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Plastic Surgery Marketing and Marketing Plastic Surgeons Using Internet Marketing Tactics Have you ever wished someone would unravel the black magic mumbo-jumbo of internet marketing and tell you once and for all what it took to get to the front page of Google? Imagine having a proven plan that annihilated the mystery of web voodoo… one that blew the idea of wasting your hard earned money on scam operators throwing around buzz words like “SEO” right out of the water. Wouldn’t that help you make sound marketing decisions based on ROI a whole lot sooner? Everyone wants a return on their marketing investment, right? Well let me cut straight to the chase. I recently obtained a very distinguished plastic surgeon as a client. Who and where they are is not important at this time and will be fully disclosed later as this plastic surgery marketing case study continues. For now though, I want to lay out for plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons exactly what is involved in the process to have a successful internet plastic surgery marketing program. Let’s begin with this fact. I am sure you are contacted regularly by some supposed “SEO expert” promising you the moon. As a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, you may have even had the unfortunate experience of working with some of these supposed experts, who charge you a monthly price, never deliver results and view you as a monthly annuity. This is being written to inform you, the highly skilled plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, exactly what is involved in a successful plastic surgery internet marketing strategy. This will forever change your mind about SEO “experts”, and will provide you the information you need to not only know what you must do to market online successfully, but give you the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision concerning your plastic surgery marketing. Let’s talk some basics, and make sure we are all on the same page before I begin this study for you. When I talk to most professionals about internet marketing, their eyes glaze over because without doubt, it is a technically and grammatically confusing topic. Most professionals of any kind simply don’t know what’s involved to have a successful internet marketing plan. To put it in simple terms, you’re confused about the marketing tactics and terminology involved. With such constant and rapid changes in the internet, even we have a big job keeping up! Let’s begin breaking it down for you. First, there are 2 forms of internet traffic. •

Active Traffic: Active Traffic is defined as people who are actively seeking plastic surgeons and plastic surgery services via search engines – also known as Google. Yes, Google is the king, controlling 80% of search traffic through it’s portal. We’ll get into some more statistics on that later. Active traffic only accounts for about 35% of all traffic online.

Passive Traffic: Passive Traffic would be defined as people that would be interested in your plastic surgery services if they knew about them. Passive traffic accounts for the remaining 65% of all traffic online.

The job of a plastic surgery marketing professional is to simply define how to best capture that traffic for you and put your plastic surgery services in front of as many eyeballs as possible. (509)783-7197 | Internet Marketing | Social Media Consulting – We Give You A Plan And Put It Into Action!

An analogy I use is fishing. Imagine the active traffic being Tuna, and you can freely catch as many as you want at a single time using a massive net, as long as the net is on the right side of the boat, so to speak. The passive traffic is more like fly fishing, you have to put the bait right on the fish’s nose and entice them a little bit to get them to bite. But here is what you need to know: ALL the fish are hungry if the right bait is put in front of them. For the first part of this study, we are going to be concentrating on the active traffic, primarily on Google and why it is so important for the success of your business. Before we get to that point though, I want to make sure you understand how dramatically the internet has changed over the last 2 years. I am going to throw out another term for you to digest – Web 2.0. Web 2.0 For Plastic Surgery Marketing For many years the internet consisted of static websites, probably similar to the one you have now. These are centralized locations with all of the information about your plastic surgery practice confined to a singular online location. Basically an online brochure. Web 2.0 has changed that world forever. Web 2.0 basically means this: It is the decentralization of information and content over the many different interconnected networks and systems rather than maintaining that information in a centralized location. Every aspect of Web 2.0 is driven by participation. The transition to Web 2.0 was enabled by the emergence of platforms such as blogging, social networks, and free image and video uploading, that collectively allowed extremely easy content creation and sharing by anyone. Web 2.0 is also about modularization. A Web 2.0 marketing strategy emerges from the many components or modules that are designed to link and integrate with others, together building a whole that becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts. You’ll see what this means to you as we progress through this plastic surgery marketing study.

The Plastic Surgery Marketing Blueprint Here is a point for you to always remember. 90% of businesses fail in their internet marketing efforts for one simple reason. They do not do the required research to understand their market and they do not devise a strategic plan to capture their market. In simplistic terms, they do not know what they need to do to beat their competition. I am sure as a plastic surgeon, after the huge investment of time and money you put into your education, residency work, etc., you had a business plan before you opened your clinic or practice. A well defined plan that served as a guideline, a Blueprint for Success, in order to build your business. Plastic surgery marketing online is no different. You must have a well defined plan, a strategy for success, and this involves knowledge and time in order to define your market, analyze your keywords and the competition and construct your blueprint. This is why we work with our plastic surgery clients using a Discovery Contract and involve you in the process; so you know exactly why we are making the recommendations we make to you. I do not want my clients to be mystified by what I am doing or why. I want my clients to understand the why and be engaged in the marketing effort, not left in the dark. It is my position that we are forming a marketing partnership and I want my “partner” to be thoroughly engaged in the process and know the expectations of the end results. (509)783-7197 | Internet Marketing | Social Media Consulting – We Give You A Plan And Put It Into Action!

At this point, I would also mention to you an important point of my philosophy. I only work with one client in one business niche per city. In other words, if you are a plastic surgeon in AnyCity, USA, you would be the only plastic surgeon in AnyCity, USA, I would engage as a client. I do not market against myself, and even more importantly, I do not compete against my clients. This obviously leads to an important question you should ask of any SEO “expert” approaching you: What other plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons are you marketing for in my city? Their answer can be tremendously revealing as to their philosophy of fiduciary obligation and whether they view you as a real client, or just another “annuity” customer as I spoke about at the beginning.

Breaking Down The Plastic Surgery Marketing Basics Research and more research! This is the beginning and most important step to develop a comprehensive winning strategy to gain front page listings on Google. Keyword Research: To define the correct keywords to rank on the front page of Google organic search. Tip: If an SEO “expert” asks you what keywords you would like to be listed for, run the other direction. That is akin to you asking a patient which surgical tools they would prefer you use. This also immediately tells you they are not an expert and do not know how to not only research your market properly – they will also not have a clue what to do from a marketing perspective. If they knew, they'd know your keywords better than you. Here is what you need to know. Most SEO “experts” do basically one thing. They list you in online directories. That is not marketing – the majority of your target market does not read online directories any more than they read the phone book. Competitive Research: Defining who you have to beat and what you have to do to win the search engine placement game. In an attempt not to bore you by writing about the above process, let me show you. I’ve made a video for you so you can begin learning about how we might help you. Plastic Surgery | Marketing Plastic Surgeons Case Study

Plastic Surgery Marketing Study For Marketing Plastic Surgeons – Return On Your Marketing Investment Now that you've read and had a chance to watch as I demonstrated how to begin research, you should have a better idea of all involved in thorough market research that leads to successful plastic surgery online marketing results. This would be a good time to interject something on the topic of ROI – Return On Investment. When I am looking at a market, I break everything down into what I call the Google Grid. It consists of identifying products and services at four different levels and two for different categories: Volume of Search and Value of Product or Service. (509)783-7197 | Internet Marketing | Social Media Consulting – We Give You A Plan And Put It Into Action!

It breaks down like this: This grid either justifies a marketing program or doesn’t, it’s that simple. If a potential client has a low value service or product, that has low volume searches, then obviously a high level and expensive marketing plan isn’t going to make him happy in the long run, because he will never see a return on his investment. The grid continues to the sweet spot, the high volume searches and high value product and service. Here the marketing dollar is not only well spent, but also recaptured quickly with a much higher return on investment. If you are a plastic surgeon, you can obviously see, based on the preliminary traffic studies I have shown you, and knowing the value of the service you provide, you fall into the ultimate sweet spot. That is, you can enjoy an incredible ROI with a results oriented plastic surgery marketing plan designed to capture the traffic available to you from Google. With a typical plastic surgery procedure costing $6,000 to $10,000, you are not only at the high end of the value equation, but there are an incredible number of people in Google everyday looking for specifically what you have to offer. In the following video, I will show you how we go about breaking down the competitive market even more, so we know exactly what we have to do in order to place you on the front page of Google for the high traffic search terms. Plastic Surgery Marketing | Marketing Plastic Surgeons (509)783-7197 | Internet Marketing | Social Media Consulting – We Give You A Plan And Put It Into Action!

Now that you have done the critical research, what do you do with the information you have discovered, and how you can you use it in marketing yourself as a plastic surgeon? First, you must formulate a plan of action. A strategy and plan of attack designed for one purpose – seeing your plastic surgery practice on the front page of Google. So what did you discover in your research? You should now know how many searches each plastic surgery search term is getting, how many results there are in Google for that search term, which competitors are in the top 3 spots for each search term and why? In other words, what have they done that you haven’t done that earns them a spot on Google’s front page? There are the 3 critical questions you must ask here. 1. How will you win? 2. What tools will yo use to win? 3. How will you implement your plan? Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Kim-Chi Vu, Portland plastic surgeon. Dr. Vu is one of my clients who struggled with internet marketing for 6 years and never achieved front page rankings anywhere in her market, despite paying thousands and thousands of dollars to internet marketers. We developed a specific strategy for her that involved designing two new sites created on a blog platform. We just launched her sites in January of this year; the results so far have been outstanding. Watch the video and I’ll share with you some insights to the above 3 questions. Enjoy! Plastic Surgery Marketing | Marketing Plastic Surgeons

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