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BT Corp Treggering Innovation

The next industrial revolution could once again start in India.

India’s new revolution

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BT Corp Treggering Innovation

BT CORP is a unique company based in India, exploring the horizons of Nano Technology. Our company came into existence directly after in housing up to 10 patentable technologies. We are the Only company having the world`s best and cheapest manufacturing method of Graphene and Carbon nanotube most potent nonmaterial’s being used by all industries. Ready technologies to be commercialized related to following area Composite, Energy, Fine Chemical Industries. Our Company worked before its existence to develop technologies. We have the team of well qualified people in nanotechnology, with worldwide network or channelling for explore our expertise. Our company is at the stage of establishment, renovation and expansion planning in Nano technology and Patent filing procedures are continued. Our technologies are having certified and concept proof.

MISSION: Strive every day to become the world’s most innovative company with Nanotechnology as our core competency.

VISION: To be admired by our customers, employees, business partners and investors for the experience and value they enjoy from partnering with us while keeping a passions for economic growth caring environmental protection and social responsibility.


Graphene is potentially the most important discovery of the century.


Graphene may be something you can only wonder about right now, but it could be a part of everyone’s life very soon.


What is Graphene? “Graphene is an allotrope of carbon whose structure is a single planar sheet of sp2 bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice.” Graphene has earned the moniker The Miracle Material, because it considered the world's strongest and thinnest material, and it's also it conducts electricity better than anything, transparent then glass and also flexible. Strategic metal experts are already calling graphene “The most important substance created since synthetic plastic a century ago.” Plastics are a conservative comparison. Graphene has far more high-tech uses than plastic and is poised to be much more lucrative.


No small matter









Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel.

The world’s most conductive material

As well as trasparent, flexible and impermeable.







The thinnest material on earth - 1 million times thinner than a human hair.

The world’s first 2D material, opening the door to new, experimental fields.

More than 100 University of India researchers work on graphene.

Graphene Property Value Properties


Competing Materials




4.1 GPa

Thermal Conductivity

5000 W/m.k


400 W/m.k

Electrical Conductivity

10x10 7Siemens/m


58.5x10 6 Siemens/m




~750 mg/m2






Applications of Graphene



Aeroscape | Automotive | Rubber

Transparent Electrode

Flexible Display | Transperent Electrode | Touch Panel

Energy Electrode

Solar Cellls| Fuel Cells | Secondary Batteries | Super Capacitor

Coductive Ink & coating

Conductive Ink | Emi Shield Coating | Gravia Printing Electrodes

Semi Conductor

Ultrafast Transistor | RďŹ c Photo | Bio Sensors


Gas Barrier | Water Barrier

Heat dissipation


HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPOSITES Graphene and its derivative ďŹ lled with composites have shown immense potential applications due to its exceptional reinforcement in composites.



Electrically Conductive Improve Mechnical Property Stability

Improve Mechnacial propety Fire resistance Corrosion Resistance

BT Corp Treggering Innovation


Strong Anti Microbial Durable


Toughness Thermal Property Wear Resistnace




Tyre Industries

Sporting Goods


Energy Storage

Conductive Inks & Coating

Wind Turbine Blades

Battery, Super-Capacitor & Fuel Cell Electrodes

Solar Cell Coatings

Small addition of graphene to large quantity of rubber improves more mechanical properties compare to other available materials like clay, carbon black etc.


Graphene Benefits: 1. High Durability & mechanical Strength 2. Reduce Weight 3. Reduce Rolling Resistance 4. Easy Rubber Processing 5. High Barrier Coating 6. Excellent Electrical Properties


Graphene are especially suited to aerospace applications that include aircraft braking systems, thermal management, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and lightning strike.

Graphene's high electrical conductivity and high optical transparency make it a candidate for transparent conducting electrodes, required for such applications as Touchscreens, liquid crystal displays, organic photovoltaic cells, and organic light-emitting diodes

Graphene Benefits: 1. Improved impact strength 2. Lightweight 3. More energy efficient

Graphene Benefits: 1. Large-area 2. Transparent, 3. Highly conductive 4. Lesser power conversion efficiency (PCE) then Indium Tin Oxide.

Tyre Industries


Graphene's high electrical conductivity and high optical transparency make it a candidate for transparent conducting electrodes, required for such applications as Touchscreens, liquid crystal displays, organic photovoltaic cells, and organic light-emitting diodes

Graphene demonstrate the highest thermal conductivity known today, five times that of copper, the nano graphene material is being used for next generation Li-Ion battery, fuel cell bipolar plate and super capacitor electrode.

Conductive Inks & Coating

Energy Storage


Conductive inks contain components that provide the function of conductivity. Such components may be comprised of silver, carbon, graphite, or other precious metal coated base material. Common conductive inks can be classified into three categories: noble metals, conductive polymers, and carbon nanomaterials. Conductive inks can be used in various ways, including screen printing, flexographic or rotogravure, spray, dip, and more. A selection of conductive inks are offered on the market, to meet the demands of many applications: electronics, sensors, antennae, touch screens, printed heaters and more.

Graphene Benefits: 1. Large-area 2. Transparent, 3. Highly conductive 4. Lesser power conversion efficiency (PCE) then Indium Tin Oxide.


High impact strength and tubular structure of carbon nanotubes enable strong, lightweight components to maximize the lifetime and efficiency of wind turbines.

Sporting Goods

Carbon Nanotube Benefits: 1. Better energy conversion 2. Large blades, resulting higher energy generation 3. Longer blade life time

Solar Cell Coatings The latest focus is to improve efficiency and reduce the cost in thin film solar cells. The unique combination of the carbon nanotube properties may allow for a significant efficiency improvement with a simpler construction in future generations of solar cells.

A new generation of recreational sporting goods equipment is beginning to revolutionize the performance of baseball, hockey, tennis, biking, boating and others. Carbon Nanotube Benefits: 1. Greatly improved impact strength 2. Stiffer 3. Lightweight 4. Stronger & more durable equipment

Wind Turbine Blades

Carbon Nanotube Benefits: 1. Simplified manufacturing process 2. Cost effective 3. Improved light absorption


Global Demand Outlook Carbon nanomaterials and it relative technologies have moved swiftly from the research laboratory to the marketplace, driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required. These include the aerospace, automotive, coatings, electronics, energy storage, coatings and paints, communications, sensor, solar, oil, and lubricant sectors.the most promising and fastest growing nanomaterials having enormous potential to spark off the next industrial revolution. As Carbon nanomaterial’s provide a variety of unique performance attributes to a long list of markets and applications. The table below will help you determine which specific CNM’s attributes will be crucial to enable breakthrough performance improvements in your application,


Markets Energy Battery



Structural Composites

Semico & Disk Drive

ITO replac ement

Fuel syste ms


atic painting

High electrical conductivity

High thermal conductivity


High tensile strength


Carbon Nano Materials


Sporting goods

High elasticity

High absorbency

High aspect ratio (L/D) Low weight

 

Others Thermal Manage ment

Flame Retardant

According to Lux Research Inc, Bringing Reality to the Hype, the Total Graphene Market Set for a Modest $126 Million in 2020. Applications are coming onto the market soon for polymer composites, transparent conductive coatings in touch-screen displays, photodiodes and high frequency transistors.


According to a Marketsand Markets.Inc, the global carbon nanotubes market is estimated to reach $3,301.1 million in 2017; The global carbon nanotubes market is estimated to reach $3,301.1 million in 2017; growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.4% from 2011 to 2017.


Graphene The "WONDER MATERIAL" used by

BT Corp Treggering Innovation

Indian Defence US - Department of Defense Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency China National Space Administration Boeing Canadian Space Agency CVD Equipment Corporation Defense Science & Technology DRDO European Space Agency - ESA IBS - Institute or Basic Science DLR - German Aerospace Centre Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Indian Space Research Organizaion NationalCancer Institute Isreal Space Agency IRISS - Under ESA IACS Russian Space Agency United Nanotech Innovation Pvt Ltd.

UK Space Agency French Space Agency National Chemical Laboratory Swiss Space Center BNNT European Commission National Institute for Nanotechnology INST Dept.Science & Technology South Africa Centre fo NANO & Soft matter Sciences US - Department of Defense Royal Aeronautical Society National Nanotechnology Initative NASA DARPA National Institute of Health Rolls Royce RUSNANO SANSA ANSI - Standard Activities Saint Gobain Glass


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