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welcome On behalf of the whole College community, I am delighted to offer a few words of welcome for this inaugural issue of our St Mary’s College Friends Magazine. Throughout its history, the College has produced a variety of publications for its students and alumni. However, in its present form this is a new development for the College. I hope that the magazine will help keep you up-to-date with recent news from both the College and the University as a whole, as well as letting you know about forthcoming events. With the publication of the magazine, we are launching a new ‘Friends of St Mary’s’ concept for the College. One of the great pleasures of my role as College Principal is to come into contact with such a wide range of people who support the College in so many ways. This includes not only present and former students, but also the families of current students, partners of alumni, retired staff members and people from the wider community who have in some way been touched by St Mary’s. Although I know how much the College means for alumni, many of


whom retain a lifelong link with the College, I have come to realise that family members, friends and supporters of students might also be interested in the College and may appreciate an opportunity to feel connected in some way, whilst of course allowing students their independence. As a result, we have created a ‘Friends of St Mary’s’ scheme to help people to keep in touch with the College, irrespective of their original connection with College. As well as issuing a standing invitation to visit St Mary’s, Friends will receive regular updates and newsletters, as well as invitations to special events, such as a Friends’ Formal Dinner, and opportunities to contribute to College developments, such as enhancing our library.

One of the great pleasures of my role as College Principal is to come into contact with such a wide range of people who support the College

W ELCO M E hope that you will consider registering as a Friend of St Mary’s (details are enclosed, p.34) and that this will herald a deep and meaningful relationship with you in the future! As many readers know already, St Mary’s is a very special place and we look forward to sharing it with you. I would like to finish by thanking our College Development Officer, Imogen Hampson-Smith, herself a recent graduate of the College, for the work that has gone into

producing what I hope you will agree is a very informative and interesting Magazine. With very best wishes, Professor Simon Hackett Principal, St Mary’s College



IMOGEN HAMPSONSMITH| ALUMNI RELATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT OFFICER Welcome to this first edition of St Mary’s Friends Magazine I’ve been the first ever Alumni Relations Officer here at Mary’s for just over a term now and I’ve loved every minute of it! Recently I've been busy creating this interactive magazine to make it easier for the friends of St Mary’s all around the world to stay in touch with College. I hope its primary purpose will be to listen to your ideas for the future of St Mary’s community.

strive to offer you new opportunities to serve Mary’s that are in keeping with your skills sets, values and commitments.

We aim to build a community which is informed, passionate and engaged with everything we do. If you have any question, comments or would like to write a feature for our next magazine please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2014 will mark a change in the way that Mary’s interacts with our wider community. We will be more ambitious in our support of alumni. We will champi- I hope to see as many of you as possible at our London Reunion event in March (p.20) on our volunteers, their events, their programmes and their ideas. We will support growing communi- Happy reading! ties. We will develop new programmes. We will

Stay In Touch







MATT WATSON| JCR PRESIDENT Mary’s have started this year in characteristically strong style with around 250 first-years joining us for one of our most successful Freshers’ Weeks ever. The week consisted of the always popular Silent Disco and Boat Party, but the true success this year lied in the popularity of the “alternative” events, based around the things that make Mary’s so successful throughout the whole year. The best attended of these events was the first Live Lounge of the year with over 100 people crowded into our bar listening to the musical talents of Mary’s. DUCK ran a great Scavenger Hunt and the ever-popular “Grub Crawl” was again well-attended. These societies have continued to flourish, with Mary’s Arts Society running a very popular weekend in November, culminating in “Mary’s Got Talent”. Foot Of The Hill Theatre pulled out another highly amusing Pantomime with their version of Cinderella.

The sports’ teams have also embraced the new season and, as always, we continue to over-achieve given the size of our college. We currently lie 3rd in Newly-revamped WAM (“Welfare at Mary’s”) also the Points per Student table and regularly, Mary’s ran their first “Burst Out of the Bubble” event as 100 are able to gain many points in the second half of the students descended upon the ice-skating rink at the year, particularly with the cricket and tennis seasons Life Centre in Newcastle. yet to start and the College Festival of Sport to come The Social Committee continued to offer a great as well. A special shout-out also goes to the Men’s range of events with formal dinners as well attended Basketball A team who currently sit top of the Premas ever. The new inter-collegiate event, Mad Hatter’s iership having won 7 out of 7. Tea Party with St. Chad’s and the Halloween Dinner As we look ahead to the rest of the were again very popular. This year’s Michaelmas Dinner was a highlight of the first term with special year, there only appears to be great guest speaker, Chris Huhne, delivering an interesting address about the environment and global warming. things on the horizon for Mary’s.


Photo courtesy of Kyle Wong, JCR photographer


Old Boys & Girls


REUNIO NS was a man mountain in goal, with the sight of his Aviator sunglasses striking fear, and perhaps admiration into everyone who came across him. Well, except maybe Alex Hunt, who bagged a brace. The traditional penalty shoot-out followed, and I could For one weekend only, bore you with the details of who won, but as curthe former giants of SMCFC, such as Josh Wagner, rent President and life long excessive fringe enthuCharles Richardson and of course 'The Social Memsiast Matt Watson stated: "I believe it was all tied ber' Joe Lightfoot, made their way back up to up at fun to fun." Durham for Old Boys Weekend.

Football 15-18.11.13|

The hallowed (astro) turf of Neville's Cross was the venue for the match between the alumni and the current crop of players. Despite playing with 15 players at one point, including Joe Lightfoot playing in jeans and loafers, the Old Boys simply couldn't replicate their victory of the current squad last year. Key to this victory for the present squad was the imposing presence of Tom 'Ice Man' Shaw, who

What followed was an evening of low key celebrations in Mary's Bar, with a couple of pints, the odd BJL and of course a whole club rendition of 'Angels' in the Bar before heading to Klute. It was great to see so many Old Boys back up in College for what was a brilliant weekend and it looks promising for next year to be just as successful. Review by Will Oster, 10/12/13

Thank you|to Fliss McDowall for providing the beautiful cover photo for this magazine. Here’s another photo, also by Fliss taken the day after the snow storm passed!



Hockey 01-03.02.14| Durham waved farewell

members of SMCHC were kept very much on their toes, despite the Old Girls claiming they were ”not as fit as we used to be”, and the final score ended 1 -1, with man-of-the-match Holly Colvin smashing a fantastic short into the bottom left of the goal, proving the Oldies do still have it.

to a rather miserable (but standard) January, it once again bid a warm hello to 30 loyal members of the great SMCHC, who abandoned the corporate world of the City and instead headed North for the fourth annual Hockey Old Boys Weekend.

Next it was the boys’ turn, with Chris Pye’s team hoping to ensnare Bed Bedford’s men into their ‘Mouse’-trap. Alas it was not to be and after a fastpaced game the match ended 3-0 to the Current Boys. Nevertheless high spirits prevailed and the Proceedings got underway on Friday night, starting day was rounded off with a customary game of with a reunion in Mary’s Bar, followed by a visit to flicks, with goalie Tom ‘Phil Bell’ Sisson putting in a Boathouse, the club sponsors, organized by current fine performance. Credit to Matt Watson for enthusiastically fulfilling his President responsibilities Social Secretaries Alex Assim and Izzy Watson. A fantastic opening night was had in VIP, with past members mixing with present, re-discovering their love of Durham, its cheesy music and the joys of Patrick’s Pizza. Saturday was game day. Thankfully the rain and snow decided against gracing Maiden Castle with their presence, though the air was still menacingly chilly, rivalling Klute’s frosty reception when it abolished Mary’s SNK. Nevertheless, the players bravely blew the cobwebs off their sticks, nervously inserted their (probably by now rather unhygienic) gumshields, proudly donned their Old Boys 2014 stash and did battle for the coveted SMCHC Old Boys trophy, with the ever-wonderful Gilly B supporting hard from the side-lines. The girls were up first in what turned out to be a pretty close clash between two well-matched sides. The Current Girls were led by their captain Lucy Cole, the Returners by Sophie Passant. Present


REUNIO NS and taking not one but two for the team, firstly ending up in Claire Little’s mighty line of fire, before later gifting viewers to a majestic tumble (read: wipe-out), reacquainting his knees with the sand.

shout out must also go to Josh Charalambous, who successfully reached Varsity the next morning to declare, “I want brunch”, a fine effort for a man who confessed he “couldn’t see” and appeared significantly poorer than the night before.

Dispersing to catch up on the Six Nations, everyone later reconvened in College for a three-course dinner in Kenworthy, accompanied by a slideshow of SMCHC memories, speeches from past and current players before, of course, heading to Klute. Highlights include a taxi being summoned to brave the ‘great trek’ from Mary’s to Dunelm, that was subsequently raided by birthday girl Louise Corrigan, and a happy Jack Miller declaring ‘Jaergerbombs for all’ at the downstairs bar, a pledge well-received by those battling the traumatic discovery that Quaddies now cost £4.80. A

Special thanks to Anne Furness for kindly providing table gifts during the speeches, Will Storey for his fantastic (now annual?!) video, Katie Aaronson for photos, the original Old Boys Secretary Anna Chamberlain-Webber for her all support, and to every SMCHC alumni who managed to attend. A fantastic weekend was had by everyone… do we really have to wait a whole year for it to happen again? Review by Amy Simpkins, 12/02/13

Photos courtesy of Kyle Wong, JCR Photographer.



upcoming register your interest. If you are sure you wish to attend please click attending on the Facebook group.- don't think you're not welcome just because you don't know other attending, please do come This year's weekend, where along if you fancy meeting some new people and we welcome back some of SMCNC's most illustrious having a good night out! alumni will take place on the 8th and 9th of March Prices TBC, but hopefully around £25 for the whole 2014. Featuring a netball tournament and meal followed by a social in the evening - exact location/ weekend (inc. meal, drinks and other goodies)

Netball 8-10.03.14|

time/price TBC - but one thing's for sure: it'll be a weekend not to miss out on! Please save the date and email Mary Palmer to

SMCNC love, Mary Palmer ( xxx

test of the year for the current boys in purple. Preceding the match St Mary’s bar will be open from 4pm on the 22nd for England-Ireland. Following the game, SMCRFC and SMCRFCOBRFCS will be congreOn 22 February, SMCRFC gating in the bar for the continuation of the reunion, will once again welcome SMCRFCOBRFCS back to the culminating in a Varsity brunch at 11am on the 23rd. hallowed (artificial) turf at Maiden Castle for the All Old Boy’s are welcome to play or spectate – for annual Old Boy’s clash. more information please contact At 6pm under the lights the alumni will be seeking or samutheir revenge for such famous battles as those of, or follow this link for the 2013, 2012, 2011 and so on… Following a thus far Facebook event. unbeaten season, the game looks to be the toughest

Rugby 22-23.02.14|

Boat club Watch this space| Details of the Boat club reunion which is being planned for final

term will be released shortly. This will be the first boat club old boys and girls so we are keen to hear ideas but we are thinking, afternoon spent racing and then dinner followed by a night out. Please contact or to register interest.



brunches Over this year we will be running several free brunches for friends visiting Mary’s. Brunches are a fantastic way to touch base with college swap ideas for new projects and meet up with old friends.

Friends Brunch - 16.11.13 Upcoming Brunch - 08.03.14 It was fantastic to see so many college supporters in Durham over Lumiere weekend, both for the light festival and for Football Old Boys. Professor Simon Hackett personally welcomed over twenty people back to college for a free brunch on Saturday morning. .

Another friends brunch is planned to coincide with Netball Old Girls weekend 8th-10th of March, all friends are welcome to attend regardless of your skills on the netball court. If you are interested in attending this brunch please email to book your place.

Society Lunch St Mary’s College Alumni Society are holding an Alumni Lunch at College on 8th of March. If you are intrested in attending please email for more details. 11


Moving On Up|

Laura Brown writes about her life after Mary’s.

Laura Brown is a Writer, Journalist, Feminist and Producer, she writes a food blog as Austerity Foodie and maintains a professional site at . Here she writes about her life and experiences after her time at Mary’s

Mary's has a special place in my heart because for me it is where I started. Where I began my routines and rituals, where I learnt how to find my voice.

12 Image courtesy of Ant Clausen

F EATURE It is Saturday morning. I am sitting in bed, with two cats and a cup of coffee. I am ruminating on my week; the work I've achieved, the meetings I've had, the connections I've made, projects embryonically fulminating, those coming to a close. I am giving myself a moment of pause. It is a habit I began at Mary's. I graduated 12 years ago. Lor is it so long? A girl could have been born, grown and be confidently articulating her own views of the world in the time since I packed up my things into my parents car and walked to the train station to leave Durham (I had accumulated too many things, there was not enough space in the car for me). I sat on the train alone and cried as we pulled out of The city. A man took pity on me and bought me a kit kat. Part of my life had ended and a new slice of the cake was ready to be served. I think I can confidently say I have tried to eat it with gusto. The moment of calm I treated myself to weekly began at Mary's because I often felt overwhelmed. So many people, so many things to do. Joy, upset, fear, anger and a special brand of hangover. I proffered myself this moment to myself to anchor my thoughts and perspective. It is a luxury I refuse to give up. Perspective is something it is so hard to gain but offers more joy than almost anything else. Understanding who you and are why you are, why some things happen and others don't keeps us anchored in ourselves when we may find the world tipping

and tilting like a merry go round. In the 12 years since I walked down the steps at Mary's for the last time I have studied a post grad, reported for the BBC, learnt the joys of live broadcasting and had the pride of a job well done, had my heart broken and won, married, made friends and lost them, set up my own business, lost my father, gained a sister in my brothers girlfriend and discovered tomato soup. There is so much more but these are the highlights, the soup particularly. I have discovered I love being home and white rooms. I have been forced to admit that perhaps I will never be a diplomat (in so many senses of the word). I have learnt how to cook, really cook so people ask for the recipes. I have learnt you cannot keep hold of people, as much as you would sorely love to. I have learnt that life can speed past you while you just thought you had time. I have learnt every moment is vital, even if you're just standing and waiting for a bus. Mary's has a special place in my heart because for me it is where I started. Where I began my routines and rituals, where I learnt how to find my voice. At Mary's I learnt the value of perspective. Some people are brighter than you, some richer, but I reflected on what I offered and I was truthful with myself. Without that I could not have done all I have. I imagine I could have done that anywhere but it was a perfect storm that took me to be sitting in my little room on the ground floor having a crafty fag out of the window looking out onto the square where I realised the vital importance of giving myself time to reflect on what the last week had meant, what I should take into the next and perhaps what I should leave behind.

The moment passes, the day subsumes us all. What's next?



Durham News Durham Lacrosse players celebrate their win over Team England Durham University Women’s Lacrosse Team made history in November by taking on the Team England Development Squad and winning 17-7. The game was part of a planned training event being held at Durham University. (25 Nov 2013) » More about Durham Lacrosse players celebrate their win over Team England


D URHAM NEW S Archaeological discoveries confirm early date of Buddha’s life Archaeologists working in Nepal have uncovered evidence of a structure at the birthplace of the Buddha dating to the sixth century B.C. This is the first archaeological material linking the life of the Buddha — and thus the first flowering of Buddhism — to a specific century. (25 November 2013) » More about Durham’s Archaeological discoveries

New training centre focuses on environmental impact of oil and gas sector Durham University is a core partner in a new £8m training centre aimed at helping the oil and gas sector put environmental science at the heart of responsible management of the planet. (5 Dec 2013) » More about new training centre focuses

Durham scientists win funding to develop sustainable chemicals, energy, medicines and food Scientists at Durham University have won access to £45 million in Government funding to work with industry on new advances in biotechnology. (18 Dec 2013) » More about Durham scientists win funding to work with industry to develop sustainable chemicals, energy, medicines and food


S T MARY ’S | FRIENDS MAG AZINE University receives £10 million funding for a new innovation centre Durham University has been awarded a £10 million investment from the North East Local Enterprise Partnership to help fund the first phase of a multimillion pound innovation centre. (8 Jan 2014) » More about university receives £10M funding for a new innovation centre

World-leading researcher into the origin of galaxies receives Royal Astronomical Society’s highest honour A Durham University professor, who is one of the originators behind a theory for the origin of galaxies and the structure of the Universe, has been honoured for his world-leading research. (10 Jan 2014) » More about world-leading researcher into the origin of galaxies receives Royal Astronomical Society’s highest honour

Durham University unveils new landmark building Durham University has unveiled plans for a £10 million new building to house its world-renowned Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics. (10 Jan 2014) » More about Durham University unveils new landmark building


D URHAM NEW S United States ambassador to the United Kingdom visits Durham University US ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun, visited Durham University to meet with US students and scholars. (21 Jan 2014) » More about US ambassador to the UK visits Durham University

Durham’s Physics department rewarded for improving gender equality Durham University’s Department of Physics has won a national award for improving gender equality across its staff and students. The department has been awarded Juno Practitioner status by the Institute of Physics (IOP). (24 Jan 2014) » More about Durham’s Physics department rewarded for improving gender equality

Rare masterpiece goes on public display for first time A free exhibition of a rare masterpiece depicting the Crucifixion by artist Franz von Rohden will run at Durham’s World Heritage Site Visitor Centre in February. The exhibition will focus on the painting - the Crucifixion of Our Lord with the Virgin Mary, St John and Mary Magdalene (1854) – which has come from the collections at Ushaw College, on the outskirts of Durham City. (30 Jan 2014) » More about the Rare masterpiece



Career Mentor Appeal In 2014 Mary's plans to

Becoming a career mentor is a fantastic way to support college in a non-monetary capacity, lending

launch a comprehensive career mentoring programme which will link current students

your time and expertise to guide a fellow Marian in their chosen path. How would useful a career mentor have been to you,

and recent graduates

when you were first searching for jobs? In today’s with professional alum- highly competitive job market, wouldn’t it be great ni or friends of college to give a young person a head start in your sector? in their chosen field. We hope the scheme will provide opportunities for networking, career research, CV evaluations, sharing experiences (including mistakes!) of an alumnus’ road to success, giving advice

We are extremely fortunate to be members of a College with such an extraordinarily diverse and powerful network of friends. Together, we are working to support our current students’ career ambi-

on interviews/assessment centres and answer-

tions, prospects and employability. The integration

ing questions about the best graduate schemes/

of our professional community and present under-

companies to work for.

graduates is currently one of our most important Currently (Feb 2014) the scheme is still in the men-

initiatives, and one in which we hope to see further

tor recruitment stage and we are keen to recruit

participation and engagement as the project devel-

more friends of college to sign up as mentors.



CAREER M ENTO RING At other colleges schemes are already estab-


lished and the following link demonstrates how Grey, the most successful of these, conducts its programme. At Grey optional responsibilities of being a career mentor can stretch from answering one or two emails a year about your company, all the way to offering shadowing opportunities and internships to willing candidates. All of our professional community are encouraged to register with our Careers Network. You will be invaluable to the scheme regardless of the stage of your career, or the type of employment you have had. Current students have a wide range of career interests and aspirations. Many aim for graduate trainee positions but there are also many students who don't want to apply for formal graduate schemes, voluntary work and postgraduate study. Not only is it incredibly rewarding to be directly supporting a fellow Marian’s first step on the career ladder, but you may even discover that your

ment/internship in your field of work. Please sign-up now! Don’t worry about it being an onerous time commitment: all contact is remote (usually via email/social networking), students usually contact their mentors only a couple of times per term, and you can decide how many mentees you can take under your wing! For further information, please contact our Sabbatical Development Officer, Imogen HampsonSmith (St Mary’s, 2010-2013) who would be delighted to assist with any queries at

mentee would be an ideal candidate for a place-



Mary’s Day Camping? This year we’re working to make Mary’s Day (22.06.14) as friendly as possible! One of the suggestions brought to

and have access to not-so-festival-inspired toilet facilities. This idea will only come to fruitarian if enough people express interest in provisionally booking tent space.

us by a recent alumna was to create a festival style camping site for those returning to Durham for the Mary's Day celebrations.

So if you’re planning on returning for Mary’s Day and think you would like to be part of the campsite

The Mary’s Day Festival Campsite will allow friends of college to stay close to Mary’s with access to cheap meals and clean showers etc. Friends can join in the festivities of the weekend, gather round the campfire

Please register your interest here and look out for more Mary’s Day plans next term.



Congratulations Biddy Baxter| Congratulations to children’s TV legend, former Blue Peter producer and Mary’s alumna Biddy Baxter who has just been awarded a special BAFTA award, recognising her innovation and leadership in BBC children’s broadcasting

Awarded BAFTA

through Listen with Mother and Blue Peter. This award will join her many other accolades including the honorary doctorate she received from Durham University in 2012.

Read more here.

Katherine Garrett-Cox| Awarded CBE Congratulations to Mary's Alumni Katherine GarrettCox (History, St Mary’s, 1989) who was awarded a CBE in the 2014 News Years Honour List for services to

the Asset Management Industry and charitable service through the Baring Foundation. Read more here

Amy Simpkins| Elected President Elect Congratulations to Amy Simpkins who was this week elected President Elect of St Mary’s JCR. Amy ran on a call for greater exec transparency, legitimate and responsible spending, better study spaces, a new gym sharing system and renewed Matt Watsons commitment to work towards better

bar and Arts spaces for college. For the past three years Amy has been on of the most active members of college dedicating her time to over a dozen spots and societies,. She even carried her SMC stash up Machu Picchu whilst on her Duck expedition to Peru. We wish her all the best next year!



St Mary’s After Hours — 28.03.14 —


AF TER HO URS All friends of St Mary’s are invited to meet for informal after hours drinks from 7:30pm on Friday 28th March, in the historic and beautiful Old Counting House, Cornhill (near Bank).

This is an ideal opportunity to meet Simon Hackett our College Principal, touch base with your old college and catch up with old friends all in the a beautiful historic setting.

The pub is situated 3 minutes from Bank, and has a great drinks menu and also a selection of pub food and bar snacks.

Dress is informal and comfortable or whatever you had on that day at work!

We will also begin the evening with a meal at the fantastic fun Ortega Spanish Restaurant but given the very small venue size places for this meal are very limited to so please book early to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions, please email Imogen at Please click here: 1. To Book Now! 2. To visit the Counting House website

The drinks evening is open to all from 7.30 3. To visit Ortega’s website. and event is free to attend- but due to limited 4. To see who’s attending on Facebook capacity—please register your attendance beforehand.




M ACBETH A brave military hero... A noble and

the plays UNCUT with five actors, the number Shakespeare’s own company used when touring the devoted subject to his King... A popular leader reprovinces. The productions are played with characspected by those who serve him and trusted by the teristic briskness - Shakespeare was, after all, uneKing himself... Macbeth's outstanding achievements quivocal about how long his plays take to perform. and qualities ensure that he has a bright future And each is inspired by performance techniques of ahead of him. Three mad witches he meets after a Elizabethan touring troupes such as live music and battle confirm no less - or rather two of them do. song, an inclusion of the audience in the proceedThe third prophesies more than a mere meteoric ings, contemporary references and a robustness of rise in his fortunes: she states that he will become style. King himself. One brief, crazy suggestion sows a seed of ambition, causes the unravelling of a great The design of Illyria’s staging has been taken directman, and incites a chain of treachery, murder and ly from sixteenth century engravings of touring destruction. troupes. In their 23rd year Illyria is STILL the only outdoor touring theatre company to have clocked up no less than 4 international awards. Renowned all over the world for their clarity, quality and ingenuity, Illyria once again takes on the greatest of Shakespeare's tragedies. Expect a gripping story and the dazzling swordplay for which Illyria is renowned.

“Illyria’s five actors are the direct heirs of Shakespeare’s wandering players.” (Dr Reaveley Gair, Elizabethan scholar )

Illyria has a deservedly unparalleled reputation for Hot and cold drinks will be available for purchase at the clarity and authenticity of its Shakespearean the event but please bring your own seating/ picstyle. Each play is performed in the open-air with nic rug, warm clothes and picnic food. only a handful of props and no scenery - as almost all Shakespeare's plays were originally conceived. Please click here to book tickets. The seemingly impossible is achieved by performing


Please note this event will only be cancelled in the event of a hurricane, when the performance will be rescheduled. TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


What’s been on at Mary’s?

Photos courtesy of Sophie Emms, Hild Bede

The Fashion Show| 15.02.14. This year DUCK week got off to flying start as Mary's Dining Hall witnessed an extravaganza of love, lust and fashion for one night only. Mary's finest were strutting

their stuff in a Valentine's-themed show . Backed up by a team of expert stylists, professional beauty artists and award-winning choreographers, the fashionistas flaunted the latest looks and coolest trends to raucous applause!



roundings and atmospheric venue of Mary’s College Bar. Friends are always welcome at all Lounges continue to be incredibly popular these performances either as guests or acts, if and have seen performers and attendees flock you’re in the area pleas email i.r.hampsonfrom all colleges to enjoy the intimate for more details!

Live Lounges| This year’s Live

Photos courtesy of Kyle Wong, JCR photographer

Valentines Formal| 11.02.14. The final formal of this year appealed to all Mary’s star crossed lovers! The valentines themed event saw attendees greeted by violins, heart shaped balloons and

red roses. Soc Comm did some matchmaking randomly seating groups of four people across from each other to give people the best chance of finding their soul mate and after the meal a special love song themed Live Lounge was put on to serenade the guests.!


S T MARY ’S | FRIENDS MAG AZINE Pantomime—Cinderella| 11.02.14. The yearly assault of hilarity on every college stereotype once again took to the stage this Christmas n the form of a very Durhamite retelling of Cinderella. In this year’s pantomime Cinders, a poor Marian fresher was forced to live in the new castle Three Tuns accommoda-

tion block sharing her room with the Ugly Rahs and fighting off the unwanted attentions of Hugo Charming, prince of the lacrosse court. As always it was one of the most well attended events of the college calendar filling the dining hall for a two night run and receiving great reviews from DST and the Palatinate. You can read the Palatinate review here

All photos courtesy of Kyle Wong, JCR Photographer.



What’s On? Arts Week |23-28.02.14 Friends of St Mary’s are warmly invited to all the following events of Arts Weeks. Sunday 23rd February - GALA NIGHT £1 ENTRY. Gala Night is our annual variety show featuring all of the different arts societies in Mary's including Dance, MMV, Chapel Choir, Basement Jazz and Drama, plus an interactive quiz with prizes, and free NIBBLES! 8pm start in Ken worthy Monday 24th February -CLASSICAL LIVE LOUNGE 50p ENTRY. A beautiful relaxing informal recital in Kenworthy featuring a range of classical, crossover and jazz performances. 8pm start.

the unmissable SHELLSHOCK, Durham's own improv comedy society. 8pm start. Wednesday 26th February - GIN 'N' JAZZ FREE ENTRY! a celebration of Golden Age Jazz and classic cocktails down in the bar8.30pm start Thursday 27th February - LIFE-DRAWING WORKSHOP FREE ENTRY! featuring a uni life drawing model. Kenworthy, definitely not an event to be missed! very light-hearted, open to absolutely anyone intrigued by the idea of life-drawing, MATERIALS PROVIDED. 8pm start

Friday 28th February - St Mary's College Masquerade Ball 2014: Seven Deadly Sins the biggest Arts Tuesday 25th February - THEATRE MASH-UP 50p ENTRY. A creative montage of some favourite scenes event in the college calendar. Please follow this link for more details from theatre, film & TV, plus an appearance from

Durham Events |


08.03.14| Requiem with Durham Cathedral Choir Hear the highly acclaimed

Robots come in all shapes and sizes. Some are friendly, others helpful, and a few are simply scary... Discover an exciting exhibition of robots, cyborgs and androids at Durham Palace Green Library.

Durham Cathedral Choir perform two stalwarts of the choral music repertoire to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. More details.

25.10.13-30.03.14| The Happy Carp An exhibition to showcase modern Japanese woodblock prints recently acquired by the Oriental Museum with the support of the Art Fund’s RENEW programme. More details.

• Meet some of the metal stars of the big screen face to face; • Track robots through time and space; and • Enjoy classic Sci-Fi comics and books that have activated the imagination of readers for decades! More details.

29 Photo courtesy of Kyle Wong, JCR photographer


Support St Mary’s So much of what makes Mary's such a wonderful place would be impossible if it were not for the generous gifts we receive each year from our friends and alumni. By enriching Mary's your endowment will support outstanding students and faculty for years to come. From support of Sports and the Arts to essential hardship funds for students in need Friendship Gifts are vitally important to every aspect of life at Mary's In recent years our Development Fund, supported entirely by Friend’s Donations, has financed a wide range of applications. These have included a large grant for gym equipment, a new drum kit, choir stalls, a modern PA system, plasma TV’s for the JCR and MCR, a new flotilla of boats for the boat club, kit for newly established sports teams, grants to support choir visits, equipment for the Arts Society and development of the new eco garden. Friendship funds also support our travel bursaries, the visiting women’s fellowship, choral scholarships and the book fund. Nothing is more valuable to students in need than the small amount of financial help college is able to offer each year. Without the targeted awards we give, students would find it very difficult to continue at the University and could

be forced to withdraw from their studies. One student (2012) , from a modest background, and the first from her family to go to University, told us that the £200 we provided towards her living costs at a time of crisis had been a ‘lifeline when I was about to go under’. Finally, Last year we were delighted to see considerable interest in the St Mary’s College Visiting Women’s Fellowship and we hosted our first Fellow , Dr Monica Singhania from the University of Delhi in Michaelmas Term. During her visit Monica was a great presence in College, delivering a lecture on the Global Financial Crisis. We are looking forward to welcoming two annual Visiting Women’s Fellows in the forthcoming year, Dr Ikram El-Sherif, Assistant Professor in English at the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Egypt and Ms Aytakin Huseynli from Azerbaijan State Economic University’s Social Policy and Social Work Programme, both of whom are working to extend women’s rights in their countries.

Please do consider giving to St. Mary's in some small way and know no matter what size your gift will always be appreciated.



Thank You |from our Sports Men and Women. Thank you so much to those who have contributed to St Mary’s College Sports Fund. Sport is thriving at Mary’s and we are so grateful for all donations that help our sportsmen and sportswomen be the very best that they can, on and off the field. Most recently, Friendship Gifts have funded the fantastic new equipment in St Mary’s College Gym. Following this much-needed upgrade, the Gym has become extremely popular with all years at Mary’s, notably with the Boat Club and the female members of the College. This year, we are appealing for funds to resurface and re-fence our Netball/Tennis Court.

This facility is used throughout the year, not only by St Mary’s, but by all Durham colleges for Netball and Tennis fixtures. Mary’s Netball Club is thriving and has three very competitive teams (the A team won the league last year). Currently, the surface is cracked and uneven and the perimeter fence is riddled with holes, making the court very insecure. The new surface and fencing are badly needed and would make a huge difference not only to Marians but to all at Durham University.

Gifts have funded the fantastic new equipment in St Mary’s College Gym.

jack leads which means we have to borrow from guitarists which is neither reliable nor professional; we would also benefit greatly from blackout blinds Arts Community and more varied staging for drama productions so we wouldn't have to rent them or sugar paper over Thank you so much for your gift to St Mary’s Colthe gaps, and would also allow us to produce more lege Arts Trust. St Mary's College Arts Society interesting performances and make better use of allows anyone the opportunity to express their our new lighting rig. As one of the most exciting creative soul, whether it's through singing, playing and fastest-growing communities in college, the piano, dancing, stand-up, improvised comedy, SMCAS greatly appreciates any financial support, monologues or something completely different. which benefits the quality of our events and inIn recent years Friendship Gifts have helped us to creases student interest and involvement. purchase a new set of radio microphones, a lighting rig and projection equipment as well as helping to Friendship gifts have helped purchase music and aid societies with their travel costs. However, limited funds mean we often enpurchase new radio microphones, counter problems. Having only one working microa lighting rig and a projector. phone means we have to borrow one from the dining room, which still means only 2 people can sing simultaneously; we have no working jack-to-

Thank You |from our

31 Click Here to Donate Now Photo courtesy of Mustafa Gunn


Meet | your student callers Over the next few months you may receive a call from one of our student callers at the Durham Alumni Team regarding gift-gifting and alumni activity. Whilst the telephone giving scheme is not a new idea we thought it might be nice for you to get to know your lovely callers before they ring. Our callers are genuinely interested in your stories and memories of life at Mary’s probably share some of your old interests!

Caroline Smith Degree: Interests:

Archeology BA Caving, Volunteer Work, Travelling, St John's Ambulance, Cooking.

Chris Grove Degree: Interests:

Masters in English Books, theatre, lacrosse, rock climbing and St. Mary’s!

Joseph Male Degree: Interests:

Physics Ju-jitsu; fencing; environmental society; films; Jewish society.

32 Photo courtesy of Kyle Wong, JCR Photographer.

M EET YO UR CALLERS Isobel Collins Degree: Interests:

Modern Languages Music (orchestra); literature; languages and Mary’s!

Callers in the Limelight| Beth Rudd

Hi, I'm Beth, I'm a second year Maths student and Mary’s DUCK Rep for this year! I'm delighted to say I'm one of the student callers for St Mary's College. I've been working for the Alumni Relations Team since October and I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the role so far. I feel privileged to have spoken to so many lovely alumni, who enjoyed their time at Durham - especially at Mary's - as much as I'm enjoying my time here at the moment! It has been wonderful hearing favorite memories from the college experience and hearing how many of you have kept in touch over the years since graduating. I hope life post-Mary's is treating you well and I look forward to speaking to many more of you in the future.

Hi, I’m Camilla, a third year Mary’s student living in college. Durham is a truly marvelous place and I love to hear about all the many different and diverse university experiences Mary’s alumni have. I am often touched by what our (mostly) women have to say - young and old - and this in turn makes me feel inspired for the unfolding of my own life. I am intensely grateful to have been allowed into so many people’s lives via the telephone - it’s been one of the highlights of being at Durham. So if we have spoken together then thank you. I study Combined Arts in English Literature with Philosophy in History of Art. This year my dissertation is on taxidermy in contemporary art which is taking me on a long and interesting journey into Victorian cabinets of curiosity and beyond. My time at Durham has been characterised by setting up my own card publishing and design business, Silly Mooo ( - if you’re interested!). When I graduate I hope to write and illustrate my own children’s stories, design more cards, and carry on taking commissions for my paintings. Thanks again for all the truly wonderful conversations with alumni I have had and goodbye for now!


Camilla Martin


Volunteer for St Mary’s

Since 1899 our Society has been run entirely by volunteers who have worked tirelessly to reconnect Marians all around the world. The Society – its many programmes and initiatives - simply could not exist without the dedication, time and talent of these "ambassadors for Mary’s". 2013 has been the first time a paid member of staff has undertaken any relations programme, but rather than mark the move towards the end of volunteer-run programmes it hopefully marks the start of their rapid expansion. The role of an Alumni Relations Officer is to enable alumni and friends of college to explore opportunities for enrichment, education and socialization after their time at university has ended and the College is currently searching to bolster its ranks of volunteers. Firstly we would like to know if you already run, perhaps informally, a club, society or event which has some connection to Mary’s. Perhaps a London -based football team as Castle College recently


discovered had been running for over twenty years! Secondly we would like to know if anybody would like to volunteer for Mary’s in any capacity. Perhaps you would like to organise a reunion event in your city or country. Maybe you could spare the time to sit on a mock-interview panel for current students or perhaps you would like to run an a club or society for friends of St Mary’s and would like Mary’s to connect other friends for you. Other rowers, singers, hockey players and ultimate Frisbee champs would probably jump at the chance to get together and play again, they’re just waiting for a motivated volunteer. If you think you could help Mary’s in any way please follow the link below to register as a volunteer.

Click Here to Volunteer


Sponsor a Book Scheme St Mary’s library is as old as the college itself, housing a collection of almost 8000 unique titles, collected over a hundred years of history and available for the use of all college members. Our Library and Reading Room are truly special places filled with memories of scholarship and relaxation. If as an alumni or friend of the college you would like to support the Library in a tangible and long-lasting way, why not consider sponsoring a book? The gift of a new book has a recognisable impact upon all the college community and is a gift which continues to serve students for years to come. A book dedication may be sponsored by individuals or on behalf of others as a deeply personal and lasting gift. Books bought in honour of congregating students make great graduation gifts and personal ded-

ications provide a tender way to mark a birthday, anniversary, marriage or retirement. Sponsoring a book costs just ÂŁ25, and in return a personalised bookplate will be attached to your gift with your chosen text marking your special occasion. We are looking into launching our Sponsor a Book Scheme as an automated online process but until that time if you would like to sponsor a new book or learn more about the needs of the library please email



About the Friends Scheme| If you’re receiving this magazine chances are you are already registered as a ‘Friend of St Mary’s’, all alumni and current students are automatically counted as friends but you don’t have to have been a student of St Mary’s to support the college. At St Mary’s we particularly pride ourselves on the strength of our tightly knit community. We would like to think that our students find a second home here, a home for life, but we understand that the parents, guardians, friends and supporters of our students can still prove the greatest support during the daunting transition to adult life. If you know somebody who would like to become a friend of St Mary’s who does not already receive this magazine or utilise our friendship benefits please encourage them to register free today.


F RIENDS Receive our College Magazine| Members of the programme will receive a digital copy of our termly alumni magazine along with various newsletters and other information about concerts, lectures and events which we send out to our alumni and friends.

Event Invitations| Members will receive targets emails with details of college news and upcoming ‘Friends Of Mary’s’ events around the country which may be of interest to you.

Friends of St Mary’s Arrival Lunch and Pick Up Formal| Members are invited to attend a lunch in the College Hall the weekend before the start of Easter Term – the Saturday on which most students come back into residence following the Christmas Break. They are also invited to a Formal Three Course Meal at the end of Easter Term, the weekend most students leave for the Easter break.

Sweet Treats| Members will eventually have the opportunity to pre-buy sweets, ice-cream, shop essentials and toasties from our College Shop and Toastie bar and have them delivered to Mary’s students as an exam time boost or special treat

Register Today


St Mary’s College Elvet Hill Road Durham DH1 3LR 0191 334 5955 Principal Simon Hackett Email: Alumni Relations and Development Officer Imogen Hampson-Smith Email: 01913345972 Facebook





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