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3 May 2017 | ISSUE 7

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The 2017 Senior Musical

Written and performed by the Immanuel Lutheran College Senior Music Class and special guests.

What happens when Professor Aquarius steals the clef of time? Will our heroes be able to stop her and save the universe? Join us for a hilarious musical parody as we journey through the decades of the 20th Century with original works and some of your favourite songs.


Saturday 27 May / 3.00pm & 7.00pm in the ILC Drama Theatre, Music and Drama Centre

All tickets $10 Bookings essential - Visit events@immanuel

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From the Principal's Desk Dear Parents Welcome to Week 3. ANZAC Day Thanks to the wonderfully supportive parents in our community who enabled their children to participate in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Cotton Tree and/or the parade at Buderim on Tuesday of last week. What an honour it was to join together to acknowledge those who have served for the protection and freedom of our wonderful nation. In particular, our senior students proudly held the flag for which our forbearers gallantly fought under. We Will Remember Them.

Parent Forum A reminder that the first Parent Forum for 2017 is tomorrow, Thursday, 4 May at 6.00pm in K5-K6. All parents are encouraged to attend and invited in to provide comments, ask questions and be briefed on relevant strategic matters. Please click here to register to attend.

NAPLAN Testing Most people would be aware that students across Australia in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are sitting for national tests from Tuesday, 9 May to Thursday, 11 May. As an educational leader, I have no difficulty in recognising the validity of using such tools for targeted diagnosis for individual students and, if trends appear over a minimum of three years, an argument for systemic or localised change. However, as a ‘National Test’, the process remains flawed as there is still no common starting age for Year 1 across Australia, coupled with the highly contestable composition of the actual test instruments, based on a “one size fits all” model. I agree that assessing student progress is critical in the context of a broad-based curriculum. Equally important, though, are the ‘intangibles’ which were in evidence recently in the many students who marched in the Buderim ANZAC Day Parade to support their local community and those who serve our country. Our focus on mission and the environment provide another dimension to our students, and these ‘non-academic’ pursuits are an integral part of the holistic development of our students.

Community Next week (8-14 May) is National Volunteer Week and I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all parents and community members who assist the College in so many ways. Immanuel is certainly blessed by the number of volunteers willing to give their time and energy in assisting the College. Thank you!

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is Coming! Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s leading psychologists. He is the author of ten books, is a broadcaster and a specialist in parenting, children, adolescents and the use of technology for mental health. Michael has agreed to come and share his wisdom with our community on Thursday, 17 August (Week 6 Term 3). He will provide seminars during the day for our students and will work with staff after school before presenting to our parents in the evening. We are very excited about Michael’s presentations which will help us as a community better support and understand the world in which our young people live. More details, including an RSVP link, will be sent in coming weeks.

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Immanuel Arts Festival It is already May, which means it’s Immanuel Arts Festival time! What a truly fantastic job the committee, capably led by Melissa Evans, is doing on behalf of the P&F and the College community. On behalf of the committee, I appeal to you to consider joining the team that is responsible for transforming the A J Jericho Stadium from a sports arena into an art gallery, and back again. Help is needed from Sunday, 21 May for set up until Monday, 29 May for pack-up. It is a lot of work, but a great way to expand your Immanuel network. Whether you can contribute a few hours or a couple of days, please drop an email to Melissa at E: (with ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line) or T: 0408 637 023 for further information. Look for more Immanuel Arts Festival information in the newsletter below.

Happy Mother’s Day Next Sunday (14 May) is Mother’s Day. As a quiet tribute, I thought I would share this poem by Michael Olakunle Adesanya There are times when only a Mother’s love Can understand our tears,  Can soothe our disappointments  And calm all of our fears.  There are times when only a Mother’s love  Can share the joy we feel  When something we have dreamed about  Quite suddenly is real. 

Chaplaincy Chat Labour Well I hope that you all enjoyed the Labour Day public holiday on Monday! It is wonderful to be able to change our routines and spend some extra time with our family and friends, or simply catch up on domestic duties. It is a good chance to reflect on how we labour too: •

Is there a healthy balance in our work and home life?

Are our energies being invested in worthwhile activities?

Are we spread too thinly?

Are our priorities in the best order?

Where does God fit in?

Are there changes we should, or can, make?

As you take a moment to contemplate these questions, may you discover that God is guiding you and that you are covered by the blessing He gave His people long ago: “My chosen ones will long enjoy the work of their hands. They will not labour in vain … for they will be a people blessed by the Lord, they and their descendants with them.” Isaiah 65:22-24 May you labour well! Gayla Mathews – Chaplain

There are times when only a Mother’s faith Can help us on life’s way  And inspire in us the confidence  We need from day to day.  For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith  And a Mother’s steadfast love  Were fashioned by the Angels  And sent from God above.

Business Students' Soiree

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and I thank God for their wonderful contributions to our community and for the way they have and continue to enrich our lives. Yours in Christ Colin Minke Principal

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‘Fire’ by Judy Brown What makes a fire burn is the space between the logs, a breathing space Too much of a good thing, too many logs packed in tight can douse the flames almost as surely as a pail of water would So building fires requires attention to the spaces in between as much as to the wood When we are able to build open spaces in the same way we have learned

College Counsellor Are you, like me, noticing the pace of the term start to take hold? As the speed of life increases, we can all feel as if we are taking a dive into a fast flowing river and that we just have to keep paddling until we are washed up, exhausted, on the shore of the next holiday break. Recently I walked along the beach. In the middle of my walk there is a long strip of rocks. I don’t really like this section of the beach – I prefer the sand to the clambering. So I was doggedly marching across the rocks, wishing them done, hurrying to get to the other side so I could get back to my relaxed pace. Mid way across the rocks, the line of a poem popped into my head – “what makes a fire burn is the space between the logs, a breathing space”. It occurred to me that I could stop, mid rocks for a moment, or longer if I chose. I didn’t have to finish my rock crossing to earn the right to take a breath or two. Perhaps this applies to all aspects of our lives. If we want to keep our fire burning bright throughout the year, we need to pay as much attention to the breathing spaces, as to the logs we pile on. Stress can threaten to douse our flame unless we learn to take a break in the midst of busyness, to create ‘space between’ in which mind and body can rest. How will you pay attention to the spaces between this term? Tarnya Mitchell – College Counsellor T: 5477 3430 E:

to pile on the logs then we can come to see how it is fuel and the absence of fuel together, that make fire possible We only need to lay a log lightly from time to time A fire grows simply because the space is there, with openings in which the flame that knows just how it wants to burn can find its way

College Calendar May Thursday 4 Year 7 Vaccinations Day 2 Friday 5 Year 12 BCT Soiree, A J Jericho Stadium Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11 NAPLAN Testing Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 Friday 12 NAPLAN Make-Up Day Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 Monday 15 – Friday 19 Year 8 Camp Tuesday 16 – Friday 19 Year 5 Mt Binga Camp Wednesday 17 P&F Community Meeting, D4, 7.00pm Thursday 18 Principal Tour and Open Morning, 9.00am-11.00am Year 12 Peter Vardy Ethics Seminar, Worship Centre District Cross Country, 9-19 years, Maroochydore

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Primary School As the term gathers steam, it is wonderful to observe students dedicated to achieving their best across all areas of their education – academic, co-curricular and spiritual development. As a team, we continually aim to develop student independence as they work toward taking responsibility for their own learning. Renowned author Michael Grose offers some suggestions for parents entitled ‘Developing Independence in Primary Schools’ to guide our team approach in ensuring every student is the best they can be. Your goal as a parent should be for your child to be completely self-managing by the end of primary school. Here are four practical ways to develop real independence in primary schoolaged children: 1. Involve them in mealtimes Mealtimes are the fulcrum around which healthy families operate. Mealtimes also offer plenty of opportunities for children to help including running errands, preparing the meal, setting the table, clearing the table, packing the dishwasher and other jobs. There’s something for everyone! 2. Use pocket money to develop independence A regular allowance is a fabulous way to promote real independence in children. Start in lower primary school and gradually increase their allowance the older they become. Importantly, you need to increase the areas that their allowance covers. Pocket money used well is a fantastic way to develop independence in kids. 3. Look after pets It’s a quirk of life that most children want a pet, but they just don’t want to look after it in the long term. Many kids discover that following the initial flush of enthusiasm, looking after a pet can be a grind – walking the family pooch, cleaning out the guinea-pig cage, or feeding the family feline. But pet care offers priceless lessons in the development of grit, responsibility and nurturance – all necessary attributes for independent success. 4. Walk, ride or take public transport to school The opportunity to go to school on your own devices was a luxury that previous generations enjoyed. While it may have seemed at the time like something to be endured rather than enjoyed, most people I discuss this matter with look back with fondness and nostalgia. For most people it meant freedom, friendship and fun. For a short time each day kids experienced a delicious type of freedom away from both teachers and parents – a time to muck around, dawdle and mess around with mates. It also gave kids some familiarity with their neighbourhood. It’s well established that currently more children are driven to

school than ride or walk, which denies children the same opportunity for friendship, fun and freedom. Busy schedules, less child-friendly neighbourhood layouts and working parents are just some of the reasons that prevent kids walking to school. If possible, look for ways to allow your child to get to school on their own. It’s fantastic for their independence and wellbeing. If children are too young, walk or ride with them some of the way until they are old enough and skilled enough to make the trip without you. The age of opportunity Children in this stage have an outward orientation and are exploring their place in the world. This is an age and stage for greater neighbourhood exploration, for taking on real responsibility and for developing personal confidence and efficacy before adolescence starts.

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Pre-service Teachers Throughout this term we have a number of pre-service teachers from USC commencing a block of teaching practice at Immanuel. Over the past few years, Immanuel has hosted many pre-service teachers and has been acknowledged by the University for offering their student teachers a first-rate experience. We look forward to helping to create the next generation of high quality educators.

Year 5 Camp to Mt Binga Year 5 students and teachers will travel to Mt Binga for their annual outdoor education experience from 16 to 19 May. They look forward to an exciting time away, experiencing farm life and reflecting upon their learning journey to date. Thanks to Head of Mt Binga, Mr Adrian Ford, and his team for leading our students in this program. We also thank Mr Doecke, Mrs Everson, Mrs Hayat and Mr Johnson for giving up family time to allow our students to enjoy this experience. Mrs Johannessen and I will visit during the week.

NAPLAN Testing The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. On Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 and Thursday, 11 May students will undertake the 2017 NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN is made up of tests in the four domains of Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. Should you have any queries regarding NAPLAN, please contact Mrs Hayat in the first instance.

Better Buddies Our Better Buddies program is in full swing this term with students meeting and creating posters with their buddies depicting the school values and what they mean to them. The Primary School has also registered to be part of the ‘One Million Stars to End Violence’ Page 6

project, pledging to weave 200 stars during buddy time in the coming weeks. Each star woven will represent the Primary School’s commitment towards a bullying and violence free environment. The stars will contribute to a massive public art installation as part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. After the success of the Term One Buddy Lunch, all students are looking forward to eating lunch with their Buddy and enjoying some time outside of the classroom again later this term.

Since this project, Primary School teachers have continued to engage in Social Moderation opportunities to ensure consistency of teacher judgement in assessment and reporting. Later in May, all Primary School teachers will travel to St Andrews Anglican College for a twilight session to engage in moderation in the area of technologies. As staff, we relish these professional learning opportunities as we continue our journey as lifelong learners.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) – Forest School We are very excited to announce that we will be beginning Forest School at our OSHC service this term! Forest School is a UK-based initiative aimed at reconnecting children with nature and outdoor play. The activities completed at Forest School will range from establishing the boundaries, making clay forest creatures, hunting for mini beasts, identifying flora and fauna, to using tools including peelers and bow saws (wearing protective equipment – safety glasses and gloves) to make bush craft and wooden pencils. We also hope to finish off the term with a family campfire celebration roasting marshmallows and drinking billy tea.

SCIPHA Chess Last Friday, Immanuel hosted the annual Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Heads Association (SCIPHA) Chess Tournament. Independent school students from across the region competed in two divisions - Novice and Open. For many, it was their first time competing in a tournament and many will have taken away much from the experience. Special mention to William Douglas for coming third on individual points as well as the Open team for placing fourth. Congratulations to all who competed and represented Immanuel, and sincere thanks to Mr Barrett for his leadership of the group.

Professional Learning in the Primary School Under the facilitation of Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), Immanuel Lutheran College Primary School joined the Building Assessment Communities Project. The aim of this project was to build assessment moderation practices across independent schools.

Commencing in Week 4 (10 May) a six-week program will run each Wednesday afternoon from 3.45 to 4.45pm. Children of any age can participate and there is no additional cost. OSHC Educational Leader, Sarah Cheetham, will run the program as she has completed Level 3 Forest School Leader Training. OSHC Service Leader, Tamara Scutts, will complete this training in June and will co-run the program with Sarah with the assistance of other OSHC educators. If you would like your child to participate, or would like more information about the program – including health and safety and staff to child ratios – please contact OSHC via E: or T: 5477 3418.

Assembly The Primary School Assembly is held in the Primary School Hall at 2.20pm on Mondays. The schedule for Term Two is listed below. We always commence and conclude each term with a whole of Primary School assembly to ensure our students remain connected Prep to Year 6. This is supported by our Better Buddies program. Week 4 – Years 3-6 Week 5 - Years P-2 Week 6 – Years 3-6

Week 7 - Years P-2 Week 8 – Years 3-6 Week 9 - Years P-2

Primary Tuckshop At the commencement of Term 2, the Primary School Tuckshop became fully cashless. All orders now need to be made via the www. link, including incidentals such as ice blocks. There are no over the counter sales available. We believe this will streamline and simplify our service to students.

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WASEDA Primary School We are urgently seeking three host families needed for WASEDA female students from 2 to 10 August, 2017. Please contact Mrs Lisa Bond on T: 5477 3042 if you are able to host. Thank you for the continued support of your child’s learning journey at Immanuel. Scott Moore – Head of Primary School

2017 Interhouse Cross Country Carnival On Friday, 21 April Immanuel held the 2017 Interhouse Cross Country Carnival. We were blessed with some fantastic weather and a firm track, allowing our super keen young athletes to take on the various cross country courses with such amazing gusto. Every spectator present couldn’t help but be amazed by the determination and fitness of the runners as well as the closeness of every race. Congratulations to Fraser House for narrowly winning the Primary School shield by a mere 10 points from second place winner, Stradbroke. Congratulations to the following first six finishers who have qualified for the District Cross Country Carnival for 9 years to 12 years.




Rhylie Turner Lachlan Chirgwin

Danielle Snyman Mack Wilson

Kirra Thomas James White

Georgia Wilson Blake Turner

Amelia Hammill Howie Robertson

Summer Nielsen

Gemma Douglas

Clara Oedekoven

Sienna Bishop

Abigail White

Gabby Elias


Luke Starling

Albie Batty

Noah Starling

Zane Rodgers

Lachlan Kearney

Cruz Bevan


Ruby Starling

Tempany Wellington Lily Shadforth

Ailish Mainelli

Annaleise Cook

Ava Siebrand


Sebastian Bickley

Zavier Chirgwin

Kylan Mattiuzzo

Harry Buxton

Ruben Dupre


Ruby Williams

Zoe Douglas

Elsa Walker

Nyssa Spindler

Daisy Graham

Taj Armstrong Zara Sing Lara Wauchope

Bray McAlister

Stanley Jarrott

Lachlan Marshall

Declan Hudson

Jake Kearney

Louis Bloom


Charlize Tyack

Savannah Hendrey

Elle Richardson

Poppy Shadforth

Elleeah Raaschou

Katja Baarslag


Kyton Pickering

Lachlan Starling

Rhys Lilley

Jarvis Wellington

Koby Morrison

Ryan Woolley


Bonnie Jarrott

Rosalie Harris

Emily Holloway

Talia Marshall

Sarah Young

Olivia Clarke


Xander Liddy

Lawson Buckley

Hudson Pavitt

Hendrix Forrest

William Douglas

Nathan Fielding


Mackenzie Burns Miguel Collicoat Jett Lilley

Katelyn Jantke

Evie Morwood

Roxy Webb

Makayla Jarrott

Ellen Williams

Archie Bueti

Cooper Buxton

Luke Couston

Zane Jankowiak


Leyla Atkinson

Jessica Williamson

Hillary Reisenleiter Rose Douglas

Felicity Harris

Kiralee Brown


Connor McAreavey Jai Kitson

Tanner Mathers

Aiden Cooke

Thomas Bristow

Year 2 Year 1


Alyssa Hayat Heidi McAlister Ezra Thomas

8 Years


11 Years 10 Years 9 Years


12 Years

1 Girls Boys Girls



Caelan Walklate

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Secondary School

2017 BCT Jazz Soiree (5 May)

I enjoy parent/teacher/student conferences. It is a pleasure to meet parents who invest much into their child’s future and come to school on the evening of a working day to receive feedback about their child’s learning. The opportunity to offer feedback and then discuss a path forward is indicative of a rich and productive partnership that will serve your child well at school and in life generally. Proverbs 22:6 states “train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it”. These words give us hope that the discussions and effort invested now have a lifelong gain.

This Friday evening the A J Jericho Stadium will have been transformed by Year 12 BCT students for the 2017 Midnight in Paris Soiree. Commencing at 6.30pm, the evening will showcase The Naughties Jazz Band, the ILC Stage Band, plus a number of vocal and instrumental solo performances. Our Years 11 and 12 Hospitality class will also be helping to serve a two-course meal, with alcohol available for purchase via a cash bar. We wish all who have been involved with preparations the very best for a successful night.

According to the dictionary, “train” means, “to develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behaviour by discipline and instruction.” Other words for “train” are words like “aim”, “focus”, “target”, “zero in on”. This verse is inviting you to simply aim your child in the right direction. And the only safe direction to aim your child is in the beautiful grace of God. Your efforts matter and God’s grace is sufficient. Thank you for partnering with us and it is my hope that our combined efforts to train children will set a path for success and relationship with God.

NAPLAN (9-11 May) All students in Years 7 and 9 will complete their NAPLAN testing papers next week on the mornings of 9 to 11 May. Due to the formal structure of NAPLAN, I encourage parents to assist their children by making them feel comfortable about the nature and the purpose of the tests. Please also ensure that your child has a good breakfast each day, a water bottle and a nutritious snack for morning tea. It is important that the correct materials are brought to each of the test days and that they are stored in a clear plastic bag, envelope or container. These include: Tuesday: 2B or HB pencil(s), eraser, sharpener and black or blue pen(s) Wednesday: 2B or HB pencil(s), eraser, and sharpener Thursday: A working calculator, 2B or HB pencil(s), eraser, and sharpener

Dr Matthew Jones UMAT Bursary Award At Secondary School Assembly tomorrow Olivia Lindsay will be presented with the 2017 Dr Matthew Jones Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) Bursary. This bursary was established by Old Scholar Dr Matthew Jones (Joint Dux of the College in 2007) to assist a Year 12 Immanuel student gain entry to undergraduate medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at universities which are part of the UMAT Consortium. The bursary covers the cost of registration for the UMAT and the cost of purchasing the preparation materials. Part of the selection criteria also requires an excellent academic record and results, a very high standard of behaviour, and a demonstrated commitment to the life of the College. Well done Olivia. We wish you all the very best for the upcoming UMAT papers.

Year 7 Vaccinations (4 May) The second round of vaccinations for our Year 7 students will take place tomorrow. Should you have any queries regarding this service please contact Linda Cornell in Student Services on T: 5477 3488 or at: ANZAC service at ILC

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Dr Peter Vardy Visit (18 May) Next Thursday Year 12 students will participate in two ethics seminars presented by Dr Peter Vardy. A renowned philosopher, theologian and author, Dr Vardy runs conferences for young people related to issues in philosophy, religion, ethics and the theory of knowledge. His academic interests embrace values education, the nature of God, the relationship between science and religion, truth claims in different religions, globalisation and the impact on what it means to live a fulfilled human life. From 1999 to 2011, Dr Vardy was the Vice-Principal of Heythrop College, the specialist Philosophy and Theology College of the University of London, and has a passion for engaging young people with the big questions that affect them. We are genuinely fortunate to have him visit the College each year.

Year 8 Camp Consent Forms (15-19 May) Many thanks to all families who have completed their online Year 8 Camp form. With less than two weeks to go, it has assisted us greatly with preparations and I ask that those who are yet to attend to this do so by the end of the week. This form and further information on the camp can be found at: immanuel8/.

Immanuel Arts Festival (25-28 May) With just on three weeks to go, the College is a buzz of activity with preparations for the 2017 Immanuel Arts Festival. A highlight of the Festival every year is always the student artwork division and I congratulate every student who has prepared an entry. All student works are to be delivered to the A J Jericho Stadium on Friday, 19 May between 1.00pm and 4.00pm. I also recommend the Gala Opening evening to all parents, which will take place in the A J Jericho Stadium from 7.00pm on Thursday, 25 May. Tickets are available for purchase at $35.00 per person and will include wine/orange juice, light finger food and musical entertainment on the night. From Friday, 26 May to Sunday, 28 May the exhibition will be open to the public for a general admission cost of $5.00 per person. With the fully operational Festival Cafeteria, this would make for a most enjoyable outing with family and friends.

Aoyama Exchange - Host Families Required Please Many thanks to those who have responded positively with regard to hosting our guests from Aoyama Gakuin School (Japan) when they arrive later this year in August. We still need families to help care for 10 female students. The students will accompany their host siblings to some classes, attend special English language classes and also participate in sightseeing activities off campus. Families who have hosted the students in past years have found the experience very worthwhile, learning much about the Japanese culture and way of life. This has been particularly beneficial to students who are studying Japanese as part of their academic program. Should you wish to register as a host family, or would like more information on the program, please contact Miss Fiona Karageorge in the Secondary School Office T: 5477 3461 or E:

ILC Careers Website Immanuel has a dedicated careers website which is a one-stopshop for both parents and students. It provides information on career planning, post school options and job opportunities. It will be used as part of the Years 9 to 12 Career Program where students will map out their career pathway, complete a SET plan and prepare a resume. This will be completed in the “Student’s Secure Area” of the website. The website is Some areas of interest include the calendar which lists events and open days. You can register your email and receive reminders for events. The fortnightly Options newsletter, which has comprehensive career information, is still available through the “Important Information” drop down menu. Events and opportunities will be promoted through the “Event Opportunities” link. Job opportunities and school based traineeships/apprenticeships will be listed under the “Student Area”. Information on the website will be continually updated so please check the website regularly. Nick Cheyne – Head of Secondary School

Year 10 students receive their senior blazers

Page 10

The 2017 Senior Musical

Written and performed by the Immanuel Lutheran College Senior Music Class and special guests.

What happens when Professor Aquarius steals the clef of time? Will our heroes be able to stop her and save the universe? Join us for a hilarious musical parody as we journey through the decades of the 20th Century with original works and some of your favourite songs.


Saturday 27 May / 3.00pm & 7.00pm in the ILC Drama Theatre, Music and Drama Centre

All tickets $10 Bookings essential - Visit events@immanuel

Secondary School Sport

Wednesday 10 May All games will take place at Good Shepherd Lutheran College

P-12 Interhouse Cross Country

• • •

Congratulations to the following students on their excellent run in the P-12 Interhouse Cross Country Carnival: Girls


12 years

Leyla Atkinson (Fraser)

Connor McAreavey (Fraser)

13 years

Yolanda Verhoef (Fraser)

Luke White (Bribie)

14 years

Elysia Klingsch (Moreton)

Jacob Bristow (Bribie)

15 years

Nina Atkinson (Fraser)

Harrison McHugh (Stradbroke)

16 years

Nerida Wilkinson (Moreton)

Ben Tacey (Fraser)


Lily Topp (Moreton)

Kye Etchells (Bribie)

Moreton House placed first with Fraser House second, Bribie third and Stradbroke fourth. The Independent District Cross Country Carnival will take place next Thursday, 18 May around the grounds of the Maroochydore Cricket Club at Elizabeth Daniels Park. We wish our runners well in this competition.

ILC Senior Girls A v GSLC at 4.00pm ILC Senior Girls B v GSLC at 4.00pm ILC Senior Boys v GSLC at 4.45pm

Tennis The Term 2 SCISSA Tennis Competition also commenced last week and ILC has three teams entered in the competition. Wednesday 3 May • ILC Div. 1 team ILC Gold v Flinders Force at ILC at 4.00pm • ILC Div 2 team ILC Blue v SCGS 4 at Washington Street Courts, Nambour at 4.00pm • ILC Div 2 team v Siena at Mooloolaba tennis courts at 4.00pm Wednesday 10 May • ILC Div 1 team ILC Gold v Grammar Lions 2 at Nambour at 4.00pm • ILC Div 2 team v PLC at Caloundra at 4.00pm • ILC Div 2 team v GSLC Gold at Tewantin at 4.00pm

Rugby 7s The SCISSA Rugby 7s program commenced for the boys last Wednesday at the Peregian Springs Sports Fields. The U15 team put in some excellent performances in both of their games and played some very good rugby. This week will also see the commencement of the U17 team wearing their new jerseys and we look forward to their efforts throughout the season. Main Oval hosted the first of the Girls Rugby 7s sessions last Wednesday afternoon. Girls from ILC, PLC and NCC attended and should be joined by students from other schools this week. Any girls interested in attending can collect some information from the Stadium Office. The sessions take place from 4.15pm to 5.15pm on Main Oval. SCISSA Boys Rugby 7s Competition – Wednesday 3 May All games at Peregian Springs Sports Fields.

SCISSA Volleyball The Term Two SCISSA Senior Volleyball Competition commenced last week. Both the Boys and Senior Girls A teams had pleasing wins. The girls Senior B team, many of whom are in Year 10, are welcoming the opportunity to further develop their skills in this sport. Wednesday 3 May All games will take place at ILC in the A J Jericho Stadium • • •

ILC Senior Girls A v Glasshouse CC at 4.00pm ILC Senior Girls B v Suncoast at 4.00pm ILC Senior Boys v Glasshouse CC at 4.45pm


Game 1 – ILC v Glasshouse CC at 5.05pm Game 2 – ILC v St. Andrews 2 at 6.15pm


Game 1 – ILC v Suncoast at 5.05pm Game 2 – ILC v PLC at 5.50pm

Netball ILC1 16: Unity 26. The girls were really looking forward to playing Unity this week and started the game driving hard down the court, throwing some long balls and feeding into the shooters. Issy Marchant, Brianna and Taylor worked the centre court and defence was again very strong, due to Maddie and Piper. The girls vote for player of the match which resulted in a tie between Maddie Burness Page 12

and Taylor Hinkley. It was so great to see the girls enjoying their netball and playing so well. Well done girls on an awesome display of netball! ILC2. In goals, Michelle, Lillie and Abbey were effective against strong defence. Through the centre court, Mia, Miyuki, Nicki and Emily worked tirelessly putting pressure on every pass. In defence, Bella, Kate and Elise got many tips and rebounds to turn over the ball in our favour. Great teamwork girls. Player of the match was Kate Welch. ILC3. Six players had to give 100% for the entire game. In a nailbiting finish, the final quarter saw our girls draw ahead minutes before the siren to take out the game 21-19. The girls played a disciplined and determined game. Well done to all players. ILC 4 won on forfeit. ILC7 4: St Andrews 18. The girls had an awesome start to the game with only seven players and one shooter. They put into play what was practised at training. Thank you and well done to the girls in the shooting circle playing out of position. Player of the match was Anika Snow. Craig Harris – Head of Sport Years 8-12 T: 5477 3444 E:

German Tour 2018 – Information Evening Parents and students interested in joining the 2018 German Tour are invited to an information evening on Tuesday, 23 May in the Ken Thamm Lecture Theatre at 7.00pm. For approximately three weeks during the September holidays next year, students will visit our sister school in the beautiful university town of Göttingen, then tour Berlin and Bavaria, visiting many well-known historical places such as Checkpoint Charlie and Neuschwanstein Castle, as well as other attractions like the Oktoberfest, and much more. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience Germany from the inside with teachers who know the area well and to put your linguistic and cross-cultural skills into action. The tour is open to students studying German who will be in Years 6 to 12 in 2018; parents are welcome to accompany their children. Register your expression of interest with Ms Bettina Fricke E: or Mrs Elizabeth Blair E: blaire@ We will send a reminder email the day before the information evening to all registrations. Otherwise, please feel welcome to join us at this meeting to discuss further details of the itinerary, anticipated costs and tour expectations. Bettina Fricke - Secondary School Teacher

Business Student's Success Congratulations to Year 12 student Jacinta O’Shea on achieving second place and winning the Crowd Award at last week’s Start-up Weekend Sunshine Coast at Spark Bureau. Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, the weekend was for anyone with an idea looking for skills, or for those with skills looking for a business idea. Jacinta was part of a group that developed the idea of attachable pockets (Foxpocket). After three days of creating their business model, design and market validation, they pitched their idea to the panel of judges. Jacinta’s group won the popular vote as well as placing second overall. News just in Jacinta's team have already sold 100 items of their product. Well done Jacinta!

Library News As the library has recently changed operating systems, the process advising parents of student overdue items will change. In two weeks’ time, student notices regarding overdue items will be sent via automated emails. Normal overdue slips, sent home at the end of the week, will continue in the meantime. We thank you for your patience during the changeover process. Please direct all queries to library staff. Kelly Dunham – Librarian

Voices on the Coast – Call for Volunteers Voices on the Coast is fast approaching. This year we have over 26 authors, illustrators and performers from across Australia who will be presenting sessions and providing workshops to over 4,500 students from Years 4 to 12. The Youth Literature Festival student days will be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 20 July to Friday, 21 July. Voices Plus events will run from 19 to 20 July. Immanuel students will be involved as they attend author sessions and volunteer their time as introducers, guides and media personnel. Our main purpose is to generate a love of literature in young people of all ages. A festival of this scale needs adult volunteers. Our many adult volunteers attend sessions and workshops in a supervisory role and check to make sure the right people are in the right session. It is a great day of listening to authors and illustrators from across Australia, why they write and how they inspire young people, on a daily basis, through reading. If you would like to volunteer as a ‘ticket taker’ at the festival, please contact the Voices on the Coast office on T: 5477 3437 or E: Thank you Kelly Dunham - Festival Coordinator

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Instrumental Music May Friday 5

Stage Band, Music Scholarship Students, External Musicians

Soiree, A J Jericho Stadium. Stage Band and soloists to arrive at 5.00pm. Workshop from 12.30pm – 3.00pm, KM8.

Monday 8

Music Tour Students

Rehearsals, 3.30pm – 5.30pm, KM8.

TBC Wednesday 24

Excursion – Queensland Orchestra. Mrs Bonar – On Excursion. Animato String Ensemble

ELC Performance, 9.00am, KM8. The performance will run for 20 minutes.

Instrumental Music Welcome Concert Instrumental Music families and friends were treated to an afternoon of music on Tuesday, 28 March. Thank you to Friends of Music and Ms Lilian Satara for photographing the concert.

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ANZAC Day – Thank You

Immanuel Sings

On Tuesday, 25 April Symphonic Band took part in the Buderim ANZAC Day Parade. We congratulate Symphonic Band on such a fine effort at the parade.

Immanuel Sings featured College Chorale, Immanuel’s Specialist Vocal Group, Preppie Choir, Years 1-3 Choir and Years 4-6 Choir. It was a wonderful event and we thank Friends of Music for supporting this event.

Symphonic Band was also involved in the Secondary School’s ANZAC Day Service in the Worship Centre on Thursday, 20 April. Once again, the ensemble supported the service, beautifully. A special thank you to Mr Nelson Oakley for his performance of The Last Post. Thank you also to Joshua Linnett 9A for playing a stunning piano solo as the wreath was being laid. We also acknowledge Ben Tacey 11B who performed The Last Post at the Primary School’s ANZAC Day Service in the Primary School Hall on Monday, 24 April.

Sydney Music Tour Touring families are reminded to check the ‘Music Tour Information’ tile on SEQTA. This document includes the itinerary and also what students need to bring on the tour. Normal restrictions on domestic luggage allowances apply. Students and families will need to meet the cost of any additional luggage should you exceed the restrictions when arriving at Sunshine Coast Airport. Touring students, don’t forget the rehearsal from 3.30pm to 5.30pm on Monday, 8 May. Please meet at the KLT at 3.30pm. Bring afternoon tea and enthusiasm. We are so excited to be touring with such a lovely group of students.


Mr Jarvis Miller – Cello Tutor We are delighted to inform College families that Mr Jarvis Miller has joined our Instrumental Music team. Mr Miller is teaching cello in D4 and will also be supporting the Beginner String Ensemble with Mrs Julie-Anne O’Reilly. Mr Miller is an accomplished teacher, musician and performer and we wish him all the very best during his time at Immanuel.

2017 BCT Jazz Soiree (5 May) We are gearing up for an outstanding ‘Midnight in Paris’ soiree on Friday, 5 May. As part of this event, Stage Band will participate in a workshop with the guest band/musicians. The workshop will run from 12.30pm to 3.00pm in KM8. Stage Band and our guest musicians will rehearse the repertoire for that evening’s performance.

In the coming weeks will be two wonderful evenings of string recitals – Tuesday, 6 June and Wednesday, 7 June. Please check the Instrumental Music Calendar – 2017 for more details. Families involved in these two recitals have been emailed. Please respond to Mrs Julie-Anne O’Reilly to confirm your involvement in either of the recitals.

Notices for Students •

Stage Band is required in KM8 from 12.30pm to 3.00pm on Friday, 5 May. The same ensemble will then be featuring at ‘Midnight in Paris’ that evening.

Flute Ensemble please remember rehearsal on Wednesday from 1.10pm to 1.40pm in KM8.

Emily Bonar – Instrumental Music Coordinator T: 5477 3444 E:

A number of our Music Scholarship students are performing solos at ‘Midnight in Paris’. We look forward to hearing Oliver Beard, Liam Everson, Joshua Linnett, Nathan Linnett, Alek Little and Gaby McAllister perform. ‘Midnight in Paris’ is going to be outstanding! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets online, today!

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ILC Student Jewellery Design Competition sponsored by To Hold and to Have Jewellers Inspiration theme – The Environment One or all of these beautiful stones can be used to design a jewellery piece that best embodies or celebrates ‘The Environment’. This can be a ring, pendant or bracelet; anything you choose, your imagination is the limit.

To enter draw a picture of your design, put your name and class on the drawing and deliver it to The Immanuel Arts Festival Office in S4. Entries close Friday, 5 May. The winner will receive a $200 gift voucher from To Hold and to Have Jewellers. Stones are: • an emerald cut blue topaz (9x7mm); • a round purple amethyst (8mm); • an oval red garnet (6x4mm) and

• a round green peridot (5mm); • a teardrop white pearl (11mm); • an emerald cut yellow citrine (8x6mm).

Presented by

Calling all Helpers... On Friday, 19 May between 11.00am and 4.00pm, ILC’s maintenance crew would really appreciate some volunteers to help set up the A J Jericho Stadium for this year’s Immanuel Arts Festival. Even if you can only come along for an hour, it will still make a difference. Tasks include: laying carpet tiles in the stadium, setting up blocks for a catwalk stage and moving partitions. Please refer to the contact details below to confirm your availability. More Help Needed... Thank you to those who have already responded. We still need some more hands. If you can allocate just one or two hours, it will make a big difference. Please send your contact details, name, phone and email, with preferred day/s and time/s to E: Please put the word ‘VOLUNTEER’ into the subject line so we can get back to you straight away. You can also contact Tiffany on M: 0406 944 988.

FRI 19 May

11.00am – 4.00pm

Capet Laying

Helper to assist ILC’s maintenance crew lay carpet tiles

MON 22 May

9.00am – 3.00pm

Gallery Set up

Help hang paintings – two-hour blocks are ideal – morning tea and lunch provided

TUE 23 May

9.00am – 3.00pm

Gallery Set up

Help hang paintings – two-hour blocks are ideal – morning tea and lunch provided

WED 24 May

9.00am – 3.00pm

Gallery Set up

Help hang paintings – two-hour blocks are ideal – morning tea and lunch provided

FRI 26 May

10.00am – 3.00pm

Art Exhibition

Hosts needed in one-hour blocks to wander the gallery floor and assist with purchases as required

SAT 27 May

10.00am – 5.00pm

Art Exhibition

Hosts needed in one-hour blocks to wander the gallery floor and assist with purchases as required

SUN 28 May

10.00am – 2.00pm

Art Exhibition

Hosts needed in one-hour blocks to wander the gallery floor and assist with purchases as required

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It’s time to prepare for Fruehlingsfest!! Have you been thinking about your class stall for this year?? As preparations get underway, we are now asking staff and students to decide their class stall. That’s right, you can choose whatever stall you like!! It can be an old favourite like the cake stall, book stall or second-hand stall or something fun for side show alley. You decide! Of course we can only have one of each stall, so FIRST IN BEST DRESSED!! Your class teacher or parent rep will need to email your stall choice to to lock it in. Remember, the sooner you can get your choice in the sooner it is locked away and no one else can do it. Here is a list of some stalls we have had in the past. You can choose one of these, or have something totally different. It is up to you. • Second-hand books • Cakes • Chocolate toss • Face painting • Crazy hair • Skittles knockdown • Glow sticks and lucky dip • Magical toy store • Preloved goods • Plants • Dunk the teacher • Teddies Be quick! Email us your choice as soon as you can so you can get to and start organising. Once again the pizza lunch prize will be up for grabs for the best Primary and best Secondary School stall! Tiffany Ogun

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Commercial Operations

College Shop Hats

Tuckshops Primary School Tuckshop Thank you for your support of our new cashless Primary School Tuckshop. If you haven’t already set up an account please follow this link to Get Started with FlexiSchools. You can set up an account online – it only takes a minute!

Register for FlexiSchools by visiting au. Add your child, their school and class to get started. Top up your account via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or direct deposit. Make an order by selecting from the range of options and proceed to make payment for the order listed in your order pad.

For students who need to have their formal hat replaced, please come to the College Shop this week as we will be returning those older hats to our supplier. Winter Uniforms To avoid delays, please purchase your winter uniform items as soon as possible.

College Shop Hours Term Time Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30am–11.00am Wednesday from 2.00pm–4.00pm We are closed on Friday. Alternatively, items can be ordered online via and delivered to your child’s teacher.

Review orders by logging back in to your FlexiSchools account. You can set recurring orders, view transaction history, or cancel orders via your FlexiSchools login.

Tuckshop Volunteers A sincere thank you to our wonderful volunteers who have put their name down for another term. There are still some spots on our tuckshop rosters that need filling. If you are able to help – even just once a term – please contact either myself or Linda Ahrens in the Primary School Tuckshop on T: 5477 3462 or Cherie Mobbs in the Secondary School Tuckshop on T: 5477 3456. We are always looking for more volunteers – no experience needed as staff are always on hand. We welcome any time you can give, whether it is once a week, fortnight, term or month, even if only for a few hours. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and become part of our College community; you are assured of a very warm welcome!

Can you help? We need help for this Friday, 5 May in the Primary School Tuckshop. If you can help please contact me on T: 5477 3457. Thank you.

Diane Paterson – Commercial Operations Manager T: 5477 3457 E:

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Help needed, please contact Diane T: 54 77 3457 or

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