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1. Overview 1.1. Introduction BEETLE is an intelligent car which can track the predetermined pathway and calculate th e distance through automatic control. It was born due to the requirement of our capston e design project. My classmates and I practised the theory gained from the EE courses a nd the skills achieved during the EE experiments in the project. The process was complete d with the help of teachers and skilled practitioners. 1.2. Team Liang Shen, technique lead Liang Shen studies electronic engineering and is interested in automatic controlling. He h ad taken part in many robotic competitions before and this time he was responsible for o ur whole project. Zeng Yin, programming lead Zeng Yin has a background in computer science and is skilled at programming. In this co urse project, he conducted our C programming. Tianjie Li, electronic engineering lead Tianjie Li has a interdisciplinary background in design, electronic engineering, programmin g and has accomplished a simple but similar project called Sensitive Mechine in 2010. Xi Ding, programming lead Xi Ding is skilled at C programming and he was responsible for program debugging. 1.3. Methods Circuit design & analysis, EE theories, electromechanical design principles, electric weldin g, control algorithm, C programming 1.4. My work I conduct the main control circuit of the smart car.

I was responsible for the track circuit study.

Some pictures of our smart car

EE techniques design_Smart car