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in prizes to 3-in-1 butterfy card kit be won!* – stitch all three designs! *UK ONLY For cross stitch addicts just like YOU!


Stitch a fairytale It’s Jack and the Beanstalk!

Make it your own

Add style with a pretty abc

Fun in the sun!

erry’s pals Say hello to summer with Margaret Sh July 2016 / Issue 217 £4.99

Wow with a dino mobile

Decorate your home

Mini beach hut cards!

Quick-finish foral gifts


Your free gift

Pretty butterfy card kit with three to stitch! This trio of gorgeous butterflies by Lucie Heaton will make sending heartfelt greetings a breeze!


hatever message you wish to send, we can’t think of a lovelier way to do it than with one of Lucie Heaton’s pretty butterfies, especially when these beauties are paired with the three illustrated cards in your kit! With each one slightly different, in a painterly style by talented Australian artist Chris Chun, we think you’ll love the result. Inside your kit you’ll fnd all the threads, fabric, cards and envelopes 10








uuuuu uuuuu uuuzzZuuu uuuZzzuuu uuzzzuiiiuu uiiiiuzzzuu uzzzuikiiiu uiiikiuzzzu uzzuiiiiiiu uiiiiiiuzzu uzzuuiiiuuu uuuiiiuuzzu uzZzuuuuuzuJuzuuuuuzZzu uzzZzzuzzzujuzzzuzzZzzu uuuzzzzuuu3uuuzzzzuuu uuuuuzzu3uzzuuuuu uuzzzzzzujuzzzzzzuu uzzzizZzujuzZzizzzu uzzikizzuJuzzikizzu uzzzizzzu uzzzizzzu uuZzzzzzu uzzzzzZuu uzzzzzuu uuzzzzzu uzzzuu uuzzzu uuuu uuuu


you need to complete the three designs, along with a needle. And, each butterfy is worked in whole stitches only, making this an easy project for anyone looking for a gentle stitch to get them in the mood for summer! Once you’ve stitched your chosen butterfy, pop it centrally on the front of your card using double-sided sticky tape, then all you have to decide is who to send your pretty card to! l To see more of Chris Chun’s work, visit his website at 10

jjjj jjjj jccttjj jjttccj jctttttj jtttttcj jtbZbbtj jtbbZbtj jbbkZZbt3 3tbZZkbb3 3bbZZZZbb3 3bbZZZZbb3 3bZZZZZbb3 3bbZZZZZb3 3bbZZZZZZb3 3bZZZZZZbb3 3bbZZZZZZbbkbbZZZZZZbb3 3bbbZZZZZbkbZZZZZbbb3 333bbb33bkb33bbb333 3333ZZ3k3ZZ3333 33ZZZZZbJbZZZZZ33 3ZZZZZZZbJbZZZZZZZ3 33ttttZZbb bbZZtttt33 3ktccttbb bbttcctk3 3tccccttb bttcccct3 3 qqcccct tccccqq3 qqqcct tccqqq qqct tcqq

✖ Cross stitch in two strands DMC Anchor Madeira blanc 2 2402 318 399 1801 349 1098 212 351 10 214 352 9 303 353 6 2313 414 235 1714 415 398 1802 742 303 114 743 302 113 745 300 111 3799 236 1713 E 3844 410 1108 f 3845 1089 1109 6 3846 1090 1111 ✖ Whole stitches only Z j q c t b J 3 i u z k

Colour white grey red dark coral coral light coral dark grey light grey tangerine yellow light yellow very dark grey dk electric blue electric blue lt electric blue

Maximum stitch count 21 (h) x 27 (w) Design area on 14-count fabric 4x5cm (1½x2in) Stitched by Fiona McIvor


kkkk kkkk kkJZkkk kkkZJkk JJEffffk kff 6f EJJ Jf 6666fk kf 6666fJ Ef 6Z 666fJ Jf 666Z 6f E E6666666fJ Jf 6666666E E66Z EE66fJ Jf 66EEZ 66E Ef 666f EEfJ Jf EEf 666f E E666666f EfJ Jf Ef 666666E Eff 6ZZ 66f Efkf Ef 66ZZ 6ff E E66666fff Ek Efff 66666E EEEffff EJkJEffff EEE Ef 6f EEEEJJkJJEEEEf 6f E Ef 6Z 6f 6fffJkJfff 6f 6Z 6f E E66666666fJkJf 66666666E EfZZ 6Z 6f EJ JEf 6Z 6ZZf E Ef 666666EJJ JJE666666f E Ef 6Z 66f Ek k Ef 66Z 6f E Ef 666f Ek k Ef 666f E E6ffJk kJff 6E EEJ JEE

Butterfy card kit

ReaderSays... The butterflies in this kit are just beautiful and this is definitely my favourite project in this issue of Crazy. I’ve been looking for a really nice butterfly design for a while so these charts are just perfect! Suzanne Walker, Derbyshire



What a scoop! Keep cool as you stitch yourself a sweet treat in the shape of this divine ice cream stall by Margaret Sherry Exclusive to Crazy!


ow happy do these hedgehog cuties look, as they dive into their delicious ice creams? Margaret Sherry’s delightful scene is packed with satisfying challenges you’ll enjoy tucking into, with fractionals for detail, half cross stitches to depict the hazy blue sky and a scattering of French knots that make the hedgehogs’ noses so perky and round! The choice of soft thread colours with plenty of careful shading lends the piece a nostalgic feel, conjuring up

Need to know Stitch Time 45 hours (approx) Stitch Types Whole cross stitch, fractionals, half cross stitch, backstitch, French knots happy memories of holidays beside the sea. So make a start on this sweet stitch and keep summer alive all year round! ●

ShoppingList... Needle - Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric - Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 30x30cm (12x12in). To buy, call  0800 013 0150 or visit Extras - Frame of your choice with a minimum aperture of 22x21cm (8½x8¼in) 10

© The Margaret Sherry Collection 2016

Threads - Stranded cotton as listed in the key

Kickstart your sum mer stitching with this adorable sunny pro ject!


ShoppingHeaven Rural bliss If you enjoy a challenge, why not stitch a tiny country cottage, complete with hanging baskets and French knot flowers? Designed by Yoh Nye, Buttercup Cottage (left) costs £18, is simple to stitch, and comes with threads, fabric, a needle, the chart and instructions. There are also two other cottages, two cute hills and some Teeny Cushions (right) to choose from! Prices start from £6 for a Teeny Cushion kit. Visit to buy

Bright idea

Crazy loves!

This month's Must-haves This month, Rachel’s been searching out sunshiney treats just for you – here’s what she’s found! Oh-sew appealing

Blooming lovely Bring summer brights into your home with Anette Eriksson’s gorgeous Flora design, part of her Full Bloom collection. Download the chart for approximately £2.50, or if you’re interested in buying a kit, send Anette a message on Etsy. With nine different flower motifs in this design alone, this is a wonderfully satisfying stitch! Visit to buy


Make the household jobs a little bit more glamorous with a retro-themed Pintuck Tea Towel by Mary Fellows. We love this Make Do and Mend design both for its fun sentiment, and its on-trend lettering. All you need is a matching pinny, some pearls and a suitably stunning 1940s hairdo, and drying up will seem just a little bit less of a chore! We also love the Waste Not Want Not and Happy Go Lucky versions, which cost £12.50 each. To buy, visit www. notonthehighstreet. com/maryfellows

How’s this for a clever idea – an actual lamp featuring a cross stitched bulb! Designer Holly Palmer came up with the idea after looking at antique, embroidered fire screens. The heatresistant aida allows a soft diffused glow, illuminating whatever design you decide to stitch before assembly. Full instructions are included and the Cross Stitch Lamp kit costs £129. Visit to buy



Crazy lov es!


Armchair travels Daydreaming about where to escape to this summer? Jody Rice is ensuring Barcelona is top of our list with her Pretty Little Barcelona cityscape! As you stitch, you’ll have fun picking out iconic buildings such as the famous Palau Nacional, the Olympic Tower, and the Columbus Monument. We also love how Jody’s made the whole place look like a theme park! The PDF chart costs approximately £5. Visit

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Celebrate a birthday in style with these cute CupCake and Triple Balloons aperture cards, ready for you to cook up your own heavenly stitched creations. Keep them simple or jazz them up, the choice is yours! A pack of four cards costs £2.99 and £3.79 respectively. To buy, visit


Motif mayhem! You’ll find an abundance of modern motifs in soon-to-bepublished Mega Mini Cross Stitch by Makoto Oozu – in fact, there are 900 in all! Makoto Oozu is something of a legend in Japan, and has designed these fun motifs to embellish everything from schoolbags to T-shirts. The designs are organised by theme, making it super simple to find what you’re after. It’s also ideal for getting kids interested in cross stitch – just in time for the hols! On sale from 6 June 2016, preorder your copy now for £9.99. Visit to buy

of the best...

Crazy lov es!

Just a hug… This bear looks a little blue, but a hug is all he needs! Designed by Peter Underhill, Just a Hug is part of a collection of four adorable card kits ready to stitch and send. Each kit costs £7.15 and comes with a card blank as well as threads and 14-count fabric. To buy, visit or call  01889 575 256

Make a card to trounce all others on the recipient’s mantelpiece with a Pop-Up Box Card! The plain white card costs 49p and comes pre-cut so just needs folding and gluing in place, then add your stitched motifs and messages for a 3D card with style! Visit or call  01992 781 900 to buy

WINDOW WONDER Stitch four mini pictures, or fashion your card like a tower with four windows, each with its own view! Double Fold Card Pack with Multiple Apertures come in a variety of colours, and costs £1.95 for five cards and envelopes. To buy, visit www. or call  01539 823 199




Tropical floral

Gift ideas R

Give your stitched gifts a fabulously sunny feel with this vibrant collection of beautifully designed blooms! Designed by Lesley Teare

egardless of what the weather’s up to, Lesley’s bright, bold series of motifs is bound to put a spring in your step! From bougainvillea to hibiscus fowers, hummingbirds to butterfies, they’re ideal for embellishing presents for loved ones, as well as bringing some welcome sunshine into your own home. They’d make a fabulous addition to a barbecue or cocktail party too, so you can get into the spirit of summer whatever your holiday plans! l

Need to know Stitch Time 2-8 hours (approx) Stitch Types Whole cross stitch, backstitch, French knots

ShoppingList... Threads - Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle - Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric - Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring a maximum of 15x15cm (6x6in) for most designs. 14-count plastic canvas measuring 10x5cm (4x2in) for the necklace. To buy, visit or call  0800 013 0150 Extras - Single Fold Card – Straight Edge (SF09U) in Creative Smooth White (30) – to buy, visit or call  01992 781 900. Square single fold card in white, 4in embroidery hoop, white paint, cord of your choice, lollipop stick, white card, backing fabric and ribbon from craft stores 16

Add ribbon andn card to make a k! original bookmar

Add zing to your outfit with this pretty necklace!

A coin purse lo so sweet decor oks with hibiscus ated blooms


50GiftIdeas 1


✖ Cross stitch in two strands DMC Anchor Madeira W 310 403 2400 c 606 334 209 T 666 46 210 718 88 707 S u 726 295 109 892 35 412 b 906 256 1410 9 C 907 255 1308 m 967 6 304 Y 970 925 205 i 972 298 107 995 410 1102 f ` 3607 87 708 2 3609 85 710 t 3689 49 607 [ 3819 279 1610 z 3823 386 2512 V 3824 8 2605 e 3846 1090 1103 P 3850 189 1203 ✖ Backstitch in one strand ––– 310 403 2400 ––– 321 9046 510 ––– 917 89 706 ––– 991 1076 1204 ✖ French knots in one strand 2400

Max. stitch count 75 (h) x 59 (w) Design area on 14-count fabric 13.5x11cm (5¼x4¼in) Stitched by Lynn Blackledge



Y YY CC CC YYYYY CCC CC YYYuYY CCC CC CCYYuY[YYYYCCC CCC CCCC YYY[[[uYYCiiiiCC CC CCYYuY[YYiiCiiiii CC tttCCCYYtttYiiiWiiiiCCC ttttttCCCttttttiiiCiWCCC tttttttCtttttttWiCCCiiii ttttttttCttttttttiiCiiiii tttttttttttttttttiWiiWii tttttttttttttttttiiiiiii ttttttttttttttttt```iiCCC ttttttttttttttt```````CCC ttttttttttttttt``u``u``C ttttttttttttt````[```` tttttttttttiii`[[[``` tttttttttWi``u`[`` tttttttiiC````i`u`` tttttiiCC````i``` tttiiWiCi``i ``` t iiiiiWiii iii ii iii

VVV 22 ii VVVV ii2222 VViV VVVViiiVV222 VVVVi VVVViiiVVV2 tt VVVVi VVVVbiVVVV`` tttt VVVVbVViVVVbiVVVVV```tttt VVVVVbbVibVVbVVbVV```` tt VVVVbbbbVibVbbVbbbTT`` VVVbbbbbbibbbbbbTTcccc PPP999 VVVVbbbibbbSSSTTTbbccPP99999 CC VVVVVVbS[SSTTTTbbbcPP9P9uuui uuu 99 99C 9iiiiiVVbbbS[SSSSTcccbbP9P9 uuuiuuuuu 999iiVVVVbbbbSST[STTTcbbbbb99iiiuuiuuiuu 2299iVVbbbVbbSST[cccTTTbbbb9 iiiuuuuiuu 2222iVVVVVVbbbSTTT[ccccbbbb iiiiuuiuuu 2222iiVVVbbbTTSTTTb[cbbbbbbCC iiiiWuu 22``iiVVVVTTcSTbTCb[ccbbb9CCC uuuuuuu C9````9VVTTccTcTbbCCbbbcbbC9CCC uuuuiuuuu C99````9cTcccTcbTbbiiCbbbbPCC9CCiuiuuiiuuu C9 9``CcbbbbbbcbbbiuuCCCPP9CCC9Ciiuuu iiiu 9 CCCcbbbbbcbbbiuzuCuuuP99CCttCiuu ttCC9bbb99cbbiiuzuuuuu999 ttttCCC tttt99999999iiizzWzzuu 9999ttttCCCC tttt99uuu9uiiuuuzzuuuu 9999 tt CCCCC CCC tt 9zzzuuuiuzizuizuu 9229 C zzzuuzzziuuuiiuu 2222 22 uuuzziuuzziuuzziii uuu22292222 zzuuuziuzzziuuuzzz uuui22992222 zzzzuiWiiuzzzuuiuz uuui tt9 22 zuuzziiuiuzzuuuiuuuuiitttt zzizuzzizzzuuuiuuii tttt C 22 22 C uzuzzuuzzzziiiuuWuuuu tt C 22[``2 2``[22 C uzzzz uuuziuuuuuiuuuuu 2``[``2 2``[``2 uuzzz zzziuuuuiiuuiuu C [[WW``2ffffff2``WW[[ C uuz iuuiiii uuii 2``WW[ff ff[WW``2 iiii ii 22`[ff ee ff[`22 iii ii 22ff euu e ff22 ii iii[iif euuu e fii[iii iiiWif euuu e fiWiii [WWWf euu e fWWW[ iiiWf eu e fWiii ii[f f eei eee f[ii [ i f eeeeeefiiiii e f i [ [ `` [f euuuuu eifiiiii e f[ `` [ `uu` f euuuu eiiif eeee f `uu` [`uu` f euu e eii ef f `uu`[ `` [ f ee eii e f [ `` [ YY f eii e f YY [ YYY[Yf ei e fY[YYY YYYWYff e ffYWYYY tt [WWW[ff ff[WWW[ ttt YYYWYYY`ff ff`YYYWYYY ttttt YY[YY`uu`ffffff`uu`YY[YY C C tttttt Y Y `uu` `uu` Y Y C `` 2ttttt tt `` C C C tttt2ttttt tttt ttttt2t2tttttttttt tttttttt2tt2ttttttt u u ttttt22t22t2t22tttttt uzu uzu ttttttt22222t22ttttttt uu uuzu uuuuuuuu uzuu uu ttttt22t22222222ttttttt uuuu uzzu uzzuuuuzzu uzzu uuuu ttt22t2222z2222222ttttt uzzu uzzuuzzuu uuzzuuzzu uzzu ttttt222zz[z22tttttt uzzzuuzzuzzuu uuzzuzzuuzzzu ttt2t2tz[[zt2ttttt uzzuuzuzzuu uuzzuzuuzzu tttttttS[[Sttttttt uuuuzuuu[uuu uuu[uuuzuuuu tttt`S[SSS2ttt2 uuzzzuuuui[i i[iuuuuzzzuu 2222`S`S`S222222 uzzzzzzzu[i[i i[i[uzzzzzzzu 22222```S`22222222 uuuuuzzzui[[i i[[iuzzzuuuuu 2222222````22222222 uuuu[iii iii[uuuu 22222222`` 22222222 uuzzuui i i iuuzzuu 2222222 [ 222222 uzzzzu uzzzzu 222222 [ tt 222 uzzzuu uuzzzu 2222 [ ttt uzuuu uuuzu [ttttt uu[ [uu [tttttt ttttt [T[ T T T T [T[ tttttttt tttttt [T[ T T [T[ tttt2ttt ttttttt [T[ [T[ t2tt2tttttt2ttt [T[ [T[ ttt22t2tttt22tttt [T[ T T T T [T[ ttttt222ttt22ttttt [T[ T T [T[ ttttttt222t22tt2ttt uu[ [uu ttttt22ttt2zz222ttt uzuuu uuuzu tttttttt22z[[zztttt uzzzuu uuzzzu tttttt2222zz[[`tt22 uzzzzu uzzzzu ttttttt222`zS[S`22222 uuzzuui i i iuuzzuu tttt222t2`SSS``222222 uuuu[iii iii[uuuu tttttt222`S``22222222 uuuuuzzzui[[i i[[iuzzzuuuuu ttt22222``` 2222222 uzzzzzzzu[i[i i[i[uzzzzzzzu 22222222` 2222222 uuzzzuuuui[i i[iuuuuzzzuu 22222222222 222222 uuuuzuuu[uuu uuu[uuuzuuuu 22222222222 22222 uzzuuzuzzuu uuzzuzuuzzu 2222222222 uzzzuuzzuzzuu uuzzuzzuuzzzu 2222222 uzzu uzzuuzzuu uuzzuuzzu uzzu 22222 uuuu uzzu uzzuuuuzzu uzzu uuuu 222[ uu uuzu uuuuuuuu uzuu uu [ uzu uzu [ tt u u [ttt ttttt ttttt tttttt tttttt tttttttt Y Y ttttttt ttt2tttt Y zz zz Y ttt2tttttt2tt2t [[ziz ziz[[ C tttt22tttt2t22ttt CC CC [[zzzz zzzz[[ ttttt22ttt222ttttt C9C C C9C [[zzzzz u u zzzzz[[ ttt2tt22t222ttttttt [[zzzz uu ii CC9 CCC 9CC ii uu zzzz[[ ttt222zz2ttt22ttttt C9 C9C 9C [[zzz uuiii iiiuu zzz[[ ttttzz[[z22tttttttt [zzzzzT uu[[i i[[uu Tzzzzz[ 22tt`[[zz2222tttttt 9ii9ii9 [zizzzT uC[ iii9iii [Cu Tzzziz[ 22222`S[Sz`222ttttttt Cuuuu iiuuiuuii uuuuC [zzz[T T[zzz[ 222222``SSS`2t222tttt Y[[[ T iiuC uuu iuuuYuuui uuu Cuii T [[[Y 22222222``S`222tttttt [ Tiiuuu iY9Yi uuuiiT [ 2222222 ```22222ttt CCC uuuiTuu uuTiuuu CCC iiuuYuuii 2222222 `22222222 uuuuiYu CCC9 iiuuiuuii 222222 22222222222 9CCC uYiuuuu uuuuY9Yuu99 iiu uii 22222 22222222222 99uuY9Yuuuu ii ii uuuiYuiuu99 2222222222 99uuiuYiuuu CCCCiuuuiiuiCC C CCiuiiuuuiCCCC 2222222 C CCC9iuuuuii CC C C CC C iiuuuui9CCC 22222 CC CCC CCC CC9uuui999 CC [222 999iuuu9CC CCC9 ii 9999 [ 9999 ii 9CCC C99 [ 999 99C 999 [


Tropical fowers

O 310 403 ✖ Whole stitches only


22 22 ii ii bb bb 2`222` iciiic bTbbbT cicccic `2```2` TbTTTbT 222`2```222 iiiciccciii bbbTbTTTbbb 22222`W`22222 iiiiicWciiiii bbbbbTWTbbbbb CC22``WzW``222CCiiccWzWcciiiCCbbTTWzWTTbbb 2222``W``2222 iiiiccWcciiii bbbbTTWTTbbbb 2222```2``` iiiiccciccc bbbbTTTbTTT cccccicii `````2`22 TTTTTbTbb ciiciicii `22`22`22 TbbTbbTbb 2222222 iiiiiii bbbbbbb 22 ii bb


Stitch posies onto a plain cushion cover for a present that’s both pretty and useful!





Make earrings by stitching fowers on plastic canvas then adding a hook fnding




uuuu iiii TTTT uuu u iii i TTT T uu uuuu ii iiii TT TTTT uu uuu ii iii TT TTT uuu uu iii ii TTT TT uuuuu uu uu uuuu iiiii ii ii iiii TTTTT TT TT TTTT uuu uuuuuu uuuu iii iiiiii iiii TTT TTTTTT TTTT uu uu uuuu uu uui ii iiii ii iiTT TT TTTT TT TT uuu uuuuuuu uuuuuiii iiiiiii iiiii TTT TTTTTTT TTTTT uuu uuuuuuu uuuuuui iiiiiii iiiiiiTT TTTTTTT TTTTTT uuuu uuuu uuuuuu iiuu iiii iiiiii TiiT TTTT TTTTTT TT uuu uuuu uuuuu iiiuiiii iiiii TTi TTTT TTTTT T uu uuuu uuuuuuu uuui iiii iiiiiii iiiTT TTTT TTTTTTT TTT u uuu u uuuuuuuuu iii i iiiiiiiii TTT T TTTTTTTTT uuuu uu uuu uu uuuiii ii iii ii iiiTTTT TT TTT TT TTT uuuu uu uuuuuuu uuiii ii iiiiiii iiTTTT TT TTTTTTT TT uuu uu uu uu u uiii ii ii ii i i TTT TT TT TT T T uu uu uu uu uu ii ii ii ii ii TT TT TT TT TT uu uuu uuu uu ii iii iii ii TT TTT TTT TT uu uu uuu u ii ii iii i TT TT TTT T u uu uu i ii ii T TT TT u u i i T T

YY YuzY YuzzzY YuzzzzY YuzzzzzY YuzizzzzY YYYYYuuizzzzY YYzzzzYuuWizzYYYYY YzzzzzzzYuWWzYzzzzzYY YzzziiiiYuWWYzzzzzzzzY YuzzzWWWiYuWYiizizzzzzY CC YuuuzWWWWYYWWWizzzzzzzY C C YYuuuuuYWWYWWWiiuuzzY C C YYYYiWWYWYWWuuzzzzY C C YiiiiWWWYWWYuuzzzzY C YYzziiWWuYWWYuuuuuY C YzziziiuYiiWuYuuYY C YzzzzzuuYzziuuYYYCCC CCC C P99 YzzzuuuYzzizuuY CCCC YYzuuuYuzzzzuuY PPP P999 YYYY YuzzuuuY PP99 PP99 YuuuuY PPP 9999 YuuY 999 YY C 9 CCC 99 CCC 999 CCC 999 CCC9999 9999 CCC999 uu 99999 uuuiiu 9999999 CC99uu 999999 C9uiiu uiiicicu C cccu u Y Y i Y Y u i i i 99999 u u 9999uYYYiYuiciccu uu uuu ttttuYYiYciccccuuYYu ttt uuu uuuuu tt222uYYYcYciiccuTTYYut222tt uuuuu uiuuu uu t22222uYYYYcciicc[TTYYYu22222t uu uuuiu uuuuiuiuuuuu t22`222uuYYYccic[cYYYYYu22`22t uuuuiuiuuuu uuuuuuiiuuuuuuttt`2`22```uuccci[cYYYYYYu22`2`tttuuuiiuuuuuu uuuuii9[uiiuut22tt``2``uuVVVcc[ccccYYuu`2```tt22tiu[9iiuuuu uuuuu[[iuuut22``2t```ubbbVVVVcVccccu``````t2``22ti[[uuuuu 99999uiiuuiiuut22tt``CCubbVVVbVVVVuuuuVuu``CC``tt22tiuuiiu99999 999999uuiuu9uiuuttt222`[CuubVbbbVbVuVVVVVVVu`C[`222tttu9uuiuu999999 9999 9uuuu99uuuuuttt2``2```ubbbbbbVuVbVbVbbu`````2tttuu99uuuu9 9999 9999uuu99999uu9922`222`2``ubbbbbVuVbbbbbu`2`222`22u99 99uuu9999 9999 9999 999t2222t2`222tuuubbu9ubbuuu2`2`2t2222t99 9999 9999 99999 99 9999t222t t2222tt99uu999uu9t22222t t222t999 99 99999 t22tt t22tt99 99 tt22t 999 999 999 9999t222t 999 ttt ttt ttt ttt


Blooms stitched in the corners of a beach towel using waste canvas make a great going-away gift!


Y zz Y ziz[[ zzzz[[ u zzzzz[[ ii uu zzzz[[ iiiuu zzz[[ i[[uu Tzzzzz[ [Cu Tzzziz[ uuuuC T[zzz[ uuu Cuii T [[[Y uuuiiT [ CCC uuuiTuu 9CCC uYiuuuu 99uuY9Yuuuu uuuiYuiuu99 iuiiuuuiCCCC iiuuuui9CCC CC9uuui999 CCC9 ii 9999 C99 999


zz zzz zzzzz zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzbzzzz zzzzbzzzzzbzzbz zzzzzbzzzzbzbbzzz zzzzzzbzzbbbbzzzzz zzzbzzbbzbbbzzzzzzz zzzbbbzzbzzzbbzzzzz bbbbzz[[zbbzzzzzzzz mmbb`[[zzbbbbzzzzzz mmmmm`S[Sz`mbbzzzzzzz mmmmmm``SSS`mbbbbzzzz CCCC mmmmmmmm``S`mmmbzzzzz C C mmmmmmm ```mmmmmbbb C C mmmmmmm C C C `mmmmmmmmC mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmC CC C mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm C C mmmmmmmmmm CC CC mmmmmmm CCCC mmmmm mmm


ff i ff ff ii ff CCiuiC uuff ff ff CC iiui CC ffuu uuff Cffuu eff ffC ui eeui ee ff uiW eui ff ff ee C ff ee eezz eeC uzzzuui C eezz ee eezz ee uzzzuui C eezz ee ee iiiiiizzui C ee eeiuuuuuuiYui iuu eeuuYiYi iiiiiiii e iuuuW eYuuYY ee iiuuuuuui eiiuuuuYYYY eeiuuuu eeii ee[iiuYYY efYYYYzzzW eiC eezz eeiYY f eeYYiizzzii ee eezz ee effYYuYiizzuu ee ee C ee YYuuuiuu eezz ee ee C e YYuYuui eezz ee ff C Yuu eeui [ ee ff ff iiuW eui ff ee uuffC iuuuui Cff ff CC ffuu iuuiCC uuff CCiuiC ff ff ffuu ff i ff ff ff


Make a sweet headband by attaching felt and ribbons to the back of your stitching


C [[[[[ CCC [[ [ CC9C [ [ CCC [ [CCC9C C9CCC CC9CC [ C99CC CC9C [ [ CC 9[[C9CC [ [ CC[[[C [ [ [[ [9 CCC9 [9CC CCC9C [C9CC CC99C [C 9C C9CC VV [ CC9CC CC9C VVVVVCC [ CCC VVVVVV VVV[ C VVVVbVVVVVmV m m CCC999 b V V V V b b V V V V V YY 9 C bVVVVVbVVmmVVVV VV VVVY CCC999 9 mmmmbbVVVVbbmmVVVVVV CC VVVVVVVY CCCCC 9C 9 VVVVmmbbbVVbbVVVVVmmVV CCCC VVVVVYVVVY 999C9 9C VVVVVVVmmbbVbVVVVVVVmmmmCC9C VVYVVYVVVY 999C99C9C VVVVVVVVVmb[bVVbbbVVVVbbC9C VVYYYYVVYY 99C999CC9C VVVVVVbbb[C[VVVbbbVVbbb9CC T VVYYVVVYT 99C999 CC9C CCC bbbVVbbVVV[VVVVVVbbbbC9CC bbTTVVYVVYTT 99999 CC bbbbVVVVVVbVVmmVVbbC9C9C bbbbTcVVYVYYTT99VVV C [[ bVVVbVVVVbVbVmmV99999C bbbbbScVYYYYYTTVVVVV CCC[[VVVbbbVVVVbVbVVmmV999mm bbbbTbSSccVYYYVVVVVVVVV C C C c c c m m VVbVVVVVVbbbbbbVVmmmmmVV bbbbbTTSSS VVYVVVVVV 999 CCC99VVbVVVVVVmmmmmbVmmmmmVVVV bbbbbbTTTSSS999mYVVmYVVV eu[[[ [[[u e CCCCVbbVVVVVmmVVVmmbmmmmVVVmV bbbbbbSSSS999SSYmmmYVVVm ee[u[z[[ [[z[u[ ee CCCCbbVVVmmmmVVVVmVmVmVVVmmV bbbbbbbb9TSSSSYmVYVVVVm ez e[u[[z[[[[z[[u[ ez e CCCbV mmmmVVVVmVmVmVmmmVV bbbb99TSTSSSSYYmVYVmY eeee[uuu[z[[z[[uu[ eeee CCCmmmVmmmVVVVVVmmVVVVbb eeeee[uuuu[zz[[uuu[ eeeee 9bbbTSSSSSYYYYVVY CC99C9VVVVVmVVVVVVmVVVVbVVV iu i 9bbbTSSSSTSSYmVYYY eeee[uuuuu2222uuuuu[ eeee CCCCCC9CVVVVVmmVV[VVVVVVbbVVVV u i 9 bbTbbSTSTTSTYYY eee[uuuuu222222uuuuu[ eee CC99C99CCCmmmmVVV[C[VVbbbVVbbbV i i99i bbbbbTTSbTSTTTT f eeeee[uu222``222uu[ eeeeef CCCC9CCCmmmmmmmmVV[mmmVVVVVVVbb i [9 u bbbbbTbbbTTbbbT eeeef eeez e[u22`WW`22u[ ez eeef eeee CCC9C9CCmmmmmVVVmmmmVmmmVVVVVVV u i i bbbbbbbbbTbbb eeeeeef[ eee[u22`WW`22u[ eee[f eeeeee C CC9CC9 mmmVVVVVmmVmmVVVmmbVVVb c c c c c c c c c c i i bbbbbbbbbbb eeeeeee[f[[[ e e[[[f[ eeeeeee C99CC9 mmVVVbVVmmVmVVVVVmbVb bb bb bbb ez eee[ eee[f f[ eee[ eeez e CCCC mVVbbbVmVVmmVVVVVbbb eeee[u ez e[ [ ez eu[ eeee C VbbVVVmVVmVVVVVV e[[[[uu[ ee[ [ ee[uu[[[[ e VVVVVmVVmVVVVb uuuuuuuu[[ e e[[uuuuuuuu cuuuuuuu[[[ VVV9bbbVVbbb [[[uuuuuuuc C9999[[Cbbb[[ c222uuu[[z[ [z[[uuu222c CCCC99[C9C9C99[ c2222u[[z[[ bb [[z[[u2222c CCC99[[9CCC9CC[ c``222[z[[ bzzb [[z[222``c f C99C99[ CC9C9C[C[ cWW`22z[[ bzzb f [[z22`WWc e CCC99[[ C9CC9CC[ cWW`22z[[ bb ff [[z22`WWc ee C C9[[[ c``222[z[[ [ ff e ee [[z[222``c 9CC9C9C[ CCC[[ C9CC9[ c2222uu[z[[ [ ``` ff e ee [ [[z[uu2222c CC[[ CC9[ c222uuuu[z[ YY 2``` ffe eee [ [z[uuuu222c C[ CC cuuuuuuu[[[ Y[[Y 2 2``` fe eee [ [[[uuuuuuuc 2 ` C C Y[[Y 22 e eeee [ uuuuuuuu[[ e e[[uuuuuuuu YY 2[ eeee [ e[[[[uu[ ee[ [ ee[uu[[[[ e [ [[ eeee [ eeee[u ez e[ [ ez eu[ eeee [ [ [[ ee[[ [ [ ez eee[ eee[f f[ eee[ eeez e [ VV [[[[[2 [ [ eeeeeee[f[[[ ecccccccccc e[[[f[ eeeeeee VzzV 2222 [[[ eeeeeef[ eee[u22`WW`22u[ eee[f eeeeee VzzV 22222 eeeef eeez e[u22`WW`22u[ ez eeef eeee VV 222222 f eeeee[uu222``222uu[ eeeeef [ 2222 eee[uuuuu222222uuuuu[ eee [ 22 eeee[uuuuu2222uuuuu[ eeee bb eeeee[uuuu[zz[[uuu[ eeeee b[[b eeee[uuu[z[[z[[uu[ eeee b[[b ez e[u[[z[[[[z[[u[ ez e bb ee[u[z[[ [[z[u[ ee eu[[[ [[[u e




Stitch fowers on plastic canvas and attach to cocktail stirrers as fun party accessories



More charts over the page




Holly Willoughby 30

Stitch yourself some sunshine with our portrait of Holly, This Morning’s golden girl!


resenter and model Holly Willoughby has won the hearts of the nation thanks to her down-to-earth nature, boundless energy and wry sense of humour. Whatever television throws at her, the Dancing on Ice presenter handles it with unruffed charm and effortless elegance! This portrait uses simple whole stitches only, so start stitching it for a fan of Holly today. ●





Holly Willoughby ✖ Cross stitch in two strands Z ; < W v l h c q b t 1 e V M n m

DMC blanc ecru 167 310 422 738 739 754 760 761 818 841 926 945 951 3045 3770

Anchor 2 926 373 403 943 367 366 1012 1022 1021 23 1082 850 881 1010 888 1009

H 3790 393 ✖ Whole stitches only

Madeira 2402 2404 1607 2400 2102 2013 2014 305 405 404 502 1911 1707 2309 2308 2103 2314 1905

Stitch count 83 (h) x 68 (w) Design area on 14-count fabric 15x12.5cm (6x4¾in)










;;; ;lh;;; h;;hl;;lhhhhhh;;; Z hhhhhlll1vllhhhhhh;h; ;hhl;lvv1vlhh;;;hhhhh;h; ;hl;;hh11vvh;;hhhlll;;hlhh; ;hh;;hvv11v1vlllh;hhllh;;hlhh; hhh;hhl11111vvlhhhh;;hhlhh;hh;h; h;hhlhvvv11111vvllllh;;hlhh;hh;h; h;hlvhl;hv11vv1111llhllhh;lhh;hh;h; h;hlvhh;;v11111vl111llhhllhhhhh;hhlh h;lvh;;hh1vv1111vllv11vlhhlh;hhh;hllh ;hhvh;;hvvv111v111vvllvvvl;hlh;hh;;hllh ;h;lh;;hl;lv1v11vvl11lhhlvvl;hh;;hh;hhlh hhhh;;hv;ll1v1111v1lllh;hhlvh;lh;;hh;hllh h;hvh;hv;lhv1111vhhhv1llh;hhllh;hh;hh;;hlhh ;h;hh;hvll;h1v11V1vh;;hvllh;hhlh;;hh;hh;hllh h;;hh;llh;hv11VVVVV1vh;;hhh;;hhlh;hhhhlh;hlhh ;h;;h;hlh;hv1VVVVVVVVV1vh;;h;;;hhh;;hh;hl;hllh h;;hh;lh;hl1VVVVMVVVMVVV1vh;h;;;hh;;hh;;hh;hll ;h;;h;hh;hl11VVVVVVMMMMMVVVvhhh;;hhh;;hh;hl;hvlh ;h;hh;l;hl11VVVMVVMMMMMMMVVV1vhh;;hh;;hh;;vh;hlh h;;hlhh;l11VVVVVMVMMmMMMMMMVVVvhh;;h;;hhh;vlhhvl hh;;hlh;hv11VVVMVVMMMMMMmMMMVVVV1h;;hh;;hhhhlhhvlh ;h;hhh;;l111VVMMVVVMmMmmmmMMMMVVV1h;;h;;hhhhvlhvlh ;h;hlh;hv11VVVVVVVVMMmmMmmMMMMVVVVvh;h;;hhhhvlhlvlh ;l;hl;;l11VVVMVVMVMMmmmMmmmmMMMVVVVh;;h;;h;hhlvlvlh hhh;hh;;l11VVVVVVVVVMMmmmmmMMVVVVV111h;h;;h;hhvlhlvl ;h;;lh;hv11VV1HHH11VVVMMmMMMVVVV1HHHVh;h;;h;h;vhlhvll ;l;;l;;h11VV11VV1HHH1VVMVVVMVV1HH1VVVvhhh;hlh;vhlhlvl ;l;;h;;l11V11MMMMMV111VVMVVMV11VVV1V11hhl;;lh;hhlhhvl ;h;hh;hl11VMMVV1111VVMVVMVmVVVMV1WWWWW1hl;;hh;hvhlhll; h;h;;l;hv1VMMV1WWWWWW1VMVVMmVVMV1W eW eZWW1hh;hlh;hhlhvlh ;hl;hl;h11VVV1WWZeW eZW1mMVmMVVm1WZeeeZZWWhl;;lh;hhlhhvl ;hl;;l;;11VVVWWZZeeeZZVmMVmMVMmVV1HHWWWH1hlh;lhh;vhlhvl; ;hlh;h;;1VVVM1HWWWHH1VmMMMmMVVMmMMVVVVVVVvll;lvh;vhlhvlh h;hlh;l;h1VVVMMmVVVVVmMMVMMmMVVMMMMMmmmMMVVvlhlvhhlhlhvvh hhhlhhh;h1VVVVMMMmmmMMMVMMMmMVMVMmMMMMMMVVVvll;lvhhvlhvvl; hhhlh;h;h1VVMVVMMMMMMVmVMVMmMMVMVMmmMmMmmVcvvlhlvlhlvlhvv; hlhlh;h;h1VVcMMmMmMMmmVMMVMmMMVVMMmmmmmmMccvnllhvllhlvlvvh hlhvl;l;;11VcMMMmmmmmmMVVMMmmMMVVVMmmmmmccc1nvlhlvllhlnlvh; hhhvh;hh;h1VccMMmmmmmMVVMMmmmmMVVVVMmmmMcccc1nvhhvhlhlvnvvh hhhhvlhlhhh1VcccMMmmMMVVVVVMmmMVVMVVcVVVccccc1nvlhvlvlhlnvvh hlhvnlhhhh;1VccccccVcVVVMM1VMMV1MVMVVcccccccV1nnvlhvhvhlvlvhh hlhvnlhllh;1VVccccccVVVMMMMMVVMMMMMMVVcccccVVV1nvvhvlvllvnvlh hlhvnlhhllh11VVccccVVMMMMMMMmmMMMMMMMMVVVVVVVc1nnvlhvhvhlnvvh; hlhvnlhllvlh1VVVccVVVVVVVVMmmmmMMVVVVVVVVMVVVV1<nnvhvhvhlnvvhh hvhvnvlhvhlh1VVVVVV qqqqqbbbbVVbbbb qqqqqVMVMVVc1<<nnvvhvhvnvvhh hlhvn<lhv;vlhcVVVMVV qqqZZZZZZZZZZZZZqqVMMMVVV1<<<vnnvlvhvnnvlh; hhllvvnvhlvhvh1VVVMVMV qb qqZZZZZZZZZqqqVMMMMVVV1n<nvlnvlvlvnnvlhh hhlhvvnvhhv;vh1cVVMMMVV qbb qqbbb qqqqb qVMMMMVVVV1nnnlhlvlvlvn<vvhh hlllvvn<lhlvhvlcVVMMVMVV qbbbbbbbbb qqVMMVMMVVV1Hvnvllhvvvvvn<nvlh hlvlhvnnvhlvhvv1cVVMVMMMVV qbtttb qqVVMMVMMVVVV1Hvnvhvnlvvlnn<nvlh lvlhvvnvlhlvhvvcVVMMVMVMMVVVVVVVVVMMVMMVVVV1HH<vllvvllllnn<nnvh hlvllvvn<vlhlhnvHcVVMVMMMMMVVVVVMMMMVMMMVVVVHHH<vhvnlvvvvnv<<nvlh hhllhlhvvnvvlllhnHHcVVVVMVMMMmmmMMMMMVMMVVVV1HH<vvlvnvlvhhnv<<nnvh hllvllhvn<vvllvnnHHcVVVMMVMMMMMMMMMMMMVVVV11HH<vhvnvlvhhhnvnn<nvh hhllvvlhvln<v<lvnnHHHcVVVMMMMMmmMMMMMMVVV11V1H<vlllvvnvlhv<nvnnvlh h llvlvlhvln<n<lvn<HHH1VVVMMMmmmmMMMMVVV1VVV1<vvhlnvvvllvn<<nvvnl h lvvlvvllnlnnv<<nn<HH11VVVMMMMmMMMMVV11VMVV1vvhlvnvvnhlv<<<<lvvh l lvvllvll<llnnn<<nv<H1111VVMMMMMMVV11VMMMV1vvlvvn<nnvlvn<<<<hlv vhlvvllvvl<nlvn<nn<nv<11VV11VVMMVV11VMMvMVVvvhvvn<v<nvllnv<<<<hl hlvvvllvvln<lvnn<<nnv<11VVVV111111VMMMMlMV1vlvn<<n<nnvlhvvv<n<hh hlvhlnlhlvnl<lvvn<<<nn<1V1VMMVVVVVVMMMmMVlhlvvn<<n<<<nnnvvvnnv< lv lnvhlvvnnl<vvn<<nv<1VVVMMMMVVMMMMmmMVV1nnn<<<n<<nnnnnn<<v<< hl lvvllvn<nn<vnn<<n<H1VVVVVMMMMMMMmmmVVvvv<<<nnn<<<<<<<<vv<<< hv lvnllvvnn<nln<<nlHH1VVVMMMMMMMMMmmMVvVvvvvnnn<<nnvnnvlvv<<vv l lnvlvnvn<lvn<<n<HH1VVVMMMMMMVMmMMVlVvvlnnnnn<<nnnnnvlnvvvlhhh v llvnlvvln<lnv<nv<HH1VVVVMMMMMMMMMVlVvVlvn<n<<<<v<<vnllvvlvvllhh lvlvnvln<lvnvnl<n<H1VVMMMMMMMMmMMlVvVlvvn<nv<<<nnnvvln<nvvlvllh hlvnllnn<<vn<nl<<vnH1VVMMMMMMMMmMVVlVVvnvn<<nvvn<vvvllnvn<nvvnll llvnnvvn<vnnnl<n<nl<11VMMMMMMMMMMVlvVvvnvnn<<<n<<<<<lnllvn<<vvnv hlllnnvvvvnn<<nn<nn<nv11VMMMMMMMmMMlvVlvnnnvn<<<<vnnnnnvlhlvv<<nvv lvln<nvvnvv<<n<n<nn<<lv1VMMMMMVMmMVlvVvvnnnvvnnnnn<<<nnvvlhlvn<<vl lhvv<nvv<<nv<nn<n<<nn<vlvVMMMMMVMMMVvVvlvnnn<vvvvvnn<n<<nvvhhlvn<vl hlhln<nv<<nvvv<n<vn<nv<vlvVMMMMVVMMMVvVvVvlvn<<nnn<<nn<<<<nvlhhvnnvl vvvhnnv<<nvvvv<nnvn<nl<nll1VMMVVVMMVvVVvtllvn<<n<<nnlvnnnn<nvlhlv<vl vvnlvnn<nvnnvl<<vnn<nnv<lltttttttttlvttvtltvln<<<<nllnnnvnn<nvllvnvn vnnvvv<nvn<nvl<nnlnnvln<lltttttttttltZZvthtvln<<<<vvl<nnnvvn<vvlnvlv nnvvnnnnn<vnvlnntl<ntlvvlnZttZZZttZltttltlllvvn<nvlln<nvnnlvnnlnnlnv nvnvvnln<vnvvlntnlvvtlnllvtttttttttlvtttlthlvlvvvlln<<nnvvnlvnlvvnvl nn<vlnnlnnnvlvttvlltnvvlvtttttttttttvtttlllhlvvllnn<<<nvllvnllvllll v<<nlvnnlnvvlntvllvtlnllntttttZZtttZlttZZtl Zhhlvvll<<<nvttlvvln<<ttt n<<<vlvnn<vlvtvllvnlnllvttZZtZZZZtZZZltZZttZZttttl<ZZ<nvtttlvl<<ttZZ

Reader’s pick!



ho would you like to see as a Crazy Celeb stitch? It might be your favourite actor, a Hollywood icon or even a sporting great! Email your requests to or post them to: Celeb stitch, Cross Stitch Crazy, 2nd Floor, Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1 3BN.

If you’re lucky, the celebrity you request may be picked to appear in a future issue of Crazy! We love seeing your stitching, so don’t forget to email any photos of your stitched celebrities from Crazy to for your chance to appear on Crazy’s Letters page and win a lovely prize!


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Handbags and shoes Issue 216

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Tea cosies

✖ Cross stitch in two strands

Birthdays Issue 215

Fabergé-style eggs Issue 214

Butterfies Issue 213

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 0844 844 0385 34

DMC Anchor Madeira Z B5200 1 2401 s 209 98 803 2 211 342 801 T 349 1098 212 c 351 10 214 H 434 310 2009 7 436 1045 2011 q 603 55 505 b 605 1094 613 y 725 305 113 z 727 293 112 3 762 234 1804 < 816 1006 513 9 912 209 1213 p 954 203 1207 E 995 410 1102 6 996 433 1103 i 3820 306 2509 u 3822 295 2511 ✖ Backstitch in one strand ––– 310 403 2400

✖ Whole stitches only Max. stitch count 38 (h) x 39 (w) Design area on 14-count fabric 7x7cm (2¾x2¾in)

EEE666 z77 7 3ZZZ 777 33ZZ 777 3333 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE6 EEEE66666666666666 EEE666666666666666 EEE66666666666666666 EE666666666666666666 EEEE666666666666666666 iiiu EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE6 uuuuu iuu 33333333333333333333 iuuuuuu iuu 33333ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZiuiiuuuu iuuu 3ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZii iuuu iuuui33 E66666ZZZZZZZ3 E66666ZZi iuu iuuui33 E3333 6ZZZZZZZ3 E3333 6ZZi iuu iuui333 E3333 6ZZZZZZZ3 E3333 6ZZZ iuu iuui3Z3 E3333 6ZZZZZZZ3 E3333 6ZZ3 iuu iuui3Z3 E3333 6ZZZZZ333 E3333 6zZ3z iuuu iiui3Z3 EEEEEE3 E666663 EEEEEEzyy iuu iui3z33z33333 E666663z33z333yyziuui iii3zyyZZZZZ3 E66666ZZyyzZZzpziuui ii3ZyyzZZZZ3 E66666ZzyyZZZZpziuui ii3zZzZZzZZz E66666ZZzpzZZZpiuii ii3ZzpZzyy3 E66666ZZzpZZZZpii i33ZpZZyyz E666y 6ZZ3pZZ3pp 3ZpZzpz3 EE6666ZZ3pZZ3p 93p33pzp EE6666pZ3pZ39p 9p39p3p EE6666p3pp3p9 99p9pp9 EEE666p9ppp9p 99999 EEEEEE99999

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Crazy for... Tea cosies Enjoy a brew the colourful way with one of these cute cosies, coming to a tea table near you! Designed by Durene Jones

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Reader’s pick!


9p 99 9ppp 999p 9pp9999ss22222299999pp 999333Z9ss222s9333Zppp 33ZZZZZZs22s33ZZZZZZ 3ZZZZZZZss2s3ZZZZZZZ 3ZZZ9pZZZZss3ZZZ9pZZZZ 3ZZ9pppZZZss3ZZ9pppZZZ 3ZZ9pppZZZyy3ZZ9pppZZZ 3ZZZ9pZZZZyy3ZZZ9pZZZZ 3ZZZZZZZyzzy3ZZZZZZZ qqqbb 33ZZZZZZyzzy33ZZZZZZ qqbbb s333Z9yzzzzy9333Zs qbbb s2z29999yzzz9999ys2z qbbb T qbbbbbbTs2z29pp9yyzz9pp9y22z T qb qqTTTys2z229pp9yzppp9sz22z2 qbbb TT q Ty22z22ppp9yzppp9sz22z2T qbbb Tq y22z22zppp9ppp9s2z22z2T qbbb T qb y22z22zppppppp9s2z22z2T qbbb Tq sy22z22zpp9pp9p9s2z22z2T qbbb T qb sz22z22zp9 qp9 qp9s2z22z2T qbbb Tq sz22z22z9 qbb qbb9s2z22z2T qbb q T qq sz22z22z9 qbbbbb9s2z22z2T qbb q T qTsz22z22y9 qbbbbb9s2z22z2T qb q T qTsz22z22yp9 qbbbp9ssz22z2TT qT TTsz22z2spp9 qbbbpp9sz22z22TT TTsy22z2sppp9 qbppp9sy22z22T Tsy22zspppp9 qbpppp9y22z22 sys2ysppppp9ppppp9ys2z22 syssy9pppppppppppp9ssy2 ys99pppppppppppppp99ys 999ppppppppppppppppp99 999ppppppppppppp99 99999999999999

What are you crazy for?✃ Tell us what you’re mad about stitching! We’ll gather together the most popular requests and ask one of our top designers to create a whole spread of designs – just for you! Name and address..................................................................................... .................................................................................................................... .........................................................................Postcode........................... Tel no .......................................................................................................... I’m crazy for................................................................................................ Because ..................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................... Fill in and cut out this coupon (or photocopy it) and send it to: Crazy for… Cross Stitch Crazy, Immediate Media Company Bristol Ltd, 2nd Floor, Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1 3BN or email your requests to:


Take a break! Say hello to our set of four nostalgic postcard designs, each depicting an iconic European city! Designed by Emma Congdon


hat better way to brush up on your foreign languages than by stitching one of Emma’s stylised urban icons? From Barcelona’s striking Sagrada Familia to Paris’s Eiffel Tower, and Amsterdam’s narrow townhouses, windmill and tulips to Pisa’s famous leaning tower, there’s bound to be a postcard for you! While the stitches themselves are simple, the range of different shades, number of colour changes and level of detail

Need to know Stitch Time 10 hours each (approx) Stitch Types Whole cross stitch, backstitch mean these gorgeous designs are so satisfying to settle down with. Why not daydream about escaping on your own city break while you’re stitching one? ●

ShoppingList... Threads - Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle - Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric - Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 20x15cm (7¾x6in) for each design. To buy, visit or call  0800 013 0150 Extras - White card from local craft stores


Stitch these boldyou designs to remind of happy holidays!



Add some colour Stitching designs on a colourful fabric is an easy way to add a summery vibe to your projects. If you’re feeling bold, why not try brightly coloured aida, like Emma Congdon’s used for her Happy Words charts (left)? Visit to download the designs for £4.79 and you’ll find details of the fabric used, and where to buy it, too. If you’re looking for a more subtle finish, we love Polstitches’ hand-dyed fabrics. Dawn Chorus, Sky High, Marbelled Rose and Daybreak (above, from L-R) are available in 14- and 16-count aida, and would make a pretty sky background for your design. To buy, visit or call  0800 772 3615 – prices start from £16.99.

The summer of It’s the perfect time of year to indulge your hobby, so here’s some fab new ideas to make it the season of cross stitch! Ways to display Run out of space on your walls to hang your stitching? Then try something new with these two fun tutorials! We love the My Poppet Makes blog at as its packed with creative ideas, but this funky Cross Stitch Chair How To (left) has to be our favourite! We also adore this pretty holdall (right) from Craft and Creativity – the perfect way to store your stash! For a step-by-step making up guide, visit www.craftand blog and search ‘Embroidered Suitcase’.


Spend a wee ken projects like d stitching bee-autiful this in surrounding s!

Take a break Fancy a getaway where you can stitch for two days solid? Then book into a Craft Sanctuary residential! Held at Hawkwood College in Stroud, a stunning Grade II listed country house, you’ll attend workshops run by stitching experts such as Hannah Sturrock from Bobo Stitch, learn how to design your own charts, stitch beautiful pieces (top left) and more. Running from 20th-22nd June and 2nd-4th August, visit or call  0870 220 0200 for more information. Or, if a day out with your stitchy pals is more your thing, pay a visit to this year’s Handmade Fair (bottom left). Held at Hampton Court Palace, you’ll get to learn or perfect a new technique, plus shop ’till you drop at the Shopping Village! Turn to page 77 for more information.

stitching! Stitch on the go Take your stitching wherever you travel with these fab buys! The Crimson Rabbit’s Sewing Case (top left) not only looks gorgeous, but comes with a mini scissors, needles and a needle threader – perfect for travelling. Buy for £12.50 at Jetting off to sunnier climes? Then Cath Kidston’s Billie Goes on Holiday Essential Travel Gift Set (top right) is a must. With an inflatable travel pillow, eye mask, two 100ml travel bottles and a passport holder, all in a clear wallet, you could also pop a mini WIP inside for the ideal flying companion! Visit to buy for £32. And, this Spotted Weekender Bag (right) is the perfect size and shape to pack your stitchy stash in. It’s got inner pockets to keep any accessories safe, and costs just £15. Visit to order yours!


SHINE BRIGHT Metallics aren’t just for Christmas – add sparkle to your stitching all year round with DMC’s Light Effects threads! With pretty Pearlescent Effects threads (top) in iridescent pastel shades and brighter Jewel Effects threads (right) in shades of sapphire, emerald and more, they’ll add a touch of luxe to summer projects. Skiens start from £1.39. Visit or call  0116 275 4000 for stockists

IN COLOUR We love Sublime Stitching’s threads for their gorgeous colour palettes, and these two sets are perfect for summer. Frosting (top) has a selection of mouthwatering pastel shades, while Flowerbox (right) is inspired by sunny summer florals. Both sets contain seven different shades and cost £5.95 each. Visit to buy



Pretty petals Woven with trails of dainty blooms in shades of powder blue, this lovely alphabet will look enchanting turned into all manner of darling gifts Designed by Susan Bates


lphabets are so wonderfully versatile, our go-to for a simple yet special card or present. And, this collection of initials worked in whole stitches and backstitch, in fresh shades of blue, has hints of French country chic that will look divine in most settings. The ornate loops and curls of the serif lettering is pleasingly vintage, and we love the way they seem so entwined

with vines and fowers that it isn’t always obvious where the letters end and the fowers begin. Make a deserving friend a gorgeous gift by stitching their name and attaching it to a readymade or handmade wash bag as we’ve done here, then fll it with luxurious bathtime treats. Or, stitch a sweet phrase and turn it into a picture or hanging for a guest bedroom, bathroom or even a sunny conservatory. l

Need to know Stitch Time 3-4 hours (each) Stitch Types Whole cross stitch, backstitch

ShoppingList... Threads - Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle - Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric - 14-count white aida measuring 10cm x the desired length (4in). To buy, call  0800 013 0150 or visit Extras - Backing fabric, crochet ribbon and 8in zip from local craft stores





of the best...



TERRIFIC T REX Mouseloft’s mini kits are perfect for quick stitches, making them a fab choice for kids. This friendly Dinosaur kit is new to the Stitchlets range and costs £2.29 for a complete kit. Stitch and send it as a card or pop it in an embroidery hoop or square frame to brighten up a child’s room. To buy, visit





jjjjjjj jjjjj3333 33 jjjjjj333 3333 33 jjjjjj333333 jj 3333333 jjjj33jjj333 jjj 33k333333 jjjjjj33333 jjj33jjj3333333jjjjjj333 jjjj jjjjj33333 jj jjjjjjj333 jj jjjjj333333 jjjjjjjj3jj3j333 jjjjjjjjjj3jj333 jjjjjjjjjjjjj3333 jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj33jjjjjjj333 jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj3jjjj3jj33 jjj3jjjjjjj3j3jjjjjj3jjjj33j3 jjjj3jj333jj333j33jj3jjjjjjj33j jjjj3jj333jj33333333jj3jj3jjjj33 jjjj33j333333333333333333jj3jjjj33 jjj3j3333333 33jjj3jjjjj3 jj3333333 j33jjjjj3 j33333 333j jj3 j333 j33 jj3 j3 j33 jj j3 jj3 j jj

Crazy tip Get a grown-up to cut round the pterosaurs as the shapes are quite fiddly

SarahSays... FABRIC FANTASTIC Pep up a stitched cushion by using this super-cute fabric featuring a clutch of colourful dinos, butterflies, hearts and flowers to back it! Pink Dinosaurs on Grey – Cotton by Marcus Fabrics costs £3.50 for a fat quarter. Visit

ON THE BUTTON Create the most perfect prehistoric cards and gifts with the addition of these fun Dinomite buttons, just £2.30 per pack! To buy, visit www. craftdepartment. com or call  01539 823 199


These winged reptiles continue to fascinate young and old alike! And, these charts are so versatile too – they’d make brilliant cards! Sarah Heys, Charting Editor, Cross Stitch Crazy

Pterosaur mobile ✖ Cross stitch in two strands DMC Anchor Madeira j 318 399 1801 3 415 398 1802 813 140 910 E 827 160 1013 8 910 228 1302 9 912 209 1213 p k 3799 236 1713 z 3821 305 2510 i 3852 306 2514 ✖ Backstitch in one strand ––– blanc 2 2402 ––– 3799 236 1713 ✖ Whole stitches only Max. stitch count 35 (h) x 50 (w) Design area on 14-count fabric 6.5x9cm (2½x3½in) Stitched by Pippa Slack







iiiiiii zzzziiiii zzziiiiii zz zzzzzziiiiii zz zzzz zzziiizziiii zzzzzzz ii zzzzziiiiii zzzzzzkzz iii zzziiiiiizzzzzzziiizziii zzzzziiiii iiii zzziiiiiii ii zzzzzziiiii ii zzziziiziiiiiiii zzziiziiiiiiiiii zzzziiiiiiiiiiiii zzziiiiiiizziiiiiiiiiiiiiii zziiziiiiziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zizziiiiziiiiiiziziiiiiiiziii izziiiiiiiziizzizzziizzziiziiii zziiiiziiziizzzzzzzziizzziiziiii zziiiiziizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzizziiii ziiiiiziiizz zzzzzzziziii ziiiiizzi zzzzzzzii zii izzz zzzzzi zii zzi zzzi ii zzi zi zii zi ii i




Crazy Kid



You are a winner!

Sophie from Australia


E 8E 88 E 8 EE 8 EEEE 888 EEE 888 EEEE 88 88 EE88 EE 888 8888 EEEEE 888 EEEE8 EEEE EE888 EEEEEE 8 EEEEE88888 E 8888888 EEEE88888 EEEEEEEEEEE88 EEEEE8k88 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE8 E8888 EE88888 EEEE8888888 EEE88 EEE 8888 88 EEEEEEEEE888 EEEEEEEE8 E EEE 888 EE 888888888 EEEEE8 E EEEE 888 888888 E888 EE8 EE EEEE 88 888888 EEEEE EEE 8888 EEEEEE EE 88 E88 EEEEE 888 EEEEEEE 888 EE88 EE 8 E888 EEEE 88 EE8 EEEE 888 EEEEE 88 E88 EEE 888 EEEE 88 EEEE 88 EEEE 88 EEE 88 EE 8 EE E

“I’m Sophie and I’m nine. This is me stitching my frst ever cross stitch chart, the squirrel from the 50 gift ideas in issue 207! I’m enjoying it so much I’m already planning what to stitch next!”

I’m a Crazy Kid stitcher! Are you a kid who’s mad about cross stitch? If so, fll out the form below and send it in to us, along with a photo of you and your stitching, for the chance to feature in Crazy! Name and address.................................................................. .................................................................................................





9 9p 9pp 99p 9999p 999ppp 9999ppp pp 99pp99pp ppp 99999pppp 9999p9999ppp 999999ppp99 9ppppp99999p ppppp9999ppppppp ppkp99999pp99999999999 pppp9p999999999999999999999 pppp 999pp999ppppppp9999ppppp99 ppp 999 9p99999999ppp999999999pp ppp 9999 9p99999ppppppppp 99 pp 9999 9p99ppp9pppppp 999 99999pppppp 99 999999pppp 99999pp9pp 9999999ppp 99pp99ppp 9999ppp9p 9999p99pp 99999ppp 999pp9pp 9999ppp 9999pp 9999pp 999pp 99pp 99p 9

.............................................. Postcode................................ Tel no ....................................................................................... I’m a kid that’s crazy about stitching and here’s why ................................................................................................. ................................................................................................. ................................................................................................. Please ask your parent or guardian to sign here ................................................................................................. Fill in and cut out this coupon (or photocopy) and send to: Crazy Kids… Cross Stitch Crazy, Immediate Media Company Bristol Ltd, 2nd Floor, Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1 3BN or email


! N I W

Cross Stitch Crazy Sample Issue