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31 May 2017 | ISSUE 9

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From the Principal's Desk Dear Parents A warm welcome to Week 7. I trust you are enjoying this stunning autumn weather as much as I am; loving the cold mornings!

Immanuel Arts Festival What a tremendous job our tireless and enthusiastic convenor, Melissa Evans, and her team did to make the 37th Immanuel Arts Festival an event to remember. With income and expenditure to be reconciled in coming weeks, I am not yet certain how it rates as a fundraiser, although as a ‘friendraiser’ and a significant festival in the cultural calendar of the Sunshine Coast, it certainly made its presence felt. Anecdotally, it appears that visitor numbers and sales were up so well done to all involved! With many quality artworks displayed, and excellent patronage across the three days of the Festival (blessed by stunning autumn weather), it again cemented its place as an exhibition of note for the talented artists who entered and sold their artworks. Highlights from my perspective were the significant quality of student entries, the presence and calibre of work by the feature artists, and the fashion parade of entries in the Wearable Art category.

My thanks and appreciation to our wonderful musicians, Hospitality students (including the mentoring work of P&F Chair, Andre Ghouse) and their families, as well as all their teachers and tutors. Moreover, my thanks to the many volunteers who transformed the Stadium into a temporary art gallery and were such generous and helpful hosts for our visitors. In particular, may I express my gratitude to the extremely dedicated Immanuel Arts Festival Committee members – Miriam Armstrong, Andre Ghouse, Joanna Harrison, Graeme Hattrick, Louise Jaeger, Fiona Kirkwood, Sam Moor, Tiffany Ogun, Libby Collins, Fiona Christie and Jenny Veigel – so capably led by Convenor Melissa Evans. Staff members in our maintenance and cleaning teams went above and beyond, as well as numerous students and parents (current and past), who volunteered their time throughout the Festival in myriad roles. Collectively, they surely epitomise the old adage “Many hands make light work”. It was particularly gratifying to hear committee members already reflecting on fresh initiatives for the 2018 Festival. Thank you to all who attended the 2017 Immanuel Arts Festival – your support of the P&F and our College is greatly appreciated. In closing, I especially acknowledge our major sponsors, without whom the Festival is not viable: Sunshine Cove Maroochydore • • • • • • • • •

92.7 Mix FM To Hold and To Have – Award Winning Jewellers My Weekly Preview The Inkspot Commercial Printers Medicine on Second Weareco Pascoe Plumbing PJ Burns Builder Annette Koch Accountants

Interact Raffle Congratulations to Marie Corfield, a member of the Palmwoods Art Group, who is the winner of the beautiful necklace which Interact raffled as part of the Immanuel Arts Festival. The necklace was designed by Year 12 student Lillie Kirkwood and made by To Hold and To Have – Award Winning Jewellers. Proceeds will go to Interact’s three chosen charities.

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Congratulations – Senior Musical

ILC Annual Grandparents’ Day

Another highlight during last weekend was Retro Phonix, the Senior Musical. This is an original show written and performed by the students, Hunter Brown (College Music Tutor and Performing Artist in Residence) and Nick Knijnenburg (Head of Arts). As part of their study of musical theatre, the senior class elected to reach for the stars; rather than simply performing one song each, they created a whole show for public performance. Each student nominated a song to sing or play and wove those into the show. The Year 10 Dance class were also involved, presenting a feature number from the 1920s. Students have been rehearsing since Term One and the result was exceptional – congratulations! These student-centred, exciting and innovative learning opportunities certainly sets the Immanuel Arts program apart from its contemporaries.

This special annual event will be held on Wednesday, 16 August. We will shortly be sending invitations to grandparents noted in our database. Should contact details need to be updated, or you wish to check that details for your child/ren’s grandparents are indeed recorded on our database, please contact Ms Louise Brear on T: 5477 3444 or E: We also recognise that some families enjoy inviting an extended family member or a special guest to this event, often in place of a grandparent who, for a range of reasons, is unable to attend. If that is the case for your family, again may I request that you contact Ms Brear so that details can be added to our database to ensure that a formal invitation is forwarded to those in that category. I always look forward to Grandparents’ Day; it is a rich part of our heritage, aligns closely with our Core Values and is fondly anticipated by so many students (as well as grandparents!).

Department of Education and Training – 2017 Student Residential Address Collection Process Consistent with previous practice, and following the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics National Census of Population and Housing, the Department of Education and Training has been provided with our statement of addresses with the following pieces of information about students at the College:

Immanuel Music Tour – Sydney College staff and Music Tutors Emily Bonar, Cade Bonar, Emily Brewis, Madeleine Lawler, Nelson Oakley, Julie-Anne O’Reilly, Stefan Volejnik, Anna Volejnikova and Marek Volejnik will escort 39 students from Years 7 to 12 on the 2017 Music Tour to Sydney, departing on Saturday, 17 June. Highlights include a workshop with Sydney Dance Company, a full day at the Sydney Conservatorium and the musical ‘The Bodyguard’. We are grateful to Friends of Music for their tireless support behind the scenes and in particular, Stefan and Marek Volejnik, who are driving the equipment truck to and from Sydney.

Immanuel Japan Tour

Students’ residential address (not student names or other identifying information)

Students’ level of education (whether the student is receiving primary or secondary education)

End of Term Two and Sunshine Coast Show Day A reminder, that after the College Calendar was published and distributed, we were notified that the Sunshine Coast Show Day holiday will be on Friday, 16 June which means that Term Two will conclude on Thursday, 15 June. Apologies for any inconvienience. Every blessing as we race toward the end of Term Two! Yours in Christ Colin Minke Principal

Secondary School teachers Bettina Fricke, Vanessa Guild and Toddy Sobey will escort 15 students from Years 9 to 11 on this year’s Japan Tour, departing on Friday, 9 June. They will visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima and have a three-night stay with host families from our sister school, Aoyama Gakuin, while in Tokyo. We wish them Sayōnara and safe travels.

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Chaplaincy Chat

College Counsellor

Hope-filled Future

A wise man and his young son are out with a group of family friends for a Sunday afternoon stroll and an ice cream. Son has been looking forward to the ice cream since early morning. Flavours are much deliberated, carefully chosen. The first lick is taken. A moment later the son trips. Boy and ice cream, wrong side up, in the gutter. There is a fuss, heartfelt offers – to run back to the shop, buy another ice cream, find a different treat, take the son to the park. Anything to stop the tears. Anything to stop the pain.

Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying our Year 9 students to the Future Careers Expo at the Kawana Waters Community Centre. There were robots, drones, 3D printing machines, virtual video experiences and much more. As we arrived, our presenter painted a verbal picture for us saying that perhaps in 2025, we will be ordering 3D printed burgers from McDonald’s after working in jobs that don’t yet exist! The students thoroughly enjoyed exploring the exhibits and were generally excited about what the future may hold for them. This was heartening to me because while a rather bleak picture of the future is often painted, the future isn’t something we need to fear at all; For God holds our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows in His loving hands and says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Revelation 22:13 While hardships come to us all and sorrow can visit our homes, God promises that while weeping may stay for the night, rejoicing will come in the morning. Psalm 30:5 As Deborah Moggach writes in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, “Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it is not the end.” The most beautiful of Jesus’ promises is that He has a place prepared for us with Him, after the trials of this life have passed; and that is the best hope of all! May you be blessed with hope this week.

In the midst of the fuss, the wise man makes a stand. He thanks the helpers for their genuine care but says that he would rather that they didn’t try to fix, or alleviate the pain through distraction or replacement. He says that because he wants, (more than anything), for his son to be happy, he must allow him to feel the disappointment that comes with losing an ice cream and hurting his knee. The wise man sits with his son, arm around his shoulders and lets him cry. He tells his son that he, too, knows how it feels to be sad, and they talk about what sadness is like, and how it can come in waves. Together they sit and take the time they need. Together they watch the wave go out again, of its own accord. The son learns that life is like this and he learns that he is not alone. There are times in each of our lives when running back to the ice cream shop will not be an option. Taking a quiet seat alongside sadness is part of the journey to happiness. Tarnya Mitchell – College Counsellor T: 5477 3430 E:

Gayla Mathews – Chaplain

Newsletter Update Thank you to those in our community who have provided feedback about the new-look Immanuel in Touch. By launching the newsletter in ISSUU, the goal was to ensure optimisation for mobile devices and to make the newsletter more reader friendly. We appreciate that it is a new format and some things take time to get used to. However, we also realise that some families preferred the PDF format. That is why we have decided to present the newsletter both ways to give you, the reader, a choice. Immanuel in Touch is a key component of home-school communication and we want to ensure ease of access. If it is a chore to download, essential information will not reach its desired audience. As always, we welcome feedback to improve our service and methods of communication. To download the ISSUU app, simply visit the App Store or Android Apps on Google Play. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please contact me via email at E: Thank you. Fiona Christie – Marketing Communications Manager

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Primary School The term continues to pass at a frenetic pace with carnivals, SCISSA Gala Day, bake sales and ICAS competitions all packed into a busy fortnight. It is around this time that children begin to experience fatigue more quickly and potentially exhibit behaviours that are out of character. It is amazing what a good night’s rest and nutritious breakfast will do to recharge those batteries each day. An extra piece of fruit can also boost energy and immunity as we move into a changing season. Our Years 3 and 5 students recently participated in the NAPLAN assessment program. All students undertook the assessment with diligence and enthusiasm. A sense of calmness permeated the testing period which is a credit to teachers, parents and students as everyone worked together to achieve the very best results possible. Families of students in these year levels will receive a NAPLAN report in Semester Two. The report provides an individual summary of each child’s achievement and a comparison of their results to the Australian average in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, and Numeracy. It is worth remembering that NAPLAN results are only a small part of a child’s overall assessment throughout the year and often reaffirm the wonderful results being achieved in a child’s learning journey.

The Many Faces of Independence Adults are the gatekeepers for children’s independence. And of course, independence takes many guises including: 1. Self-helps skills The starting point for independence building is giving kids the skills, know-how and confidence to look after their own wellbeing and welfare. This is shown in the many everyday situations where parents model, teach and provide opportunities for children to look after themselves – including toddlers undressing themselves, primary-aged children preparing their own snacks and teenagers organising their own transport to school and after-school activities. Kids develop real confidence from being able to look after themselves and others. 2. Autonomy to make choices and mistakes Without realising it, as parents we frequently make choices on our children’s behalf. We choose the food they eat; the games they play; their leisure activities and often the clothes they wear. When families are large (four or more children) parents usually give their children more space to make their own decisions as well as opportunities to learn from their poor choices. This may mean that children choose healthy interests and pursuits that parents are unfamiliar with, or even swim against the tide of

their parents’ wishes. In small families parents often know so much about minutiae of children’s lives that inevitably we tend to impose greater well-intentioned control over children’s decisions. 3. Taking responsibility for your own problems and actions There’s no doubt many kids are adept at shifting their problems and responsibilities to adults. One of my children would always blame me when they were late for school. Even though the child in question had an alarm clock and was more than capable of using it, any lack of punctuality was somehow shifted to me. Go figure! Independence comes when children take ownership of their responsibilities rather than using someone else as a scapegoat. In order to grant children and young people the type of independence outlined, parents need to be brave rather than fearful; work hard to develop the skills and know-how kids’ independence requires; and be willing to give kids the encouragement and support they need to step out of their comfort zones when independence seems too hard. By Michael Grose

Casual Clothes Day The Primary School is holding a Casual Clothes Day on Friday, 9 June to help raise money for Interact’s 2017 charities. Students participating in the day are asked to bring a gold coin donation and are expected to wear school appropriate casual clothes, including acceptable length shorts, skirts, closed in shoes and no midriff tops. Casual clothes will also need to meet the Immanuel Lutheran College Sun Safety Policy, including covered shoulders, broad brimmed hats and enclosed shoes.

SCISSA Gala Day Our next SCISSA Gala Day will be held on Thursday, 8 June. Families of students in Years 4 to 6 will have received communication regarding venues. We look forward to an exciting day of competition between independent primary schools across the Sunshine Coast. Should you require further information, please contact our Primary School HPE Co-ordinator Michael Johnson via email E: or the Primary School Office on T: 5477 3402.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)/Vacation Care OSHC accepts families from ILC, Stella Maris and families from any school on the Sunshine Coast for vacation care. Our maximum licensed capacity is 75 children at OSHC and 50 on excursion days. As a result, we can sometimes fill up quickly and have to waitlist families. We place families on the roll in order of the date the booking form was returned, so please make sure you book as soon as the program is available to avoid disappointment. The school term ends on Thursday, 15 June. Should you require vacation care during this time, please contact Ms Tamara Scutts on T: 5477 3418. Please note the service is closed on Sunshine Coast Show Day on Friday, 16 June and no care is available. Page 6

2017 Independent District Cross Country Carnival Immanuel’s Primary Cross Country Running Team took part in the annual Independent District Cross Country Carnival at Elizabeth Daniels Park on Thursday, 18 May. Thank you to Deb Couper, Alex Dwyer, Sarah Forrest, Amy Henningsen and Lachlan Moffat for their work with the team and for acting as officials on the day. It was an excellent day out and our runners should be proud of their achievements in what is a difficult and strenuous event. Congratulations to all ILC runners, especially those who placed in the top ten in the following races: • • •

Lachlan Starling and Kyton Pickering – 9 Years Boys, placed 4th & 6th respectively Xander Liddy and Max Mechen – 10 Years Boys, placed 2nd and 5th respectively Connor McAreavey – 12 Years Boys, finished 6th

Students in the Primary School have been focusing on developing a shared understanding of our College values through our P-6 Buddy Program. Under the guidance of Mrs Stewart, Primary School Coordinator Wellbeing, students worked in cross year level age groups to discuss the College’s key values and what these mean to them. Together, students created posters depicting the College values. • • • • • •

Centrality of the Gospel Worth of the Individual Excellence Importance of Relationships Service Respect for the Environment

The project was an outstanding success and enjoyed by students across the Primary School.

Athletics Carnivals There is much anticipation across the Primary School regarding our upcoming athletics carnivals. As distributed in previous communication, the following events will be held during the next fortnight: • • •

Years 3-6 (up to 11 years) – Thursday, 1 June U12 Years Carnival – Friday, 2 June Years P-2 Fun Athletics Carnival – Wednesday, 14 June

We look forward to students demonstrating proud school and house spirit at these events and warmly welcome spectators to cheer on and motivate the students to achieve their very best. Please contact Primary School HPE Co-ordinator Michael Johnson via email E: for more information.

School Values Poster Project

Assembly Our Primary School Assembly schedule for Term Two is Week Eight, Years 3 to 6 and Week Nine, Years P-2. These are held in the Primary School Hall at 2.20pm on Mondays. We always start and conclude each term with a whole of Primary School assembly to ensure our students remain connected Prep to Year 6. This is supported by our Better Buddies program.

2018 Prep Enrolments Enrolments Registrar Mrs Dabinet has advised that Prep 2018 places are filling fast. Should you wish to enrol your child in Prep at the College in 2018, please complete an enrolment application via the College website or email Mrs Dabinet at E: enrolments@ to obtain an enrolment package. Parents are reminded that there is no automatic entry into the College from Immanuel ELC and all new and existing families are required to submit an application for entry. Thank you for the continued support of your child’s learning journey at Immanuel. Scott Moore – Head of Primary School

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Secondary School As we edge toward the end of term, we acknowledge the busy time ahead with the assessment period and end-of-term events. Likewise, we recognise the many activities that have taken place and make the College what it is. I would like to share with you a message I delivered to students at a recent assembly. Like any community, and in life, we experience highs and lows, but what defines us are the values that we share. Christian author, Marianne Williamson, challenges us to accept our influence as light bearers and not succumb to the thoughts of inadequacy. This is a powerful message for our students, for them to reflect on their own mindset and consider how they approach school and life more generally: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” With that in mind, I wish to highlight demonstrable examples of our Secondary School values from members of our community, who have each shone their own light in various ways: Responsibility: The Year 11 students who led the recent Open Morning Respect: The Year 9 students who represented the College so ably at the Future Careers Expo Relationships: The Year 12 students who regularly visit Year 7 Home Groups Service: The time and commitment shown by teachers and students during Compassion Week

2017 Immanuel Arts Festival I also take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to all students, parents and staff who participated in the 2017 Immanuel Arts Festival. I am referring not only to those who submitted some amazing artwork, but also to those who were involved in performances, who assisted as caterers and/or service staff, those who helped with the set-up and pull-down. Once again our sense of community was alive and well to say the least, and a wonderful job was done by all.

Dress and Appearance As we are now mid-term, it is timely to reiterate uniform and appearance standards. To and from school, students are to wear their formal uniform and it is their responsibility to ensure they change into and from sports uniforms at the appropriate times. Boys are expected to wear ties and ensure top buttons are done up. Their hair must meet the standards at all times, so mid-term haircuts may be required. All students are also expected to have shirts tucked in and wear formal hats throughout the year, including to and from school. Our uniform standards are to promote personal responsibility for dress and self-respect. Our aim is for students to grow in responsibility and to represent the College with pride. Parental support is an important factor to meet our standards and we value the partnership this requires.

External English Exam Yesterday, Year 11 students completed the QCAA External English Exam. Students were asked to respond to an unseen question relating to a classic novel studied in class. The responses to this exam will be assessed by accredited QCAA markers. It is an excellent opportunity for students to become accustomed to formal testing procedures and gain feedback from governing bodies outside Immanuel Lutheran College.

Year 9 Retreat (1 June) As a part of the Rite Journey, Year 9 students, alongside their Rite Journey teachers, will attend a Reflection Day tomorrow with Mr Michael Fitzpatrick. After attending Home Group first for roll call, they will make their way up to the Worship Centre where they will spend the whole day. Students will be permitted to wear comfortable clothing (as per the guidelines explained to them) and are asked to provide their own morning tea, lunch, water bottle, pencil case and a cushion to sit on. We are looking forward to spending this very special time with our Year 9 students.

Years 11 and 12 Assessment Block (5-14 June) Next Monday will see the commencement of our Years 11 and 12 Assessment Block. During this time, study-at-home privileges will apply, providing that all work is up-to-date, and due assignments are submitted. Please keep these students in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Years 11 and 12 Parent Dinner (9 June) Years 11 and 12 parents are invited to attend an informal dinner on Friday, 9 June from 7.00pm at the Prickly Pinata, 45 The Esplanade, Maroochydore. Please RSVP by 7 June to Mrs Fiona Kirkwood at E: or T: 0417 772 898. Page 8

Year 8 Family Get-Together (11 June) All Year 8 families are invited to attend a picnic/BBQ at Cotton Tree Park on Sunday, 11 June. Whether you can come for a short time, or stay on for lunch and games, it would be wonderful to have you there. Please BYO all food and drinks and bring with you any outdoor games that you may wish to play (e.g. cricket set, football, bocee). To RSVP, please text Jo on T: 0408 382 691.

Year 12 QCST Practice Days (14-15 June) A reminder to Year 12 students that they will sit two full QCST practice days on 14 to 15 June (the last two days of Term Two). Both days will commence at 8.25am in the Assembly Area, with students attending in formal uniform and with a complete QCST pack (spares are available for purchase from the College Shop). As all aspects of the QCST will be practiced, this opportunity will allow students to become familiar with the sequence of events scheduled for the real testing days on 29 to 30 August. Those who are not sitting for an OP will undertake their Transition to Work Program on campus during this time. Please note that these practice days will replace those indicated on the College Calendar during Week One, Term Three (11-12 July).

Semester One Reports All families are advised that the 2017 Semester One report will be made available via SEQTA Engage during the holidays. This will provide an overview of current studies, outline progress in learning behaviours and include grades for every subject. I encourage all parents to carefully study this report with their child/ren, and to discuss realistic goals for Semester Two.

Year 11 Ball (15 July) We are very much looking forward to celebrating with our students, staff and parents at the 2017 Year 11 Ball. Commencing at 6.30pm on Saturday, 15 July, this traditional event will be held at the Lake Kawana Community Centre and will include a two-course meal and entertainment. During the evening, each student will be formally presented and will deliver their group dance (there will also be plenty of time for social dancing during the remainder of the night!). For most students, this will be their first opportunity to partake in a formal social experience and we are pleased to be sharing it with them.

includes teachers who may take your child for two or more subjects. Further information will also be communicated home closer to the time.

Aoyama Exchange – Host Family Required We have received wonderful news from Aoyama that they now have an opportunity to send one more male student with the group when they visit from 15 to 25 August. As such, we are seeking a family who can help with hosting him. Should you be in a position to assist, please contact Miss Fiona Karageorge in the Secondary School Office on T: 5477 3461 or E: Nick Cheyne – Head of Secondary School

Debating Congratulations to the Year 8 debating team on winning their second debate on Wednesday, 26 April. Georgia Pulford (8B), Emily Paul (8A) and Tyler Watson (8A) competed against Nambour State High School arguing the affirmative in the debate “That we should ban smoking for all citizens born after 2015”. It was the first debate for all of these students and they all performed tremendously, speaking with confidence and enthusiasm. Maggie Reisenleiter (8B) was chairperson, and we thank her for her diligence and organisation in this important role. We also thank assistant coach, Eloise Millman (9A), for her ongoing assistance. Her advice and support is very much appreciated. The third and fourth debates will now both be held on the same night, Wednesday, 7 June. Both debates will take place at Sunshine Coast Grammar School. For the third debate, students will explore the topic “That we should force all students who persistently bully other students to be home-schooled”. This debate will start at 5.00pm and our team will take the negative side of the argument. Immediately after this, students will participate in their first impromptu debate on an unseen topic, with only an hour to prepare. Students will debate at 8.15pm, and will need to arrive no later than 7.00pm. We wish them all the best for the final two preliminary rounds of the QDU competition. Brigette Lewis – Coach

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews (18 July) Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews will take place in the Assembly Area from 3.30pm to 7.00pm on Tuesday, 18 July. The booking sheet will be accessible online at from Friday, 30 June using the booking code: 8g7au. Parents are asked to only reserve one interview per teacher per student. This

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Immanuel Arts Festival Thank you to all involved in one of our best festivals on record. Attendance and sales over the three-day event were exceptional and the committee and I are grateful to all who gave up their time to make this event so successful. Melissa Evans – Arts Festival Convenor E:

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Secondary School Sport

Thanks is extended to the teams’ outstanding coaches, Alex Colville and Alex Dwyer, for all of their hard work and also to the many parents who drove to the Beerwah venue to support our players.


Both the ILC U15 and U17 teams have a bye this week.

Senior Volleyball The senior volleyball teams have all been playing particularly well throughout their second term in the competition. Both the Senior Boys and Senior Girls A teams are undefeated and on top of their respective ladders. The Senior B Girls team, consisting of girls from a range of year levels, have used this competition to develop their skills and game play and are also performing well. Wednesday, 31 May All games will take place at ILC in the A J Jericho Stadium • • •

ILC Senior Girls A v MFAC at 4.00pm ILC Senior Girls B v MFAC at 4.00pm ILC Senior Boys v MFAC at 4.45pm

Wednesday, 7 June All games will take place at ILC in the A J Jericho Stadium • • •

ILC Senior Girls A v Suncoast at 4.00pm ILC Senior Girls B v Suncoast at 4.00pm ILC Senior Boys v Suncoast at 4.45pm

Basketball Three teams participated in some pre-season games against PLC last week.


Junior Boys

The final round of games were played last week. After consistent performances throughout the season, the Division A team, managed by Mrs Bliss, has qualified for the semi-final to be played at the Washington Street Courts at Nambour today. We wish the team well.

The team was excited to take to the court for their first ever game together. PLC may very well be one of the top teams we face next term and ILC showed they would never give up – a great team trait to have. PLC was too strong on the day winning by a large margin. This game taught us what we need to build on as a team and with only a small number of practices under our belts, this group will keep improving. Well done boys!

The two Division B teams played some good tennis over the weeks, with ILC Silver, managed by Mike Mathews, narrowly missing out on a semi-finals berth. The Junior B team, managed by Erin Brady, consisted of students from Years 7 to 9 and despite being confronted by a strong opposition, played with great determination. I congratulate all students who played in the competition and thank our three managers and parents for their efforts in supporting our students. Rugby 7s Last Wednesday, our two rugby 7s teams played in the fifth round of the competition at Beerwah Rugby League Ground. The U17’s continued to display some very impressive skills to defeat both NCC and Glasshouse CC in their allocated games. The boys are securely placed on top of the ladder, having only had one defeat from eight games. It was a much tougher afternoon for the U15 team playing PLC and St Andrews. Although the team is in third place, playing the teams currently ranked first and second on the same night was always going to be a challenge. There were some excellent passages of play from the ILC team and they were forced to defend for much of their games. To the boys’ credit, they never gave up and kept pushing forward at every opportunity.

Intermediate Boys Great team effort was shown on the day. Unfortunately, sickness ruled out a few players. The boys have improved so much recently and continue to show signs of maturity in keeping their heads in a tense game situation. The boys were on the comeback but the clock ran out and unfortunately, they were defeated 34-38. We can take a lot of positives from this game going into the school basketball season. Senior Boys It was great to see them all together again. This group of young men were back to winning ways against a tough PLC team. Always in control, until the third quarter when PLC was determined to make a comeback, the boys showed their experience and held them off for a good win: 46-31 Lee Miles – Coach

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Athletics The Secondary School Interhouse Athletics Carnival will now be staged on Monday, 17 July on ILC’s Main Oval. Due to the earlier closing date of nominations for the District Junior Carnival, students in Year 7 who are in the 12 years age group, will participate in a ‘Mini Carnival’ on Friday, 2 June on Main Oval. An email has been sent to families of the students involved, listing the schedule for the days’ events which will be co-ordinated by Mr Johnson.

Netball Monday, 15 May Monday night was the final night of netball for all our teams except ILC3. Thank you to all girls for participating this year. It was wonderful to see so many girls enjoying their netball each week. ILC1 12: SAAC 23. As this was the last game for five of the current players, they decided that they would like to experience playing out of position. Dea Burness shot the goal of the season from the circle edge. Her goal earned her quite a cheer from our spectators. Abbey O’Hagan was quite nervous about running in the Centre position, but once on court she drove to the circle edge and fed the shooters with ease. Player of the match was Brianna Johann who played in all sectors of the court and was able to shoot us back into the game in the last quarter. ILC2: These girls had a great final game. They were defeated but sometimes it’s not the score that is important when playing a team sport. ILC3 played two games, the first against very strong opposition which got away to an early lead and it was again catch-up netball. The girls showed team work and determination but were unable to make up the deficit losing 29-17. Their second game got off to a better start and they showed a lot more self-control in tight situations. Well done to Rachel, who held off a shooter significantly taller than herself for most of the match, making a vital difference to their usual game plan. Our girls won and now go into the finals for the last week. ILC4 had a bye. ILC5 13: MFAC 32. The girls came out of the blocks firing but unfortunately, could not sustain the momentum throughout the second quarter. Multiple changes were made at half time and the girls played a much better brand of netball. Passing in the third quarter improved and with some solid feeding into the shooters, we were able to run with MFAC goal for goal. The girls should all be very proud of their season as they have finished just outside of the top four teams. Player of the match was Sophie Butler who played in the defence end all game and was able to gain a multitude of defensive turnovers.

Monday, 22 May ILC3, Intermediate A Res, was the only ILC team to make the finals this season. Congratulations to Emma Norbury, Rachel Godley, Georgia Phillips, Sophie Rawlins, Bella Baker, Ellie Carp, Alyssa Elliott and Abbie Turner on their valiant effort in the semi-final match. For the entire game there was only a few goals separating the two teams, both teams playing dynamic netball. A few mistakes, mainly due to nerves, decided the match. Unfortunately, we went down 24-28 as the siren sounded. Linda Thornton – Coach. This is such a great competition, with so many out there giving it their best. Thanks to coaches Natalie Jarrott, Roxanne Osborne and Linda Thornton. Great to see the skills of the girls improve throughout the season. Thanks also to our umpires Piper Atkins, Zarah Boutchard, Melissa Burness, Kailah Osborne and Abbie Turner. Without your dedication to the sport, the players wouldn’t be able to take to the court each week, so thank you for your commitment. Well done to all the girls involved in Monday Night Netball.

ILC7 In their last game of the season, with only six players in the last quarter, the girls played a valiant game. They worked very hard and improved the timing of their leads as the game progressed. Abigail Williams was voted player of the match.

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Umpire Award Each season, one unbadged student umpire is recognised for their outstanding umpiring skills. This year, the Umpire Award was presented to Zarah Boutchard for her commitment (on average three games each week) and high standard of umpiring. Congratulations Zarah, a welldeserved recipient.

Cross Country The Sunshine Coast Regional Cross Country Trials were held on Tuesday, 30 May at the Maroochydore Cricket Club grounds. Congratulations to Nina Atkinson who ran a very good race to finish in 16th place in the 15 years age group. Jacob Bristow led the 14 years Boys race from start to finish to win by over 50m from the next place finisher. Jacob will now go on to represent the Sunshine Coast Region at the Queensland Schools Cross Country Competition to be staged at Bald Hills in July. We also wish Ben Tacey well in this competition as due to a knee injury, he was not able to compete in yesterday’s event.

Meningococcal ACWU Vaccination Program Year 10 students will be receiving their vaccination package on Thursday, 1 June. Please return completed forms to Student Services by Friday, 9 June. The vaccination will be provided on 14 September. Below is information from the Department of Health. The Department of Health is implementing an important vaccination program to protect young Queenslanders against meningococcal disease. Meningococcal disease is a rare but severe infection that can cause death within 24 hours or profound life-long disability (brain damage, hearing loss, limb loss). In 2016 Queensland (and other Australian jurisdictions) experienced a substantial rise of meningococcal disease caused by meningococcal strains W and Y. In response to this increase, the Queensland Government recently announced a meningococcal ACWY vaccination program. Under the program, free meningococcal ACWY vaccine will be offered to all Year 10 students through Queensland’s School Immunisation Program in 2017. Free vaccine will also be available to 15 to 16 year olds through their doctor or usual immunisation provider. Linda Cornell – Student Services E: T: 5477 3488

College Calendar June Thursday 1 PS Interhouse Athletics Carnival Year 9 Retreat Monday 5 - Friday 9 Years 11 and 12 Assessment Week Thursday 8 PS SCISSA Gala Day 2

Congratulations: •

Saul Doglio on being a member of the winning Sunshine Coast Football team that won the U19 School Boys State Championships.

Luke Bindon and Luca Masri on their silver medal in the recent Queensland Regional School Table Tennis Competition. The boys will now progress through to the Queensland Championships which will take place during the holidays in Brisbane.

Monday 12 - Thursday 15 Year 10 Work Experience Wednesday 14 P&F Community Meeting D4, 7.00pm Prep-2 Athletics Carnival

Craig Harris – Head of Sport Years 8-12 T: 5477 3444 E:

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Instrumental Music June Saturday, 17 – Thursday, 22 June

Various Ensembles

2017 Music Tour – Sydney

Tuesday, 6

Violin and Viola Students

Recital, 5.30pm, KLT. Performing students to arrive at 4.30pm for a rehearsal with the accompanist. FoM Representative: Lilian Satara

Wednesday, 7

Violin and Viola Students

Recital, 5.30pm, KLT. Performing students to arrive at 4.30pm for a rehearsal with the accompanist. FoM Representative: TBC

Immanuel Sings – Photos Look out for these images in our music studios which were taken earlier this term at Immanuel Sings by Samuel Dunston. Here’s a sample of these wonderful photos.

Immanuel Arts Festival – Thank You Congratulations to the Vivace String Ensemble, Primary String Ensemble (combined Con Brio String Ensemble and PS students from Animato String Ensemble), Years 1-3 Choir and Years 4-6 Choir which performed at this year’s Immanuel Arts Festival. The performances were warmly received. Thank you to Mrs O’Reilly, Mrs Doman and Miss Lawler for conducting our ensembles and to Miss Strong and Mr Miller for supporting our students. A special mention to College Accompanist, Mr Brown. Thank you also to Mrs Rosewarne, Mrs Auricht and Mrs Little for assisting with supervision at our performances.

Animato String Ensemble Performance On Wednesday, 24 May, our wonderful Animato String Ensemble performed a very special concert for our youngest learners at the Immanuel ELC. Thank you to the ELC for visiting us in KM8.

Fruehlingsfest Performances In the coming weeks, we will release information regarding which ensembles will perform at this year’s Fruehlingsfest. Correspondence is sent home via email/SEQTA.

Cello Lessons Please note that Mr Miller is conducting his cello lessons in D1. Beginner String Ensemble is still in KM8.

Page 14

Recital News In 2017, we will once again host a number of wonderful recitals. In the coming weeks we will see two wonderful evenings of string recitals on Tuesday, 6 June and Wednesday, 7 June. Please check the Instrumental Music Calendar – 2017 for more details. Families involved in these two recitals have been emailed. Please don’t forget to respond to Mrs O’Reilly to confirm your involvement.

Music Exam Results Congratulations to • Joshua Linnett 9A who received A (Honours) for his Alto Saxophone exam • Rose Douglas 7B who received B+ (Credit) for her Alto Saxophone exam. Both students are learning from Miss Genevieve Birch. Emily Bonar – Instrumental Music Coordinator T: 5477 3444 E:

Last Saturday, as part of the Immanuel Arts Festival, the Senior Music class, with the assistance of Year 10 dancers, performed the world premiere of Retro Phonix. Students created the show as part of their study of Musical Theatre. Each student nominated a song to play or sing and then developed a plot line. It was a fantastic learning experience and culminated in a hilarious audience participation number; if you weren’t there then you would have missed Mr Minke and Mr Cheyne, along with the rest of the audience, doing the Time Warp. Special thanks to those people who helped in creating/promoting/ running the show – Hunter Brown, Cath Knijnenburg, Maddie Lawler, Amy Sluggett, Shireen Taylor, Jenny Veigel, Stefan Volejnik, Matt Ward and Adara Wildin Murrihy. Nick Knijnenburg – Head of Arts

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Voices on the Coast – Call for Volunteers Voices on the Coast is fast approaching. This year we have over 26 authors, illustrators and performers from across Australia who will be presenting sessions and providing workshops to over 4,500 students from Years 4 to 12. The Youth Literature Festival student days will be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 20 July to Friday, 21 July. Voices Plus events will run from 19 to 20 July. Immanuel students will be involved as they attend author sessions and volunteer their time as introducers, guides and media personnel. Our main purpose is to generate a love of literature in young people of all ages. A festival of this scale needs adult volunteers. Our many adult volunteers attend sessions and workshops in a supervisory role and check to make sure the right people are in the right session. It is a great day of listening to authors and illustrators from across Australia, why they write and how they inspire young people, on a daily basis, through reading. If you would like to volunteer as a ‘ticket taker’ at the festival, please contact the Voices on the Coast office on T: 5477 3437 or E: Thank you Kelly Dunham – Festival Coordinator

19-22 July 2017 Student Days 20 & 21 July 2017 Breakfast 22 July 2017

Page 16

Hello Friends, As the year screams by, before we know it, a new financial year will be upon us and the first half of the year will be a blip in our rearview mirrors. If I may, let me share with you my take on the magnificent Immanuel Arts Festival we enjoyed last weekend. With nearly 1,000 items of art in a variety of forms, the A J Jericho Stadium was once again transformed into a magnificent gallery showcasing the works of many top artists and our very talented students. There were some absolutely wonderful pieces that enchanted the viewer. For me, the most impressive aspect of the Festival was the generosity and selflessness of the band of volunteers who gave their time to bring together this wonderful community event; from attending meetings to setting up the gallery, entering the application forms, food preparation, food service, wine service, hosting and the ever-present packing and cleaning up. Amongst the regulars, it was great to see some new faces chipping in and becoming part of the volunteer family.

On a personal note, it was great having another chance to work with the Hospitality students both in food prep, and especially during the Gala Opening as well as the cafeteria over the weekend. The best part for me is when they return to the kitchen with smiles on their faces from having a positive experience with the customers. It is a great learning opportunity for them, but it is important that they have a good time while they work. I acknowledge the dedication of Convener Melissa Evans and her hardworking team of volunteers who contributed to the success of the 37th Immanuel Arts Festival. Thank you. As one event finishes, another gears up. Fruehlingsfest, our annual spring festival, scheduled for Saturday, 5 August is well underway, with many aspects of the planning falling nicely into place. However, there is still much to do and as we get closer, the workload increases and we will be looking for help. Please keep an eye and ear out for calls for help, either through the College App or the Facebook page. If you would like to get involved, please contact Fruehlingsfest Convener Kaylene Ascough via email E: Until next time, please be safe and remember to hug your kids every day. Warm regards Andre Ghouse – P&F Chair




A celebration bringing together community, arts and entertainment.

• Over 40 market stalls including food from around the world

Nestled in the natural school surrounds, Fruehlingsfest is a twilight fair like no other.

• Live entertainment showcasing local talent

• Roving artists will delight the crowd all evening

All enquiries are welcome email:

• Children’s and Main Stage entertainment

• Loads of rides for all ages


Page 17

Commercial Operations


A reminder that sports jackets can only be worn with sports or house uniforms and jumpers and blazers can only been worn with formal uniforms.

Did you know that we can supply cupcakes to your child’s class for birthdays? Five days’ notice is required and the minimum order is twenty cupcakes @$1.00 each. In the Primary School, deliveries are made to the classroom. Secondary School students can pick up their order from the tuckshop. To order cupcakes, simply go to Flexischools.

Stocks are running low after a few cold mornings so if you need to purchase winter uniforms, please call in and see us in the College Shop.

College Shop Trading Hours – School Holidays

Tuckshop Volunteers

The College Shop will be open on Wednesday, 21 June which is the first week of the holidays from 12.00 noon to 4.00pm, otherwise by appointment only.

College Shop We have a good range of second-hand uniforms for sale if your child has grown out of their uniform items and/or you need a spare set.

If you are able to help – even just once a term – please contact me, Linda Ahrens in the Primary School Tuckshop on T: 5477 3462 or Cherie Mobbs in the Secondary School Tuckshop on T: 5477 3456. We are always looking for more volunteers – no experience needed as staff are always on hand. We welcome any time you can give, whether it is once a week, fortnight, term or month, if only for a few hours. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and become part of our College community. Rest assured, you will receive a very warm welcome. We are currently working on the Term Three roster and need help. The more help we receive will ensure more baking and food preparation for the tuckshops.

College Shop Hours Term Time Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30am–11.00am Wednesday from 2.00pm–4.00pm We are closed on Friday. Alternatively, items can be ordered online via and delivered to your child’s teacher.

Diane Paterson – Commercial Operations Manager T: 5477 3457 E:

Help needed, please contact Diane T: 54 77 3457 or

Week 9

Week 8

Wk 7

Secondary School Tuckshop Monday to Friday

Primary Tuckshop (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

June 2017 Thursday Friday

1 2

Michelle Webber Jayne Pollard

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

5 6 7 8 9

Margaret Outridge Tina Olson Jean North Megan Harradine Jacqui Klibbe

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

12 13 14 15 16

Jean North Terri Lanham Inna Atkinson

Dot Fitzgerald

Alex Young

Toni McCulloch

Jane Topalian

Kim Wooley

Joyclyn Turner Monica Wilkinson Anna Conn

Fran Little

Lenore Dow

Evon Woodward

Katrina Kesley Heather Turner

Kirsten Dick

Public Holiday - Sunshine Coast Show Day

Page 18

Filmmaking Competition Young Filmmakers Master Class Series Do you like being behind the camera? Ever had an awesome film idea but didn’t know where to start or how to finish? In conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Council’s eco-documentary young filmmaker competition, this three part, master class is for young people aged 11-18 years who want the film hacks and technical tips to bring their cinematic dreams to the screen. Come and learn with a professional producer how to make awesome films on a budget. There are only 15 places available in each workshop so book early! Cost: $15 / workshop. It is recommended you book for the entire series as skills are progressively developed. 1. Pre-Production

Sunday 21st May, 2017


Before you shoot: Learn how to plan your production, write a treatment, script and storyboard, and try out different cameras and filming techniques. Venue: Cairncross Room, Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny. Bookings close 9 May. 2. Production

Tuesday 27th June, 2017 (School holidays)


Shoot your first scene following your storyboard, practice the basic laws of filmmaking, get your style and continuity right and learn about recording sound and storing your rushes. Venue: Cairncross Room, Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny. Bookings close 16 June. 3. Post-production Sunday 23rd July, 2017 10am-1.30pm

Bookings essential! Go to Sunshine Coast Council’s What’s On page to find each workshop by date: www.sunshinecoast. or search ‘environment’ or ‘Arts and Theatre’. Enquiries: Payment is required at the time of booking. If you register and are unable to attend please notify council by email to ensure places can be offered to other participants on the waiting list. In the unlikely event of a workshop cancellation, registrants will be notified by email and entitled to a refund.

Page 19

72070 04/17

71996 02/17.

Practice essential post-production skills in editing your scenes, organising your rushes, mixing your sound, adding titles and credits and exporting your production. Venue: Arts and Ecology Centre, Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens, 51 Palm Creek Rd, Tanawha. Bookings close: 12 July.

CATALOGUE COVER COMPETITION What does Science mean to you?

This year’s theme is

PGA Professional lessons 2 hours each day.

We’re passionate about helping grow our junior golf program.


From beginners to elite golfers.

$130 per day or discounted at $549 for the 5 day program (tax deductible)

Sunshine Coast 5 day Golf Tournament (tax deductible) Our junior school holiday golf tournament provides the highest standard of coaching to students (boys and girls) aged 6 to 14years old from beginner to elite. This program is specially

9am-3pm / MON-FRI

designed and structured for children to learn all aspects of the game of golf. The program runs each day for five days. Each day is at a different golf club so the children learn about how to play on different courses while playing in the daily 6 hole golf tournament, with the final on our home golf course which is Pelican Waters Golf Club on days 1 and 5. (Maroochy Rivers GC on day 2, Maleny GC on day 3, Peregian Springs GC on day 4).

TT GOLF TOURS Price includes 5days x 2hour golf lessons, 5days x 6hole modified tournament. Junior 7 iron, golf ball, drawstring bag and cap.

To book Email Bookings essential. Deposit $130. Payment plans available.

Immanuel in Touch 31-05-17  

Immanuel in Touch 31-05-17

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