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Revamp your Home with Wooden Finished Tiles

Wooden finished tiles are the ones that remind us how close to nature each one is at home. These tiles are practical, more affordable and offer a vivid range of options between colors, tones and textures. All you need is to decide what you’re after. As these tiles require less maintenance, it can be used anywhere from the bathroom to kitchen, the areas where wood doesn’t last long. Keep on reading to know more about wooden finished tiles, and why they may be an ideal choice for your design.

Here are some benefits of installing wooden finished tiles in your home:


These tiles are strong and durable, hence can easily stand the test of time. Wooden finish tiles are inert and time-resistant. They won’t get damaged over time. Even the wear and tear due to footfall will also be indiscernible. In addition to this, these tiles will look just the same even after many years. They will not get brighter or darker. It will not lose its color or finish.


When you choose the wooden floor tiles, you choose the more environmental friendly option. For example, in wooden flooring, some primary materials of wood are used along with the harmful chemicals during processing and treatment stage. Which is often an overlooked aspect.

Weather & UV resistant

Wooden finished tiles are totally weather-proof and frost resistant. So, they can be used outdoors as well. Moreover, the protracted exposure to the sun will not damage these tiles, neither it will fade its color nor alter its surface. There won’t be any problem even if the floor accidentally becomes wet because of any reason.


Due to the high level of water resistance, these tiles can be used in any place in direct and constant contact with water, i.e., bathrooms, kitchen, swimming pools, or even as a cladding for shower areas.

Highly resistant to wear and scratches

This aspect is extremely important as unlike natural wood, which is a delicate material and can be easily damaged because of dropping or shifting objects. Wooden finished tiles are the most resistant to wears and scratches, among the other flooring materials.


Wooden finished tiles are highly affordable than real wood and much more cost-effective in terms of maintenance. Their sleek nature does not demand regular maintenance, which ensures that these tiles remain the cost-effective method to decorate your homes.


The list of wooden finished tiles is already quite long. But, it would be incomplete without saying its another crucial benefit. It is a hygienic material which is rot-proof, impermeable, non-absorbent and easy to clean and disinfect.

Today, it is almost impossible to differentiate a wooden finished tile from the natural wood one. So, why choose the limitations of the natural material rather than a much better option? On the top of that, wooden finished tiles are also available in a wide range of styles and finishes, which makes them a really flexible choice to complement your home’s existing look. Choose from the best and the largest collection branded Floor Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Wall

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Revamp your home with wooden finished tiles  

Revamp your home with Wooden Finished Tiles For more information call us at +91 9914024517, or mail at #ImpactTi...

Revamp your home with wooden finished tiles  

Revamp your home with Wooden Finished Tiles For more information call us at +91 9914024517, or mail at #ImpactTi...