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14 August 2019 | ISSUE 13

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From the Principal Dear Parents Welcome to Week 5.

Fruehlingsfest 2019 Astounding! This is the first word that springs to mind when I reflect on the 2019 Fruehlingsfest. Again, we were blessed with superb weather for our ‘spring’ fair last Saturday. The squadron of volunteers, and a seemingly never-ending stream of people arriving to enjoy all the ‘fun of the fair’, combined to ensure that the day was a tremendous success. It was a triumph of collaboration, enormous quantities of donated time, high levels of skill, adrenalin, and many selfless acts of service to the College. I hesitate to name specific individuals who made outstanding contributions to the success of the event, for fear of missing someone. However, please accept this overall message of appreciation to everyone – parents, staff and students – who assisted with all facets of the set-up and pull-down, stalls, novelties, entertainment, rides, food court, auction and monster raffle, all of which contributed to the fantastic carnival atmosphere. Having said that, it would be remiss of me not to commend Convenor Carlie Brial and the Fruehlingsfest Committee, who did an exceptional job. Carlie’s composed demeanour was transferred to those around her and ensured that minor glitches were solved with a minimum of fuss. I also thank my colleagues on staff, both teaching and support, who assisted in myriad ways before, during and after the event. Particular appreciation to Lauren Nielsen, our Property/Maintenance and Commercial Operations teams, who along with Emily Bonar, Amy Sluggett and Stefan Volejink combined to ensure the event ran smoothly and the entertainment was of an excellent quality.

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Parent Survey – Fruehlingsfest

Immanuel Features

As we have done in previous years, we have set up a survey to assess the current strengths of the Fruehlingsfest format and attractions to obtain opinions which can be considered in our model of continuous improvement. There are relatively few questions, with most requiring only a multiple choice response; the survey should take only five minutes to complete. I encourage you to support your P&F and planning for the future by completing this survey. Please click here.

Now live on our website is the latest edition of Immanuel Features, to access, please click here.

Grandparents’ Day – Wednesday 28 August We are looking forward to this special day in a couple of weeks. If you have not returned your RSVP yet, please do so as soon as possible by calling Louise Brear on T: 5477 3444 or email E: The celebration will start with morning tea in the Worship Centre at 10.30am, followed by classroom visits and a tour of the College. Lunch will be served from 12.30pm and will be followed by a mini concert. Parking will be available within our grounds on the A. J. Jericho Stadium Oval, and staff and student ushers will be on hand to assist with guiding our visitors to the right place at the right time, with golf carts available to drive those who need assistance getting around our campus.

Coffee & Connect I extend an open invitation to parents to join the Heads of Primary and Secondary School, and me for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat on Tuesday 17 September from 8.35am in the Environmental Centre. While we are happy to discuss anything, the theme for the morning is ILC’s Strategic Direction - The Next Five years.

Coffee & Connect Principal Colin Minke and the Primary and Secondary School Heads extend an open invitation to all parents to join them for coffee (or tea!) on Tuesday 17 September from 8.30am in the Environmental Centre. The theme of the morning is Strategic Direction – The Next Five Years.

If your child is featured in this year’s publication and you would like a hard copy to keep, please stop by Main Administration to collect a copy. Five things you can be doing right now to help your child do their best at school It is now accepted that a parent’s attitudes to education and the expectations they hold for their children can have a profound impact on how well their children do at school. Study after study over 40 years have shown that parents who are supportively engaged in their child’s education can have a positive influence on both their academic outcomes and their wellbeing. In a nutshell, this research shows that when schools and families work together, the effect on children can be overwhelmingly positive. Students generally do better, are more engaged, behave better and have better social skills. But “parental engagement” is different to what many people may assume it means. Being involved in the P&F or volunteering in the tuckshop and classroom are wonderful ways to support your child’s school, but parent engagement is about something much richer and deeper. It’s about parents taking an active interest in their child’s learning and getting involved in that learning process. It’s also about building productive and strong relationships with your child’s school. So, what can you be doing in a practical way to be an “engaged” parent? The good news is you are probably already doing some of them, and if not, they are easy to adopt. Here are five suggestions, backed by the research: 1. Read together. When your child is young, reading to them boosts their literacy skills, but it remains important in the primary school years as well, as it fosters the enjoyment of reading and builds their confidence. But don’t stop there! If your teenage child observes the adults in their life reading for pleasure, it encourages a life-long love of books and learning. 2. Have lots of conversations with your child! Talk with them about what they are learning, what they are interested in, and what’s going on in the world around them. Sharing family stories and reminiscing about family members and family times is also beneficial. 3. Have high (but realistic) expectations and aspirations for your child. Believing in your child and their abilities will help form a child’s beliefs about what they can achieve at school and beyond. 4. Creating a positive and productive environment for your child to complete their homework. Create an appropriate space for them to work, keep interactions and conversations about homework positive and ensure any rules about homework match the school’s expectations.

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5. Immerse your child in a cognitively stimulating environment. This means exposing your child to lots of interesting activities and experiences: visit museums, art galleries, surround them with books and other interesting material at home and expose them to cultural and community activities. If you would like to find out more, the Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network website is jam-packed with lots of useful links and research on parent engagement, including practical tips for how you can connect school learning with life at home. These links may be helpful: Research and articles and Support your child’s learning. May God continue to bless all those in and beyond our community. Yours in Christ Colin Minke Principal

Chaplaincy Chat Destination Moon This week is Science Week with the theme ‘Destination Moon’; and I can’t help but be amazed by the continuing developments in Space exploration, or indeed, the monumental effort it took to reach the moon in 1969. What is also intriguing are the reflections of astronauts, who on returning from Space, speak of the profound nature of their experience. As Buzz Aldrin put it, “Standing on the Moon and looking back at Earth, I was able to close one eye, hold up my thumb and cover the entire planet — every mountain, every city, every person, every valley, every ocean. It made me feel terrifyingly small.”

College Counsellor On these chillier winter days, I cook soup. Soup is simple to make and provides excellent left-overs for school lunches. Recently, though, I made very hard work of my Thai sweet potato. In a rush for dinner, I poured soup straight off the boil into the blender, fastened the lid and pushed start. While my attention was on the coriander, the sturdy blender glass over-heated and split. I returned to the blender to find golden liquid cascading onto the kitchen bench. I hit the stop button and then gingerly removed the lid (on which ‘do not blend hot ingredients’ was inscribed in bold). The whole mess disintegrated, erupting like Mt Vesuvius and spewing molten lava across the kitchen. Cleaning up took quite some time (for the record, the soup is now in competition with some cherry tomatoes which recently exploded in my microwave, for messiest dish ever), and I got to think about ‘blending’. Blended families are part of life’s daily reality for many of us. ‘Blended’ makes our families sound smooth, and easy to digest. Some days this may be true, but other days the reality can be more akin to my kitchen drama. Blending families, like blending soup, can have rich results but also requires extreme care. It is tempting to expect that the blend be instantly smooth and palatable. It is, perhaps, more helpful to recognise early that the complexities of families can be ‘hot’, and to offer patience and wisdom in their handling. Like my blender glass, even families which appear to be robust can become fragile with provocation. Recognising potential fragility, and proceeding with caution and good sense may limit unnecessary fall-out. Useful information and support for blended families can be found at Tarnya Mitchell College Counsellor

This experience confirmed Aldrin’s faith in a loving God; but other astronauts too, who struggled with the existential on re-entry, found peace through faith in God. Perhaps these astronauts could relate to the words of Psalm 139: Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. The good news is, we don’t need to travel to the moon or beyond, for these words to be true for us. There is nowhere too dark or far, from God’s love for each of us. May He continue to hold you fast! Gayla Mathews – Chaplain

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Primary School There is much excitement in the Primary School as we await the completion of the new Year 3 building (Bunya) in the coming days. Once the classes have been relocated, we will immediately commence the refurbishment of Jasmine building. This project will create significant disruption to pedestrian traffic through the central Primary School and I thank you in advance for your patience. The Fort playground was also removed last Friday and will be stored near Prep until it can be reinstalled in the coming weeks. Next Monday, we will warmly welcome back Ms Tonia Schmidt and Mrs Chris Lee from long service leave. Thank you to Mrs Lexeen Lindsay and Mrs Tracey Hand for leading their classes during their period of leave. Mrs Marika Doman will commence long service leave on Friday next week and will be replaced by Mrs Lexeen Lindsay until the end of Term Three. Finally, in staffing news, we extend our congratulations to Primary School teacher Mrs Hannah Venz, and her husband Zack, on the recent birth of their first child. I am sure you join me in wishing their expanded family much health and happiness.

I ask that you limit your request to a single specific issue. In addition, given that there are many factors to be considered when placing students, it may not be possible to accommodate all parent requests. Please understand that it is not necessary for parents to write to me, and in fact, most parents do not. Parents will be advised of 2020 class placements prior to our Orientation Morning at the end of Term Four.

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Car Park Thank you to the many parents who have graciously acted on our requests regarding parking in the ELC car park. We again respectfully request that Primary School parents who do not have children in the ELC, refrain from parking in the ELC designated car park during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. This will be particularly important as we commence the construction of a covered walkway and reconfiguration of the ELC car park next week.

Primary School Co-curricular Photo Day Friday 16 August is scheduled as Co-curricular Photo Day. Information has been sent to parents regarding relevant requirements.

Class Placements: Years 1 to 6, 2020 We will soon begin the complex process of allocating students to their 2020 classes. Many factors are taken into account when considering each child’s placement. These include student learning needs, gender balance, class target size and friendship groups. Teachers have considerable input into this process and will make suggestions related to the various needs of the children in their current classes. Each child will have an opportunity to list a small number of friends with whom they believe they can work positively. We guarantee that each child will be with at least one of the children on their shortlist, but not necessarily their first choice. Primary School staff will use all of this information in combination with the previously mentioned factors to place children into classes for next year. Draft lists will be rechecked by the teaching staff alongside Jodie Hayat, Greg Forrest and myself to ensure that each student is placed in the best situation to meet their educational needs. Should parents wish to submit specific written information regarding their child’s particular needs, please ensure this reaches me by 4.00pm on Friday 20 September via E: au.

Prep Readiness Interviews Our 2020 Prep Readiness interviews were completed during the past two weeks with members of the Prep teaching team. If you have accepted an enrolment offer in Prep for next year, and have not yet completed a readiness interview with your son/daughter, please call Mrs Lisa Bond in the Primary School Office T: 5477 3402 who will be able to assist you with organising an alternate time.

Grandparents’ Day Grandparents will be celebrated throughout the College on Wednesday 28 August. The day promises to be very enjoyable for both young and old with an array of activities occurring. If your child does not have a grandparent who can attend, the invitation is also extended to a special friend to be an honorary grandparent for the day.

I ask that your request relates only to your child’s needs and not to the naming of specific teachers. Please do not pass verbal requests to teachers. It is not possible to balance many requests for one child when considering all the other children in a year level. For this reason,

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ILC Junior Water Polo

Please see below for the assembly schedule for the remainder of Term Three. Assemblies are held at 2.20pm every Monday in the Primary School Hall. We warmly welcome all members of our College community at our assemblies. In addition, we hold Primary School Chapel service every Friday at 8.45am in the Worship Centre.

ILC’s Junior Water Polo Team started the season with a bang! The team, consisting of players from Years 5 to 8, dominated St John’s 19-5 (and that included them handing over a player for the last quarter to help St John’s). These girls are keen, eager to hone their skills, and although there is some age difference, they displayed true spirit towards one another. They are top swimmers and tough. Top goal shooters were Claire McCulloch who shot seven goals, along with Makayla Jarrott and Lily Johannessen, who managed three each. Saxony Walker showed her prowess in goals.

• Weeks 6 and 8 – Years 3 to 6 • Weeks 7 and 9 – Years P to 2 We will conclude the term with a P-12 Worship service at 2.00pm on Friday 20 September. Thank you for the continued support of your child’s learning journey in the Primary School. Scott Moore – Head of Primary School

During Round 2 this week, the team defeated St Andrew’s 11-10. It came down to one point in the final 20 seconds of the last quarter. It was a tough game. Claire’s leadership was appreciated by the younger players and Poppy and Kaitlyn’s goals were a definite highlight. These girls have formed a close bond and are working together as a team extremely well. Bring on the rest of the season!

Primary School Sport 2019 Inter-Lutheran Athletics Carnival On Tuesday 6 August, Immanuel Lutheran College’s Primary Athletics Team travelled to the University of the Sunshine Coast to compete in the 2019 Inter-Lutheran Athletics Carnival. It was a fabulous day out, producing a host of personal best performances for our athletes. Our team finished second overall. This result was our team’s best performance at an Inter-Lutheran Athletics Carnival for quite a few years. Congratulations to all athletes for such a wonderful result. ILC School Champions were Clara Oedekoven (9 years girls) and Luke Rychvalsky (10 years boys) who gained the most points for both girls and boys from Immanuel. Great work! Thank you to Mrs Kylie Johannessen, Mr Bryson Mahon and Mrs Davina Stokes for their assistance with the team and also for their roles as carnival officials.

Enrolments As we begin our planning for next year, parents are reminded to advise the College if their child/ren will not be returning to ILC in 2020.

All in all, a terrific day was had by all and everyone concerned should be proud of our team and individual results.

Should this be the case, families are asked to provide written notice no later than Monday 8 October 2019, otherwise payment of a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged.


Also, if you have a child eligible to commence Prep or Year 7 in 2021, and you have not been contacted by the College to arrange an enrolment interview, it is possible that we may not have their application on file.

Congratulations to Stanley Jarrott (Year 5) for his outstanding swimming at the recent Australian National Championships. Stanley represented Queensland in the 10 years boy’s division and achieved 2nd in the 50m Backstroke; 3rd in the Freestyle relay; 4th in the 100m Backstroke and 4th in the Medley Relay. Mr Johnson.

Please be aware that attendance at the Immanuel Early Learning Centre does not automatically enrol children into Prep at the College. For more information, please contact me on T: 5477 3441 or by email at Irene Dabinet – Enrolments Registrar

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Secondary School Semester One Academic Award Recipients During Week Three we celebrated the academic success of our students over the course of Semester One, 2019. This was a wonderful opportunity to recognise growth and progress, which is what we wish to encourage, always. Good results are not always measured by GPAs. Students can be recognised for several accomplishments, including improved academic standing, a demonstration of their love of learning, or because they have shown exemplary attitude and behaviour. Hard work and consistency in dedication is the core of success in any given pursuit. Congratulations to: Year 7 Zoey Armstrong, Sara Bader, Osca Bowden, Ellena Byers, Caitlin Calder, Brodie Cook, Amy Cridland, William Douglas, Carys English, Charlotte Finch, Kaelan Garrigan, Dakota Gray, Sophia Hewitt, Alecia Hirst, Thomas Howell. Keira Johnston, Avara Kilby, Jett Lilley, Matteus Madsen, Anika Markwort, Talia Marshall, Claire McCulloch, Isla McDonald, Emily Melton, Byron Nogueira, Abby Perrins, Remy Pridham, Kaylyn Rautenbach, Lilly Ryan, Keira Samuels, Zac Swanson, Hugo Tollan, Isabelle Topalian, Sarah Young Year 8 Olivia Allen, William Atkinson, Hayden Bell, Jade Bindon, Lachlan Bird, Emilie Blake, Caitlyn Bruce, Nathaniel Buckley, Sarah Carn, Jessica Crowe, Chloe Dick, Milla Du Buisson, Eden Henrick, Abbey Hertslet, Katelyn Jantke, Joshua Kirkham, Connor McAreavey, Sienna Pope, Hillary Reisenleiter, Danielle Toovey, Grace Trentepohl, Alexander Tyack, Ellen Williams, Sophie Wilson Year 9 Trinity Barnes, Isabelle Beard, Daniel Bray, Danish Chandwani, Joel Cook, Sophie Crowe, Rose Douglas, Jack Johnston, Zoe Kamarinos, Jasmine Lake, Jonah Leong, Nathan Linnett, Lily Ludbrook, Yazmin Morwood, Charlotte Richards, Amali Roberts, Eva Shen, Julian Steyn, Finn Trentepohl, Fraser Waddy

Year 11 Oliver Beard, Luke Bindon, Eleanor Carp, Stefanie Cooper, Adrienne Halpin, Matthew Hattrick, Piper Hertslet, Naomi Holzberger, Abigail Kadel, Jocelyn Lindsay, Jessica Ling, Joshua Linnett, Britta Madsen, Samara McLean, Fynn Morgan, Jaden Neillgrezlo, Khaya Pesek-Ramsey, William Richards, Kayla Thiele, Caitlin Thom, Jack Trentepohl, Belinda Walton Year 12 Piper Atkins, Nina Atkinson, Isabella Baker, Charlotte Bateman, Nicola Beriman, Emma Brogan, Isaac Brogan, Mathew Brown, James Christie, Maya Coleman, Liam Donovan, Alyssa Elliott, Charlotte Gunter, Tyler Hammill, Madeleine Hobbs, Carmen Hodgson, Kai Jankowiak, Georgia Johnston, Christopher Klingsch, Blake Luland, Tess Markwort, Gabriel McCue, Hunter Pearson, Georgia Phillips, Sophie Rawlins, Isabella Towers, Christopher Wnuczynski

Welcome to Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School We will welcome our visitors from Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School (Japan) on Monday as a part of their international exchange experience. Many thanks are extended to our families who have offered to host a student during their stay. By accepting our young visitors into their homes, these families are also helping to bring another part of the world to our College Community – it is a very exciting time and we are looking forward to sharing a little of what life is like both here on campus and on the Sunshine Coast. Throughout their program, these students will attend classes with their host brother/sister, participate in specialised English lessons and enjoy an action-packed sightseeing itinerary. Host families are also advised that we will formally welcome the students and their teachers during assembly on Thursday 22 August from 2.30pm – all are very welcome to attend.

Grandparents’ Day (28 August) Week Seven will see an exciting time for all across the College as we welcome our more senior ILC community on campus for Grandparents’ Day. For some this will be a return visit (sixteen-plus in fact for a few of our families), whilst for others it will be a first-time experience. Throughout the day they will come together for morning tea and lunch, and will participate in a special program of classroom visits and student presentations. We are all looking forward to sharing a terrific day with these special people.

Year 10 Charlotte Baker, Lucy Brial, Lucy Carn, Luca Chaddock, Dyon Crerar, Blake Darlison, Emily Dick, Isabella Doglio, Daniel Hancock, Samuel Henrick, Sophia MacCulloch, Kathleen Millman, Emily Paul, Georgia Pulford, Neve Randall, Chloe Robinson, Miranda Topp, Abigail Williams, Nicholas Wong

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Year 11 Leadership Retreat (7-11 October) Towards the end of this week, all students in Year 11 will receive an information package for their upcoming Leadership Retreat on Moreton Island. To assist with preparations, would you please ensure that the consent/medical update form is returned to the Secondary School Office no later than Friday 30 August. Please do not hesitate to contact Year 11 Co-ordinator, Mrs Rita Rainnie on T: 5477 3444 or at: should you have any questions or concerns regarding this retreat.

Father Francis Hefferan Memorial Bursary and Award Applications A reminder that the Father Francis Hefferan Memorial Bursary and Award Applications are now open and due by 26 August. This Benevolent Fund is designed to specifically encourage young people to achieve their goals by rewarding outstanding efforts in academia, the arts and/or innovative pursuits. Applicants can be of any faith but must be aged between 15 and 25 years and have resided on the Sunshine Coast. Please visit: FFHMBA for further information or to download an application form. Nick Cheyne – Head of Secondary School

The 2020 Vic Walker Memorial Scholarship (VWMS)

Debating Thirty students from Years 6 to 11 have enthusiastically entered into the Sunshine Coast Schools Debating Competition this term. Their behaviour and attitude have been exemplary and they are all to be commended for stepping out of their comfort zones to learn new skills in critical thinking, public speaking and developing arguments. With three rounds complete and the final round tonight at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, the following students are to be congratulated on participation, and for achieving both some wins and losses: Senior Team 1 Adrienne Halpin, Piper Hertslet, Jocelyn Lindsay, Britta Madsen, Hayden Morris Senior Team 2 Luke Bindon, Jerry Fu, Luca Masri Senior Team 3 Charlotte Baker, Kate Millman, Emily Paul Senior Team 4 Lucy Carn, Neve Randall, Belinda Schouten, Abigail Williams Intermediate Team 1 Daniel Bray, Jack Johnston, Harry Stephens, Finn Trentepohl Intermediate Team 2 Katrina Berry, Leilani Diaz, Darcie Pavitt A special mention must go to Senior Team 4 who remain undefeated with one more round to go. Best of luck to these girls in possibly making the finals rounds. photo

The Vic Walker Memorial Scholarship was established in 1999 by College benefactor Jocelyn Walker in memory of her late husband, Vic Walker. The Scholarship is open to Immanuel Year 12 graduates who undertake to complete their degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and covers first year HECS-HELP fees. Applicants should be willing to commence their studies in the year immediately following their Year 12 graduation.

Sincere thanks to our parent coaches who have volunteered their expertise and time: Mrs Linda Bray, Mrs Julie Diaz, Mrs Leky Lindsay, Mr Rod Madsen, Ms Nicole Masri, Dr Roger Morris, Ms Vanessa Paul and Ms Lynne Schouten. We could not do it without these parents, as staff are committed to adjudicate. Thanks to Victoria Archer, Bettina Fricke and Selina Manton for their commitment to the students and the competition.

To download an application form, go to W: http://www.immanuel.qld.

Lucy Carn, Neve Randall, Belinda Schouten, Abigail Williams

Applications close at 5.00pm on Friday 24 January 2020. If you have any queries about the scholarship or application process, please contact me on T: 5477 3448 or via email E: christief@ Good luck! Fiona Christie – Marketing Communications Manager

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Secondary School Sport District Athletics Competition (15-16 August) This week, the District Athletics Carnival will be held at the USC Sunshine Coast Athletics Track. Over the next two days, a team of 60 Immanuel students will compete in a range of events. The Thursday program commences at 2.30pm and concludes at 6.00pm. The Friday program commences at 8.30am and concludes at 2.00pm. Competitors are advised to ensure they know what the bus departure times are for each day and to have their sports uniform, their hat, snacks and a drink for the carnival. Following the competition a district team will be selected to compete in the Sunshine Coast Regional Track and Field Trials which be held on 29 and 30 August at USC Sunshine Coast. We wish all of our athletes well in their events.

Interhouse Age Champions Presentations for last term’s Interhouse Competition Age Champions were made at assembly last week. The list of winners and the overall House winner are below. Congratulations to the athletes on their excellent performances. Boys

Games for this week are listed below: • • • •

Junior Girls v Suncoast at Suncoast sports fields at 4.00pm Junior Boys v Suncoast on ILC Main Oval at 4.00pm Intermediate Girls v SCGS at SCGS at 4.45pm Senior Girls v Glasshouse at the Beerwah Bulldogs fields at 4.00pm

Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Basketball Competition Our basketball teams have commenced the season well. Following a significant win in their first game, the Senior Girls team moved up one division for the remainder of the competition. Good luck to all players for your games this Friday. • Senior Boys Gold have a bye this round • Senior Boys Blue v Caloundra at Caloundra Indoor Stadium at 6.30pm • Senior Girls v PLC at Maroochydore Stadium at 7.30pm • Intermediate Boys v Beerwah State College at Meridan State College courts at 4.50pm

Term Four SCISSA – Junior and Intermediate Soccer Competitions

• 13 years - Bill Atkinson (Br) • 14 years - Kobi Cook (B) • 15 years - Ruben Van Geyzel (F) • 16 years - Jackson Mathers (B) • Open - Jack Trentepohl (S) Girls

Next Friday at morning tea, there will be a meeting for students interested in participating in the Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Intermediate Boys or Intermediate Girls Soccer teams which will play in the Term Four SCISSA Competition. The meeting will take place in F7 at recess and students should continue to check Daily Notices for this and other sports notices.

• • • • •

Congratulations to . . .

13 years - Tia Cotter (F) 14 years - Rose Douglas (M) 15 years - Kiara Rychvalsky (B) 16 years - Abi Boutchard (S) Open - Jessica Ling (M)

House final places

Hunter Moore on his recent selection in the Lions Academy for AFL player development. We wish him well with his training. Craig Harris – Head of Sport Years 8-12 T: 5477 3444 E:

1st Stradbroke; 2nd Moreton; 3rd Bribie; 4th Fraser

SCISSA Touch competition It will be the fourth round of the Term Three SCISSA Touch Competition this afternoon. ILC teams have all had some very good games with players’ skills and teamwork improving each week. Another pleasing aspect has been the number of friends and parents supporting the teams. Players especially appreciated the encouragement of their peers at their home game last week.

Careers Website is a dedicated careers website for both parents and students. It provides information on career planning, post school options and job opportunities. Information on the website will be continually updated so please check the website regularly.

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Co-curricular Music Friends of Music (FoM) – New Email Address You can now contact FoM directly using friendsofmusic@immanuel. Friends of Music is always looking for new volunteers to get involved, so drop them a line and join this amazing team of volunteers.

Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod Congratulations to the large number of Immanuel students who competed in this year’s Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod. Congratulations to the following students who received prizes in solo and duo performances. It is now time to start celebrating the wonderful achievements of our students! • Oliver Beard: First – Woodwind Duet 18 years and under • Maddie Hobbs: Highly Commended – Contemporary Vocal Solo 16 to 18 years • Vi Le: First – Piano Solo Memory 9 to 10 years • Joshua Linnett: First Sacred and Gospel Vocal Solo 16 - 18 years; Second – Contemporary Vocal Solo 16 to 18 years • Joshua Linnett and Shamia Turnbull: First – Vocal Duet Secondary Age • Eva Shen: First - Piano Solo Australian Composer 15 to 18 years; Highly Commended – Piano Solo 15 to 18 years • Archie Robertson: Second – Vocal Solo 12 years; Highly Commended – Music Theatre Vocal Solo 12 years • Zac Swanson: Second – Woodwind Solo 12 years • Marley Vaile: Second – Vocal Solo 10 Years • Riley Walsh: Highly Commended – Sacred and Gospel Vocal Solo 10 to 11 years • Belinda Walton: Second – Music Theatre Vocal Solo 16 to 18 years; Highly Commended - Sacred and Gospel Vocal Solo 16 to 18 years; Highly Commended - Contemporary Vocal Solo 16 to 18 years • Alice Westlake-Toms: Second – Vocal Solo 14 years; Highly Commended - Contemporary Vocal Solo 14 to 15 years • Benjamin Wilson: Third – Music Theatre Vocal Solo 11 years Well done also to our College ensembles which took part in this year’s Eisteddfod. • • • • • •

Years 1 to 3 Choir – Third Symphonic Band – Third Years 4 to 6 Choir Senior Flute Ensemble Brass Ensemble Junior Flute Trio

Thank you to all of the Co-curricular Music tutors, Primary School teaching staff and Friends of Music parent representatives who supported our performances in the competition and assisted us on the excursions.

Semester Two Concert – Beginner Band and Beginner String Ensemble Congratulations to the amazing Beginner Band and Beginner String Ensemble which performed recently at their Semester Two Concert. A number of our beginner instrumentalists also performed solos and small ensemble pieces at the concert. Thank you to Friends of Music for supporting this event.

Fruehlingsfest Immanuel is very proud of all student performers who took to Main Stage at this year’s Fruehlingsfest on Saturday 10 August. What an outstanding array of talent we have!

Strings Showcase – Save the Date We invite you to a wonderful evening of string performances at our Strings Showcase on Wednesday 21 August. The concert will start at 5.30pm in the Worship Centre. Performers are to arrive at 4.00pm (rehearsal from 4.00pm – 5.00pm). Friends of Music will be selling refreshments before and after the event. The following ensembles/items are performing at the Strings Showcase. • • • •

String Soloists Vivace String Ensemble Middle String Ensemble Beginner String Ensemble

Recital Week – Week 6 Our next recital week is next week, Week 6. There are a number of great items scheduled throughout the week. Please check the Co-curricular Music Calendar on SEQTA for recital times. We look forward to seeing you in the audience!

Music Bursary and Scholarship Students Thursday 22 August • A number of music bursary and scholarship students will be involved in the Principal’s Tour and Open Morning. • At 1.10pm, there is a concert in the KLT featuring music bursary and scholarship students. Ms Naomi Craddock will be available from midday for students who require accompaniment for the concert. Page 11

Co-curricular Music at Fruelingsfest

Immanuel students shine at the 2019 Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod

Beginner Band and Beginner String Ensemble

Immanuel Loud 2.0 – Register to Perform Immanuel Loud 2.0 is in Week 7 of this term! Any students wishing to perform at Immanuel 2.0 need to register with me by the end of this week. This event will once again be supported by Friends of Music. The Years 7/8 Rock Band, Year 9 Rock Band, Year 10 Rock Band 2 and Year 12 Rock Band will also be performing at Immanuel Loud 2.0. Stay up today date with all things Co-curricular Music @ Immanuel via the closed Facebook group called ‘Immanuel Lutheran College Music’. We would like to invite you to look us up on Facebook and request to join the closed group. By joining this group, you will be able to view photos from performances, receive updates in regards to music events and concerts, and also read stories about what our students are achieving on their musical journey at Immanuel. Emily Bonar – Co-curricular Music Co-ordinator T: 5477 3444 E:

Commercial Operations Uniforms We have some supplies of second-hand uniforms if your child has grown out of their uniform or you need a spare set. A reminder that sports jackets can only be worn with sports or House uniforms and jumpers and blazers can only be worn with formal uniforms. You can also buy your child’s uniforms on Flexischools and have the items delivered to their home group teacher. Easy!

Tuckshop Volunteers If you are considering joining the team, we still have numerous spaces to fill in the Term Three roster. Listed below are dates we need some assistance with. No experience is needed as tuckshop staff are more than willing to assist. We welcome any time you can give, even if only for a few hours. Please contact me in the College Shop on T: 5477 3457 if you can assist. We need help in the:

College Calendar August Thursday 15 SS District Athletics 13-19 years Day 1 Friday 16 SS District Athletics 13-19 years Day 2 PS Photo Day 2 Tuesday 20 PS Friends of Music Sausage Sizzle Thursday 22 Principal’s Tour and Open Morning Saturday 24 Prep Play ‘n’ Stay Class of 1999, 20-Year Reunion Monday 26- Friday 30 ILC Book Fair KTC Library Tuesday 27 Prep 2020 Parent Information Evening Wednesday 28 Grandparents’ Day

Primary School Tuckshop August - Monday 26 and Wednesday 28 September - Friday 6 Secondary School Tuckshop August - Thursday 15 Monday 19, Tuesday 20, Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 Tuesday 27, Thursday 29, Friday 30

Grandparents’ Day Can you help prepare morning tea for Grandparents’ Day on Wednesday 28 August? We require assistance from 8.30am at the Worship Centre. I would love to hear from you. We have a wonderful day, enjoy some laughs and our grandparents are so happy to spend time with their grandchildren. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Diane Paterson – Commercial Operations Manager T: 5477 3457 E:

College Shop Hours Term Time Monday 7.30am–9.30am Tuesday and Thursday we are closed Wednesday 7.30am–9.30am and 2.00pm-4.00pm Friday 7.30am–9.30am Alternatively, items can be ordered online via and delivered to your child’s teacher.

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Year 7 Humanities Excursion Being History Detectives On Thursday 8 August, Year 7 students journeyed to the Glasshouse Mountains to advance our knowledge on Ancient Australia. This excursion was about us being mini-archaeologists and history detectives, to investigate and find primary and secondary sources to teach us things. We split into two groups. Our first stop was Little Rocky Creek. Here we were to find primary and secondary sources such as grinding grooves in the stone. We enjoyed our morning tea on the rocks surrounded by nature. The next destination was the Glasshouse Mountains lookout, where we went on a bush walk and got to witness the great views from the lookout. There we found information that helped us answer questions in our booklet. Finally, we arrived at an Aboriginal sacred site, a Bora Ring. Here we learnt what Aboriginals used this site for and how it was made. After reading the signs, we found out there was a smaller kippa ring 60 metres south, so we travelled through the bush but unfortunately, there was no kippa ring to be found. Soon after, we tried an Aboriginal technique to call in animals and communicate, using a bullroarer. It made a noise by swinging it in a lasso-like way in a certain direction. Using the bullroarers was good because you could think to yourself, imagine what it would be like to enter someone’s land and hear the sounds. This was by far one of the funniest activities on the excursion. We enjoyed learning about the history of our region and are a little envious of the life led by the Aboriginals and appreciated diving deeper into the past. Sofia Hewitt, Alecia Hirst, Matteus Madsen, Claire McCulloch – 7C

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Fruehlingsfest Another fantastic Fruehlingsfest! Fruehlingsfest is over for another year and what a wonderful event it was! We were blessed with glorious weather, the vibe amongst the crowd was great and the performances on stage by Immanuel’s music and dance students were superb. On behalf of the committee, I thank the Immanuel community for supporting Fruehlingsfest and making it such a successful day. We were overwhelmed by the number of parents and staff that came forward to volunteer and I really do extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you. Set up on Friday was done in record time, as was pack down on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of all volunteers. In particular, I mention the tremendous efforts of our Parent Reps who worked incredibly hard to co-ordinate each year level stall. These ladies volunteer their time and are a blessing to the College. A final tally is still being conducted but we are confident that Fruehlingsfest will be a successful fundraising event for the P&F and will contribute to upgrading the bus turnaround area to an allweather facility for students. Thank you to everyone who supported the Monster Raffle this year by purchasing tickets. It was a positive fundraising initiative and our lucky winner was Sharon Priestley! While Sharon isn’t a parent of the College, she was absolutely thrilled when she found out she had won.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to our generous sponsors and donors. This year we were honoured to have Ray White Mooloolaba and SMS Finance come on board as major sponsors and we are incredibly grateful for their support. I acknowledge Viking Kayaks, Fernwood Maroochydore, Impact Floors and all our other raffle and silent auction sponsors. We hope you have found Fruehlingsfest to be a valuable and worthy recipient of your investment and we look forward to having you on board next year. If you have any feedback, or if you are interested in joining the team to organise next year’s event, please contact Mrs Lauren Nielsen, Community Relations and Event Co-ordinator on T: 5477 3419 or via email on E: to discuss. Carlie Brial – Fruehlingsfest Convenor M: 0417 763 769, E:

I’m sure you will agree that the entertainment provided at the event was nothing short of outstanding and I congratulate all students who were involved with this. I thank Mrs Bonar, Ms Sluggett and Mr Volejnik for their work with Immanuel’s music and dance students, putting together the entertainment program. Organising an event of this size isn’t possible without the support of the committee and I can’t thank them enough for their dedication in ensuring Fruehlingsfest was a success. Each and every one of them gave up so much of their time and I couldn’t have done it without them. The committee comprised Mrs Sarah Busch, Mr Sheldon Busch, Ms Jonelle Reisenleiter, Mrs Angie Roberts-Selig, Mrs Michelle Weller, Mr Andy Whitmore, Miss Rachael Witton and Ms Melissa Wolpert. In addition to the above committee members, we also work very closely with a key group of staff from ILC. I make special mention to Mr Paul Cheetham, Mr Mark McFie, Mr Colin Minke, Mrs Lauren Nielsen, Ms Diane Paterson, and their respective teams for their tireless efforts with Fruehlingsfest. They go above and beyond what is required and this event simply wouldn’t happen without them.

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Immanuel Lutheran College is seeking a highly motivated and reliable individual to join our Learning Enhancement team, commencing in January 2020. Applicants must be supportive of the aims and Christian ethos of the College.

Primary School Learning Enhancement Teacher Aide Term-time contract position for 2020 20 hours per week Applicants must possess: • Certificate III or IV in Education Support/Teacher Aide Studies or equivalent. • Current Certificate in First Aid (or be willing to obtain during first year of service. • Current Blue Card for working with children. • Previous experience in working in a learning environment with small groups and individual students preferred. Further information and the Job and Person Specification are available here. Electronic applications including the names of two current referees and addressing the Selection Criteria (listed in the Job and Person Specification) should be sent to: The Principal Immanuel Lutheran College Email: Website:

Applications close 4pm, Monday 26 August 2019

Immanuel Lutheran College is seeking a highly motivated and reliable individual to join our Learning Enhancement team, commencing in January 2020. Applicants must be supportive of the aims and Christian ethos of the College.

Secondary School Learning Enhancement Teacher Aide Permanent term-time position – 26 hours per week Applicants must possess: • Certificate III or IV in Education Support/Teacher Aide Studies or equivalent. • Current Certificate in First Aid (or be willing to obtain during the first year of service). • Current Blue Card for working with children. • Previous experience in working in a learning environment with small groups and individual students preferred. Further information and the Job and Person Specification are available here. Electronic applications including the names of three current referees and addressing the Selection Criteria (listed in the Job and Person Specification) should be sent to: The Principal Immanuel Lutheran College Email: Website:

Applications close 4pm, Monday 26 August 2019

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Join us for a twilight concert of music, song and dance

Dr Shari Hall will perform with the children.

7pm Tuesday 24 September 2019 Venue 114 Sportmans Parade, Kawana ADULT $35 CONCESSION $30 CHILD $20 EARLY BIRD SPECIALS AND CASH BAR



Local artist Victoria Fitzpatrick will complete a painting of a Ugandan child to be  auctioned after the show with proceeds to the Watoto Children's Choir

Everyone has questions… EXPLORE FAITH WITH


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith. To ask questions, and share their point of view in an open, friendly environment.

Bookings open for these dates… Alpha Coffee Connection – Mondays starting Sept 2nd 9am -11am Morning Tea on ‘The Terrace’ (child minding available)

Alpha Explore - Thursday Evenings for Dinner from 29th Aug. 6.30pm-8.30pm BOOKINGS: M: 0401 526 553 OR SIGN UP SHEET (For the duration of 10 weeks. By donation and location at Immanuel Lutheran Church Terrace and Meeting Room)

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