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Kingdom Leadership Moving Gods people forward.

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What happens when the quarter back throws the ball to one of the players on his team? Technically, all hell breaks loose! Other players start to chase him. He has to run.

His team begins to block for him. He has to move pass his opponents. He has to move pass his limitations. He is suddenly given the task of leading, whether or not he accepts it as such. But here is the catch. The Quarterback didn’t throw him the ball just so he could have it. He throws him the ball so he can take the team forward.

Be it a few yards. Be it a few feet.

Be it all of the way to the touchdown! God is calling you and I to leadership, not just so we can have the title, status, or influence that goes along with it, but because he wants to see other move forward. That’s the heart of this month’s lesson. I’m calling kids to step up and put on the mantle of kingdom leadership in their generation. Much like the football player who is suddenly given the ball, they will have to push past temptation, they will have to move past deception and evil, but as long as their moving closer to God, the people behind them are able to as well. This month, the kids will explore, being a kingdom leader in their generation and beyond!


Week 1 The Mantle of Leadership The week 1 instructor will discuss what a leader does, and why we must step up and accept leadership as young people.

1) Defining leadership Leader – A vehicle God uses to move His people forward Anytime God wants to move his people forward, he puts a leader in their midst, or, calls someone in their midst to leadership. Here the kids use the vehicle analogy and apply it to themselves. Just as a vehicle was designed to take someone from one place to the next, God has designed leadership to move others closer to Him and into a better life. If they do


not, we typically consider them a poor leader. Our influence, behavior and attitude is moving people closer to or further from God.

2) Why it’s so important Here, the instructor will discuss the heart of leadership. That God wants us to be leaders because he wants to get others to a certain place, and needs our help to do it. God is tired of seeing people hurting and defeated, because they don’t follow after Him, but He is going to need you and I to do so first before others do the same.

Suggested Activity Crash Session Get the kids to jock down the following: Who was a leader to me?


Where did their leadership take me? How can I lead someone else accordingly?

Scripture References Genesis 12 Joshua 1 Judges 6:12 Exodus 4 Matthew 20


Week 2 Lead while you bleed Here the kids will learn that they can’t wait until they’re perfect before they start to lead. That by Gods grace, they can still impact others for good, just the way they are. One of the main tricks of the enemy is to get us to wait until we have it all together before we step up to lead for Him. That day never comes.

Moses wasn’t perfect, but he lead Here, you will read Exodus 4 to the children and discuss Moses’s short comings and how God still was able to use him to lead Israel from bondage.

Nobody was perfect, but they lead


You can also look at other people of influence in the bible who God used and their imperfections as an example of the fact that we shouldn’t wait until we’re perfect before we accept the call to leadership.

Suggested Activity In keeping with the football theme. Get the kids to run a football play. You will give one person the football [from the gym] and get the other team to try and tackle or stop them. Ask the class when done, “Did that person give up just because the other team was trying to stop them?” In essence, we’re to move forward and lead others in spite of shortcomings.

Suggested Scripture Exodus 4


Week 3 Measuring your performance Here, we’ll look at what makes a leader. One cannot manage what they cannot measure. I’ve divided the metrics of good leadership into 4 do’s and don’ts.

Do you have a mission? Where are you leading or taking others. Ask yourself, where does my influence, behavior and attitude take others? Is it moving them closer to or further from God.

Do I move others toward that mission?


This reiterates the importance of the last only In further detail.

Don’t rush to be seen, God may be hiding you on purpose Here, talk to the children about how God wants us to train and may in fact have us in a season of development or preparation for leadership as he has done great men in the bible such as Moses on the back sides of the dessert.

Don’t’ shine to be seen, shine so others can see the way Here, you’ll discuss what we should use our influence, gifts and talents for. Not so we can be seen, as much as so we can show others the way.


Suggested Activity Cut the lights out. Ask the kids to walk around or find something in the dark. Finally, get a flashlight and turn it on. Open a discussion on how we are to be light, or, stand out as followers of Christ amidst a dark generation.

Scripture References Philippians 2:15 Matthew 5:16 Hebrews 12:11


Week 4 Answering the call Recap the last few weeks with an emphasis on accepting the challenge of leadership. End with confessions. Use John 21:18 to show how we take Jesus everywhere we go because he’s in us, and that we must represent Him with our lifestyle.


Kingdom Leadership  

God has passed this generation the ball! And its time to see what they will do with it. In this month's curriculum we discuss what it means...

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