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Immanuel Christian School Prayer Guide September 3 - 20, 2013 Our 2013-14 Bonus Verse: “With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New School Year – Praise God for a good start to this school year, with 84 new students, and 67 new families. Welcome to the Immanuel Christian School family! Please pray for new students and their families as they adjust to a new school, new friends, and a new routine. We thank the Lord for all of our faithful teachers, teaching assistants and staff, who work diligently every day in their positions, as working for the Lord. We praise God for bringing us our new teachers: Mrs. Reyes in KA, Mrs. Daniels in KB, Mrs. Spradling in 1B, Mrs. Berglund in 6A (until Mrs. Rayburn returns), Mrs. Deering in 6B, and our returning teacher, Miss Smith in 4A, back from her World Race mission trip. Our new TAs include Mrs. Masson in Kindergarten, Mrs. Pannell in 1A, Mrs. Shaffer in 3A and 3B, Mrs. Layman in 5A and Mrs. Routsis in 5B. We are extremely blessed with such a great staff. New Family Sponsor Program – Praise for the family sponsors and students who have become buddies for new students. The New Buddy Luncheon is set for Monday, September 16. Pray that buddies will continue to reach out to our new students and that friendships will grow as a result. Back to School Nights – Please pray for the Upper School Back to School Night on Tuesday, Sept. 10, and the Lower School Back to School Night, which is Tuesday, Sept. 17. Discovery Back to School Night is Thursday, Sept. 12. Please pray for good attendance from our parents for these very important informational evenings. All-School Picnic – Please pray for great weather for this special event for all of our families on Saturday, Sept. 14th. May God bless this time as parents, faculty and students get to know one another and enjoy a time of fellowship. Wilderness Retreat - Pray for good team building at this Middle School event, which will take place during the consecutive weeks of Sept. 18 - 20, and Sept. 25 - 27. Pray that students will learn to support each other in new situations. Please pray for good weather and for all students and staff to be kept safe on both retreats. Pray for important Biblical truths to be seen and lived out during these retreats. Mr. Danish is holding training sessions for all 8th graders leading up to the Wilderness Retreats. Please ask for God’s blessing upon these training sessions. Serve-A-Thon – Serve-A-Thon 2013 will begin on September 17. Please pray for the upcoming Serve-A-Thon Project Commissioning on Friday, October 4, which will be held in the Worship Center at 8:40 a.m. for all students and teachers.

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Pray for students to be able to be encouraged as they step out in faith to contact sponsors and that they could clearly share the purpose of Serve-A-Thon as they enlist their sponsors. Pray for enthusiasm on the part of students, especially as they seek donations. Pray for all the various components of Serve-A-Thon, including the student rallies, the use of Personal Fundraising pages by our families, and the office staff as they manage all the aspects of Serve-A-Thon. Pray that our community service projects will be helpful to those we serve and will touch lives in a very special way.

Field Trips and Events: Monday 9/2 Tuesday 9/3 Wednesday 9/4 Thursday 9/5 Friday 9/6 Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday

9/10 9/12 9/13 9/14

Monday 9/16 Tuesday 9/17 Wednesday 9/18 – Friday 9/20

LABOR DAY Holiday – No School ICS Prayer Ministry PTF Meeting 8th Grade Wilderness Parent meeting Parent Service Team Orientation

8:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 8:30 a.m.

Lower School Back to School Night (K-5) Discovery Back to School Night Elementary Chapel Back-to-School Picnic

7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 8:40 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

New Buddy Lunch Lower School Back to School Night (6-8)

11:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m.

8A Wilderness Retreat in Pennsylvania

Please pray for these new students over the next few weeks. Praise the Lord for 84 new students and 67 families! New ICS Students 2013 - 14 Nick Name Sofia Sam Jacob Ellen Anna Sydney Sydney Gwen Graham Hannah Mei Benson Stephen Grey Britney Britney Brooke Hayden Jackson Danielle Paul

Last Name Alan Colletti Alexander Alles Apkarian Baker Banks Smith Black Steury Boudreaux Brown Burgess Burgos Burgos Burgos de Vallance de Vallance Djamson Couts

Grade K 1 K 7 K K 1 1 K 1 2 3 K 6 6 4 2 5 K K

Josh Cora Dominic Tyler Kaleb Aedon Claire Marie Jack David Xavier Mina Madison Nonye Clara Daniel Alaina Daniel Micah Greta Peter Claire

Layman Dudley Orsini Elliott Feinstein Freemon Hamilton Hamilton Hermann Herrera Jackson Johnson Kagha Kelly Klapmust Koda Koda Lam Langweg Matar McFaddin

3 K 3 K K 1 4 2 K 2 4 K 8 K K 2 K K K K 6

Hailey Adrianna Lizzie Michael Ebenezer Colin Reagan Reagan Clayton Jake Keonna Camdyn Almita Zach K.J. Joseph Lola Carson Aubrey Grant

Meier Melendez Messeh Messeh Asrat Michaels Baxter Michaels Miller Deering Palmer Parker Penafiel Pifer Price Raphael Raphael Renwick Seat Seat

1 1 1 3 K 4 K 6 K K 1 K 3 7 K 5 3 K 4 3

CJ Nathan Reagan Anna Lily Bode Mia Gracie Kailey Sophia Victoria Caleb Alexia Demetri Vasili Alex Cassie Chris Kaleb Grace Will

Loomis Seat Simon Nebiyu Smith Pinkston Solomon Spradling Stemple Tejada Thomas Song Varfis Varfis Varfis Routsis Routsis Schlenz Tesfaye Weiford Weiford

K K K K K K 1 2 K K 6 K 2 4 8 3 6 K K 1 4

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