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How CLB's Proven Inbound M arket ing Program Connect s Your Brand W it h Best -Fit Client s & 7-Figure Project s A DETAILED LOOK AT 14 DAYS IN THE LIFE OF A CLB MARKETING CAMPAIGN

The first, and most important, area of opportunity is a targeted inbound marketing program with proven success. Great builders know that they need to have a steady flow of good leads every month. A regular flow of good leads gives a builder the freedom to choose the best-fit clients with 7-figure projects that value your offering and know that you are the builder capable of solving their problem. The average builder is too busy to strategize a complete methodology and just throws money into print advertising and hopes that referrals get them through the next season. Great builders know better and rely on CLB?s proven inbound marketing program for help. But how does it work? How does CLB find your best-fits and connect them with your brand?As demonstrated in the image above, through a highly tactical and targeted approach, and a lot of research, we: -

Find the problems people in your area are searching for answers to Create content that addresses their pain points, presents your brand's unique differentiation, and demonstrates how you can help solve their problem Publish the content online via Google and social media for best-fits to find when searching online Drive best-fits directly to your sales-funnel website Guide them through the Buyer's Journey, leading them to place a call or schedule an Idea Session with your team of experts!


Key Findings In order to drive meaningful ROI from our inbound marketing program, it must work together with all other facets of the inbound methodology and a targeted, comprehensive process that requires the right mix of marketing strategy:

4 best -fit client s in 14 days

Search Engine Opt imizat ion Best-Fit clients for luxury builders are looking for answers to their problems on Google.

Cont ent Creat ion Prospects will engage with authoritative content that speaks to their needs.

Social Media Social media posts that offer solutions, are compelling, and promote engagement.

Email Market ing

20% lead t o conversion rat e

Fast follow-up and clear directions are key, and can be automated.

Sales & Market ing CRM Alignment Inbound strategy that leads seamlessly into your sales process.

Revenue Growt h Multi-million dollar decisions are made in minutes when you use CLB's proven inbound marketing program.

#1 1st page Google rankings


The Challenge

A luxury builder located in Rancho Santa Fe California was looking to increase their number of new projects per month. CLB guided this builder towards that goal by focusing on increasing their website traffic, best-fit leads, and clients, while also building their thought leadership through creating engaging content designed to address pain points. Prior to joining CLB Network, MMD Construction had never implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing program. Not only did they have no content in place to engage or reengage with their audience, but also lacked a way to share that content with their audience in a way that would reengage existing contacts, generate new leads, and move prospects through their sales funnel to become clients. In addition, while their sales team was generating new sales each month, they did not have a way to track sales progress, qualify leads, and manage their pipelines The CLB team stepped in to lead them to greatness by developing and implementing their content development and inbound marketing program in order to drive growth.

"Multi-million dollar decisions are made in minutes. You risk not having the opportunity to connect with best-fits if you don't implement a targeted inbound marketing program that effectively converts leads and prospects into paying clients." Mike Myers, CLB Net work

Looking t o build meaningful relat ionships wit h st rat egic part ners in your market ? View our case study about how one builder generated an additional $30 million through CLB's strategic partner program VIEW NOW


The Solut ion

MMD Const ruct ion t urned t o CLB Net work t o help build a t arget ed inbound market ing program and sust ainable plan t o increase t heir pipeline by: -

Automating the marketing and sales process Creating quality content to resonate with their buyer personas Amplifying their existing content to reengage contacts and generate new leads Analyzing the data to improve upon the plan and continue to drive revenue growth Streamlining business operations and the sales process

A Highly Tact ical and Target ed Approach The CLB team went into ?surgery?mode from the very beginning, immediately implementing a highly tactical and targeted approach. We first set out to see what homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe are searching for online. Our findings told us that a lot of people are searching for lotsto build on and custom home buildersto build on the lots.

The Solut ion Cust omer-Cent ric Cont ent From there, we developed a comprehensive content strategy to align with this topic including: guides and ebooks, blog content, email marketing, automation, and social media.

Blog post s

Guides & eBooks

The Result s First Page Ranking on Google Below you will see that Google engines picked the content up as being valid questions and answers, further demonstrating that people are searching for a lot and a custom home builder to build on a lot. You?ll notice that through our targeted strategy, our content ranks higher than larger companies like Zillow and RedFin, who publish countless social and blog posts a day + spend millions of dollars on SEO & optimization activity.

Higher Google rankings t han Zillow and RedFin

The Solut ion Aut omat ed Market ing Solut ion t o Track Result s In addition, we worked with their sales team to develop pipelines, deal stages, and sales workflows to align with their service offerings and to properly track qualified leads.

Sales & Market ing CRM

Follow life of t he lead

Idea Session form fills

Track downloads

Idea Session Booked - Lead Conversion is Achieved!


The Result s

4 Qualified Leads & 1 New Client In Less Than 2 Weeks The builder saw a significant increase across the four primary areas of inbound: -

Search Traffic Social Shares and Traffic New Leads New Deals

After the content was published, we started to see results immediately. CLB tracked 4 qualified leads that came in through our marketing automated solution. One resulted in a signed Design Agreement in less than 2 weeks.

Signed Design Agreement in Less Than 2 Weeks!

The Result s Increased Websit e Traffic Through Search & Social To the right is from Google Analytics so you can see that the content resonated and brought traffic from both search and social. Below is from the CLB Sales & Marketing CRM, a tool every Dominate member has access to. You can see traffic broken down in the Web Insights section and Traffic Sources section, supporting the idea that the content resonated and brought additional traffic in from search and social.

The cont ent brought addit ional websit e t raffic t hrough search and social

The Result s 30% increase in new leads from search Increased Websit e Traffic Through Search & Social Compared with the previous month, you will see that search and social outpaced direct, referral, and email in the percentage of overall traffic.

133% increase in new leads from social

Not Just a Bigger Share -- t he Absolut e Numbers Are Up -

30% increase in new leads from search 133% increase in new leads from social

The Result s

Page views up 144%

Amplified Social Media Engagement PLUS a significant uptick on social media -

144% increase in page views 129% up in the case of post reach 544% increase in post engagement:

Post reach up 129%

544% post engagement increase

Do you wonder why you miss out on connecting with best-fit clients and those great projects? Do you find yourself saying, "If I had the opportunity to talk to the prospect, I could have won that project for sure!" Connecting with best-fit prospects and clients where and when they want to engage early in the process is hard and expensive if you don't have a proven inbound marketing plan and program. CLB has a proven program for connecting best-fit prospects with your luxury builder brand and a 5-Step sales process that works 100% of the time with best-fit prospects. If you want to see how we can help you, We invit e you t o reach out and connect wit h an expert who can help you t oday. We'll discuss real-life examples, simple processes, and timely results. Want to know the process behind our proven inbound marketing program, and the results you can expect to see?


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