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What is Mørket? Mørket Contemporary Corpse Paint is the first make-up collection inspired by the twisted history and chilling visuals of classic black metal. This collection is the first of its kind. The images in this book depict some of black metal’s most iconic styles of corpse paint and how they can be worn during everyday life. This book also records how the individuals wearing the paint felt during the experience through brief quotations pulled from the photo sessions. It is our hope that this book will inspire you to experiment with corpse paint. Whether you’re on the stage, biking in the park, or relaxing at the café; wearing corpse paint can be an empowering and rebellious experience that we know you will enjoy. Savor the darkness.

The Tradition Corpse paint is the dramatic black and white face make-up originally used by Northern European black metal bands and performers starting in the early 1980’s. While some claim the paint was just another outlet for these young musicians to express their adolescent angst, the early adapters and those who have embraced the corpse paint tradition have a far different opinion. Like their music, the paint was intended to represent the dead. For some, the paint specifically paid homage to their pagan ancestors who were persecuted and murdered when the Christian church took over the Nordic nation’s centuries earlier. For others, the paint became a symbol of Satanism or rebellion itself.

Styles Featured in Mørket

Dead Mayhem

Euronymous Mayhem

Fenriz Darkthrone

Abbath Immortal

King ov Hell Gorgoroth

Kritramf Gorgoroth

Hoest Taake

Nergal Behemoth

Mortuus Marduk

Paint Application Pour a generous portion of Lett into one of the wells of the included Mørket altar, dap with a sponge and spread the paint across the face. Pour a smaller portion or Mørke into the altar’s second well and use either a sponge to blend areas of the black and white paint together or a brush to create fine black details. Corpse paint can be extended down the neck and chest and even be painted on the arms or any other areas of exposed flesh that are desired. Adding Blod or Skog to any style of corpse paint is optional.


felt like I was transformed into a dark world mocking the purity of the living. In summary, I felt tainted and I liked it. I entered a zone that had been previously off limits and I became the mayor!�

-Beth Ann Pelzar


Per Yngve Ohlin

Vocalist of Mayhem Langhus, Norway 1988-1991


felt actually a little sad but covered, I know that sounds weird! But I think I smiled more in the paint.”

-Jennifer Ann Holley


Øystein Aarseth

Guitarist of Mayhem Langhus, Norway 1984-1993


t felt right. like there was no paint, only me.�

-Timothy Charles Robbins


Gylve Fenris Nagell

Drummer of Darkthrone Kolbotn, Norway 1986-Present


felt at one with the grim frostbitten wastes of Albany. I felt in my element, free. Instead of paint being laid on my face, I felt as if my skin had been stripped, showing my innermost self for what it truly is.�

-Eric Allan Dohner


Olve Eikemo

Vocalist of Immortal Bergen, Norway 1990-Present


felt very comfortable in corpse paint. The paint on myself nor the paint on him did anything to detract from the way I felt in that moment. We were just doing our thing, plus paint!�

-Alexandria Magdalene Nicholas

King ov Hell

Tom Cato Visnes

Bassist of Gorgoroth Bergen, Norway 1999-2007


like being painted, especially when it looks good. For me, being painted removes your sense of self, and lets you feel like you’ve become something or someone else. It feels good that way.”

-Tyler James Harvey


Einar Selvik

Drummer of Gorgoroth Bergen, Norway 2000-2004


ith the paint, I felt like a caricature of myself.”

-Pete Osterhoudt


Ørjan Stedjeberg

Vocalist of Taake Bergen, Norway 1993-Present


ou kind of forget that you have this paint on and it just becomes part of your face. So, there I am, my face covered in corpse paint, walking around a mall in upstate NY, just smiling and interacting with people like I always do.�

-Eden Victoria Loffel


Adam Michal Darski Vocalist of Behemoth Gdansk, Poland 1991-Present


t made me feel even more devious than I usually am, and slightly powerful...

-Kaitlin Amanda Fitzgerald


Daniel Rostén

Vocalist of Marduk Norrköping, Sweden 2004-Present

...And without it I feel vulnerable.� -Kaitlin Amanda Fitzgerald

Artist’s Note My name is Ashley E Holley and I am a young designer, photographer and longtime metalhead out of upstate New York. The majority of my professional work has been freelance merchandise design and illustration within the music industry along with portraiture and event photography. With this project, I was able to combine my photography and design skills with my passion for black metal music while simultaneously indulging my love of make-up artistry and images laden with dark humor and satire. My goal now is to continue expanding Mørket in order to develop an even more comprehensive collection of images including even more historical styles of paint, custom styles, and a more diverse array of corpse paint wearers. Thank you & savor the darkness,

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