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Volume 3, Issue 2 | January 2017

WHY THE BEST IDEAS RARELY HAPPEN AT YOUR DESK Betty Liu, Founder/CEO of Radiate, Inc., @BettyWLiu I live by the 80/20 rule. Spend 80 percent of your time doing and 20 percent of your time thinking. This rule has been critical in helping me reach my goals; but as life has gotten busier, the 20 percent has become 10 percent has become 5 percent. I’ve got so much “doing” to do that I’m having a harder time achieving the “thinking” part. Which is why I love showers. Does that sound weird? Maybe not to the millions of others who also “take the waters” to rejuvenate their brains. According to a study by cognitive psychologist Scott Kaufman, 72 percent of people experience their eureka moments in the shower. Just ask Warren Buffett, who dreamt up his $5 billion investment in Bank of America while he was taking a bath. Kaufman found that, around the world, people literally hop in the shower to generate new ideas. (Less surprisingly, he also found that women take longer showers than men, by about 6 minutes.) The reason is pretty straightforward: standing in an isolated, safe, and relaxing place allows your mind to wander, which encourages more creative thinking, and—voila!— new ideas. For those who’d rather not waste water, going for a stroll at dusk or a drive around the countryside accomplishes the same thing. I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had washing the dishes (although I don’t recommend that as the best way to relax). We recently asked other accomplished CEOs how they get their best ideas, and none of them said “at their desk.” The desk is for “doing”; the outside world is for thinking.

In this Issue

> Betty Liu | Why the Best Ideas Rarely Happen at Your Desk > Fall Top Producers > 2017 Business Planning > Gary Vaynerchuk | Why Reading This Article Won’t Help You Be a Better Entrepreneur > imortgage Holiday Party > Kenny Kline | Develop A Mindfulness Practice That Actually Works > Caravan Schedule > Society Page and Pet Match > Event Calendar

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR TOP PRODUCERS! 2016 Best in San Diego County - Cameron Owens #1 for Volume | Phana Par #1 for Units





Phana Par

Cameron Owens Jon-Eric Lehman

NMLS ID 568769

NMLS ID 392070

UTC $3,855,686

NMLS ID 255616

UTC $2,991,119

Palm Desert $1,821,255

Phana Par

Terri Valdez

Cameron Owens

UTC $3,482,154

Eastlake $2,125,470

UTC $2,037,165

NMLS ID 568769

NMLS ID 352862



Phana Par

NMLS ID 568769

UTC 11 units

Jon-Eric Lehman Cameron Owens NMLS ID 255616

NMLS ID 392070

Palm Desert 8 units

UTC 7 units

UTC $6,918,138

NMLS ID 352862

Cameron Owens

Palm Desert $2,563,833

UTC $10,083,923

Eastlake $2,655,066

NMLS ID 255616

Palm Desert 12 units

Personal best since joining the imortgage team

NMLS ID 392070

Palm Desert 7 units

Jon-Eric Lehman NMLS ID 255616

UTC 5 units

NMLS ID 392070

Phana Par

Jon-Eric Lehman

UTC $4,512,750

Palm Desert $3,886,280

NMLS ID 568769

NMLS ID 255616


Cameron Owens Jon-Eric Lehman Terri Valdez UTC 20 units

NMLS ID 255616

UTC 9 units


NMLS ID 392070

Jon-Eric Lehman Cameron Owens



NMLS ID 392070

Phana Par

NMLS ID 568769



Cameron Owens Terri Valdez

NMLS ID 392070

NMLS ID 352862

Eastlake 7 units

Cameron Owens Phana Par Jon-Eric Lehman NMLS ID 392070

UTC 26 units

NMLS ID 568769

UTC 12 units

NMLS ID 255616

Palm Desert 11 units

AT WORK ... 2017 Business Planning Event


City, Surf & Sand Team

WHY READING THIS ARTICLE WON’T HELP YOU BE A BETTER ENTREPRENEUR Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, investor, author, & public speaker, @garyvee I love that I have fans. I love that all of you consume my content and learn from me and get inspired. But the truth is, I don’t care about how many of you are subscribed to my YouTube channel or how many of you actually read these articles. That’s not the point of why I put out all this content. The point, in all honesty, is that I want to leave an impact. I want the legacy of being an all-time great businessman and inspire thousands of you to go out there and do the same. I want to kick your butt into gear. I want you to DO. I’m not over the fact that everyone seems to have an insane lack of patience and a lack of understanding of what it takes to be successful. There are so many of you out there with the same exact questions about how to be an entrepreneur or how to run a successful business or how to do x, y, and z. And so many times I have given you the same answer: put out content; [have] a great product; test and try it all; use your data; use your intuition; test and learn, test and learn, test and learn. It takes time, talent, and skill. However, what’s most frustrating is that I’m giving you so many of these answers yet most of you still aren’t actually doing it. Have a great product and need to bring awareness to potential customers? You can do it through content marketing. You can do it through advertising. You can do it by going to the Chamber of Commerce. You can do it by cold calling every single business in town and getting their support. There are so many ways to do it. But one way not to do it is by watching all my videos or reading Seth Godin’s books and just pondering and white-boarding all day about what your next move is going to be. Too many of you just read and consume and make pretend and talk about how “you’re gonna do this” or “you’re gonna do that.” Lack of action is not the way to do it.

Personally, when I have an idea, I execute on it right away. I like to constantly stay in motion. I’m always changing my products and changing my game. I’ll redo my pitch deck for VaynerMedia because I’ve got different ideas on how to sell it better. And if I don’t? Oh well. I don’t fear losing — I love to lose. I get over the fact that I might lose the micro-battle, because in the end, the fact that I did it is what’s going to get me to win the war. I understand that I’m an extreme. I don’t read anything (which probably isn’t the best). But how many books from these “experts” do you need to read before you can actually do something? You can only read so much and at some point, you just have to do. Stop being a student, and start being an entrepreneur. I don’t care if you share this article. What I want you to do is actually take action and do something for yourself.




Donated 1600 Books to Phoenix Children’s Hospital | Lori at SDAR Holiday House | Congrats to Lupita on 5 Years

AREAA Tour of Asia Gala and Installation with Board Members Lori and Phana

Phana’s Winter Wonderland Client Appreciation Party


MMUNITY & CULTURE CORNER Congrats to Cameron, Christine, Franc, Jenna, Lupita, Penny and Phana on their 5-year anniversaries!

COM DEVELOP A MINDFULNESS PRACTICE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS By Kenny Kline, Productivity Specialist and Huffington Post Contributor, @thisbekenny Mindfulness is a heck of a drug. Among its many benefits, mindfulness has been shown to increase resiliency, reduce anxiety and stress, improve relationships, treat heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic pain, improve sleep, relieve depression, assist in the treatment of substance abuse, eating disorders, and other psychological issues, and increase overall life satisfaction. The Basic Principles of Mindfulness Defined as a state of psychological awareness, mindfulness is a practice that’s meant to enable being present with your life as it is right now — the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that you’re experiencing in the moment. In other words, mindfulness is the act of noticing what’s happening in your own life, moment by moment. Because mindfulness is all about being present with whatever you’re doing, you can practice it during virtually any activity. No matter when you practice, there are a few key guidelines to keep in mind: 1. Don’t judge yourself. Mindfulness is not about assessing or critiquing the thoughts or feelings you observe within yourself. It’s not about“fixing”yourself. It’s simply about noticing whatever’s coming up for you in the present moment. Don’t assign labels to what you notice (“good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong), don’t beat yourself up for anything you observe, and don’t assume that thoughts = facts. Instead, just allow yourself to see and let it be. 2. Pay attention to your breath. Noticing the flow of your inhales and exhales can help you get present with your body, observe your emotional and physical state, and calm yourself down. No matter when you practice mindfulness, tuning into your breath will always enable your practice. 3. Forget about the past and future. Mindfulness is all about observing what you’re doing and what’s coming up for you emotionally in the present moment. It’s not about the past, and it’s not about the future. If you notice your mind dwelling on thoughts about the past or future as you’re trying to practice mindfulness, redirect your attention back to the present moment.

4. Tune in to your senses. Our senses — smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight — are some of the most powerful tools we have for observing our experience in the present moment. Whenever you’re practicing mindfulness, make a point of checking in to each one of your senses to ground yourself in the physical experience of the moment. 5. Do one thing at a time. At its core, mindfulness is about focus — and as research consistently shows, multitasking is the antithesis of concentration. If you want to practice mindfulness, then you’ll need to get used to focusing exclusively on one task at a time. Designing a Mindfulness Practice to Work for You Now that you understand the guiding principles of mindfulness, it’s time to design a practice that fits with your life and is truly effective for you. Here are two ways you can go about this: 1. Set a time to practice. If you do well with routines, schedule a time to practice mindfulness every day. Even if it’s only for five minutes each day, the important thing is consistency. Write it on your calendar or schedule a reminder on your phone so there’s no chance of forgetting. This can be especially important when you’re out of your normal routine, such as during travel or business trips. When the time to practice arrives, you get to decide what that will look like for you. Many people choose to practice mindfulness meditation, but you could also simply focus on being present with whatever you’re doing when the alarm goes off. 2. Identify “triggers” that you’ll encounter on a daily basis. If you don’t like the rigidity of routine, you can identify mindfulness “triggers” that serve as a reminder that it’s time to get present. These triggers should consist of anything you do on a daily basis, such as turning on your computer, brushing your hair, shaving, tying your shoelaces, eating, washing dishes, and so on. Whenever you encounter a trigger, tune in to your breath, notice what’s going on with each of your senses, and observe your head space as you go about conducting the activity. The more you practice, the more you’ll find that you automatically become mindful during these activities.




Meeting Location

TUESDAY #G10 – Scripps Ranch

Pitch: 9:00am – 9:45am Tour: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

La Bastide Bistro 10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd. #104, San Diego, CA

#G12 - Mission Bay, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach (92109)

Pitch: 8:30 am - 9:30 am Tour: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Mission Bay Yacht Club 1215 El Carmel Place, San Diego, CA

#G27 – Rancho Bernardo, West of 1-15 (92127)

Pitch: 9:00am. – 10:00am Tour: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


4S Boys and Girls Club 16118 4 S Ranch Pkwy, San Diego, CA

#702 Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe (92014, 92067, 92075, 92091, 92127, 92130)

Pitch: 11:00am – 12:00pm Tour: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Searsucker (Del Mar Highlands Plaza) 12995 El Camino Real, Del Mar, CA

#607 – Escondido (92025, 92026, 92027, 92029)

Pitch: 8:30am – 10:00pm Tour: 10:30pm – 1:30pm

The Masonic Center 1331 S. Escondido Blvd., Escondido, CA

#G18 – 92111, 92119, 92120, 91941, 91942 (1st & 3rdOf the Month)

Pitch: 9:00am – 10:00am Tour: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Marie Calender’s 6950 Alvarado Rd., San Diego, CA

#G118 – Coronado (92118)

Pitch: 9:30 am last Wed. of each month only Tour: Weekly at 11:00am – 1:00pm

#G129 - Rancho Penasquitos 92129

Pitch: 10:30am Tour: Immediately after Pitch

Cafe 56 - patio area 13211 Black Mountain Road, Von’s center in PQ

Rally & Ride

Pitch & Tour: 9:30 am

PSAR South County Service Center 880 Canarios Ct., Ste. 100, Chula Vista

#702 – Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff (92007, 92009, 92011, 92024)

Pitch: 8:00am – 9:40am Tour: 10:30pm – 1:00pm

C3 Church 2716 Gateway Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92009

#801N & 802S – Fallbrook/Bonsall (92003, 92028,)

Pitch: 8:30am – 9:30am Tour: 9:30pm – 1:30pm

Fallbrook Country Escrow Office 1676 S. Mission Rd # E, Fallbrook, CA



Coronado Yacht Club 1631 Strand Way, Coronado, CA

THURSDAY #G8 - Downtown San Diego (92101, 92103) Parking: Metered street parking or nearby parking garages

Pitch: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30a.m. Tour: 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Meze Greek Fusion 345 6th Street, San Diego, CA

#G16 - Point Loma & Ocean Beach

Pitch: 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Tour : 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Portuguese Hall 2818 Avenida De Portugal, San Diego, CA

#G6 – Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park, Bay Ho, University City and Sera Mesa (92110, 92111, 92117, 92122, 92123)

Pitch: 11:30am - 12:30pm Tour : 12:45am - 2:30pm


Hometown Buffet 3007 Clairemont Dr., San Diego, CA

#G26 - Rancho Bernardo and Carmel Mountain Ranch in zip 92128 and all of zip 92127

Pitch: 9:00am – 9:30am Tour: 9:45am – 12:00 pm


St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church 16275 Pomerado Road, Poway, CA

#G111 - Golden Triangle (92122, 92037)

Pitch: 11:30am - 12:30pm Tour : 12:45am - 2:30pm


Cozymel’s Coastal Mex 4303 La Jolla Villa Dr., San Diego, CA

#G126 - Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley (92126, 92121)

Pitch: 11:30am - 12:30pm Tour : 12:45am - 2:30pm


Cozymel’s Coastal Mex 4303 La Jolla Villa Dr., San Diego, CA 92122

#G704 – Oceanside 92054, 92056, 92057, 92058

Pitch: 8:00am - 9:30am Tour: 9:30am - 11:30am.

Woman’s Club 3220 Monroe St., Carlsbad, CA

#602 – San Marcos (92069,92078) #601 – Vista (92081, 92083, 92084)

Pitch: 8:30am – 9:00pm Tour: 10:000pm – 1:00pm

Nucci’s Italian Restaurant 1580 South Melrose Dr., Vista, CA

#G64 – Poway (92128) & Sabre Springs South of Ted Williams Pkwy

Pitch: 8:30 a.m. - 9:45a.m. Tour: 9:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church 16275 Pomerado Road, Poway, CA

#G14 East & West - Metro Area West of Park Blvd (92101, 92103, 92108, 92110, 92116)

Pitch: 8:30am – 9:30am Tour: 10:00am – 1:00pm


Kato Sushi 1045 University Avenue, San Diego, CA


Anniversaries 8 yrs 5 yrs 5 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 2 yrs 1yr

Ron Stowers 12.17 Cameron Owens 01.05 Penny Ong-Conley 01.18 Nick Zurek 12.04 Blanca Fonseca 12.31 Lori Vialpando 02.23 Jasmine Young 02.29


Birthdays Lupita Sedano 12.12 Andres Suarez Kenny Jacques 12.22 Brenda Sanchez Cori Owens-Mendez 12.27 Jasmine Young Belinda Stowers 12.29 Krystal Conner Alex Bland 12.31 Mary Cruz Tiffany Rodriguez 01.10 Linda Vilay Patti Gonzales 01.11 Julie Larabee 01.13 Kelsey Kuhn 01.16 Lori Vialpando 01.16 Karla Martin 01.23 Jolene Joyner 01.28 Jessica Martinez 01.30

02.01 02.03 02.07 02.10 02.26 02.28

Jinny’s Kendall & Morgan | Christine’s Mikey & Mason


Todd & Sean the Gingerbread Men | Lori & Santa

Ron, Lupita, Jolene and Penny Celebrate in Style


Morgan (Jinny J.) | Mikey and Mason (Christine T.) | Sailor (Holly J.)

Holidays Around the Branches


1. Princeton


2. Jax Christine & Family | Casey & the Gowards

3. Winston

6. Tubby

4. Philip

5. Louie

Jasmine with Friends in Napa | Dan & Erica Padres Game | Mary & Brother Josiah


7. Bruce

Blanca Skydiving | Jacky at New Hire

8. Vinnie

9. Ralphie

10. Sam

A. Casey B. Franc C. Holly D. Jasmine E. Jenna F. Joey (Our Regional Marketing Coordinator.) G. Lori H. Mandy I. Penny J. Todd

Team Bonding During Holiday Party Weekend

1. D 2. E 3. H 4. C 5. G 6. I 7. A 8. B 9. J 10. F











1st Friday Breakfast Carlsbad Chamber




7am - 9am


11 Joint Sales Meeting 10am - 12pm

Lunch 12PalmLeads Desert Chamber 12pm -1pm

6 Degrees Mixer WeWork San Diego

AREAA Mixer 5pm - 7pm

4pm - 7pm

13Coffee Connection 8am - 9am


WCR My Best Year Yet Riverwalk Golf Club 10am - 12pm

New Hire Orientation








SDAR 2017 Circle of Influence 5pm - 11pm

BIA 2017 Installation Dinner 5:30pm - 9pm




25 BIA y|GEN Kickoff

Leads Lunch Palm Springs Chamber 12pm - 1pm

Holly Nanula - Harcourts Real Estate Networking

Party & Building Tour San Diego Central Courthouse


Leads Lunch Palm Desert Chamber 12pm -1pm


4:30pm - 6:30pm


26 Profit Connection

27AREAA Tony Robbins 28 Coaching & Networking 4pm - 7pm

6 Degrees Casino Night Junior Achievement SD 5pm - 9pm


Leads Lunch Palm Springs Chamber 12pm - 1pm

First Round Connectors House of Blues 5:30pm - 7pm







FRI 3 1st Friday Breakfast Carlsbad Chamber



7am - 9am

AREAA 3rd Annual Bowling Tourney 5pm - 9pm



7 6 Degrees Breakfast Speaker Series



NAHREP Breakthrough Mindset

7:30am - 9:30am

10am - 11:30am

Leads Lunch Palm Desert Chamber

Leads Lunch Palm Springs Chamber



11:30am - 1pm

Coffee Connection Carlsbad Chamber


8am - 9am

12pm -1pm

12pm - 1pm

14 6 Degrees Lunch




BIA Breakfast Senior Moments and Sage Advice

Leads Lunch Palm Springs Chamber





Del Mar Hilton

12pm - 1pm

7:30am - 10:30am

New Hire Orientation





Leads Lunch Palm Springs Chamber 12pm - 1pm




6 Degrees Networking Mixer 4pm - 7pm

Profit Connection Leads Lunch Palm Desert Chamber 12pm -1pm


Holly Nanula Real Estate Networking 4:30pm - 6:30pm

First Round Connectors House of Blues 5:30pm - 7pm

Please share pictures of all your industry events, conventions, awards, sales meetings. Send to Holly ( with a small explanation. imortgage is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act CRMLA 4131040. NMLS ID 174457. All rights reserved. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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