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Idea - Famous Film Quotes

Create work for an exhibition titled ‘Impersonators’ held at White Cloth Gallery.

When you hear these phrases you here the voice of the actor who's portraying a persona. When people recite the lines they are impersonating the character in the film and often put on the voice. This I thought would make a good piece for the exhibition because as people would read them they would hear the voice in there head and therefore be impersonating them.

Development I experimented with scale and type to get the text to read as it is spoken. I wanted to keep it really stripped back and the typography as ambiguous as possible so not to suggest how it should be read. This was to leave the phrase itself to be impersonated by the reader once the connection was made and memory drawn upon.

Final Piece I printed each quote off A5 with black text on a white stock. This was to maintain the phrases as a blank canvas to encourage it to be interuputated by each individual. I have now passed this on to be displayed in the exhibition. The title is ‘Act an Act of an Actor’ to summerise the purpose of the piece.

Impersonators boards  
Impersonators boards