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Leading Luxury Builders To Great ness

FREE GUIDE CLB'S TARGET M ARKET & STRATEGIC PARTNER CAM PAIGN Learn how CLB's target market and strategic campaign delivers referral partners & qualified best-fit prospects to your team

ACCELERATE YOUR M ARKETING & SALES Many Luxury Home Builders nat ionwide st ruggle t o deliver a qualit y product , generat e a st eady pipeline of qualified prospect s, and execut e at a t arget net profit above 10%. Unfortunately, not executing on all of these won?t get the results you want... we can help: -

Innovative technology processes Trackable ROI in 30 days Connect with best-fit partners & prospects Every CLB member achieves similar amazing results No paid ads or SEO expense Automated processes

This article explains how CLB?s well designed referral program helps luxury builders execute proven processes that have worked for other members just like them. Rely on CLB?s experience and expertise to grow your business, generate more leads, and dominate your market. Cert ified Luxury Builders (CLB) has t he answer.

How Does CLB's Target M arket & St rat egic Part ner Campaign W ork? SITUATION Connecting with strategic partners and potential customers has become more challenging than ever.

SOLUTION CLB recommends focusing on creating strategic partner relationships within the industry. Connect with partners that already have clients in various stages of the sales cycle and who might be looking for a leading builder to deliver a project.

CONNECT CLB connects your brand with the partners and qualified prospects you want most. 93+% of our t arget ed audience will get our message. We will use personalized ringless messaging and proven email messages that get engagement and results. -

Connect with ideal, best-fit, strategic partners and prospects Brand, marketing, sales, messaging conversion strategy Automated prospecting, messaging, and follow ups Implement landing pages and tracking Launch campaigns React and manage sales funnel tracker Source high quality leads Let?s build this?

ENGAGE We are with you every step of the way. CLB?s system tracks results in real time, and we analyze the data, providing ongoing feedback and coaching to make sure your team is maximizing the new relationships and moving them from interest, to consideration, to deciding to partner with you. 30-50% of responses will book meet ings and we will make sure you are ready to give them a 5-Star experience. Our formula is guaranteed to accelerate your entire prospecting efforts and building your strategic partner network. Creating a predictable pipeline of highly qualified interested leads helps close higher value partners and potential clients who have the budget (and need) for your services. We have never had less t han a 30% response rat e.

EXECUTE As a member of CLB you have options: -

You can learn how to set up and run the campaign yourself. CLB can set up and run the campaign for you, or You can learn how to set up and run the campaign and have CLB run it the first time and you can take it from there


Connect with highly qualified best-fit potential partners and clients #1 on Houzz and Google with your market leading brand, projects, and messaging Brochure to deliver a 5-Star experience presentation and close business Tracking and real time sales updates Integrates with CLB Customer Relation Management Solutions ·Professional trusted advisors at every step of your business mastery


?CLB hashelped in a bigway by openingup my eyesasto other possibilitiesfor doingbusiness. And they got me excited about it. Before it was happeningby osmosis. Now it?smethodical. It got my juices flowingby helpingme to think more about salesand not just about building. In the last four or so months[since joiningthe Dominate program], CLB hasreally helped me get the ball rollingwith buildingrelationshipswith partners.? ~ Paul Lichter, J Paul Builders

Looking t o build meaningful relat ionships wit h st rat egic part ners in your market ? View our case study about how one builder generated an additional $30 million through CLB's strategic partner program


ABOUT CLB NETW ORK CLB measures our partnership success in Revenue, New Projects, and Net Profit. We want you to achieve your goal of putting a minimum of $1M in profits in the bank and achieving 10% net profit for the business and building a valued asset. CLB takes a bright and innovative approach to offering easy-to-understand, customizable, and fractional solution options at a significant value compared to hiring employees or firms that do not understand your business, your best-fit clients or the luxury home building and remodeling industry. CLB Network is backed by a team of seasoned professionals who explicitly understand what it takes to be a high performance luxury custom homes and remodeling business and how to deliver a 5-star experience to best-fit strategic partners. prospects, and clients. Our combined experience and solutions allows CLB to offer you and your business genuine peace of mind knowing that we are on your team and will help you achieve your goals years sooner than if you had to do it on your own.


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Target Market Worksheet For Luxury Home Builders  

Target Market Worksheet For Luxury Home Builders  

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