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Battling Cancer from Within Immuno Therapy with Dendritic Cells Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

Battling Cancer from Within

1 Diagnosed with cancer? What are the options?

1 Diagnosed with cancer? What are the options? 2 2 Reasons to consider dendritic cell therapy 4 3 How it works 5 4 FAQ´s 6 5 Scientific facts 8

Every third person is facing a cancer incident in his lifetime. What to oncologists suggest? Chemo Therapy

The most common cancer therapy can reduce tumour size in the first incidence – however – as it does not address any cause of the disease - a repetition of cancer is often seen. Chemo therapy might cause serious side effects and discomfort. Had an MRI May 7th – met with the oncologist yesterday to review Radio Therapy the MRI report and the images, In some cancer types, radiation is used as a primary therapy of the tumours, the two larger to destroy tumours. This can be effective as long as no tumours have “imploded” metastasis appeared. Patients often suffer serious effects meaning the are gone, and the remaining smaller tumours have and dysfunctions. shrunk to about half of the last measured size 3 months ago. Surgery And, there is no sign of edema To cut the cancer tissue out can be a quick way to get rid of a (Swelling). This is super good tumour. A surgery is companioned with a recovery period, news. Thanks to all for your some patients suffer from pain and might react negative on prayers and encouragement. Dendritic cell patient, brain tumour, USA Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

anaesthesia. If cancer tissue remains undiscovered, cancer might continue to develop. All these most common forms of cancer therapy fight against the body to rescue from a worse incidence. They fight the effect of cancer without considering the cause. This is why all these therapies • •

harm and weaken the body do not determine weather cancer returns or not.

Natural remedies There is a certain hype about natural forms of cancer health. Some information are just wishful thinking or even fake. However, specific supplements can have a strong effect and are usually used as a complementary treatment. Immuno Therapy Therapies that support the capacity of the body to fight cancer are focussed from scientists all over the world. The most specific and advanced immuno therapy was awarded with the Noble prize of medicine in 2011: Dr. Ralph Steinman was honoured for his research on dendritic cell therapy (DCT). This approach uses and empowers the mechanism of the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells. As it`s a natural effect, DCT does not cause any serious side effects. As a I was diagnosed with a tumour in my lower bowel in February relatively new 2016. It was initially offered to me as part of a wider treatment method, availability as I could not access leading edge alternative treatments in the is limited and in UK. Now I have eradicated my tumour. A small amount of many cases it is not swelling in the direct area where the vaccine was injected which yet covered from disappeared in a couple of days and was in no way an issue. The tumour has gone we are just discussing if there is any health insurances. likelihood of any remaining cells that may need to be eradicated While the organism by some other means. is less burdened Dendritic cell therapy as part of a complete treatment protocol is form side effects of the next generation of cancer treatment – the whole body and the cancer therapy, the causation needs to be treated not just the the symptoms of the effect of disease itself. Chemo/radio therapy is in the dark ages and causes more damage than it treats. complementary therapies to fight Diet, exercise, overall well-being and a holistic approach is the the causes of cancer only solution – the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself might be more but sometimes it needs a little jump-start. Dendritic cell is just that, it’s your own army going to work. effective.

Dendritic cell patient, lower bowel cancer, England

Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

2 Reasons to consider DCT If cancer is not considered as a complex disease with various influencing factors, the probability of the return of future incidences is statistically high. If only the effects of cancer are focussed from a therapy, why should the same reasons not show the same effects after a while? The main therapy categories (chemo, radio, surgery) focus on the deletion of cancer tissue. DCT is approaching the cell function. Dendritic cells – even in a healthy body – instruct the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells. If a tumour or carcinoma is manifested, the cancer appears to be stronger than the immune system. DCT separates body own dendritic cells from the blood of the patient in a laboratory, cultivates them to a multiple and primes them with the cancer information to focus them on instructing the immune cells to find and delete cancer cells. Injected into the body after 10 days, the dendritic cells boost the immune system to give a response in the fight against cancer. In the meantime, my left side nerve The therapy qualities are issues have improved vastly and I have walked for nearly two weeks without the use of trek sticks or a walker… The doctor (Dr. Death I call him) was very surprized by this improvement – in a very good way – stating that he expected me to go in the reverse direction based upon my PET SCAN. He said it can only mean that the tumours are dissipating. For him to be excited and positive is completely uncharacteristic. He has ordered a follow up MRI for three weeks away. I feel super – and have started returning to work at Counterpoint – meetings with superintendents in several of our client districts… I’m “playing golf” today with some real weirdoes. I’m going to the gym regularly, and doing Pilates. I now weigh in at 201 which is 59 pounds less than last June. And I was in 33-inch waist size pants instead of 38. Dendritic cell patient, breast cancer, USA

non-invasive While traditional cancer therapies poison, burn or cut tissue, DCT does not harm any body functions. Apart from fighting cancer, patients report an activating, rejuvenating effect on DCT. natural healing system Even in a healthy body, up to 150.000 cancer cells a day might appear and get deleted from the immune system. Our innate Immune system, when fully competent, has the ability to destroy cancers. In the immune system, dendritic cells get naturally primed from any disease related cells and, from that moment, they activate t-cells and killer cells to fight against that specific heath issue. Those immune cells then delete their target one against one. no serious side effects Like observed with other vaccines, patients might experience tiredness or higher body temperature for about two days. The injection site might show the typical irritation from the injection – both from the blood

Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

extraction and from the vaccination. better results A general prognosis is hard to give, because the success of the therapy is determined from various factors like other therapies, current status and cooperation of the patient. Clinical studies show a two or three times higher survival rate of DCT patients in combination with chemo therapy. In mono therapy or combined with an integrative health approach, the success rate is about 70 to 80 %.

3 How it works The protocol is following four easy steps: 1. Blood extraction of 200 ml on a Monday in the clinic in Gibraltar 2. Production of the vaccine in a German laboratory. In the meantime, complimentary treatments available (Immu7 Onco Support). 3. Vaccination in the clinic in Gibraltar after 10 days, on the next following Thursday 4. DCT is effective for about six to nine month. Significant results can be seen after three months. Cancer is a complex disease. For many patients DCT as a monotherapy was the breakthrough. There are three ways to employ DCT: 1. As a complimentary therapy to an existing health plan 2. As a monotherapy 3. As part of an integrative health plan: Immu7 Onco Support Immu7 Onco Support consists, apart from DCT, of five more elements: a. Hyperthermia: as cancer cells are more sensitive about higher body temperature, hyperthermia heats up the body to an artificial fever with no harm

Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

to the organism. Depending from the cancer type, local or full body therapies are available. b. Dr. Eccles supplement protocol: a synergetic program of five different natural remedies was designed to support cell health, weaken cancer cells, rise the population of immune cells and support apoptosis (cancer cell death). c. Nutrition plan: a tasty diet starves cancer cells without leaving the patient hungry. d. Wellbeing coaching: cancer to many has a strong mental effect. A coach supports the management of the healing process. e. Onco physiotherapy: adjusted to the physical status of the patient, an individual plan to enhance agility and physical exercise is proven to support cancer healing and increase survival rates. The Immu7 Onco Support targets on a sustainable development of a health lifestyle and the active cooperation of the patient in his own recovery. This includes rehabilitation and long-term cancer prevention. Immu7 Onco Support combines the best known, scientifically proven non-invasive cancer therapies. Why am I so excited about the Immu7 Onco Support program?

4 FAQ´s

How do I know if I´m eligible for DCT?

All cancer types that form a solid tumour or carcinoma are fought with dendritic cells, including metastasis. Who would not be eligible?

It is advised, to wait at least two weeks after a chemo therapy. There is no contraindication with chemo – important studies have been done in combination with chemo – but the response of DCT might be better to an immune system that is not weakened from chemo. In serious cases of course it`s better to do it anyway then waiting until it`s too late.

Some types of leukaemia do not respond on DCT What is the right moment to receive DCT? DCT can not be used as a cancer prevention, even if the term “vaccine” might suggest it. Dendritic cells need to be primed with cancerous material (e.g. antibodies) that

Firstly, because it brings together some of the most effective non-toxic cancer therapies known into one program. Second, Immucura do this at a cost less than it would normally cost for DCT alone. Third, I am excited that the Immu7 Onco Support, currently offered from Spain and Gibraltar, is a medical program run by doctors and support health professionals that includes full monitoring of progress by blood tests and scans.

Dr. Nyjon Eccles, BSc MBBS MRCP PhD, London

Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

only exist in an affected body. The earlier the therapy is given, the easier it is for the immune system, to fight the cancer. On the other hand - even in terminal stages astonishing results are documented. As well as a palliative treatment DCT might – if cure is no longer expected – reduce pain and enhance quality of life. Why choosing DCT from Immucura? Quality Most DCTs apply activated t-cells, primed in the laboratory with dendritic cells. In difference to that, Immucura uses primed dendritic cells, that will prime up to 35.000 T-cells and killer cells per day. While the effect stays the same, the efficiency and duration is different: tcells have three options • • •

split prime other t-cells meet the target (cancer) cell and die - the population decreases.

The lifetime of a t-cell is less (weeks) than a dendritic cell (months) At Immucura, the vaccination with dendritic cell works like this: • • • •

around 6 million primed dendritic cells are given each of them primes up to 35.000 t-cells and killer cells a day those t-cells behave same as those form a t-cell vaccine dendritic cells have a lifetime of 6 to 9 months, in which they continue to prime immune cells

In the result, the vaccination with dendritic cells can give a way stronger and longer effect on the fight against tumour cells. It can be called as the next generation of dendritic cell therapy, as not only give the soldiers (tcells), but the generals (dendritic cells, that instruct the t-cells) are applied.

Price While the same is offered for more than 100.000 US$ in USA and Mexico, Immucura charges just around 20.000 GBP. Availability Immucura is one of the very few providers in Europe that offer DCT apart from clinical studies and can proceed with DCT with reasonable waiting time.

What are the costs – and who covers them? Depending on the chosen plan, the costs are around 20.000 GBP. Private insurances in some cases cover the costs partly or fully. How can I engage myself in my own recovery? The development of cancer consists of long term factors. Some of them are determined by genetic factors – or just bad luck. Others are based on our own circumstances or habits. Immu7 Onco Support supports a self conscious handling of the personal heath status and guides the way back to health – not just away from the disease. Where can I get the therapy? Actually Immucura is one of the very few providers for DCT in Europe apart from clinical studies. The treatment takes place in private clinics in Gibraltar and Marbella, Spain.

Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

5 Scientific facts DCT is save and well tolerated DCT shows no or neglectable side effects DCT is increasing significantly overall survival rate DCT is producing significant antitumor response DCT is increasing patients wellbeing DCT is reducing significantly side effects of chemotherapy DCT is combinable with chemotherapy DCT is published 77.091 times in PubMed (the leading scientific medical magazine)

Immucura Med S.L. – Avenida de España 22 – 29649 Mijas, Málaga, Spain Tel: +34 952 932 522 – –

Battling Cancer from Within  

Faced with cancer? Learn how to win the battle!

Battling Cancer from Within  

Faced with cancer? Learn how to win the battle!