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Mary Jane Sl覺ppers (for 2 years old size to 9 years old size) size)

Materials Needed; 1 ball of medium weight yarn in any color you would like to use, 3,5mm. crochet hook

INSTRUCTIONS FOR MARY JANE SLIPPERS *Instructions are written for 2-3 years old size with larger sizes (3-4 yaers old,5-6 yers old,7-8 years old,9-10 years old) in parantheses.


ch 17 (19)(21)(23)(25)

Rnd 1- work dc in 4th ch from hook.dc in next 12 (14)(16)(18)(20) ch,work 5 dc in next ch,turn,dc in next 12 (14)(16)(18)(20) ch,work 4 dc in next ch,join rnd with a sl st in 1st dc .-inc (35 dc) (39)(43)(47)(51)

Rnd 2- ch 3,work dc in next 13 (15)(17)(19)(21) dc,2 dc in next 5 dc,dc in next 12 (14)(16)(18)(20) dc, 2 dc in next 4 dc,join rnd with a sl st in 1st dc.-inc (44 dc) (48)(52)(56)(60)

Side of slippers; Rnd 3- ch 3,work dc in all 44 (48)(52)(56)(60) dc,join rnd with a sl st in 1st dc.(44 dc)(48)(52)(56)(60)

for 9-10 years old size you should make 1 more rnd; Rnd 3x-ch 3,work hdc in all 60 dc to end,join rnd with a sl st in 1st hdc.(60 hdc)

Top of slippers;

Rnd 4-ch3,work dc in next 8(11)(12)(14)(16) dc,[sk next dc,work dc in next dc] repeat 9 (9)(10)(10)(10) more times ,work dc in all dc to end,join rnd with a sl st in 1st dc.

Rnd 5-ch 3,dc in next8 (11)(12)(14)(16) dc,[sk next dc,dc in next 2 dc] repeat 3 more times,dc in all dc to end,join rnd with a sl st in 1st dc. End off.


*Leave 8 (10)(12)(12)(14) sts in front side of the slipper, *Mark both sides with a stitch marker ( I prefer using a piece of yarn),

Join yarn with a sl st in marked st, Row 1-work 3 (4)(4)(4)(5) sc,turn

Row 2-ch 1,skip next sc,sc in next 2 (3)(3)(3)(4) sc,turn *Repeat “row 2” for 6 (7)(8)(9)(9) more times, *Join your work to opposite side with sl sts,end off.

Turn your finished slipper inside out .

HOW TO MAKE A FIVE PETAL LARGE FLOWER; MATERIALS *2 different colors “medium weight� yarns *3-3,5mm crochet hook

With color A, Rnd 1-Ch 2,work 5 sc in ring,pull free end of yarn to close circle,join round with sl st Rnd 2-[Ch 3,sl st in next sc] repeat 4 more times, Join color B, Rnd 3-Join yarn with a sl st in any of ch3 rings,ch 3,work 5 dc in ring,ch 3,sl st in same ring,[sl st in next ch 3 ring,ch 3,work 5 dc in ring,ch 3,sl st in same ring] repeat 3 more times to complete 5 petals,end off.

All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal non-commercial use only. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at



*insert hook in second chain from hook *yo and *draw up a loop HALF DOUBLE CROCHET

*insert hook in 3rd chain from hook *yo and draw up a loop *yo and draw it through first loop *yo and draw through remaining two loops DOUBLE CROCHET

*yo, insert hook in 4th ch from hook and draw up a loop(3 loops on hook) *yo and draw loop through first 2 loops(2 remaining loops) *yo and draw lp through 2 loops

STITCHES and ABBREVIATIONS: *chain-ch *single crochet-sc *half double crochet-hdc *slip stitch-sl st *skip-sk *loop(s)-lp(s) *decreasing-(dec) *increasing-(inc) *repeat-(rep) *stitch(s)-st(s) *yarn over-yo *slip stitch-sl st *round-rnd

Mary Janes  

Very easy and pretty crochet pattern for begginers.

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