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IH, Elmwood


The branding is very limited and sometimes none existent when it comes to other scaffolding hire companies. There isn’t anything that stands out amongst the others to catch attention.

Research - competition/structure/materials Initial thoughts - vocab Development - tiptop vs. climax visual development - climax Client - tru fix / 3 traits Visual inspiration - taking shapes Icons Logo development - combining type with icon


The structure itself is striking and dramatic across the skyline and buildings. The product itself draws attention immediately and the brand should reflect the same.


The materials used are very visual themselves especially when put together. There are lots of shapes formed from it’s construction.

h c a e R


p o T p i T




m r o f t a l P


. s V e On

r e h t The O



Dual meaning - quality/height

Shock value

Informal/Friendly tone of voice

Unique perspective than other companies

Letterforms - visual potential Reinterpreting the word - highest point in a new light Humorous tone - copy potential Industry appropriate tone

Two words stood out the most to me. I evaluated both there potential for concepts for the brand. I went with Climax because it drew the most attention through the shock factor plus the company language could be used in a way to fit with the audience of the industry.

Client I evaluated another company to create a more realistic client. From this research I was able understand there services, audience and qualities.

Colour scheme choice Tag lines Pushing it further Application


Frien erie





These were the three qualities I picked out that they wanted to appear as to customers. This is key in understanding the clients goal.


I kept the typeface of the logo stripped back and basic in order to maintain focus on the powerful word itself. I experimented with the letterforms to create a visual that could connect the word with the service of the company.

Inspiration I researched more visuals for inspiration on creating a symbol. This image showed two aspects which I worked with. The highest point of the scaffolding formed a star like icon and the platforms formed an upwards arrow.

I translated these visuals taken from my research to try and create a logo.

Join Forces I decided to combine the name of the brand and the icon to form one logo.

Scaffolding Hire Co.

By adding the two lines it created the dimension formed by scaffolding poles being joined at the highest point.

S c a f f o l d i n g H i re C o .

Taken from: The warning Taken from: High vis jackets tape/high vis jackets

Taken from: Red and white Taken from: Colour psychology warning tape on poles

- Industrial - Vibrant - Striking

- Professional - Industrial - High energy - Loyal - Encourages workers to work - Reliable faster - Intense

- Industrial - Vibrant - Striking - Modern - Different

Colour Palette I decided to go with neon orange as not only was it appropriate to the industry but it was more modern and original than black and yellow.

Sc af f o lding Hire C o .

We get the job done.

S c a f f ol d i n g H i re C o.

Fast and effective delivery.

S c a f f ol d i n g H i re C o.

Helping you reach your peak.

S c a f f ol d i n g H i re C o.

It’s all in the build up.

S c a f f ol d i n g H i re C o.

100% Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

S c a f f ol d i n g H i re C o.

A reputation in pole erection.

S c a f f ol d i n g H i re C o.

Brand Awareness By applying the bold colour to the scaffolding that forms the visual in the logo it creates an awareness through connecting the product and brands identity.

We get the job done.

Brand Application The logo and colour scheme would be applied to the company’s transportation. By using the colour for the whole vehicle it allows the brand to stand out in public attracting attention.

A reputation in pole erection. Sc af fo lding Hire Co .

Brand Impact To create an impact the copy would be used also at a large scale. These phrases of copy are puns with a ‘tongue in cheek’ tone of voice which will engage and shock in getting recognition.

Contact Us

0113 260 0046

Helping you reach your peak. Our services We offer scaffolding reliable service

S c a f f o l d i n g H i re C o .

Brand Promotion The brand would use mail-shots to promote themselves to potential clients. By making the mailshot interactive it engages the audience making a lasting impression. This simple yet clever feature reinforces the brand concept, working with the copy to enhance the ‘cheeky’ tone of voice.

S c a f f o l d i n g H i re C o .

S c af f o l d i n g Hi re Co .

Call Us 0113 260 0046

A reputation in pole erection.

Brand Promotion This can be applied in different ways to catch attention. The vibrant colour again will make the promotional material stand out against others in the post. It will be instantly recognisable in the industry creating a strong brand identity and awareness.

A reputation in pole erection.

CallUs Us Call 0113 260 0046

CallUs Us Call 0113 260 0046

0113 260 0046

0113 260 0046

Information The information leaflet is another extension of the brands concept. This constantina booklet folds out revealing sections of information as the logo ‘builds’ up the page.

Our services We are highly experienced in all types of scaffolding work and techniques for all types of buildings and structures. This includes industrial, commercial and domestic. With many years of experience, we are the scaffolders you can rely on.

Why choose us? Highly experienced Expert in all types of scaffolding Fully trained staff Always flexible and reliable Professional project management Competitive on price - but no compromise on service

Contact Us Email: Address: Metro House 57 Pepper Road Leeds West Yorkshire LS10 2RU

IH, Thank You

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