in warm months .Our dining excursions also took us to Toku, a magnificent, pan-asian restaurant with elegant service, fabulous sushi and asian specialties such as kobe beef. Another ethnic winner from the Poll Brothers. Also profiled are Crabtree in Floral Park, Pearl East- in Manhasset, Stresa, and Trattoria Dianw in Roslyn, the exquisite Palm Court in Westbury, Revel in Manhasset, Porto Vivo in Huntington and La Grotta. In NYC we loved the dining at Atrio at the Conrad, and the Bull and Bear at the Waldorf. In New Jersey we experienced the joy of dining and relaxing at the Short Hills Hilton a truelly fabulous staycatiion. On the home front, I am very proud of my dedicated staff at Excellence. Kudos and congratulations to Rita my marketing and sales VP and welcome to our new Art Director, Alesa, who enhanced our magazine with her creativity and talent. For future issues we will expand our reviews and editorials to venues of Excellence in Jewelry, Automotive, and the Floral fields. We have received some great input from you. our growing viewing audience. We welcome your continued input and your recommendations and thoughts on new restaurants, resorts, spas, and hotels in the tri-state area. I personally want to thank each of you for your loyal support and encouragement. Everyone told me that Excellence could not succeed on a bootstrapped budget, in a challenging economy. Sometimes, the little guys win and we are now in our second year and getting bigger, stronger and more daring. Have an exciting end of winter and beginning of spring. Stay with us on our magical mystery tour as we continue to evolve and grow.




Barry Kay..... Publisher, Editor In Chief, Contributing Editor Rita L.............................................VP Sales and Marketing Alesa U.................................................... Creative Director

2014 FOOD TRENDS By Barry Kay

2014 promises to be a year of change in the foods we choose, and the focus we place on healthy living. There are a number of new and growing food trends which have been slowly assimilated into our American diet.


The growth of sustainable seafood — It is time to learn all about Oysters and shrimps. What was an acquired taste for many seafood lovers is now an important part of our seafood cravings. Malpeque oysters are now being reviewed and enjoyed by a new generation of seafood lovers. Shrimps on menu’s and in bags at supermarkets are more popular than ever. However, we are no longer looking for large tiger prawns. Today, other more environmentally desirable shrimp such as Spot prawns and humpback shrimps are the up and coming seafood delicacies.


Vegan diets, dishes and restaurants are definitely in. Over 20 years ago I was introduced to the vegan world by my younger sister. She befriended some of the founders of the vegan movement and began enjoying vegan produce while moving away from meat, fish, and store bought mass produced food.. Although initially viewed with disdain, today Vegans have developed a large and loyal following among celebrities, academics and the general populace. Vegans sell their fruits, nuts and recipe books all over the world from bases in Hawaii, and New Zealand. Through their dietary habits the vegans have also derived enormous health benefits. Vegan veggies and fruits are in harmony with our future and are spectacular in their flavors. For health, weight reduction and longevity, count on veganism to continue to grow and prosper. People are beginning to realize that sugar, salt, and fried foods are hurting our bodies and leading to an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


Juicing and cleansing — Bulky inefficient Juicers have been around for years and endorsed by celebrities, body builders and tv pitchmen. Jack Lalaine who lived into his 90’s and performed extraordinary acts of strength until he died, was a big proponent of juicing. Juicing has become mainstream and is found at gyms, delis, and vitamin stores, as well as on cable. Obtaining all the nutrients and vitamins you need in a single glass of pulverized veggies and fruits has struck a very responsive chord in America. It seems just about every major retail outlet sells the smaller more efficient Magic Bullet .The benefits of juicing become apparent almost immediately and produce increased energy, a feeling of wellness and aid in weight reduction or maintenance. Cleansing has also become a part of our return to health. Juice cleanses give us a chance to clean away some of detritus we have collected over weeks, months and years.


The popularity of Kimchi and fermentation are providing us with a new arsenal of super foods and anti-oxidants to keep us healthy and feeling young. Fermenting is finding its way into the mainstream american diet. Scientific research has shown the value of adding fermented fruits and vegetables to our diets and are now making inroads in the american diet.


The increasing popularity of Mexican and Tex Mex foods — Tacos and Burritos have been popular in the states for years and now they have stepped it up a notch. Tacos with less cheese and beans are now filled with braised beef, chicken, and fish. Healthy, less caloric and diverse.

As we have become more concerned about our health, our american diet has become healthier and more diverse. High calorie fried foods, and gravy rich meals are not being sought after by a younger, more knowledgeable audience.

The Finest Japanese/Chinese Cuisine on Long Island I had heard great comments about Pearl East in Manhasset for many years, but up until last week, I had never visited this amazing chinese/japanese restaurant. Pearl East is simply the finest far eastern restaurant’s on long island and certainly one of the best in nyc. The restaurant presents an almost innocuous appearance on northern boulevard amidst office buildings and a small inn/hotel. SIX REASONS WHY I LOVE PEARL EAST • Cathy is one of the most charming and delightful host/owners in the hospitality field. • The interior of the restaurant is large and beautifully decorated with fine oriental art, and wall hangings. • The sushi and fantastic asian food menu is a visual and taste treat • The service is excellent with a well dressed wait staff attentive to your needs • Pearl East’s atmosphere and ambiance is urban chic; sophisticated and authentically far eastern in appearance • Every dish is plated with great creativity and imagination- Vegetables and fruits are carved into the shapes of fish and animals of many colors. For our special tasting menu, Cathy set up a feast fit for an emperor/empress. We began our feast with an array of beautifully plated appetizers: large plates of sushi and sashimi including an

• Angry Lobster roll - shrimp tempura inside topped with lobster salad and caviar and a seafood bisque, • Rock n roll- crab, avocado inside topped with tuna and salmon. • Rainbow roll-a california roll topped with tuna, salmon, whitefish, and caviar • Dragon roll-eel and cucumber ibrienside, topped with avocado and caviar Our waiter then brought over an assortment of dim sum : crab meat with pork, steamed vegetable dim sum, steamed chicken shumai, crispy scallops with black pepper. Dishes with food shaped like swans or goldfish were amazingly accurate in their detail. We had a brief “intermezzo” during which we were served an assortment of fruit drinks, flat water, proscecco and wine. This was followed by the entree portion of our feast: • Chicken with Lemon Gras and Snow Pea Pods • Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts • Crispy Orange Beef • Szechuan Style Spicy Beef • Hunan Lamb All the entree dishes were beautifully plated on ornate china dishes and accompanied by noodles, & rice dishes . Cathy made sure that we also sampled some of Pearl East’s famous house signature dishes as well:

• Peking Duck with House Special Steamed Crepes - Simply amazing in taste and appearance and cut so that the duck was served with sandwiches made of the crispy skin. • Pearl’s Lemon Chicken • Miso Glazed Black Cod • Sizzling Oriental Mish-Mosh- Beef, Lobster, Meat and Crispy Wontons. • Barbecued Jumbo Shrimp with scallions To end our feast on a sweet note we were served assorted plates of sliced and hand carved melons, and an amazing homemade ice cream. Cathy personally watched over our table, explained each dish and its significance in the feast, & provided charming informative information about chinese, japanese and thai food. Cathy and Pearl East are active in the long island community at fundraisers and charity events and have built a significant catering business on and off premises. Kudos to Cathy, her chefs, and the staff at Pearl East for an exquisite dining experience equal to the best of New York’s fine restaurants. Pearl East 1191 Northern Boulevard Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 516-365-9898 Highly recommended, valet parking, call for reservations.

Catering Available on and off Premises

Elaborate Banquet Menu

“Not the run of the mill Chinese... Sushi is an added plus... Something really special!” — Zagat 2012

“The best Chinese food I’ve ever had... You can’t pass this one up if you’re on the island!” ÍÍÍÍÍ Rated by Citysearch

Creative Sushi Chef on Premises

East Hampton

THE ULTIMATE Hampton’s Winter Staycation


he Maidstone inn, located in East Hampton, offers comfort, charm, and a “free spirited scandanavian design. It also features “The Living Room, one of the east ends most exciting restaurants. The Maidstone has been an inn since 1858 when the original owner William Osborne, and his wife took in borders. In 1924, the Inn was sold to Hampton Hotels Corp and nearly a century later, the maidstone was taken over by a Swedish hotel company. The new swedish owners have spent millions to upgrade, improve and renovate this historic icon, bringing in a new era of scandanavian design, and timeless sophistication. The Maidstone is unique in many ways and encourages guests to bring their children, and pets to visit and stay at the inn.. The Inn has a dazzling variety of indoor and outdoor attractions for guests including high tea, sunday brunch, a gift shop with fabulous swedish art and jewelry, outdoor yoga classes in the garden and play areas for children and pets. We arrived at the Maidstone at 9:00 PM,on a chilly dark night, but guests were still lounging on the oversized front porch reading, drinking, and talking, while sitting in large comfortable

rocking chairs with sheepskin throws. Guests also can meditate, exercise, & paint in the spectacular backyard and gardens in the rear of the inn. The inn, noted for its superior food and ambiance also has a select group of 19 uniquelly decorated guest rooms named after famous Nordic celebrities.

we had a few hours before partaking of the famed Living Room Brunch, We took a mini tour of some of the fashionable shops and buildings on Main Street including London Jewelers, & Polo Lauren. We returned for Brunch at the stylish and chic “Living Room” restaurant at the Maidstone. We were escorted to our table by Adam, the Living Room Manager. We started with a plate of Peconic Pride Oysters with a cucumber mignonette. The sweetness of the oysters was totally delicious when dipped in a light vinager dressing. We then sampled Kotbullar- 6 round swedish meatballs in a fabulous light red sauce with condiments. Simply fabulous! For our main entree we both chose Eggs Benedict served with Canadian Bacon, holandaise, and Long Island potatoes- The eggs were perfectly prepared and incomparably delicious with an English muffin. We finished our brunch with coffee and tea.

According to Maidstone’s newsletter:”The hotel has been designed to offer comfort and amazing swedish amenities and decoration. The rest of the hotel is pretty much one big, cozy living room. It’ll feel like your very own home, but better - a phenomenon we call ‘Scandinavian Cozy’We came up with this fabulous concept because it best describes how we honor our roots, by mixing traditional design with up and coming talents from our beloved Scandinavia. The uber-vivid Josef Frank patterns, woolly Gotlamm sheep hides, abundance of coffee table books, turquoise walls, happy plants & fireplaces pretty much do the trick”. That night we stayed in the “Birgit Nielsen suite”, which honors one of the world’s most famous opera stars. Our suite was filled with an eclectic mix of period piece furniture, modern amenities and paintings along with a “state of the art” modern bathroom and shower. The color combinations on our walls and comforter were reminsicent of a 1960’s flower child photo, We spent some time in one of the Inn’s seating rooms, relaxing and talking to some of the other guests. We then returned to our suite for a great nights sleep. We awoke refreshed, and had a light continental breakfast of fruit, cereal, toast and tea . Since

We left the Maidstone with fabulous memories of an exciting staycation, wonderful and attentive service from an extremely attentive staff. Our brunch at the Living Room was a sensational taste treat in a gorgeous room with a very calm and laid back ambiance. Congratulations to Sophie the General Manager, a lady of style, elegance and charm, India her assistanc who is all about pleasing each and every guest with her energy, laughter and competence. Kudos to Adam for making the Living Room into a much sought after dining venue in the Hampton’s. Highly recommended for couples, family’s and pets... Simply Sensational. perfect year round.. The Maidstone Inn and Living Room Restaurant 207 Main Street East Hampton, NY 11937 tel: 631-324-5006




is a shining culinary jewel, standing proudly at the Americana Manhasset surrounded by some of the world’s foremost couturier shops. Toku is sleek, sexy and distinctive with the use of glass, oriental artwork, and exotic lighting. We parked our car directly in front ot toku’s decorative canopy and large glass doors. Once inside the restaurant we were greeted by Charles Kim, Toku’s general manager. He sat us at a large, comfortable leather and wood banquet and introduced us to Kevin our waiter.

Our other entree was a beautifully plated dish of Miso Black Cod -bronze broiled, shishito pepper salad, and bonito shavings. By simply using a fork, thin perfectly formed slices of exquisitely delicious black cod fell to the plate.

We began our Asian culinary experience with: A Tuna Spring Roll - thin cigar like rolls with crispy shallot, chill mayo. Amazing Lamb Spare Ribs large ribs with juicy tender lamb meat. This was quickly followed by Lobster Risotto - in a colorful covered dish with large chunks of lobster and yellow rice.

This meal was among the best modern asian meals we have eaten. The food was delightful, beautifully plated and served by highly professional waiters and captains. Gorgeous venue with an urban chic ambiance,.

We then were served a gleaming white plate of thinly sliced kobe beef, with a small lava stone type mini barbecue. This was an interactive treat that allowed us to gently cook our beef in a few seconds and savor the fantastic taste of Kobe beef.

Kudos to: Gillis, George and Charles Kim for an outstanding, and exotic culinary experience.

Prior to our entrees we were served a large Asian Caesar Salad filled with ginger aioli, cashews, crispy wontons, and parmigiano cheese. Simply Sensational For entrees we sampled Peking Duck-crispy fried dark duck skin, moist and juicy duck meat, moo shu pancakes, cucumber scallion and hoisin sauce. The moo shu pancakes were crispy, tasty and out of this world delicious and filling.

Naturally “when in Rome” we had to have a specially made plate of sushi rolls- Yellow Tail and Spicy Tuna, delicious and quickly devoured. It was time to end our evening with traditional green tea, served with an assortment of pies, cakes and sorbets.

Toku 2014C Northern Boulevard Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 telephone: 516-627-toku Make reservations!

The Ultimate Tri-State Staycation The Hilton Short Hills has all the attributes that make for a great staycation. Located just 20 miles from New York City, the hotel is situated in the beautiful upscale town of Short Hills new jersey. The hotel’s brick and glass exterior dramatically contrasts with the luxurious, contemporary elegance that lies within. The Hotel has much to offer guests and vacationers: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a glamourous wellness and beauty spa, a totally redesigned luxe dining room, a “state of the art” business “center , a spectacular catering facility/banquet rooms, and fabulous shopping at the nearby mall of short hills. We had looked forward to our weekend at the Hilton Short Hills to see first hand the recently renovated hotel lobby, suites, and relaunched restaurant. Although we arrived at the hotel on an inclement Saturday, our day changed and became “sunny” as we entered this spectacular hotel. We were welcomed by Anthony

Spagnolo, the front office manager and his enthusiastic staff. The newly redecorated lobby is exciting and beautiful with glamorous marble floors, luxe wall hangings and a new jewel like metallic concave element in the center of the ceiling. Our check in was easy, quick and painless, and we were quickly escorted to our luxury suite on the executive level. The suite was elegant,luxurious, and spacious, with a living room, dining room and bedroom. We then went down to the exciting hilton “eforea” spa for an afternoon of sublime relaxation and rest. Elizabeth Whitener the spa supervisor met us and told us about eforea and its treatments. . I then enjoyed a custom swedish massage. My wife experienced a customized cleansing facial. The zen like atmosphere, soothing music and the skilled hands of our aestheticians were all that we

needed to help us reach a new level of rest and relaxation. The eforea spa at Hilton is beautifully designed and laid out for maximum enjoyment. It has a spacious indoor pool, relaxation room with refreshments, and a manicure/ pedicure area. eforea is about a global spa experience, combining three distinct ranges of treatments( journeys) for men and women. eforea was created by Hilton to find the finest elements and practices from Europe, Asia Pacific, middle east, africa and the americas. The end result is a one of a kind spa experience for today’s global travellers and guests. Each treatment offers a unique therapuetic experience that clients will remember, while feeling more energetic. We came away from our treatments feeling revitalized and newly awakened to the joys of spa treatments. A wonderful interlude! “Later that evening we had dinner at “the Dining Room” a stunningly redecorated and redesigned restaurant Elegant tables and chairs combined with magnificent light fixtures made the room look extraordinarily impressive. We were met by the restaurant’s assistant manager Ellen Trimboli who greeted us and escorted us to our table with a beautiful view. Our waitress for the evening was upbeat, knowledgeable and helpful as she suggested dining options from a menu created by Executive Chef Richard Kennedy. Chef Kennedy was kind enough to come by our table to introduce himself and discuss some of the dishes and their ingredients. The menu is filled with some old favorites from the original dining room, as well as new dishes designed personally by Chef Kennedy. The menu features natural home grown ingredients that are farm to table, along with boat to table from local fishermen. We began our meal with a series of special appetizers: - Scallop Rockefeller made with spinach, pernod, bearnaise, and toasted panko. - Homemade Duck Sausage with stewed chickpeas, carrot, and brussel sprout - These were followed by a classic caesar salad made with just the right amount of olive oil and parmesan cheese. Impressive! - For our main courses we were served three of the Dining Room favorites

- Brick Dough Salmon- a large salmon wrapped in brick dough, root vegetable hash - Grilled Jumbo Shrimp each grilled in the shell, salsa verde, avocado aioli herb salad Our entrees concluded with a tasting of the Hilton’s amazing, incredibly large and tasty Cowboy steak, which at 36 Oz. can easily serve a family of four. The steak came with Kale, and roasted garlic butter. We finished our food extravaganza with tea and coffee and a “Cookie Jar” a chocolate chip bar, coconut macaroon, hazelnut tuiles, chocolate crackle, and thumbprint cookie served with vanilla infused milk. We left the Dining room totally satiated and satisfied. We awoke to bright sunshine on Sunday morning and then enjoyed the Hilton’s renowned Sunday Brunch designed by Chef Kennedy and his team.The Brunch menu offers fabulous food, tables of breads, cheeses, and fruits, as well as food stations for omelettes, meats, and poultry. We particularly enjoyed the fresh peeled shrimp, and generous portions of incomparable red and black caviar. Lavish tables filled with assortment of hot and cold dishes were spread throughout the dining room and enhanced the brunch experience with their beauty and aromas.Brunch guests were given a choice of a complimentary Bloody Mary, Screwdriver or Mimosa. Our brunch crowd was an eclectic group of family’s, athletes, guests, and regulars. . We came away totally impressed and delighted at the elegant displays, fabulous food, and wonderful service. Leaving Sunday brunch we briefly toured the large beautifully designed catering facility with its exquisite ballrooms and spiral staircase. We then left to return home from one of the best staycations we have ever experienced! Thanks and Kudos to everyone at Hilton Short Hills for exceptional hospitality. The enthusiastic staff, have raised the Hilton Short Hills to a new higher level of Excellence! They made our staycation a completely joyful experience. The Hilton Short Hills 41 John F. Kennedy Parkway Short Hills, NJ 07078 telephone: 1973-379-0100

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Porto Vivo-Huntington

Porto Vivo restaurant, in huntington, is one of long island's best kept culinary secrets... This stunning restaurant is owned by Joy Mangano, one of america's most successful women inventors/entrepreneurs. Aside from its beauty and sophistication, the restaurant features the culinary genius of Executive Chef Joe Balbo. Approximately 8 years ago, I first met Joe Balbo while dining in Babylon. At that time Joe was 21 years old and a cre-

ative and dynamic force as a manager and chef. Aside from his epicurean menu, Joe had assembled a young, highly professional staff who loved working for him. Flash forward to this past week, when I once again met with Joe at Porto Vivo, the ideal showcase for his many faceted talents. Porto Vivo is an exciting restaurant with a unique charm and sophistication not often found on Long Island. The restaurant has 3 distinct serving areas on three sepa-

rate levels. The main dining room on the first level is spacious, handsome and elegant; the second level has a large circular bar and a small mini stage for live music. The third level offers comfortable seating and banquets in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Porto Vivo offers their regular menu, comfort food, tapas, and tasting menus on all three levels. We visited Porto Vivo anticipating an exciting dining adventure and were thrilled at the tasting menu we were

served. Joe's genius is his ability to create unique flavor combinations that produce taste sensations that are memorable. The restaurant has their menus on i pads so that diners can see exactly what they are ordering. It made it easy to understand our tasting menu. Joe sent over an Amuse (Chef's gift) of "Beer and Clams" - A single littleneck clam made in beer,. topped with peroni sorbetto with a hot sauce spuma- A truly amazing taste combination with sorbet giving a sweet edge to the juice and meat of the clam. Our first course was a home made Burrata combined with grilled watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, and scented with hickory smoke. The burrata was

white, creamy and delicious with the wonderfully refreshing taste of grilled watermelon and the sweetness of heirloom tomatoes. Next on Joe's hit parade was an Octopus Crostini- A generous portion of octopus meat on a fresh crusty crostini prepared with sherry vinegar, lemon and basil. Although I had never been a big fan of octopus or squid, this dish made me a convert Our 3rd tasting course was Olive Poached Halibut- a beautifully prepared halibut made with black truffle emulsion, asian pear and crispy broccoli rabe. A seafood lover's dreamtopped with the sweetness of asian pear and the crispiness of brocolli rabe at its very best A duo of Pasta was our next

course- A combination of cavetelli with rabbit ragu acompanied by braised shortrib manicotti. delicious, hearty, and beautifully plated. We were served PorchettaButternut Squash Puree-Brussel Sprouts with Italian Honey and Peanuts, with roasted mushroom and summer peach demi. A dish that takes almost 8 hours to prepare .Spectacular! and worth every hour of preparation. I am a devotee of gourmet onion soups and I could not resist sampling Joe's Tuscan Onion Soup. This dish takes hours of preparation and comes to the table looking like a fried dumpling. It is made of homemade onion soup combined with risotto and rolled into dumpling and then cooked. Absolutely out of this world! At the end of our meal, Joe sent over a tray of homemade italian pastries and homemade gelato in 3 wondrous flavors. This was topped off with Iced Cappucino, and tea. Highly recommended for those who appreciate the very best in cuisine and atmosphere...Not to be missed! Kudos to Joe Balbo, an executive chef extraordinaire, and his staff. Its hard to beat a combination of a beautiful restaurant, laid back sophisticated ambiance, fantastic food, and a caring and knowledgeable wait staff.



egant fine dining

Over the past 20 years, Giorgio Meriggi, the owner of Stresa, has created an iconic presence on the north shore of long island. Stresa epitomizes the type of fine dining that was once prevalent in New York City in the 60s and 70s. Meriggi a veteran of Le Cirque, and Quo Vadis , had years of experience in the finest dining venues of Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Today, Stresa continues to offer beautifully prepared italian food, a well trained staff , and a sublimely tranquil and sophisticated ambiance. Combining local ingredients in recipes from the north and south of italy along with unique flavor combinations, is all part of Giorgio's culinary genius. For our dinner, Giorgio personally chose an assortment of pasta, vegetables, seafood, and meat. Our meal began a plate of fried zucchini which was then followed with a two special appetizers: Prosciutto delicately layered over seasonally ripe figs which combined the delightful saltiness of the Prosciutto with the sweetness of fresh figs. This was followed with a light pasta dish of thin spaghetti with chanterelle mushrooms in a clear gravy. Stresa's salads are incomparable and we were then served caesar salad with just the right amount of parmesan, anchovies, and and egg. Our appetizers were accompanied by a sweet and soothing Pinot Grigio. Our entrees began with a special plate of Soft Shell crabs in a lemon butter sauce, and veal scallopine with fresh artichokes and wild mushrooms. Small brocolli spears were served as our vegetable. Each dish was beautifully presented on fine decorative china plates with distinctive glasses,goblets and silverware. Throughout our meal, our wait staff continuously refilled our drinks and brought baskets of fresh rolls and butter. Stresa is noted for their fabulous dessert trays, and tonight was no different, as our waiter brought over a plate filled with slices of italian cheese cake, apple cake, and a rich chocolate cake along with a large mound of freshly made whipped cream in the center of the dish. To finish our meal we had an iced capuccino, and tea along with vanilla biscotti. Giorgio spent time with us at the end of the meal, reminiscing about the golden era of fine dining in the 60's and 70's and some of the celebrated personalities who dined at Stresa. After 2-1/2 hours, we left feeling totally satisfied and knowing that we had eaten in one of the finest restaurants on Long Island. Kudos to Giorgio and has amazing staff. He is truly a magnificent host, and a true gentlemen who makes his "guests" culinary wishes come true....

Stresa 1524 Northern Boulevard Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 516-3656956


Modern American Steakhouse


arble, a modern american steakhouse, combines sophisticated urban ambiance with an excellent meat, poultry and fish menu. The restaurant is located on Jericho turnpike in the heart of floral park’s restaurant row.. Marble’s decor is evocative of old world steakhouses with pictures of new york in the 1920’s and 30’s, dark wood panelling and floors. The restaurant offers three distinct and interesting dining rooms: A main dining room with a large active bar, flat screen TV, dark

wood tables and handsome leather banquet seating. A second, smaller dining section, slightly off the main dining roomt for more intimate dining and a third dining room, is one floor above the main dining room, for small parties and catered affairs. We visited Marble on a wednesday night ,as guests of Matt Corbett, a partner and experienced chef. Matt partnered with his cousin Chris to open this new and exciting meat emporium in the summer of 2013. The restaurant focuses on offering the very best “farm to table” offerings as well as beef from premiere ranches in the U.S. We began our meal with an assortment of appetizers with a distinct “Marble” interpretation: a darkly rich Lobster bisque with a lobster dumpling in the center of the bowl. The bisque was boldly flavored and the lobster dumpling made it almost a meal in itself. We next sampled an Iced Shrimp Cocktail- large chilled shrimp with a bourbon molasses cocktail sauce. Simple, straightforward, and excellent! Prior to our entrees we sampled an unusual Hearts of Romaine Salad. Each romaine leaf stacked one on top of another with a hot and spicy “green pepper garlic dressing at the bottom of the plate and grated parmesan cheese throughout. Fabulous! Our entrees consisted of two house specialty’s : A roasted rack of colorado lamb: thick juicy, and grilled with a citrus remoulade, creamed spinach, and pureed potatoes.

Spectacular visually and a total taste treat. More than enough to enjoy over a two day period. A marble cut 16 ounce 21 day aged ribeye steak: beautifully presented on a shining white plate. The steak was accompanied by potato puree, and steamed broccoli. Both the steak and rack of lamb were on par with the finest offered at some of New York’s top steak emporiums. After a 2-1/2 excellent culinary journey it was now time for a fabulous house dessert. We tried an apple crumb dessert made with almond granola and a scoop of homemade chocolate ice cream. Absolutely delicious and tasting like more! Marble was an absolute delight, beautiful decor and ambiance, excellent steakhouse fare, and charming help. Marble also offers pre fixe lunch and a very reasonably price brunch for the weekend. Kudos to Matt and Chris on their exciting new steakhouse.

Marble-modern american steakhouse 230 Jericho Turnpike Floral Park, N.Y. 11001 telephone: 516-500-9666 Highly recommended, Valet parking, call for reservations

​Il Bacco Ristorante in little neck, new york has been an iconic presence on northern boulevard for the past 21 years. Joe Oppedisano, the warm and welcoming, owner host of the restaurant took this renowned venue to the next level when he moved Il Bacco to a new, larger, and more glamorous venue steps away from the original structure. The new restaurant features dining on 3 distinct dining levels. Joe’s experience as an architect, builder and restauranteur, are on display on all three levels. The main dining room features recessed ceilings, exquisite lighting fixtures, elegant wood tables, banquets, custom flooring and a large elegant wooden bar. The second floor is a caterer’s dream with spacious, expandable dining rooms with capacity of from 30 to 180 people, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, office party’s and celebrations. Joe’s dedication to bringing the very best italian food to his clients has brought an authentic taste of Italy to New York and Long Island. A restaurateur for over 32 years, Joe opened Il Bacco in 1992.and has continued to serve award winning italian cuisine ever since. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and superb food and service has always been Il Bacco’s reputation. Il Bacco’s food and menu includes diverse foods from all over Italy and features fabulous dishes and sauces from Northern and Southern Italy. We arrived at the restaurant at around 6 Pm on a warm winter night, valet parked our car and proceeded to enter the new Il Bacco restaurant. We were met at the large wooden bar area by Maurizio, the youthful, enthusiastic and charming general manager. He gave us a brief history of the restaurant and its menu and then proceeded to introduce us to Doral, our experienced, and upbeat waiter. Doral made our dining experience more enjoyable with his excellent service and insightful menu suggestions. At our table, we were immediately served a plate of hot focaccia rolls and breads along with a plate of parmesan cheese, spicy cherry tomatoes, and green olives. We were immediately impressed with the beautiful decor of the main dining room. Adorned with pictures and posters from italy, soft beige painted walls, tiffany like circular chandeliers, and elegant white table clothes on wooded tables with comfortable chairs. To begin our tuscan feast, we decided to have two small bowls of traditional italian soups: Pasta fagiole, and a hearty minestrone. a great way to begin our evening of italian delicacies.

Doral then brought over to the table Caprese Di Bacco- a plate of sliced red tomatoes, two large slices of freshly made mozzarella cheese, and a pesto sauce with extra virgin olive oil. Delicate and delicious... Since I am a confirmed seafood fan, I asked for a plate of two crabmeat cakes to share. The crab cakes were beautifully prepared, pan fried and totally delicious. It was now time to decide on our entrees and we chose a combination of meat and fish. Our surf and turf choices were “Trancio Di Salmone Oreganata- Fresh Atlantic salmon with a bread crumb topping. The delicately pink hued salmon filet was “off the chain” great! Our other choice was “costelette d’agnello - two thick and juicy baby lamb chops in a natural gravy, with more than enough meat for two days of feasting. Our vegetables were spinach, and sliced baked potatoes. Great food, plated and served beautifully. Although totally satiated by our feast, we could not resist sampling Il Bacco’s famous desserts. We were served a large slice of wet and delicious Ricotta cheese cake with strawberry’s and a plate of luscious tartuffo filled with creamy vanilla ice cream, nuts, and draped in a cloak of frozen dark chocolate. It just doesn’t get any better. We finished our meal with coffee, tea and homemade lemon flavored biscotti. A sweet ending to a fabulous meal. We then spent a few moments with Joe who was making his rounds to see that everyone was enjoying their meal. I then toured the restaurants three levels with Maurizio, going up to each level in their ultra modern glass enclosed elevator. I had a chance to see the new york skyline from the roof and then left for home. A simply fabulous dining experience! Kudos to Joe, and Maurizio for a great evening. Il Bacco Ristorante 253-24 Northern Boulevard Little Neck, NY 11362 Lunch and Dinner served 7 Days a week Call for reservations: 718-224-7657

The Palm Court restaurant Cuisine The Great Gatsby would have loved!

We recently had a wonderful dining experience at the Palm Court restaurant at Carltun on the Park. We were the guests of Anthony Capetola, the CEO and President of the Carltun and his lovely wife Julie. Our menu for this evening was prepared personally by the Carltun"s award winning Executive Chef, Rodrigo Bernal. The Palm Court is one of the most beautiful and romantic venues on Long Island. The restaurant is surrounded by the acres of lush greenery and the dining room overlooks the celebrated Eisenhower golf course. . The dining room is comfortable & bright with sun light coming through large windows. The elegant tables and chairs are perfectly positioned so that the room is acoustically perfect. At the beginning of our meal Chef Rodrigo came by our table to briefly discuss our special menu. We began our meal with a generous bowl of New England Style Chowder with the addition of Crispy Serrano Ham. A Spanish staple ......and an interesting flavor combination of creamy chowder and salty serrano ham. Our third course was totally unique entree "Barcelona Foie Gras" with Lingonberry Syrup, Glazed Apples, Foie Gras; and a Goat Cheese Foam, Garnished with Jalapeno Salt Crystals. An incredible artistically plated dish that combined the richness of foie gras with the sweetness of lingonberry and the heat of jalapeno salt. Simply sensational.... This was followed by a small plate dish of Angel Hair Botarga with Sicilian Dried Tuna, Olive Oil and Garlic. Two additional Small plate fish dishes were then presented : Long Island Striped Bass with Mediterranean Red Shrimp in a lemon butter sauce, and a Cilantro Tomato Braised Chilean Sea Bass Argentina Style. Both dishes were superb and a contrast in flavors.

For dessert, Chef Rodrigo presented an artistic culinary delight...a colorful and delicious berry napolean. Exquisitely plated and luscious. After dessert Anthony took us on guided tour of the Carltun's famous climate controlled wine cellar. The chilled glass enclosed racks were filled with thousands of domestic and imported wines along with priceless collectible wine bottles with famous lineages. Wines from JFK's personal collection as well as wines dating back to the 1800's were on display. For intimate, exclusive, smaller dinners and meetings, the wine room is also available for luxe dining. Anthony then led us upstairs for a tour of the other beautiful dining venues within the Carltun. The Palm Court and the Carltun have recently been awarded the internationally recognized 5 Star Diamond Award. This award is given only to the world's finest venues who have achieved a record of excellence. The Star Diamond Award is considered to be the most prestigious award in the hospitality business. A fabulous evening of fun, friendship, and amazing food at a spectacular venue. Kudos and thanks to Anthony, Julie, and Chef Rodrigo. for a truly memorable evening..

The Palm Court at the Carltun on the Park, East Meadow, L.I. 11554


The Garden City Hotel has a long and iconic history as one of New York City’s most elegant hotels. Over the years, The hotel has played host to royalty, presidents, politicians, actors, authors, and tourists. Rising majestically in the center of Garden City, the hotel has a magnificent facade, beautifully manicured grounds, and a gorgeous wood paneled lobby with marble floors. The elegantly

dressed doorman, and magnificent gold front doors, all add to the cache of this internationally renowned hotel. Visiting the hotel brought back wonderful memory’s of joyous holidays, celebrations and charity events we attended during the past 20 years. In recent years the hotel had begun to show its

age and was in need of a major refurbishing to maintain its elite status. After years of competitive bidding, the hotel was sold to new owners. Subtle changes have already been made to the interior of the hotel in terms of decor and decoration.. The new Garden City Hotel is beautiful but less formal. The new Polo Steakhouse at the Garden City Hotel, reflects the new ownerships interest in bringing in a new clientele and offering exciting new dining venues for its guests. The steakhouse occupies a large dining room adjacent to the main dining room and bar and is darkly elegant and urban chic. The walls, panelling, sconces, chandeliers, all give a visual authenticity to the new steakhouse. We were greeted and seated by restaurant manager, Andrew Markowitz who told us about his staff and their goal of providing the very best food and service to their clients. Then we were introduced to Carlos, our captain for the evening. Carlos was impeccably attired, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the menu and the hotel. Although the steakhouse had just opened, the kitchen and wait staff appeared highly organized and ready for their new clientele. Our meal began with an incredibly delicious “chef’s gift”. of a small demitasse cup of decadent french onion soup covered with a thick layer of imported melted cheese. Nothing short of sensational! We were then served our appetizers: Jumbo Shrimp cocktail and a bowl of classic lobster bisque which we shared. The shrimps were large, firm and delicious,, and the bisque was rich and filled with small lobster chunks. We then sampled a sensational “traditional Caesar salad” which was prepared table side by our captain. The caesar was filled with all the essential ingredients: Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, croutons, and anchovies. In addition to our salad we tried

a jumbo lump crab cake made with large chunks of crabmeat, toasted corn, celeriac, and chipotle aioli. Perfectly prepared and served. It was now time to make a decision about our entrees. Our menu offered a wide variety of steaks, chops and pork dishes all of which sounded delicious. After consulting with Carlos, we decided to try two of our favorite meat dishes: Colorado Lamb chops and a smoked Berkshire Pork chop. Each plate came with three different Polo sauces : Green peppercorn, Bernaise, and GC’s own steak sauce. Our entrees were accompanied by side dishes of Brussels Sprouts, with bacon and maple butter, roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions. baked potato with sour cream and fresh chives, and creamed spinach. Our meals were certainly on par with the very best steakhouses on Long Island. During the meal our glasses were kept full, our table crumbed and the wait staff totally attentive to our every need. We took a deep breath and then indulged ourselves in two of the fabulous desserts the Polo offered. We tried a hot apple crumb pie with vanilla ice cream and an awesome slice of Colossal Seven Layer Chocolate cake with hot fudge sauce. The Seven layer was delightful and the apple crumb was off the chart delicious! We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at the new Polo Steakhouse and came away totally impressed by the excellent menu, fine service, and steakhouse atmosphere. The Polo Steakhouse is a terrific new addition to the North Shore’s formidable line up of great steakhouses. The Polo Steakhouse 45 Seventh Street Garden City, NY 11530 516-677-9385

Trattoria Diane

Dining Under the


Over the past 32 years John Durkin, Roslyn’s mayor and his famed wife Diane have created an amazing world wide reputation for Diane’s bakery. Their bakery is famous for its pastry’s pies, cookies. and cakes and has built a huge and growing clientele on long island. Diane’s also ships their baked goods around the world with a substantial business in japan and asia. Twelve years after the bakery began business, John and Diane opened Trattoria Diane, an upscale restaurant in the town of roslyn. Trattoria Diane, is roman-inspired with a casual home-like ambiance, similar to the restaurants John and Diane found on their trips to Italy.. Diners have always treasured the special warmth and wonderful food that trattoria diane consistently offers everyday. This summer, Diane’s expanded their restaurant, by constructing an impressive outdoor wooden deck on their parking lot . . The deck, made of recycled light colored forest wood, seats around 30 diners with comfortable tables and chairs protected from the elements, by large colorful umbrellas. The deck is decorated with greenery, plants and vines, and lit by the sun, stars and moon as well as small strategically located spot lights. We dined outdoors, on a perfect summer night with mild weather, a light breeze, and a sky filled with twinkling stars. Diane’s outdoor deck is a great place for lunch or dinner and a delightful late night venue, to enjoy a evening with wine and cheese. Our outdoor deck menu was a special summer tasting of Diane’s signature dishes and new specials. We began our culinary journey with:


– Fried Zucchini Blossom- filled with goat cheese and in a light tomato sauce- delicious, rich and colorful – Frito Misto - A plate of shrimp, scallops and mushrooms, with a light lemon sauce This was followed by:


– Chicken under a Brick- with mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe - moist, delicious and beautifully plated. This dish has quickly become a fan favorite! – Roasted Duck- A crispy skinned, moist and tasty duck, with basil walnut, wild rice, green beans in a peach sauce. Perfection! – Pan Seared Diver Scallops with Roasted Corn, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes - extra large, round scallops, pan roasted until they literally melt in your mouth.

We also grazed on an unusually sweet and delicious dish of roasted figs, gorgonzola, arugula, with a balsamic glaze. A rich medley of flavors that complimented our entrees. We were now ready for Diane’s fabulous desserts


We were presented with a tray of assorted sweet delights. filled with profiteroles, a three berry pie- made with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce and an incomparable Diane’s chocolate brownie with banana ice cream, and chocolate sauce. We topped this off with a spectacular frozen cappuccino, made with coffee semifreddo, and warm cinnamon donuts. A dessert lover’s dream! An evening of glorious dining, and fine service, under a beautiful star filled sky... about as good as it gets. Diane’s once again has expanded on a winning formula: great food, great service in a warm and friendly environment equals a stellar dining experience! Kudos to Diane and John for their exciting menu, fabulous food and new “deck “outdoor dining venue.... Diane’s Trattoria 24 Bryant Avenue Roslyn, N.Y. tel: 516-621-2591 Call for reservations, valet parking available

E xcellence T he essential ingredients


What makes a dining experience memorable?


The Food-Fine restaurants don’t attract a loyal following unless their food is consistently good. Sophisticated diners appreciate well prepared food, made according to the diners request and served in a timely manner. "Farm to Table" food sourced from local suppliers who provide farm fresh vegetables, meat, fish and poultry chemical and steroid free are becoming the norm today, Our society today recognizes the value of healthy bodies and healthy food. In 2013 simple family, or home cooked style recipes that are broiled, baked, pan sautéed, and gently seasoned are much sought after. Olive oil, Avocados, Quinoa are today’s wonder ingredients because of their amazing benefits to the mind and body.


Presentation is a key element in making a meal enjoyable. Fine restaurants pr Qesent each course as is if they were a piece of artwork. Symmetry, color, and balance are vital to presentation.Think of the difference between drinking a glass of fine imported champagne in a beer glass or in fine crystal stemware. The champagne remains the same, but the visual pleasure and experience is dramatically different. Crystal goblets mentally enhance the taste and experience! Restaurants with superb food but poor presentation miss the mark! Ambiance – Do you feel like a welcome guest or just a name on a reservation sheet? Does the decor and style of the room make for a comfortable and relaxing dining experience? I am awed by the magnificent decor, design and ambiance of both Megu's in New York & Tom Schaudel's Jewel Restaurant. Today, there are many local restaurants that make their guests feel like part of their extended family and not just another name on a reservation list.



Service- No matter how fine the food is, if a restaurants service is slow, inattentive, and poorly trained the result is frustration and anger . It may be hard to find well trained, customer friendly

waiters and attendants,but I have found most excellent restaurants make sure their help is welltrained. and fully conversant with the menu and specials. I enjoy having maitre D’s and waiters with knowledge of their menu , warm friendly personalities and who pay attention to their customers needs. . This type of excellent service is consistently provided on the North Shore of Long Island at Bryant & Cooper, Cippolini, and Stresa. Good Service includes changing napkins between courses and silverware when necessary, as well as refilling water glasses during the meal. A maitre D'/waiter with a pleasant personality and knowledge of the menu, who offers advice and guidance builds an immediate rapport.


A Great Host-. Giorgio, at Stresa in Manhasset, is the consummate restaurant host/owner. He is dapper,knowledgeable charming and totally in control of his kitchen and dining room. His warm welcoming attitude and manner has made Stresa one of the most popular restaurants on Long Island. Koichi Yokoyama, President and GM of Megu in Manhattan is young, charming, handsome, and warm. His vision, and attention to detail has made Megu one of the most beautiful and desired restaurants in Manhattan. I am always impressed with hosts who are not intrusive but are always there to make sure your dining experience is first-rate. Hosts who handle large crowds at key times with skill and generosity can turn even a potential disaster into an excellent evening.

Clean restrooms Taking pride in your restaurants restroom should be a nobrainer. Yet I have been to many restaurants where the restrooms are dirty, foul-smelling and unpleasant. Going to the restroom may be one of your last impressions of a restaurant and it certainly is important that memory be pleasant. Providing efficient soap dispensers, toilet paper, paper towels, hot air blowers and a pleasantly scented air freshener are essential.


Cr abt ree Restaurant Great food, elegant service, reasonable prices

Crabtree Restaurant has made its home for the past 27 years on Jericho turnpike in Floral Park. Yanni Hatgidmitrious, Crabtree's owner named the restaurant in honor of the famous Ms Crabtree from the Our Gang Comedy movies. At the time of Crabtree's opening, the cast of the "Our Gang comedy" movies, Darla, Alfalfa, Spanky, and Ms. Crabtree were famous names that the public could easily recognize.. It also provided a way to gain immediate recognition for the new restaurant. Crabtree's has an iconic presence on Long Island, with a loyal following that extends throughout the tri-state area. Yanni's son, Demetrius, has joined his

dad at the restaurant and has added his own youth, energy and elegance to the restaurant. Both Yanni and Demetrius have mastered the art of being a great hosts with a wonderful support staff of finely trained waiters, waitresses and busboys. We arrived on a busy Friday night to meet a group of friends, who also enjoy fine dining at Crabtree's. Upon seating, we ordered a special chef's appetizer of seafood salad. Our plates were filled with Portobello mushrooms, red peppers, grilled octopus, fried calamari, shrimp, feta cheese, and grilled onions drizzled with a golden extra virgin olive oil. We also ordered another appetizer: Maryland Crab Cakes, pan seared and served with a mescaline salad. Crabtree's crab cakes are among the very best I have ever eaten, with each large crab cake filled with tender white pieces of crab. For our entrees, we chose: – A baked atlantic salmon with a creamy dill butter. served on a sparkling white plate with an assortment of zucchini, and small red potatoes. – A panko filet of sole- sauteed beurre blanc. Delicately flavored and prepared to perfection.

– Darla's Chicken- Boneless breast of chicken stuffed with julienne vegetables and topped with scampi sauce. – Crispy Sea Scallops Pan Seared meuniereLarge, tender and beautifully prepared. At this point we were all totally satiated and decided to forgo additional carbohydrates, by opting for Assorted Teas, Capuccino, and biscotti. Crabtree's , charming ambiance, fine service and fabulous Italian/Continental Food a is a great place to enjoy good conversation, at reasonable prices. Crabtree's also hosts fabulous New Year's Eve party's and special occasions at the restaurant. A definite winner, highly recommended for diners of all ages. Kudos to Yanni and Demetrius for their continuing commitment to excellence! Crabtree's restaurant 226 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, New York 11001 Call for reservations: 516-326-7769Valet parking available

Hendrick’s Tavern another jewel in the Poll Brothers culinary crown!

Over the past 30 years, I have watched with fascination and delight as Gillis and George Poll built their Long Island restaurant empire. It began with the acquisition of the old time steakhouse, Manero's which became Bryant and Cooper, New York's finest meat emporium. Presently the Poll Brothers own and manage, Bryant & Cooper Steakhouse and Hendrick's Tavern in Roslyn, Cippolini Trattoria & Bar and Toku Modern Asian at Americana Manhasset, Bar Frites at Wheatley Plaza and Majors Steakhouse in Woodbury and East Meadow.

Gillis and George Poll, are both seasoned hospitality pros with a long and sucessful history in the restaurant business. They got their start at Pappas and Riverbay. They are intimately involved with each of their restaurants, and prior to the opening of any new restaurant, spend months researching food trends, and developing a menu they believe will stand the test of time. Their continued success comes from their meticulous research and knowing what their clients want.

I had been invited to the opening of Hendrick's Tavern 18 months ago and was impressed with its beauty and sophisticated urban design and interior. My wife and I decided to have another look at Hendrick's Tavern and sample their latest menu. We arrived at the restaurant on a Thursday evening in early September. What once had been the outdated George Washington manor has been transformed into one of Long Island's most sophisticated urban chic restaurants. Hendrick's Tavern features multiple dining rooms and a sophisticated elegance comparable to some of finest in New York. We dined that evening, in the romantic, and darkly handsome main dining room, decorated in early New York memorabilia. After we were seated, we were served by immaculately dressed waiters and captains who attended to our every need. Our meal began with a bread basket filled with an assortment of delicious breads, and a fabulous glass of Prosecco to celebrate the evening.. We began our meal with an extraordinarily delicious wild mush-

room soup with olive oil and crotonettes. We then sampled a dish of zucchini and eggplant chips with an almond garlic dip, A greek taste treat comparable to similar dishes at any of the best greek restaurants on long island. Next up on our culinary journey was a sampling of Hendricks salads. – A Pear salad made with arugula, endive, goat cheese, pecans with a pomegranate vinagrette dressing. Sweet, tasty and beautifully plated. – A salad of leaves of baby romaine, made with a caesar vinaigrette, shaved parmigiana, herbs, anchovies, and croutons was beautiful in appearance and subtle in flavor.

We had now arrived at the entree stage of our tasting, and made our own unique "surf and turf" by combining a 3lb broiled maine lobster with a 14 ounce sirloin steak. The lobster and steak were divided and plated for the two of us. Our entrees were accompanied by side dishes of sweet potato mash, creamed spinach, creamed corn, and a fabulous dish of lobster fried rice. The end result of our combination plate, was "off the chain" delicious. Although we were totally satiated by this amazing feast, we decided to sample a tray of Hendrick's Tavern desserts: sticky bun in caramel sauce, A chocolate cloud cake, and a coconut layer cake. We loved the sticky bun! Hendrick's Tavern once again proved to be an outstanding dining experience.The food, and service and ambiance were exceptional. Kudos and Thanks to Gillis and George Poll for their dedication to bring urban charm, and sophistication to Long Island. Call for reservations, definitely one of long island's best! P.S. Hendrick's Tavern will soon be offering an exciting brunch menu.....

Hendrick's Tavern 1305 Old Northern Boulevard Roslyn, Long Island 11576 tel: 516-621-1200




"Where ordinary ceases to exist, and Paradise never ends..." by Barry Kay, Contributing Editor

Caribe Hilton is conveniently located only 15 minutes from Luis Muñoz Marin Airport and a short drive from Old San Juan and the Condado area, the Caribe Hilton offers everything you need for an unforgettable stay—whether you’re in San Juan for business or for pleasure. The Hotel features an exclusively isolated beach; oceanfront swimming pools; nine luxe restaurants; premier guest rooms, suites and villas; a full-service spa; 65,000+ square feet of flexible meeting space; and a comprehensive menu of amenities, this luxurious San Juan hotel has achieved an iconic international reputation for excellence. Known as the birthplace of the piña colada and the city's largest hotel, this AAA Four Diamond awardwinning property is also a proud recipient of Green Key due to its environmental awareness and efforts. The Caribe Hilton hotel opened on December 9, 1949.[3] It was Hilton's first hotel outside the continental United States and made Hilton the first international hotel company.[4] The original hotel has been expanded over the years from 300 rooms to the curent 916 rooms. In 2005, the Caribe was expanded to include the huge Paseo Caribe complex, including shops, restaurants,and 264 villas marketed as the Condado Lagoon Villas/ The Caribe Hilton offers its guests year round tropical warm weather with soothing trade wind breezes. The Hotel is close to other resort hotels in the area and an exciting array of restaurants, hotels and clubs. With its central location, it is a comfortable, scenic drive to El Yunque, a tropical jungle paradise filled with exotic birds, flowers and wild life. Among the other major tourist attractions in San Juan are The historic El Morro Fort. Now that the East Coast is slowly easing into spring, it is certainly time to consider visiting one of the most beautiful islands in the caribbean...Puerto Rico. The Caribe Hilton is the biggest and most spectacular resort hotel for winter weary tourists. Guests at the Caribe Hilton can expect spectacular sunsets, a turquoise blue sea, gentle tropical breezes. The hotel makes sure each of their guests are surrounded by beauty and comfort and offers an exciting and comprehensive menu of amenities. These include: SPA AND HEALTH CLUB - The Olas Spa helps you relax, revive and renew. The Spa is 12,000 square feet and features a beautiful premier hair salon with the latest cuts, styles and natural treatments of honey, sea salts, seeweed and mud. You will leave

the spa looking and feeling better than you ever imagined. FITNESS BY PRECOR HEALTH CLUB - You may be away on business or on vacation, but that does not mean that you have to be away from your workout routive. Caribe Hilton offers state of the art fitness by Precor. The club is equipped with cardiovascular equipment, including treadmills, elliptical machines, upright bikes, free weights and state of the art strenght training machines. Certified exercise specialist conduct daily fitness programs along with water aerobics, yoga, circuit training and pilates. CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES At Caribe Hilton, a family vacation is for the entire familoy. Kids receive special VIP treatment at the hotel. All children under 12 receive a free gift and access to daily games and activities in the kids paradise club. • Caribe Hilton allows children under 18 to stay free (in room with adults) • Children under 5 receive all meals at no charge • Children 6-12 receive meals at 50% discount with accompanying adults eating a regular meal at selected restaurant at each Caribbean hotel. When it comes to family resorts in Puerto Rico, Caribe Hilton is a hands down favorite among adults and children alike. BUSINESS CONVENIENCE AMENITIES Audio Visual Equipment rental Business Center Express Mail Fax Meeting Rooms Photo Copying service Printer Secretarial service Video conferencing available At the hotel you can also book sight seeing tours, scuba diving and snorkeling and special requests are handled by our world class concierge desk. Car rentals, gift shop, multi lingual staff, room service, tennis courts, are all part of our amenities. The Caribe Hilton is a tropical paradise that helps you strike a perfect work/life balance. Here, you’ll find state of the art meeting facilities as well as a spectacular tropical oasis for unwinding at the end of the day. WELCOME TO OUR CARIBBEAN PARADISE!

Best Urban Hotel Spa Spafinder Wellness 365™ Readers’ Choice


Best Urban Hotel Spa Spafinder Wellness 365™ Readers’ Choice

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