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DITCH THE SUMMER YOYO If you’re fed up of jumping from one diet to another and neve r see results you really want, it’s ing the time to take a new approach! ther than going for crazy changeRa and quick results which can nevers be safely maintained, this time, follow a plan that you can stick to, keep ing that weight off for good.

But it’s about more than foo d and losing weight, it’s also ab lifestyle that sustains youout living a in optimum health. The outcome of the combined will be a body thatwo t is lean, strong and graceful.

S Y E K 3

lifestyle ree simplet to lose th e th re a p These need to ado habits youlook leaner and feel weight, healthier.

Eat fresh ly itive Think pos artly sm Work out 10

Village Eye July 16  
Village Eye July 16