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9 October 2019 | ISSUE 16

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Primary School Share the Dignity – “It’s in the Bag”

From the Principal Dear Parents and Friends

Co-curricular Music

Welcome back to Term Four. I hope you all had a refreshing break – I know the vacation was a welcome and much needed ‘speed bump’ for many. Now we face the shortest term of the year, though packed full of major events and celebrations. In many ways, the biggest threat is looking ahead to the finish line, without ‘lowering the eyes’, to ensure that all potholes are successfully navigated. Study schedules must be plotted, assignments well-drafted, social events managed and staples such as sleep and nutrition attended to.

Old Scholars' Family Day Out

Uniform Review

Secondary School School TV Secondary School Sport

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One of the key reviews that have been conducted over the last two terms has been the uniform review. This involved parents, staff and students, and I thank all committee members for their service and commitment to this important process. The group worked through over 300 responses to an earlier uniform survey of parents, students and staff, as well as reviewed all Coast schools in relation to their uniform policies and guidelines. As per previous correspondence at the end of Term Three, I provide below the recommendations from the review, including timelines for implementation. Recommendation 1: Students from P to 2 will wear Sport/House uniform for five days per week commencing 2021 for all students. Current students in Year 1 who have already purchased formal uniforms can elect to wear these throughout 2020 in Year 2.

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Recommendation 2: An untucked boys’ shirt will be introduced for Years 3 to 6, with new shirts becoming available from Semester Two 2020, with all students expected to wear the new shirt from 2021. Coinciding with the new shirt will be new shorts for Years 3 to 6 not requiring a belt. Recommendation 3: Years 3 to 12 long socks will be replaced with a navy crested crew sock, and sport socks will be replaced with an ILC logo sock across P to 12. New socks will be available from Term Two next year, with implementation for all socks by the commencement of 2021.

Teaching Students to be Upstanders •

Recommendation 4: Option for Years 3 to 12 Girls uniform, including tailored shorts and trousers (as relevant) with ‘outside’ blouse to be available from Semester Two 2020 (by order). Recommendation 5: A new hat will be introduced for Prep to Year 6. This hat will replace the current formal hat and also the sport hat. The current Year 4 to 6 formal hat will be phased out at the end of 2020.

Know what to look for: A definition of bullying is helpful: there’s a power imbalance between the bully and victim (size, age, popularity); the behaviour is intended to harm another person; it happens more than once. It’s also important for students to know the wide variety of bullying: physical (punching, kicking, pinching); verbal (name-calling, taunting, threats, electronic messages); relational (spreading false rumours and personal information, group exclusion). Define bullying as requiring urgent action: Students are more likely to act when they feel a situation is an emergency, so they need to know that bullying produces psychological as well as physical consequences: including anxiety, low selfesteem, sadness, depression, fear, school refusal, isolation and even suicide. They also need to be aware of the way bullying undermines feelings of community and safety in a classroom.

Recommendation 6: Years 7 to 12 Unisex braid hat to be introduced in Year 7 from 2020, with all students expected to wear the new hat from 2021. Current stock of formal hats will be sold at well under cost price ($50.00) for those students in need of a replacement hat. Recommendation 7: Review material for sport shirt (maintaining current design), with new shirts becoming available as existing stock depletes. All other uniform items remain the same as existing guidelines. An updated version of Dress and Appearance Guidelines that reflect the recommendations will be issued to parents prior to the commencement of the 2020 academic year. We have at all times attempted to minimise the costs involved in these changes and have created longer implementation timelines where appropriate to maximise student current uniforms.

Environmental and Indigenous Support Officer Recruitment has commenced for the part-time, term-time role of Environmental and Indigenous Support Officer at Immanuel in 2020. Applications close on Friday 11 October 2019; if you or someone you know may be interested, please click here for further information on the role.

Encouraging Upstanders Studies show that in 80% of bullying incidents, there are witnesses. When these witnesses intervene, bullying is stopped about half of the usual time. This suggests that schools, in partnership with parents, should empower students with the skills they need to step up when they see bullying.

Take personal responsibility to be a change agent: If students feel it is somebody else’s responsibility, they will not help the bullying victim. To increase personal responsibility, students must begin to see themselves as responsible citizens who are not afraid to stand up. Upstanders do not need anyone to ask them to intervene. Feel competent to engage: To build this level of selfassurance, discuss actual incidents students have witnessed and view educational videos or clips from popular media, identifying what upstander behaviour would look like. Role-play possible interventions. Decide to engage: Interventions might include using humour to defuse the situation, creating a distraction, asking if the bully realises the way the victim feels, saying bluntly that the behaviour is wrong and needs to stop, helping the victim escape, and telling an adult. Students can also be encouraged to reach out to marginalised students who might be bullied.

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World Mental Health Day

World Teachers’ Day

Tomorrow, Thursday 10 October, is World Mental Health Day. In a time of constant change and uncertainty, young people are growing up in a world far different from previous generations. With major events occurring worldwide and an increasing reliance on technology and social media, young people are being exposed to violence, bullying, peer pressure and more from an early age. Developing healthy self-esteem and resilience is important not just for young people, but everyone so that we can lead healthy and happy lives.

Another important date occurs this month – Friday 25 October is World Teachers’ Day. This day is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide and was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 to celebrate the role of teachers in society. It provides an opportunity to draw public attention to the role of teachers worldwide and their importance in the classroom and the contribution they make to our society. Teachers help in the development of a child, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. We are blessed to have an outstanding group of teachers and support staff in our College, who do a wonderful job each day. Please consider what you may like to do as a simple thank you to those teachers who care for your children.

You can find more information on World Mental Health Day here, and access a fact sheet on adolescent mental health from the World Health Organisation here. If you have any concerns about your child, please encourage them to talk to our College Counsellor, Tarnya Mitchell or College Chaplain(s) Kathrin Koning and Gayla Mathews.

Student-free Day – Monday 21 October Monday 21 October is a student-free day. Outside School Hours Care will be operating for those who wish to access that service. Please contact them on T: 5477 3418 if you would like to book your child/ren in. Each year we receive enquiries as to why this Monday during Term Four is always a student-free day. This day is used across Queensland for External Moderation, which at this time of the year is to verify each school’s preparation of Year 12 exit results. This is an exhaustive process where highly qualified and experienced staff from a wide cross-section of schools are handpicked to serve on subject-specific panels. A number of Immanuel teachers are involved in this process. These groups scrutinise adherence to accredited work programs, assessment tasks and appropriateness of marking and management of results.

Volunteers’ Celebration Event

I would encourage all our wonderful volunteers to attend the Volunteers’ Celebration being held at the Environmental Centre on Tuesday 22 October, from 5.00pm. This function provides the College with an opportunity to show its appreciation for all that you do in support of our community.

Why God Made Teachers When God created teachers, He gave us special friends To help us understand his world And truly comprehend The beauty and the wonder of everything we see, And become a better person With each discovery. When God created teachers, He gave us special guides To show us ways in which to grow So we can all decide How to live and how to do What’s right instead of wrong, To lead us so that we can lead And learn how to be strong. Why God created teachers, In his wisdom and his grace Was to help us learn to make the world A better, wiser place.

RSVPs can be advised via email to Lauren Nielsen E: nielsenl@; or by calling the College Main Administration Office on T: 5477 3444. Invitations have been emailed, but if you are a volunteer and did not receive one, you are welcome to attend. Further details can be found in the flyer later in this newsletter. To assist with catering, it would be appreciated if you would RSVP by Tuesday 15 October. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Date-Claimers for Term Four Some important dates for your diaries include: Wednesday, 16 October

Twilight Concert (5.30pm)

Monday, 21 October

Year 7 2020 Parent Information Evening (7.00pm)

Tuesday, 22 October

Volunteers’ Celebration Event (5.00pm)

Thursday, 24 October

Secondary School Sports Awards Assembly (1.50pm)

Tuesday, 29 October

Year 10 2020 Mt Binga Information Evening (7.00pm)

Friday, 8 November

Primary School Disco (5.30pm)

Thursday, 14 November

Secondary School Speech and Prize-Giving Evening (6.30pm)

Friday, 15 November

Year 12 Walk of Faith (9.00am)

End of Term, Year 12 Wednesday, 27 November Primary School Years 3 to 6 Celebration of Learning (6.00pm) Friday, 29 November

Year 11 Servant Leadership Day End of Term, Years 10 and 11

Tuesday, 3 December

Year 6 Graduation (2.00pm)

Wednesday, 4 December

End of Term Four, Prep to Year 9

In particular, I commend to you the Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ next Wednesday 16 October, which is an outstanding showcase of our student’s achievements in various fine and performing arts. Guests are treated to a grand evening of entertainment. Every blessing for Term Four, and I look forward to celebrating with you the many achievements throughout this term. Yours in Christ

Congratulations Congratulations to Year 5 student Luke Rychvalsky, who was selected for the Queensland Athletics team and attended the National School Sports Track and Field Championships in Darwin during the holidays. Luke achieved national silver medals in both the Tetrathlon, which is a combined points event (shot put, 100m, long jump, 800m) and 800m medley.

Colin Minke Principal

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Chaplaincy Chat

College Counsellor

Set to Go

Over the holiday break there has been much in the media regarding ‘eco-anxiety’ – the anxiety experienced by children and young people in relation to the climate crisis. There are many voices in this debate. What we know is that anxiety is functional if one is facing an emergency. Our bodies and brains are hard-wired to produce an anxious response to prime us for appropriate action. Anxiety disorders are the result of our bodies getting stuck on an emergency setting when there is no actual emergency. The science would seem to be clear on climate change. Scientists agree that we are facing a global emergency. It holds then that anxiety is therefore a perfectly appropriate, and potentially useful response to climate change.

Do you ever wonder about time and space? Having just had eight and a half weeks long service leave in Europe, I’ve had more than one occasion to ponder the matter. Like when I flew out of Rome one Sunday morning at 7.00am and then found myself on a boat cruising the river Spree in Berlin that afternoon. Or when I arrived home at 2.00am last Friday, then attended a wedding at Immanuel Church on Saturday. And even as I write this, I’m amazed to think that exactly one week ago, I caught a train at 5.00am from Hannover, in order to fly out of Frankfurt, to catch my flight from London, via Dubai back to Brisbane. Wow! However, we don’t have to travel to marvel at the passing of time and the ‘changing worlds’: I can imagine that many parents of our Year 12 students are wondering where the time has gone; it was only the other day that their sons and daughters were in Primary School. And all of us are probably amazed that Term Four has begun, and that we find ourselves on yet another threshold in our children’s growth and development. Time and space: they certainly stretch my brain. Then I remember the words of the Psalmist (31, 14-15a): But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, “You are my God. My times are in your hand…” It is good to know that all the days of our lives are held by the one who is Love. Today, tomorrow and always. And so, may you enjoy the culminations of Term Four. God bless this time and this space. Pastor Kathrin Koning Chaplain/Director of Christian Life

Business Office Welcome to Term Four. Fee accounts for Term Four were emailed to families over the holidays and payment is due this Friday 11 October. Nonpayment of fees by Friday 11 October may result in a $50.00 administration fee being applied to your account if you do not have a payment arrangement with the Business Office. If you are unable to finalise your account by this date, please contact the Business Office on T: 5477 3435 to make alternative arrangements. Mark McFie - Business Manager

Dr Judith Locke gives a useful analogy. Imagine your children were about to be charged by an elephant. It is unlikely that you would not waste time telling them not to worry and to calm down. You would assist them to take the very best action to get out of the way, or to stop the elephant. What if the children are not aware that the elephant is charging? Should you tell them? I guess this depends mostly on whether you need them to know to ensure their safety, partly on the age of the children, and partly on whether someone else will tell them anyway. What is clear is that children need examples of hopeful action, and to be encouraged to notice and join with those who are working towards a solution. Anxiety will be increased, for sure, by standing still and helplessly watching the elephant charge. It will be put to appropriate use by teaching the power of communal action focused on stopping the elephant in its tracks. Tarnya Mitchell College Counsellor

The 2020 Vic Walker Memorial Scholarship (VWMS) The Vic Walker Memorial Scholarship was established in 1999 by College benefactor Jocelyn Walker in memory of her late husband, Vic Walker. The Scholarship is open to Immanuel Year 12 graduates who undertake to complete their degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and covers first year HECS-HELP fees. Applicants should be willing to commence their studies in the year immediately following their Year 12 graduation. To download an application form, go to W: http://www.immanuel.qld. Applications close at 5.00pm on Friday 24 January 2020. If you have any queries about the scholarship or application process, please contact me on T: 5477 3448 or via email E: christief@ Good luck! Fiona Christie – Marketing Communications Manager

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Primary School Welcome back! We hope you all had a relaxing and safe holiday. It’s hard to believe we are starting the last term for the year. While it is a short term, it is very busy. We welcome the following new students and their families to the Primary School this term: Nayun (Prep C), Vanessa (1I), Jules (1I), Amelia (2C), Lexie (3L), Victor (4I) and Sophie (5I). We are excited to have you all join ILC and pray you settle well into your new school community.

Before School Expectations A reminder to all families that any student arriving prior to 8.20am is to proceed to the Undercover Area where two teachers are on duty. It is important for establishing consistency and expectation with our students that every student from Years Prep to 6 is in this area prior to 8.20am. Student leaders and the teachers on duty are available to walk Prep students to their classroom. Students are not to wait in any other area of the Primary School. Thank you for your assistance in regard to this matter.

SCISSA SCISSA training commences next Thursday for Years 4 to 6, with our Buddy Ball Games celebration being held tomorrow. Our final Gala Day for 2019 is scheduled for Thursday 7 November. Please ensure students bring all necessary equipment to both training and the Gala Day.

PE Swimming Program All children in Years 1 to 6 will need their swimming attire for PE lessons conducted by Sara Kent and the team from Immanuel Swim School. Students are expected to swim in plain navy, black or ILC branded swimwear.

Assembly Our first awards assembly for this term is this Monday 14 October at 2.20pm in the Primary School Hall. Due to a student-free day, our adjusted assembly schedule for Term Four is listed here.

• Monday 11 November – P-6 Remembrance Observance (10.50am) • Monday 18 November – P-2 • Monday 25 November – 3-6 • Wednesday 4 December – P-6 End of Year / Farewell Assembly (2.00pm)

Years 3 and 4 Camps Our Years 3 and 4 students will enjoy camp this term as part of their outdoor education program. Year 3 will attend camp at Luther Heights from 6 to 8 November, whilst Year 4 students will head to Camp Currimundi from 11 to 13 November. It promises to be exciting for all involved. Special thanks to the Years 3 and 4 teachers for giving up some of their family time to allow this invaluable outdoor education experience to occur for our students.

Uniform It was pleasing to see the positive way Primary School students were wearing their uniform at the end of last term. As we begin a new term, please refer to the Student Diary to review correct uniform requirements. You would be aware that the College Uniform Review was finalised last term, with recommendations released to parents prior to the holidays. Should you have any questions about the uniform transition commencing next year, please contact the College Shop or Primary School Administration.

OSHC Monday 21 October (Week 3) is a student-free day across Queensland. Primary School staff will be involved in 2020 curriculum planning. OSHC will be operating on that day from 8.00am to 6.00pm. If you need to make a booking, please contact OSHC on T: 5477 3418 or via email E:

Primary School Student Leaders 2020 We will shortly be commencing our selection process for student leadership positions for 2020. All Year 5 students and families were provided with information about leadership opportunities for next year late last term, as well as Year 5 students meeting with me to discuss the process. Mr Forrest and I look forward to working with our Year 5 nominees during Term Four as appointments are made to these important positions in the Primary School.

• Monday 14 October – P-2 • Tuesday 22 October – 3-6 (8.45am) • Monday 28 October – P-2 • Monday 4 November – 3-6

Years 3-6 Celebration of Learning / Year 6 Graduation Our Years 3 to 6 Celebration of Learning evening will be held on Wednesday 27 November at 6.00pm at LifePointe Baptist Church. All Years 3 to 6 students are expected to attend this compulsory event. Page 7

Our Year 6 Graduation will be held on Tuesday 3 December at 2.00pm in the Worship Centre.

Punctuality As we return from a break, it can be difficult to get the school routine back to normal. According to esteemed parenting author Michael Grose, it is critical parents send their children to school ready to learn and on time. Maximise your child’s chances of success by sending them to school in a good frame of mind, with plenty of sleep and a good breakfast. Also make sure they get to school on time. It’s estimated that many kids miss up to two weeks of school a year when they are routinely late by just five minutes a day. Thank you for the continued support of your child’s learning journey in the Primary School.

Scott Moore – Head of Primary School

College Calendar October

Share the Dignity – “It’s in the Bag” On Saturday 23 November, between 10.00am to 12.00noon, we are holding a Share the Dignity - It’s in the Bag morning tea in the Environmental Centre at Immanuel Lutheran College. We will be serving coffee, tea and cake for $5.00 with money raised being used to purchase more items to fill bags. We will also have a raffle (details to follow). If you know of a business which would like to donate something, please let me know. Please save the date and invite your friends. Donations from this initiative will be given to women who are homeless, at risk or experiencing domestic violence. The first year we did this we made 57 bags and last year, we made 115 bags. This year, we want to hit the 150 mark! All donations are used to support local women. It’s about Sunshine Coast women helping Sunshine Coast women, with purpose, fun and celebrating friendship! The concept is simple. Choose a handbag you no longer use and fill it with items that would make a woman feel special. Pop in a thoughtful note or Christmas card to show that someone cares. You can donate any items to make up bags or choose from the list of essential items below. When you see toothpaste or shampoo on special, throw one in with your groceries. It’s that easy! You can make up a bag or bring items to fill bags. There will be a table where you can write a note to pop in each of the bags.

Term Four fees due

If you would like to help in any way or have any questions, please contact me via E: or T: 5477 3457. Donations may also be left at the College Shop.

Wednesday 16

Thank you.

Friday 11

Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ Lifepointe Baptist Church 5.30pm Monday 21 Student-free Day Slice of Seven Day Year 7 2020 Parent Information Evening KTC Lecture Theatre 7.00pm Tuesday 22 Volunteers’ Celebration Environmental Centre 5.00pm-7.00pm Thursday 24 2019 Sports Award Presentation Worship Centre 1.50pm Principals’ Tour and Open Morning 9.00am-11.00am Friday 25 Prep 2020 Orientation Day 1 Tuesday 29 Year 10 2020 Mt Binga Information Evening KTC Lecture Theatre 7.00pm

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Secondary School Welcome to Term Four: I extend a very warm welcome to our newest families who joined the College this week! We look forward to getting to know you as the term progresses and wish you a very happy and positive transition into our community. As we enter the final term of the academic year, we are expecting a productive and festive nine weeks ahead – there is certainly much to look forward to, and I encourage all families to read our fortnightly newsletter regarding updates.

Welcome to our Visiting Students from TheodorHeuss Gymnasium A very warm welcome is extended on behalf of the College to Paul Dykmans, Felix Kurz, Mathilda Mueller and Malin Wichmann who are here on exchange from our sister school, Theodor-Heuss Gymnasium, Germany. These students will spend the remainder of the year studying with the Year 10 cohort under the care of the College and their ILC host families. We wish them all the very best as they embark of their exchange journey.

Winter/Summer Uniform Change Over Secondary students have made the change over from the winter uniform to the summer uniform as of this week. This means that boys need only wear the College tie for formal occasions, and senior boys (Years 10 to 12) may wear the College dress shorts in place of long trousers. Hats remain a compulsory uniform requirement for students.

Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ (16 October) The 2019 Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ will be held next week on Wednesday 16 October at the LifePointe Baptist Church (186 Wises Road), commencing at 5.30pm. This will be a night to enjoy as we celebrate all that has been achieved by our Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Film Television and New Media students over the course of the year. Friends of Music will be selling a BBQ dinner from 4.00pm, with all profits supporting the College’s Arts program. This always proves to be an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy some time with others in the College community.

Interact Board Handover (17 October) Interact (junior Rotary) is a global student service organisation with a membership of over 400,000 youth and more than 20,000 clubs worldwide. Interact clubs bring together young people aged between twelve and eighteen to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of ‘service above self’. All clubs are selfgoverning and self-supporting and are responsible for organising a minimum of one service activity that benefits their community, in addition to one that encourages international understanding. The governing body of the Interact Club is its Board of Directors, which consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and any additional officers depending on the size of the club. On assembly next week, we will welcome our incoming Board for 2019/2020 President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Media: Directors:

Jack Trentepohl Samara McLean Lilli Beaumont-Tyson Sophie Holland Matt Hattrick Yasmin Lee, Britta Madsen, Michaela Plescia

We wish these students all the very best for their fundraising endeavours and on behalf of the College, thank the outgoing Board for their time and commitment to the greater community over the past twelve months. Well done!

Student-Free Day (21 October) Reports from Moreton Island Year 11 students are currently enjoying their week-long Leadership Retreat amid the beautiful surrounds of Moreton Island. The weather thus far has been perfect, which is really great news and I am confident that these young people will carry with them some very fond memories of this time together. Joined by Mr Minke yesterday, and myself today, the students will continue with their group hikes and team building activities up until Friday morning. Students are expected to return to the College by 2.00pm on this day and I ask that arrangements are made by parents to collect them from the bus turnaround no later than 2.30pm. This will ensure a smooth flow of traffic for the usual ‘drop and go’ procedures at the conclusion of the school day.

Parents and students are reminded that Monday 21 October (Week 3/Term Four) is a student-free day for all students in the Secondary School.

Slice of Seven Day (21 October) We are looking forward to spending time with Year 6 students as they participate in their ‘Slice of Seven Day’ on Monday 21 October. Throughout this program they will “create and make” as they explore the subject areas of Science, Design Technology and Engineering, Culinary Design and Textiles. Please note that further information on groupings etc. was communicated to families via email last term. If you did not receive this please contact Miss Fiona Karageorge in the Secondary School Office T: 5477 3461. Page 9

Year 7, 2020 Parent Information Evening (21 October)

Year 12 Microsoft Surface Pro Return

We recognise that the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is a particularly significant event for most students and their families. As such (and as a follow on from our ‘Slice of Seven Day’), we will be presenting a Year 7, 2020 Parent Information Evening on Tuesday 21 October. During this time an opportunity will be afforded to meet with our staff and to engage in the following topics: adolescence, 2020 adjustments, the transition process, curriculum offerings, lifelong learning attributes, what to expect (and what is expected), lockers, diaries, timetables, organisational tips and co-curricular activities. Please note that the evening will commence at 7.00pm in the Ken Thamm Centre Lecture Theatre.

After their final exams, students in Year 12 are asked to return their Surface Pro (including the pen, case and charger) to the IT Department, where staff will commence the process of removing applications licensed to the College. Once the settings have been restored, students will be notified regarding the re-collection of their device. Students who commenced at the College part way through the program (i.e. later than Term One/Year 10, 2017), will have the option to purchase their device or return it to the College. Should you have any queries, please contact Mrs Christine Kent in the Business Office on T: 5477 3435. Nick Cheyne – Head of Secondary School

Sports Awards Assembly (24 October) On Thursday 24 October, the Secondary School will celebrate its 2019 sporting success during a special assembly from 1.50pm in the Worship Centre. This will be a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our young sports men and women who have not only represented the College throughout the year, but who have also competed at local, regional, state and national levels. Please note that all parents are invited and encouraged to attend the assembly in support of our students. Students who are receiving an award will be notified via email.

Mt Binga Information Evening (29 October) Our 2020 Mt Binga Information evening will be held on Tuesday 29 October for all families in Year 9. Commencing at 7.00pm in the Ken Thamm Centre Lecture Theatre, this session will be conducted by Head of Mt Binga, Mr David Schefe, and will aim to familiarise students and parents with what to expect from this unique outdoor education program.

Secondary School Speech and Prize-Giving Evening (14 November) The Secondary School Speech and Prize-Giving Evening is an opportunity to recognise and acclaim all that has transpired over the school year. With the presentation of Academic, Service, Cultural, and major College Awards, the evening brims with celebration as we congratulate not only our award recipients, but also the cohort for their continued efforts and contribution to the College’s ethos and Mission. Special performances from our instrumental groups ensure an outstanding level of entertainment, whilst several student and staff speeches will reflect upon 2019. This year our Speech and Prize-Giving Evening will be held on Thursday 14 November at the Lifepointe Baptist Church. Though a while away, I ask all families to flag this on their calendars now, noting that it is a compulsory event for all students in Years 7 to 12.

School TV Exam Stress - Special Report Students in their final year of school are considered a high-risk group for depression and anxiety. Sleep deprivation, diet and social media are some of the biggest issues faced by this group of teens. Therefore, it is vitally important that a student’s mental health is looked after as well as their physical health. Keeping things in perspective for students and parents alike, can help prevent everyone getting overwhelmed. Although this final year is important, it is not necessarily the most important year of your child’s life. There are many strategies that students can implement to help themselves. Parents can provide support, not only emotionally, but also practically by keeping their child well-nourished and encouraging physical activity. In this special report, parents will find useful tips to support their child during this stressful time. If you do have any concerns about your child, please contact the College Counsellor for further information. Here is the link to your special report https://immanuel.qld.schooltv. me/wellbeing_news/year-12-exam-stress-special-report. Lynette Druery Career Development and Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

Careers Website is a dedicated careers website for both parents and students. It provides information on career planning, post school options and job opportunities. Information on the website will be continually updated so please check the website regularly. Page 10

Secondary School Sport

Co-curricular Music


Annual Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ (Including Rehearsal Day)

The Term Four SCISSA Soccer Competition commences for students in the Junior and Intermediate divisions and ILC has entered four teams. We look forward to watching their progress throughout the term. Students involved in the teams are reminded that they must have a pair of shin pads for each game. Games scheduled for today are as follows: ●● Junior Boys have a bye this week ●● Junior Girls v SCGS on ILC Main Oval (near the pool) at 4.45pm ●● Intermediate Girls v MFAC on ILC Main Oval (near the pool) at 4.00pm ●● Intermediate Boys have two games: v SCGS at the Meridan sports fields (at the back of PLC) at 4.00pm v Glasshouse on PLC oval – just across the road from Meridan at 4.45pm

The annual Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ will be held at Lifepointe Baptist Church on Wednesday 16 October. This year our talented Co-curricular Music ensembles will be joined by items from Music and Dance and also a spectacular display from Primary School Visual Art and Secondary School Visual Art. On Wednesday 16 October all performers will be rehearsing at Lifepointe Baptist Church. All performers are required to meet at the bus turnaround straight after Home Group (8.40am). Primary School students will be taken by bus to Lifepointe and Secondary School students will be walking. Prep students and Years 1 to 3 Choir (excluding students in Beginner String Ensemble) are only required until 11.00am and will then be taken by bus back to Immanuel. All students are required to bring instruments, music, morning tea, lunch, drink bottle and hats to the rehearsal day. Prep students will only be required to bring a fruit snack, drink bottle and hats to the rehearsal day.

Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Basketball Competition

Band Leaders and Cultural Captains are to meet Mrs Bonar at Lifepointe at 8.00am on Wednesday 16 October to assist with setting up the equipment for the ensembles.

Our three senior basketball teams complete their final round of the season on Friday and we wish them well in their games:

For the evening’s performance, students must arrive at Lifepointe for a 4.30pm check in. This year, the show is starting at 5.30pm and we also have a Pre Show in the Foyer starting at 5.00pm.

●● Senior Boys Gold v Sunshine Beach SHS at USC at 5.40pm ●● Senior Boys Blue v SCGS at SCGS at 6.30pm ●● Senior Girls v NCC at Caloundra indoor courts at 5.40pm

Twilight Concert & FoM Barbeque

2019 Sports Awards Assembly – Thursday 24th October Each year we have the opportunity early in Term Four to acknowledge students who have excelled in their particular sporting teams or in individual events. This year’s awards assembly will be held in the Worship Centre at 1.50pm on Thursday 24 October. It is also an opportunity to thank our staff, coaches, parents and team managers for assisting students with their involvement in the Secondary School sports programs and parents are welcome to attend. There has certainly been a great deal to celebrate this year across a range of sporting activities and we look forward to recognising students for their hard work and achievements. Craig Harris – Head of Sport Years 8-12 T: 5477 3444 E:


ente by

Co-curricular Music and proudly supported by FoM pres

Featuring Co-curricular Music Ensembles and Guests from The Arts

Wednesday 16 October 5.30pm Lifepointe Baptist Church Food and Drink on sale by FoM from 4.00pm (Cash Only)

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PRE SHOW (5.00pm) - Foyer Years 7/8 Rock Band Year 9 Rock Band Year 10 Rock Band

ACT 1 (5.30pm) - Auditorium Prep Choir Vivace String Ensemble Brass Ensemble Junior Flute Ensemble Beginner Band Middle String Ensemble Concert Band Beginner String Ensemble Senior Dance Item Stage Band Years 1 to 3 Choir Immanuel’s Vocal Ensemble

ACT 2 Combined Choir Item Vi Le (Piano Solo) College Chorale Senior Flute Ensemble Years 11/12 Dance Item Years 4 to 6 Choir Zac Swanson (Clarinet Solo) Year 12 Rock Band Symphonic Band Solo Dance Item Liam Donovan and Joshua Linnett Please note that the program is subject to change and while we make every effort to ensure our finishing time is as accurate as possible, we ask families to be a little flexible. We also encourage families to stay right to the end of Twilight. It is a great opportunity to hear the beginner and senior ensembles and watching senior musicians perform is very inspiring for our younger musicians, who are our future music stars. Friends of Music will sell a fantastic array of dinner options from 4.00pm and will also sell refreshments at interval. Food and drink cannot be purchased during Act 1 or Act 2. We encourage families to make the most of not having to cook dinner and come along and join us for dinner!

Sausages and Onions - $2.50 Burgers (Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese) - $6 Nachos - $6 Sushi (Tuna or Chicken) - $4 Drinks and Water - $2.50 Poppers - $1.50 Tea and coffee - $2 Cake (Carrot Cake, Mud Cake, Cupcakes) - $2

We look forward to celebrating a wonderful year of Co-curricular Music @ Immanuel with you at the Twilight Concert and FoM BBQ!

Musicfest – Excursion (Week 2) It’s nearly Musicfest time! Symphonic Band is the first of six College ensembles which are travelling to the competition this year. Please find below the details for each ensemble’s performance. Students are required to bring food and money for dinner on the way home. Students will also be asked to text/call parents when we are leaving the venues to give the time we are expected back at Immanuel. If your child does not have a phone, this is not an issue, we can contact parents on the staff mobile. Symphonic Band – Coorparoo Secondary College On Tuesday 15 October the bus will be departing ILC at 2.00pm. Students to wear full formal College uniform (including blazers, boys must wear trousers, girls must wear socks and not stockings). This is an important College event and we expect 100% attendance for all ensembles. We are very proud of our talented musicians and look forward to competing at Musicfest. If you have any further questions, please contact me.

Music Exams We are delighted to welcome AMEB back to Immanuel this weekend for two days of formal music exams. A number of our students are sitting music exams over the next two weeks. We wish all students who are preparing for a music level, all the very best!

Stay up to date with all things Co-curricular Music @ Immanuel via the closed Facebook group called ‘Immanuel Lutheran College Music’. We invite you to look us up on Facebook and request to join the closed group. By joining this group, you will be able to view photos from performances, receive updates regarding music events and concerts, and also read stories about what our students are achieving on their musical journey at Immanuel. Emily Bonar – Co-curricular Music Co-ordinator T: 5477 3444 E:

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Immanuel Old Scholars’ Family Day Out Saturday 9 November 2.00pm to 5.00pm A. J. Jericho Stadium Oval Immanuel Lutheran College 126-142 Wises Road, Buderim

Join us for Immanuel’s inaugural Family Day Out as we celebrate 40 years of Christian education on the Sunshine Coast! We invite all Old Scholars and their families to join us for a relaxed afternoon and an opportunity to re-connect with friends and classmates. • Bring a picnic rug, BYO drinks and enjoy a free BBQ • Take a tour of the College • Enjoy the Jumping Castle & free Face Painting for the kids • Take a trip to Forest School Click here to register your attendance. For more information: Lauren Nielsen - Community Relations and Event Co-ordination Officer T: 07 5477 3419 E:

2019 Volunteers’ Celebration Please join us as we say thank you for your contribution to our community. Tuesday 22 October 5.00-7.00pm Environmental Centre Finger food and beverages provided RSVP Lauren Nielsen by Tuesday 15 October E: T: 5477 3419

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Commercial Operations

Primary School Tuckshop

College Shop

We have introduced a “Zooper Dooper Birthday bucket!” At $15.00 for your child’s whole class, these buckets will replace the cupcakes for Term Four. Order online via Flexischools.

2020 Uniform Changes •

In 2020 a new hat will be introduced for students in Prep to Year 6. This hat will replace the current formal hat and also the sport hat. As the current Year 4 to 6 formal hat will be phased out at the end of 2020, existing stock has been marked down from $40.00 to $20.00 - under cost price!

In 2020 a Unisex braid hat for students in Years 7 to 12 will be introduced. In 2020 Year 7 students will be issued this hat, with all students expected to wear the new hat from 2021. Current stock of formal hats will be sold at $50.00 which is well under the cost price of $95.00 for those students in need of a replacement hat.

Please take the time to investigate the Primary School menu on the next page. All orders need to be placed by 9.00am on Flexischools.

Tuckshop Volunteers We are looking for more volunteers for our tuckshops to fill the Term Four roster. If you think you can help, please let us know. The more volunteers we have, the more baking and food preparation can be done on site. No experience is needed as tuckshop staff are more than willing to assist. We welcome any time you can give, whether it is once a week, fortnight, term or month, if only for a few hours. We have grandparents, dads, aunties, uncles and mums, and are all welcome. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and become part of our College community. We need help from drop-off time – 8.30am to about 1.45pm. A tasty morning tea and lunch is provided. You do not have to handle money. Duties are to serve the students, fill lunch bags, make sandwiches, or cook a batch of cupcakes or spaghetti bolognaise. Your help ensures that more, healthy cooking can be done on site. Please come and join our team! If you would like further information, please contact me. You are assured of a very warm welcome

Secondary School Tuckshop Exciting news! We are trialling EFTPOS in the Secondary School Tuckshop for purchases only (no cash out). If it is viable we will introduce it next year. The Secondary School menu is included in this newsletter. We also welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have for the menu. Diane Paterson – Commercial Operations Manager T: 5477 3457 E:

College Shop Hours Term Time Monday 7.30am–9.30am Tuesday and Thursday we are closed Wednesday 7.30am–9.30am and 2.00pm-4.00pm Friday 7.30am–9.30am Alternatively, items can be ordered online via and delivered to your child’s teacher.

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Primary School Tuckshop Menu Term 4, 2019

Snacks ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Fresh fruit salad cup ☺ Watermelon cup ☺ Yoghurt tub with fruit & muesli ☺ Custard tubs Cheese and Crackers (small) Cupcakes ☺ Vege chips (GF) Salted Carmel popcorn

Hot Selections ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Toasted sandwiches ☺ Fried Rice ☺ Chicken Curry & Rice ☺ Spaghetti Bolognaise ☺

$4.00 $3.50 $4.00 $1.50 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 $2.00 from $4.00 $4.00 $5.00 $5.00

Friday only ◼ Sausage rolls ◼ Steak Pie

$4.00 $4.50

Drinks ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Water - plain 600ml Milk – Chocolate or Strawberry 300ml Krazy Homestyle Lemon Lemonade 250ml Juice - Poppers 250ml

$2.00 $2.50 $2.50 $2.00

Apple, tropical, apple & black current or apple & mango

Ice creams

◼ Bulla frozen yoghurt – strawberry or raspberry ◼ Icy poles - lemonade ◼ Vanilla tub - Bulla ◼ Billabong Ice-creams – chocolate or rainbow

$2.00 $1.50 $1.50 $2.00

☺ = Denotes items made in the Tuckshop Birthday bucket of icy pole

Cold Selections ☺

Please note: Salads, roll & wraps for lunch only ◼ Salad Tub

Chicken, Ham, Egg or Cheese with salad

◼ Salad Wraps

Small $4.00 from $4.00

Sushi ◼ Sushi – Crumbed chicken or Tuna mayo

available Monday, Wednesday or Friday only


Sandwiches ☺ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Please place Tuckshop orders via 3.8

Summer meal deal Bento box containing: 3 x Chicken nuggets, rice & salad with a cup cake and your choice of juice popper

$7.50 Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated if you can help, please contact: Linda Ahrens Diane Paterson

T: 5477 3462 or T: 5477 3457

Secondary School Tuckshop Menu Term 4, 2019

Snacks ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Fresh fruit salad cup ☺ Watermelon cup ☺ Fresh Gourmet Yoghurt Fruit & yoghurt with muesli ☺ Custard tubs Cheese and Crackers (large) Banana bread Chocolate chip cookies Cupcakes ☺ Chips Smith or Red rock Vege chips (GF) Salted Carmel Popcorn

Hot Selections ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Toasted sandwiches ☺ Chunky Steak Pie Feta & spinach roll Sausage rolls Sauce Sachet – Tomato or BBQ Vegetable Curry Special small $3.50 Zucchini Slice Butter Chicken & Rice ☺ Spaghetti Bolognaise ☺ Chicken Curry & Rice Fried Rice ☺ Roast vegetable & quinoa

Daily Lunch Specials

$4.00 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 $1.50 $3.50 $2.50 $2.00 $2.00 $1.50 $1.50 $2.00 $4.00 $5.00 $4.50 $4.00 .30 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $4.00 $5.00

Please note: Salads & wraps for lunch only ◼ Salads ☺ Small $4.00 Large $5.50 Chicken, ham, egg or tuna salad

Salad Wraps from Egg Salad Wrap Chicken or Ham Wrap Chicken and Egg Salad Wrap Sandwiches (from) Sushi Mon/Wed/Fri Teriyaki chicken

Drinks ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

Water - plain 600ml Milk - Chocolate/Iced coffee/Strawberry 300ml Milk - Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry 500ml Iced Tea – Lemon/peach/mango 500ml Juice Poppers - assorted flavours 250ml Barista Bros Iced Coffee or Chocolate 500 ml Assorted Emma & Tom’s juices

Ice creams ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼


Twisted Yogurt - assorted flavours Bulla frozen yoghurt - assorted flavours Icy poles - lemonade or raspberry Life savers Bulla Vanilla tub Billabong Ice-creams - chocolate or rainbow Milo scoop ice cream

Monday Chili chicken Sub ☺


Tuesday Nachos ☺


Wednesday Bacon & egg burger ☺


Thursday Mexican Chicken salad


Friday Fish Tacos


Chili tender, lettuce, cheese & sweet chili sauce

Beef mince, corn chips & cheese

Bacon, egg & BBQ sauce

2 x Chicken tender with salad

2 X soft tortillas with crumbed fish & slaw


Meal deal available every day

Cold Selections

◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼

☺ = Denotes items made in the Tuckshop

$4.00 $5.50 $5.50 $6.00 $4.00 $3.80

$2.00 $2.50 $4.50 $4.00 $1.50 $4.00 $4.50 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 $2.50 $1.50 $2.00 $3.00

Spaghetti Bolognaise or Butter chicken small size with a garlic bread and your choice of juice popper

Want to get your favorite food, jump the queue, order online and collect at the end window. Remember you can upload money onto your student ID card, so you do not need cash. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated, if you can help please contact: Cherrie Mobbs T: 5477 3456 or Diane Paterson T: 5477 3457

Help needed highlighted Yellow

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