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Leading Luxury Builders To Great ness

CASE STUDY 41 W EST HOUZZ CASE STUDY Learn how one Naples luxury builder generated 40% of its best-fit clients from Houzz

GENERATE BEST-FITS FROM HOUZZ Naples Luxury Home Builder Generat es 40% of it s Business From Houzz Nationwide, many luxury home builders struggle to generate a steady pipeline of qualified prospects, so they turn to Houzz for leads. Unfortunately, most don't get the results they seek. This case study explains how Houzz can help luxury builders, outlines a process, and provides real-life detail & results that clients have received while working with CLB and Houzz. Cert ified Luxury Builders (CLB) has t he answer.

Learn How t o Leverage Houzz & Connect W it h Best -Fit s DEFINE Your brand?s look, feel, and behavior goes a long way in differentiating you from the pack and helps your best-fit client find you.

EXPOSURE As a member of Houzz, you will increase your exposure within the industry. You will make it easy to point to your beautiful projects and showcase your differentiation. -

It is the largest residential design database with millions of users. Home owners and potential buyers are planning their projects, viewing, interacting, and asking questions every day.

RANK With proper keyword research and content marketing, Houzz can order rankings as well as any other search page. CLB has extensive experience getting our clients?Houzz idea books, pictures, and brands ranked on the first page of search results in your market.

TRAFFIC & LEADS Houzz idea books and project pictures that rank on the first page help drive substantial traffic to our clients?websites. Houzz marketing doesn?t always drive visits that turn into leads; however, it can bring in qualified visitors who are more likely to come back and convert later.

THE 41 W EST STORY 41 West has been building custom homes since 1995 and is honored to be ranked #1 on of over 3,000 general contractors in Naples. We define success as creating long-lasting relationships. Our clients are happy to share with you their 5-star service experience before, during, and long after the completion of their custom home, luxury condo or home remodel project. Our promise is to earn a 5-star review from our clients and everyone who comes in contact with 41 West. We invite you to join our exclusive client community.

PROBLEM 41 West did not have a Certified Luxury Brand message to communicate to their ideal client. As a luxury builder in Naples, Florida, they needed to establish and build their luxury local and internet brand. 41 West wanted to generate brand authority, create more qualified leads, and build relationships with buyers.

SOLUTION Our coaches at CLB Network helped 41 West develop a clear vision of their business, target market, ideal client, and their local and social brand design. We assessed their situation, provided recommendations and a plan the builder could self-implement or request our team implement. 41 West asked CLB to execute the creation, implementation, management, and monitoring of the project.


Set up and manage your Houzz profile to generate more qualified leads Create and post idea books as informational blogs, which will also improve SEO Generate high-quality photos Research and implement keywords (5 - 25 per photo) Create and upload beautiful projects with engaging titles, descriptions, geomodifier/locations, high-quality photos, and optimized keywords Show off your brand, authority, knowledge, and exceptional customer experience by engaging with prospects and answering their questions Answer questions to build relationships and help you become an authority #1 Factor - Generate positive reviews to build credibility and reputation (past clients, partners and working professionals)


?41 West hasbeen buildingcustom homessince 1995 and ishonored to be ranked #1 on of over 3,000 general contractorsin Naples. We define successascreatinglong-lasting relationships. Our clientsare happy to share with you their 5-Star service experience before, during, and longafter the completion of their custom home, luxury condo or home re-model project. Our promise isto earn a 5-star review from our clientsand everyone who comesin contact with 41 West.?

Looking t o build meaningful relat ionships wit h st rat egic part ners in your market ? View our case study about how one builder generated an additional $30 million through CLB's strategic partner program


ABOUT CLB NETW ORK CLB measures our partnership success in Revenue, New Projects, and Net Profit. We want you to achieve your goal of putting a minimum of $1M in profits in the bank and achieving 10% net profit for the business and building a valued asset. CLB takes a bright and innovative approach to offering easy-to-understand, customizable, and fractional solution options at a significant value compared to hiring employees or firms that do not understand your business, your best-fit clients or the luxury home building and remodeling industry. CLB Network is backed by a team of seasoned professionals who explicitly understand what it takes to be a high performance luxury custom homes and remodeling business and how to deliver a 5-star experience to best-fit strategic partners. prospects, and clients. Our combined experience and solutions allows CLB to offer you and your business genuine peace of mind knowing that we are on your team and will help you achieve your goals years sooner than if you had to do it on your own.


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