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LIVING FLA WOW! Summer is almost over and a new season will begin. A season of refreshing, new beginnings. Are you beginning a thing, or, maybe ending it? Whatever you do, make sure to do it flawlessly while making an IMPACT! Our theme for this month is, being Bold and Beautiful! We are highlighting some women who are making it do what it do in the industry and in their everyday lives. We spoke with Tionna Smalls earlier this year regarding her new television series on MTV entitled, “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!” Tionna’s bold approach to relationships is what has been needed in reality TV. Did we also mention she is the FIRST black woman to have her own show to come on 5 days a week on MTV...yes, that is definitely a IMPACTful move! We are highlighting one of today’s driving forces in the public relations sector, Nikki Walker. Nikki is the owner of NW Public Relations. Nikki has worked with the likes of Derek J, Waka Flaka, Carol’s Daughter and more. Have you heard about the Battle of the Boutiques? It is Flawless IMPACT showcase competition for boutiques and designers to show their work and win some spectacular prizes. RaShidah Ali of Love & Hip Hop was our special guest judge and AiCandy Boutique of Hillside, NJ won our competition in Newark. We have a pictorial view for you to see! In our beauty section we speak about Gel Nails with Ms. Bonnie, and our Beauty Director, LC Vickers, shows us her end of summer look. In addition, we have Kat Quaterman’s account of her weight loss journey. In this new season, make sure you take the time to think about the choices you are making. Once the choice has been made, you will only be able to manage the turn of events. Make sure your next move is your greatest, boldest move EVER! There is nothing stopping you! Let’s Go! Continue to be a Flawless IMPACT,

Tunisha C. Brown Editor-In-Chief



One of the most sought after publicists in the business, get to know darling Nikki!


You first saw Tionna Smalls on VH1’s “What Chili Wants”. Now, you can check her out daily on MTV’s “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!” See why Tionna’s passion is for young ladies 12-25 and why she said it is her responsibility to be their voice.


Pictorial recap of the Battle!

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Tionna Smalls is an author, blogger, and relationship expert who is currently heating up the MTV airwaves with her new show, 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!' This show reflects sincerity and hard knocks for the young ladies who are in need of advice on issues of always choosing the wrong guy, or for the girl who needs to calm down with the guys! Her not tolerating irrelevancies with a sincere heart, is what makes this sure fire hit a success! Tionna Smalls is one woman who is sure, confident, poised, and determined. She is definitely one to watch!

Everyone loves a girlfriend they can come to talk to about ANYTHING...Tionna Smalls is that girlfriend to millions of viewers on a daily basis. She is the tell-it-like-it-is friend who is going to let you know because her intentions and heart is true. How do I know, because I witnessed Tionna in person with a friend/colleague when IMPACT Magazine went to interview her earlier this Spring. Tionna had me intrigued when I first watched her on VH1's 'What Chili Wants' because she was determined to make sure Chili was with in the relationship that was suited for her. In my opinion, she had the approach of this is more than a job for me. While speaking with Tionna, you can tell that this a lifestyle for her. What you see is what you get...and you get 100% Tionna Smalls. Having this show, with a host like Tionna, is very new for MTV. It gave a notable look of this network going into a greater new demographic for the viewer; a more real reality show. You have the curvy host Tionna who is African-American who is giving advice to a diverse demographic. This shows the all aroundness of the show and Tionna. It shows that no matter what other shows display, people want to hear the truth in a way they can recieve. It is a show that the viewers can relate to because we all desire a friend who is 100 with us without glasses flying and punches are being thrown. Tionna has shown the world that you do not have to dress skimpy, be a size 0, be white with blonde hair, in order to have a first-class show on a major network. IMPACT commends her highly for that!

Tionna says she is coming for the 12-25 year old female demographic because they are the one's who are in need of guidance. Her love for this group of females is what led her to first write the book, and then to the MTV studios. Tionna says this is why the show comes to their hometown, speak in their homes, and meet with friends. This gives an understanding of who the young ladies are and which direction the advice will come from. Tionna says, "I do not sugarcoat the truth." Considering this, the young ladies are apt to receive the advice, confidence building, transforming makeovers, and feedback Tionna dishes in the show. MTV is the first of the networks to have a positive show in which the entire family can watch and have a dialect afterwards regarding it. It is not stuffy and stiff, but what it is is a hard knock display of what the truth in love can bring you. My hope is that MTV not stop with this show, but allow others to come on that display relationships that build and are not destroyed. In addition, I hope the other networks will catch on to see that the ratchetness has its place, but have an understanding that there is a market of viewers who are seeking shows to display relationships in a positive demeanor without the degradation. Girl, Get Your Mind Right! is the fresh, crisp look the airwaves have been waiting for and Tionna is the host with the most "living truth" to bring it to you!

Nikki Walker is the founding partner of NW Public Relations, a boutique PR firm based in the NYC area. Overseeing client campaigns in areas including fashion, beauty and entertainment, the eleven year veteran is most at home when strategizing a brand building experience for her agency's diverse portfolio. After a tabled career as a vocalist, Nikki turned to the PR industry to continue living her passion in the world of entertainment. While interning with the Public Relations equivalent of a modern day Henry Higgings, she was driven into that world and quickly learned "how to move in a room full of shark". Transitioning to and rising through the ranks at a well known mid sized NY beauty pr firm, Walker created an ethnic beauty division once home to Black Opal, Creme of Nature, Luster hair Care and other ethnic brands seeking mainstream media coverage. The award winning publicist (Silver Anvil/Publicist of the Year) has worked with brands like Coca Cola, SONY, Universal Record, PETA and Carol's Daughter and secured national coverage for clients on cable and network television, morning talk shows, national radio and general market magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, In Style and others. Currently in the fifth year of growing the NW Public Relations brand, Nikki is optimistic about the future of the company and reinvigorated daily by the opportunities that present themselves because everywhere and in everything, a strategy is waiting to be birthed. Nikki Walker calls Jersey City, NJ home and is the proud mother of 15 year old Jacob.

Photography: Sederiya Thompson

flawless fresh face

Toya Tenice


Ms. Bonnie has over 20 years of experience in the nail industry. She is the Co-Owner of Flawless Nails Studio in Maryland & Nail Designer at L.A. Nails in Trenton, NJ. Ms. Bonnie specializes in unique hand-painted designs, acrylics, gels, silk wraps, manicures & pedicures. Former nail art instructor and creator of 3 volume nail art series. Gel nails are the latest trend to hit the fashion world. One of the main reasons for the trend is because the polish lasts for approximately 2 -3 weeks, without chipping. The gel protects the natural nail and when it dries, the shine will last for duration of the wear. Unlike the regular nail polish, the gel polish is not as easy to remove. The polish must be filed off or soaked off with acetone. All in all, the gel polish is a fashion trend young girls, to conservative ladies can wear throughout the year.

Follow on Instagram: @MsBonnieNails Facebook: @Nail Designs By Ms. Bonnie Twitter: @DaNailLadyMsB MS Bonnie can be reached at 609-394-8477 or 301-828-5033



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beauty End Of Summer Makeup Trends

Summer will be ending soon, so we caught up with our Beauty Director, LC Vickers to find out what end of the summer looks she has got going on! For this look, LC used MAC; a household name for beauty connoisseurs. To achieve this look, LC began her eye application with Painterly which is the base for her Embark and Carbon eye shadow. She uses Brown Script to blend the colors in. In addition, LC adds the Pink Bronze Pigment to her eye and then she adds on her liner. After applying her lashes, she applies the foundation and the fabulous lip color. You may visit LC at her website, or on Facebook at LC Vickers or on YouTube for tutorials to achieve this fabulous look!

My Weight Loss Journey By, Kat Quaterman

Over the last two years, I have put on about 50+ lbs. I can't pin point why or how. All I know is that I am an emotional eater and was going through some stressful times and found food for comfort. When I decided to launch the clothing boutique last year, my main focus was to cater to the curvy woman sizes 10 and up. And I started working with full figured models. I noticed that they were confident and fierce with their body, size, and shape. They dressed to the nines. On the contrary, whenever I got dressed "to the nines" it was mostly in black and "blah". And when I produced South Jersey Fashion Weekend this past March, I really got to see myself on camera...and I didn't like what I saw. Over the past year, I must have tried every diet plan out here. Weight Watchers, Take Shape for Life (Medifast), Ideal Protein, Food Lovers, Diet-to-Go, shakes, drinks, name it, I most likely tried it. I have also purchased all kinds of exercise videos - Jillian Michael's, Biggest Loser, Insanity, TurboFire. Some of them worked in the beginning and then stopped. Some just didn't work for my lifestyle. Recently I visited a Weight Loss doctor. He didn't tell me anything I didn't know. I already knew I was morbidly obese, but it was shocking for me to know that I was at 400% increase in risk for developing diseases, such as cancer. Wow!! My weight finally had my attention! Before I started on my weight loss journey, I had to get real with myself. I realized that I was expecting to lose the weight overnight. I wanted to see fast results. I wasn't sticking with any of the programs because I was making excuses for myself.

The food or ingredients either became too expensive to purchase or I was tired of eating the same old stuff. I was looking at it being a diet. I had to realize it was a Lifestyle change and change my mindset. I had to come to terms that this weight wasn't put on overnight, just like Rome wasn't built in a day and it was going to take at least a year of being consistent to lose this weight. So to start on my final weight loss challenge (because this time I plan to succeed), I started on the Martha's Vineyard 21 pounds in 21 days detox. I needed to detox my body and get it ready for a new me. I'm on Day 6 of the Detox and have already lost 4.5 pounds. But most importantly, I feel great! I no longer have junk food cravings. I'm not hungry. I have been drinking "my food" every 2 hours and lots of water and herbal teas. I am sticking with this detox for the full 21 days. I hope to lose 21 pounds in 21 days, but I keep telling myself to just be happy with losing anything! Here I go with my mindset!! I am trying to not psych myself up into thinking I can lose everything overnight! It's a journey to a better, healthier life. I plan to continue with a strict calorie restricted meal plan. Although there are many "diets" out here that are great and work, I realized I need to create something for me that I know I will stick with. So I found someone online who will create a mealplan based on a certain calorie count per day. I will make my own meals. I also blocked out time in my calendar to go to the gym and exercise. If I don't block it out then I won't do it. I also realized that I am a morning person, so I must workout in the morning after I drop the kids to school or it won't get done. My advice to others like me, get in the right mindset and take it one day at a time. Find or make a program that suits you and your current lifestyle and stick with it. Find your why and make sure it's strong enough to get you through the tough times because there are gonna be tough times!! But you'll get through it. We all do :)

Flawless IMPACT w/Tionna Smalls  
Flawless IMPACT w/Tionna Smalls  

Our theme for this month is, being Bold and Beautiful! We are highlighting some women who are making it do what it do in the industry and in...