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CLB Is Here t o Help You Find t he Top "Best -Fit " Talent for Your Organizat ion About 85%of the entire workforce is passively looking for another job and they would gladly accept a change in their work environment. There are also some advantagesto sourcing passive candidates. First, because they?re not actively pursuing a new position, they won?t be interviewing with anyone else but you. Thismeanslesscompetition for you. The Top ?Best-fit?talent you really want for your next key hire doesn?t use Job Boards. They are passively doing an excellent job and wanting a great career opportunity if it waspresented to them by an exceptional 5-star company. If we look past the fact that only 15% of the population is completely satisfied with their job, thismeansthat there is a huge pool of excellent candidatesfor your next opening ? you just have to know how to find them, where to reach them and how to extract the top 5%. And that iswhat CLB does?


Collect and edit Company profile and job description What is the position ask? Confirmation that it is correct Communicate a unique brand and specific job description Create an attractive job description a. What are the major KPIs and bottom-line results the candidate must accomplish on a regular basis? b. What are the primary activities associated with completing the aforementioned KPIs? c. What kind of discretion and objective judgment is required on the candidate?s part while carrying out his responsibilities? d. What sort of decisions will the candidate be expected to make? e. Guarantee applicant?s salary expectations fit your offer 6. Analyze - Market supply and demand for the position. 7. How many potential candidates are there in the market?

STEP #2 ? START THE SEARCH Source Top 5% of available candidat es (Including compet it ors): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Collect valuable candidate information, resumes and work samples Target influencers, trade associations, events, and referrals Pre-screen candidates with skills that match ?Best-Fit?roles Connect with candidates to build relationships and inform them of career opportunities. Build long-term relationships with potential ?Best-Fit?hires Track Top 5% ?Best-Fit?Candidates

STEP #3 ? PROCESS, REVIEW , PRE-QUALIFY CANDIDATES 1. CLB will pre-screen candidates 2. CLB will source passive and active looking candidates 3. CLB will profile for personality, personal traits, aspirations, geolocation, job skill match, decision skills and interest in new opp. 4. Filtering for good and bad fits, looking for best-fits 5. CLB will phone screen potential candidates 6. CLB will match candidates to role 7. CLB will explain interview process and coordinate next steps 8. CLB will assess measure candidate skill sets 9. CLB will assess candidate?s personality profile

STEP #4 ? M AKE IT OR BREAK IT 1. CLB will provide interview questions a. Personality, management style, team fit, b. Project management best practices c. How to handle mistakes d. How to close on projects e. How to collaborate with team members f. Knowledge of technology skills and use 2. CLB will provide an easy to use rating system

STEP #5 ? PRESENT OFFER AND CLOSE 1. CLB will assist in the offer presentation 2. CLB will assist in the offer agreement drafting process 3. 3. CLB will assist in the agreement presentation, negotiation, and acceptance process

OPTIONAL CANDIDATE VERIFICATION (Paid service) 1. References 2. Background Check 3. Drug Test


CLB measures our partnership success in Revenue, New Projects, and Net Profit. We want you to achieve your goal of putting a minimum of $1M in profits in the bank and achieving 10% net profit for the business and building a valued asset. CLB takes a bright and innovative approach to offering easy-to-understand, customizable, and fractional solution options at a significant value compared to hiring employees or firms that do not understand your business, your best-fit clients or the luxury home building and remodeling industry. CLB Network is backed by a team of seasoned professionals who explicitly understand what it takes to be a high performance luxury custom homes and remodeling business and how to deliver a 5-star experience to best-fit strategic partners. prospects, and clients. Our combined experience and solutions allows CLB to offer you and your business genuine peace of mind knowing that we are on your team and will help you achieve your goals years sooner than if you had to do it on your own.


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