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Parkway Shopping, Newbury Here for you this Christmas with big brands & great gifts

15th Dec

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2016 Circulation 11,000


:g]b_rhnk^phkkb^]maZmrhnka^Zemar^Zmbg`ieZgfZr`hmhihmho^k : the Christmas period, do not worry. There is news that chocolate can be good for you (p.4) and there is Skinny Prosecco now on the shelves (p.5)!


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I^kaZilrhnk^hgma^ehhdhnm_hkZg^pÛmg^ll\eZllmh\hngm^kZ\mmahl^ <akblmfZl\Zehkb^l8P^ee%ehhdgh_nkma^k'Hgi'-)rhn\Zgk^Z]Zee Z[hnmZg^p\kZs^lp^^ibg`ma^gZmbhg&<en[[^k\bl^&ZÛmg^ll\eZll done in the dark with disco lights, glow sticks and pumping tunes!


Ma^k^bllhf fn\a`hbg`hgZmmablmbf^h_r^Zk'MhfZd^lnk^rhn]hgmfbllhnm%p^ aZo^inmmh`^ma^kZaZg]r`nb]^mhZeema^eh\ZeÛk^phkd]blieZrlaZii^gbg`hgLZmnk]Zr.maGho^f[^kZl well as a guide to local Christmas shopping events which are taking place from the middle of this month, right through to the beginning of December. Why not pop them on your calendar now?


P^]Zelhebd^mhpblaZo^kraZiirÛklm[bkma]Zrmh;nrGhmabg`Fhkmbf^k&Z\hffngbmr?Z\^[hhdiZ`^ doing great things in the community and spreading to neighbouring villages now, too! Read all about it on pages 16 and 17.



RhneeÛg]Zeehnkk^`neZk\henfgblmlmablfhgma%mhh'FZkdI^glmhg%hnk?bgZg\bZeZ]oblhk%Zldlnlahpfn\a bg\hf^p^mabgdp^pbeeaZo^mhk^mbk^hg!i*,"':k^rhnik^iZk^]8BgCZ\dPhk[hrlfhmhkbg`\henfg%a^ k^ob^plma^OheohQ<,/)_hknl%lhmnkgmhi'*-mhÛg]hnmfhk^'F^`Zg%hnk[^Znmr^]bmhk[kbg`lnllhf^ <akblmfZlliZkde^pbmaa^kk^ob^ph_ebilmb\dl'BmlZeema^k^hgi'/':g]%h_\hnkl^%hnk>r^@^^dblhgiZ`^2 <akblmfZlliZkde^pbmaa^kk^ob^ph_ posing the qu uestion: what kind of digital footprint are you leaving? Think before you \eb\dEZlm[nmghme^Zlm%p^aZo^hnkÛefk^ob^p^k%Kh[;Zkg^l[kbg`nlablmZd^hg Angmm_hkma^Pbe]^ki^hie^%hg^p^cnlm\ZgmpZbmmhl^^%ZlKh[aZl`bo^gbm& _hkma^Ûklmmbf^^o^k&?BO>LM:KLK^Z]fhk^hgiZ`^,.' :lZepZrl%MA:GDRHNmhZeeh_hnkk^Z]^kl%Z]o^kmbl^klZg]\hgmkb[nmhkl' Please mention Village Eye when responding to any advertisement or featured business within this magazine. Have a great month!


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Issue 53 November



^e\hf^mhGho^f[^klblln^h_ObeeZ`^>r^fZ`Zsbg^Zg] r^l%p^o^lmZkm^]mh`^mZebmme^[bm<akblmfZl&lr!lhkkr"';nm bmlZee_hkZ`hh]\Znl^Hnk\ho^klihglhklmablfhgma - Anvil Arts - are giving away a family ticket to see this r r^ZkliZgmhfbf^&Le^^ibg`;^ZnmrMa^bfik^llbo^ebg^&nilmZklLn^ A Ahe]^kg^ll!Hger?hhelZg]Ahkl^l"%DZmkbgZ;krZg!<;^^[b^lGbgZZg] th he Neurons) and Sarah-Jane Buckley (Hollyoaks). You will also have a chance to meet some of the cast before the show. And what a great l lahpbmikhfbl^lmh[^'MhÛg]hnmZeeZ[hnmma^\Zlm%ma^lahpZg]ahp tto enter, turn to pages 10-11.

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Tadley’s New Youth Centre is On Point

%5,'*(:22' %5,'*(: 5,'*(: (:2 :22' 22' /$1'6&$ /$ /$1'6&$3 1' '6&$ &$3 3( 6(59 6(59,&(6 59,&(6 (6

TADLEY’s new £900,000 youth centre, The Point, is officially open after the ribbon was snipped pp byy Basingstoke g and Deane Borough councillor Marilyn y Tucker (Con, Pamber and Silchester). She was joined by Adrian Noad, the chairman of Tadley and District Community Association, which oversaw the project and manages both buildings. Eight years in the making, the new £900,000 community facility can be found behind Tadley and District Community Centre in Newchurch Road. It will be available to the area’s 11-19 year olds from 4pm to 9pm on Mondays to Fridays, and includes a café area and meeting hall, equipped with pool tables, video games, music and free wi-fi. The Point features additional meeting rooms, a first-

/2 /2*6 2*6 6 Seasoned Hard Wood - By the Load or Bags, cut to your requirement - also Kindling Wood. -9,,IHN^P[OÄYZ[ -9,,I IHN HN^ ^P[O ^P[ P[OÄYZ ÄYZ YZ[ Z[[ order ord rde er when whe en you yo ou mention mentio me ent ntion this adv ad advert. dve ve ert.

)(1&,1* * All types - Close Board – Post and Rail – Gates

62))7/$1'6&$3 62 62)7/$1'6&$3,1* /$ $1'6 '6& &$3,1* &$ ,1* ;\YÄUN/LKNPUN¶.HYKLU Maintenance – Borders

+$ +$5'/$1'6&$3,1* $5'/ /$1'6 '6& 6&$3 &$3,1* &$ ,1*

A Sh

Driveways – Patios – Pergolas – Decking

ting Star in Rio!

75((685* 75((685*(5< 5*(5< 5< < Pruning - Felling - Crown Reduction

:$6 :$ :$631(675(029$ $631(6 (67 675( 7 5(029$ (02 029 29$ 9$/ $/

0DUN9LQFHQW 0D DUN9 9LQFH FHQW HQW tel - 0118 983 3725 5 mob - 0789 903 3 0317 03



Did you kknow that h a Baughurst Scout competed at the Paralympic Games in Rio? Tim Jeffrey, aged 20, from Baughurst Scout Group finished 10th, with

2017 Bookings open The Mortimer Community Bus Service is into its second term and the numbers of passengers have doubled. With the weather becoming more inclement it is expected that demand will soon increase and have now opened bookings for January 2017. It quite amazing how every cloud has a silver lining. From WBC causing disruption and chaos to families of Mortimer when they removed the school service last April, this new school bus service which was set up and is run by comunity spirited locals, has actually worked out to be cheaper than the original West Berkshire Service. This is thanks to the MCBS team and the cooperation of TK Travel, the local company who provide the buses. This is what village life is all about - bringing the community together! What else is Mortimer going to do to enrich its community we wonder... If you have a pupil at Willink School, live in Mortimer and would like to find out more about places on this service, please email mortimercbs@gmail.com.

a score of 633.1 after competing last month in the SH2 prone R5. The scout group were all watching out for Tim and cheering him on. And it was the scout group at district and county level, who together funded an adaptative rifle loading aid. Tim shoots right handed, due to having his left hand amputated, and was determined to make a success of shooting after

overhearing people say he would not be able to. Tim is keen to thank Graham Morrison for starting the shooting group for Baughurst Scouts and Guides and his mother for motivating him by telling him at the age of 11 with the words “Have a go, Tim”. Tim now helps run the Scout shooting club, offering valuable help and advice to young shooters. Well done, Tim. You are an inspiration!

It’s a Piece of Cake for Warings Bakery! It was a night of celebration, an evening when the very best of Reading’s shopping sector gathered to pay tribute to the best of the best. More than 3,500 nominations were received for the awards and it was independent baker, Warings, who came away with the top prize being named as Retailer of the Year. Dan Carr, public relations manager said “We weren’t expecting an award so to hear the announcer read out the business history of our company before receiving the award, it really was an emotional moment.” Warings Craft Bakers is a small family business started in 1932 by Lawrence Webster Waring. The business upholds its traditional family values and baking techniques with two grandchildren and a fourth generation of family still involved in the business. It now has shops in Burghfield Common and Spencers

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floor performance hall and a fully- equipped recording studio. The centre is available to the wider community during the daytime and weekends. Local businesses offering sponsorship and donations are still being sought, to fund furnishings and equipment. Volunteers for the café area are also needed. For more details contact Tadley and District Community Association on (0118) 981 4538

Wood, which Village Eye readers will probably be aware of, and there are also branches in Thatcham, Caversham, Hartley Wintney and two premises in Tilehurst at Armour Road and School Road. Meridian Tonight presenter, Sangeeta Bhabra, hosted the awards ceremony alongside Jack FM’s Steve Randall. Well done Warings!




BOTTOMS UP Burghfield

On Commity


Well well well, who knew..? People of Burghfield, you rock! That’s the official line from Team Burghfest! Thanks to you, and the friends that joined you from the surrounding villages at Burghfields innaugral beer festival - Burghfest - you’ve helped to raise a Staggering £11,500 for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, a huge amount of money that will mean a great deal to the heroes of the skies! Given that most festivals are lucky to break even in their first year, we’d say it was somewhat of a success! During the festival, revellers were invited to sample from a selction of 35 beers, 6 types of cider, wine and prosecco. But, alchohol wasnt the only attraction either - throughout the weekend, there was a great lineup of bands and artists to entertain the crowds. From bopping along to Super-cover band ‘Murdochs Crazy Eyes’ on the Friday night, comdey shinannigans g with Burghfield’s g very y own Shane & Alex (Britains Variety y Winners 2016) on the Saturday afternoon, the festival also had a selction of fairground attractions and a Bucking Bronco!

sponsor - Bahgecha, to all the ticket sellers – Budgen’s, g Dad’ Shop, p Parkers Properties and The Fruit Shop (Wellers), Village Eye, Mortimer Music Live, the Burghfield Scouts for all the Marquees, and Cafe B for offering non-alcoholic alternatives all weekend! the marshals, the beer token sellers, the bar staff and all of thevolunteers who made it happen! “This has been an amazing experience for a g group p of chaps p that have never run a beer festival before (or any y sort of event) - we really enjoyed it, and from the comments and messages we’ve received are really glad you all enjoyed it too!”

300 bottles of wine glugged 230 bottles of Prossecco 35 different types of ale 3p pigs g eaten 2000 sore heads the next day (approx) 0 complaints received during the event

From the facebook comments and countless number of congratulations and “we want more” messages we’ve been privvy to since the event, we think that the chaps might have to do it all again next year!

Here are some stats! 4000 pints of beer downed 1,200 pints of cider demolished 700 raffle tickets sold

As well as thanking the good people of area for supporting the event, the organisers would also like to extend their thanks and appreciation to their primary


£25K FOR Bucket List Wishes

Were you watching 'The Chase' on ITV a few weeks ago? You may have spotted Mortimer’s own Melinda Messenger winning £25,000 for local

charity, Bucket List Wishes! Gini Blesky, who founded Bucket List Wishes, posted on Facebook, “Thank you so much to the lovely Melinda Messenger for raising an amazing amount for us on ITV's The Chase tonight!!! This money will grant so many wishes for terminally ill adults in the South of England.”

has played in raising such a large amount of money for this wonderful local charity. BLW aims to grant a wish from a bucket list of terminally ill adults throughout the South of England. Fin dout more at: www.

bucketlistwishes. org.uk

Although Melinda insists that it is Gini who does all the hard work, the local community has been touched by the part she

Picture: ITV Studios



Heahty& Be

e t a l o c C ho r o f d o o G You ! Dark


all e v a h u o y s the new ŐƚŽŚĞĂƌ͘͘͘ ďĞĞŶǁĂŝƟŶ

Chocolate: It’s almost everyone’s favourite sweet treat. We crave it daily, we eat it when we are sad and need to indulge, and we give it to a special someone to show how much we care. Dark chocolate is a special type of chocolate because it contains more unprocessed cocoa, depending on the percentage you buy. While milk and white chocolate don’t contain as much of cocoa’s natural properties, dark chocolate has them in abundance and they offer plenty of benefits for your body. But before you run off to have dark chocolate for dinner, keep in mind that it should still be consumed in moderation in order for the good to outweigh the bad. If eaten with moderation (just one or two pieces a day) dark chocolate can be your body’s best friend — who knew that something so yummy could also be good for you?

Dark Chocolate Benefit #1: Provides Antioxidants Dark chocolate is loaded with good-for-you compounds like polyphenols, flavanols, and catechin, which serve as antioxidants. These antioxidants protect your body against free radicals that can kill cells and cause damage to the body.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #2: Protects Your Skin The aforementioned flavanols in dark chocolate can also improve blood flow and protect your skin against sun damage. This increases skin density, which will protect your body from harmful UVB rays. However, chocolate or no, always be sure to apply sunscreen regularly — even in the fall and winter, and even if you don’t plan on being in the sun for very long.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #3: Helps Your Heart Those magical flavanols can also stimulate nitric oxide production in the body. This relaxes the arteries and lowers heart-stressing blood pressure, which lessens the chance of blood clots happening.

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Dark Chocolate Benefit #4: Provides Important Nutrients And Minerals One or two pieces of dark chocolate every day can deliver a lot of important nutrients and minerals into your body. According to Authority Nutrition, a 100-gram bar contains 11 grams of fibre, 67 percent of the recommended daily use (RDA) for iron, 58 percent of the RDA for magnesium, and 98 percent of the RDA for manganese.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #5: Helps You Lose Weight Since dark chocolate contains fibre, it helps your metabolism keep a regular, healthy pace. When you feel like snacking, one piece of dark chocolate can help satisfy your cravings in a positive way!

Dark Chocolate Benefit #6: Improves Brain Function Since dark chocolate promotes blood flow and fights against free radicals, it is already helping your brain stay strong. But studies also show that eating it preserves brain function as we age, and helps protect ct the brain against diseases seases like dementia.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #7: Reduces Depression And Anxiety Who could be stressed when they’re eating dark chocolate? It’s definitely one of the first things I reach for when I’m upset. It turns out, though, that this is not just a placebo effect: Eating it releases serotonin and endorphins, making you feel happier and calmer.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #8: Improves Your Eyesight Those flavanols, what can’t they do? According to Men’s Health, researchers at the University of Reading in England found that the eyesight of people who ate dark chocolate improved 17 percent as opposed to those who ate white chocolate, which has fewer flavanols.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #9: Reduces Inflammation The antioxidants in dark chocolate can also help fight inflammation. This can help regulate your body’s disease-fighting abilities and keep you from putting on weight.

Dark Chocolate Benefit #10: Raises Good Cholesterol Chocolate doesn’t only help your heart and blood by reducing bad cholesterol, it also promotes good cholesterol. This will actually help improve circulation in the body rather than slow it down..

AND THE NEWS JUST GETS BETTER! And if the news that chocolate is good for you has you a tad excited, then how about this ladies and gentlemen.... Turns out, there is something we Brits love more than a bar of chocolate paired with nice chilled bottle of Prosecco – its a bar of chocolate paired with a chilled bottle of Skinny Prosecco! Skinny Prosecco is here! Launched by luxury drink specialist Thomson & Scott in a number of high end department stores – including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges earlier this year. Understandably, it’s proved so popular that the company’s now in talks with Britain’s biggest supermarkets, to make it available everywhere in early 2017. It’s also been added to the menu nationwide at pizza chain Zizzi, in case you can’t wait till then. The slimline fizz is 100% organic and suitable for vegans. Tasting notes describe it as ‘light and refreshing with floral and apple aromas on the nose. The palate is fresh, lively, and fruity with great acidity and notes of green apple, golden apple, honeydew melon, and pear.’ One glass contains only 7 grams of sugar per litre – around half the e sugar found in regular prosec cco, which typically contains around d 12-15g of suga ar per litre. Basica ally, no sugar is adde ed during the produc ction process. We thin nk we’ve found our new health drink*. Skinny prosec cco also contains just 67 es a glass, calorie compa ared to 80 calorie es a glass with regular prosec cco. That’s less than a banan na! Sure, it’s not a huge saving when you’re just having g the one glass – but who ever on nly had on ne glass?

eye Lov

ps: *we know that it’s not a health drink, seriously we do.






itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oh so

Very Berry

Megan M Me gan C ga Curtis urtis

I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe that autumn is here but I love it! I love the colder air, wearing coats and the fact that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a step closer to Christmas! But beauty wise, in autumn I like to shake up my lipstick collection by introducing more berry shades. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more autumnal than bold berry lips? As you are probably aware by now, I do have my fair share of lipsticks (100 and countingâ&#x20AC;¦) but if thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one shade that I always reach for, especially at this time of year - it has to be berry/plum. *UIJOLUIFSFBSFTPNBOZWBSJBUJPOTCVUUIFZBSFBMMTPVOJWFSTBMMZnBUUFSJOH At a steal... (and actually one of my favourites out of my entire collection) is 0D\EHOOLQH·V&RORXU'UDPD/LSVWLFNLQ%HUU\0XFK7KHSULFHLVULGLFXORXV (just £4.99!!) and the pigment is amazing, it honestly rivals all of my high end OLSSHQFLOV 1DUV,·PORRNLQJDW\RX :KDW,OLNHDERXWLWLVQRWRQO\LVLWLQ VWLFNIRUPPDNLQJLWYHU\HDV\WRDSSO\RQWKHJREXWLWFHUWDLQO\SDFNVD SXQFKLQWKHSLJPHQWGHSDUWPHQW(YHU\FKDQFH,KDYHWRZHDUDEROGOLSVWLFN ,LQVWDQWO\JRIRUWKLVRQH²LWLVWKDWJRRG,·YHZRUQLWWRZRUNQLJKWVRXW HDWLQJGULQNLQJDQGLWVHULRXVO\ODVWVDOOGD\ORQJ,W·VDPDWWHIRUPXOD ZKLFK,WHQGWRGLVOLNHEXWLWGRHVQ·WIHHOPDWWHDWDOOLW·VDPD]LQJ,I\RX·UH someone who tends to shy away from bold lip colours then try this one, what do you have to lose for such a fab price?

nk... Wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t break the baoption is

nd My middle grou £15.50. This is a r fo l be Re â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s MAC le ars I heard peop cult classic, for ye t nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; as w it d ade an rave about this sh H WK RN WR \ DOO Ã&#x20AC;Q , XQWLOUHFHQWO\WKDW FN UHGLW7KLVOLSVWL SOXQJHDQGRUGH It ! nt oi disapp certainly doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t rmula, which I fo tin sa a in comes eaning it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t m , personally love but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not drying and matte face. Every time shiny and in your get so many I I wear this shade youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a fan of if so compliments, update your MAC and need to HQ\RXQHHGWR WK OLSVWLFNFROOHFWLRQ give this a go!

Cash to splash... My very expensive and luxurious option is <6/·V5RXJH3XU&RXWXUHOLSVWLFN in Pourpre Divin for £26. This is certainly a treat, everything DERXW<6/·VOLSVWLFNVVFUHDPV OX[XU\IURPLW·VSDFNDJLQJWRWKH IRUPXODVRIWKHOLSVWLFNV7KLV OLSVWLFNLVWKHPRVWSLJPHQWHG and creamy one I own and it is YHU\GDUN7KLVLVWKHTXHHQRI DXWXPQDOOLSVWLFNV,I\RX·UHD OLSVWLFNFRQQRLVVHXUDQGQHHG something that stands out then JRIRUWKLVRQH,WKLQNLWZRUNV best worn with lots of mascara DQGPLQLPDOPDNHXSVRWKH maximum focus is on

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the lips. (Side note: all YSL OLSVWLFNVDUHWRGLHIRUVRLI\RX·UH ORRNLQJIRUDJLIWIRUWKDWVSHFLDO someone or want to give yourself a payday treat then you need to FKHFNRXWWKHLUUDQJH



Meganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Moments


Caci Synergy gy Facials

Bouncy Blowdrys

Lash Perrfect Lash Extensionss

To book an appointment call

0118 988 5060



Closed 9am – 7pm 9am – 8pm 9am – 8pm 9am – 6pm 8am – 5pm Closed

HD Brows

Body Contouring

St Tropez Spray Tans

Jessica Geleration Nails

Look Amazing Feel F Amazing

our website at blissimibeauty.com Basingstoke Road | Spencers Wood | RG7 1AA

ìć: at The Elm Tree

Our party menu is available throughout November & December

Starters Soup of the Day served with Crusty Bread Spicy Panko Breaded Brie with a Cranberry and Port Reduction Chicken Liver Parfait served with Red Onion Chutney and Toast Smoked Salmon with Granary Toast, Butter & Lemon

Mains Roast Turkey Crown or Slow Braised Beef Rump served with Roast Potatoes, Root Vegetables, Brussel Sprouts and Gravy or Seabass Fillet with Hollandaise or Squash, Stilton & Chestnut Wellington served with Buttered New Potatoes and Asparagus

Desserts Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream Creme Brulee served with Homemade Tuiles Cheeseboard - £2.50 Surcharge 2 Courses – 22.50, 3 Courses – 27.50

Welcoming You Great Food - Great Wine - Great Company OPENING HOURS: Pub:

12noon - 11:00pm


12noon - 2:30pm & 6:30pm - 9:30pm Mon-Sat 12noon - 5:00pm on Sundays

0118 988 3505 www.theelmtreebeechhill.co.uk The Elm Tree | Beech Hill Road | Beech Hill | RG7 2AZ

MIND YOUR STEP What opinion do people have about you? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat...who is looking at your posts and what opinion are they forming?

Friends, family, colleagues and strangers form an opinion about you from listening to what you w say and how you say it... They learn about who you u are by seeing what you do, how ow you behave, and how you treat at people. They learn about you as you share the things you love and what’s important to you. People will remember you for these things you say and do. Sometimes they will remember you for the things you didn’t do. All this adds up to one thing: your reputation. You might not have ever thought about this, but you have a digital reputation, too. All your online activity and communication, things

you send or post aboutt yourself and others on the Internet create yourr digital footprints. The t, the websites you visit, nline and d things you say online m, the how you say them, y text, pictures and videos you os of you posted post - or videos ll paint p p by others - all a picture of who you are. What kind ootprints p of digital footprints are you ehind? leaving behind? MPs, police, olice, teachers and other public officials have lost their jobs j due to their risky y online ne behaviour. Students have e lost their p place at college llege g for p posting gp pictures off themselves doing g or saying y inappropriate pp p things g online. Some y young g people p p have even been arrested and had to register g as sex offenders for sharing g inappropriate pp p images g over the Internet via computer and text messaging.

it. And things g you said or posted could have already been copied, saved, or sent to someone else... someone who you didn’t intend to see it.

There’s a chance that you might g not get g into college or g get the jjob y you want all because of a picture, p video or text you y or a friend posted ed online. If you are about to post ost or comment it’s important to stop and think: Is this something ing I would want my parents / employer / teachers (delete as appropriate) to see? If not, don’t post it!

Why not use your time online advantage. to your y g Rise to the occasion and be the person you want to be! Post articles, achievements, and you can be other things g that y proud of...things that create p image and present p a positive p g of you. y Remember, the world is watching. g Continually, y ask y yourself: Who do I want to be?? How do I want p people to see me in the future?

And we all know, once you post something online, it’s difficult, if not impossible to get it back! Even if you take offensive material down, there are ways for companies to retrieve

These are the things gs you need to think about if you ou want to leave positive digital al footprints behind. Just remember...Think Before You Click!

What can I do to protect my digital footprint ?

TECH eye by Eye Geek

Guard your privacy Protect your reputation

Choose wisely - not everything online is good for you

Know that nothing is private online

Assume everyone is watching

Watch the clock - In other words, don't live your whole life online, get out and do something!

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your Gran or Boss to see!

To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email info@villageeye.co.uk

Be smart and safe!





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gobe:kmlfZ`b\Ze<akblmfZliZgmhfbf^mablr^ZkblLe^^ibg` ;^Znmr%lmZkkbg`Ln^Ahe]^kg^ll!Hger?hhelZg]Ahkl^l"% DZmkbgZ;krZg!<;^^[b^lGbgZZg]ma^G^nkhgl"Zg] Sarah-Jane Buckley (Hollyoaks).

:mma^\akblm^gbg`h_ma^dbg`Zg]jn^^glehg`&pbla^]&_hk baby, seven good fairies are invited to be godmothers to the Princess. However, the evil Carabosse is left off the list, so she curses the baby. Princess Briar Rose will prick a^kÛg`^khgZlibg]e^h_Zlibggbg`pa^^eZg]]b^'Ma^ Good Fairy manages to change the enchantment to falling asleep for 100 years – to be awakened by a kiss from a prince. Featuring traditional pantomime ingredients for the pahe^_Zfber%Le^^ibg`;^Znmrl`ebmm^kbg`\hlmnf^l% sensational songs and dazzling dance routines are guaranteed to keep you awake! Sleeping Beauty, at The Anvil, will run from Thursday 8 December 2016 to Monday 2 January 2017. There is a relaxed performance on Wednesday 21 December at 2pm. This is a specially adapted performance for those on the autistic spectrum and with other disabilities. La[c]lkYj]fgogfkYd]$kg[YddL`]9fnadZgpg^Ú[]gf 01256 844244. For the most up-to-date information, visit www.anvilarts.org.uk

Good Luck!

Enter ourr great g competition p to win a family y ticket (4 people) p p to see Sleeping ping p g Beauty y at The Anvil on n Saturday y 10th December at 6pm. And chance d you y will also have the cha ance to meet some of the stars rs of the p panto before the p performance! To be in with a chance of winning prize, g this fabulous p prize e, g go to www.villageeye.co.uk, \eb\dma^IZgmh<hfi^mbmbhgmZ[Zg]ÛeebgrhnkZglp^k'K^f^f[^k& Zgmh<hfi^mbmbhgmZ[Zg]Û i ÛeebgrhnkZglp^k'K^f^f[^k& r someone will win - and that someone e might be you! How long does oes the Princess Sleep for? a: 1 minute

b: 10 days

c: 100 Yea Years ars

The cast

Ma^\ehlbg`]Zm^_hk^gmkb^lblfb]gb`amhgP^]g^l]Zr,)maGho^f[^k':ee^gmkb^lpbee[^inmbgmhZaZm hk^gmkb^lblfb]gb`amhgP^]g^l]Zr, ,)maGho^f[^k':ee^gmkb^lpbee[^inmbgmhZaZm m Zg]ma^pbgg^kl^e^\m^]ZmkZg]hf'Ma^en\drpbgg^kpbee[^ghmbÛ^]hgMankl]Zr*lm=^\^f[^k' ^\m^]ZmkZg]hf'Ma^en\drpbgg^kp pbee[^ghmbÛ^]hgMankl]Zr*lm=^\^f[^k'

Sue Holderness is best known as Marlene Boyce in one of the nation’s favourite sitcoms Only Fools and Horses. A seasoned performer on stage, Sue regularly performs in pantomime which she loves (usually being wicked!).

Katrina Bryan is known to children as Nina in the hit CBeebies series Nina and the Neurons. The award-winning show has been on television since 2007.

Sarah-Jane Buckley is best known for playing Kathy Barnes in Hollyoaks. On stage, she has appeared as Eva Cassidy in Over the Rainbow and Songbird (which she co-produced)

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Your righʦ

Clear thinking, straight talking

By Anna Illingworth

Many people are paid daily, weekly or monthly based upon an annual wage. It is not always easy to ascertain what the hourly rate being paid is... Hg*/L^im^f[^k+)*/%*0\Zk^phkd^klblln^]Z\eZbfZee^`bg`maZmZ contractor, Sevacare, had failed to pay the minimum wage. The workers union, Unison, says that an employment tribunal will examine some of the worst breaches of pay rules that it has ever seen and claims that some staff were being paid a rate of £3.27 per hour. Sevacare says that it paid above the minimum wage for hours worked and that workers are seeking pay for off-duty hours. The case has huge implications for the care sector. Sevacare has contracts with a number of local authorities across England and provides care and support to 9,600 people each week. Unison says that the situation is not unique to the workers who are bringing their claim.

1 Apr 2016 - 30 Sep 2016

£7.20 National Living Wage (per hour) Age 25+

£6.70 Standard adult rate (per hour) Age 21+

£5.30 Development rate (per hour) Age 18-20

£3.87 Young workers rate(per hour) Age 16-17

£3.30 Apprentice rate (per hour)

£5.35 Accommodation offset limit (max daily deduction from NMW)

1 Oct 2016 - 31 March 2017

“The National Living Wage came into effect on 1 April this year and applies to everyone aged 25 and over.” £7.20

For advice on company pension schemes and ƌĞůĂƚĞĚďĞŶĞĮƚƐ͗

0118 9734420

Email: reading@onepc.co.uk

www.onepc.co.uk Sunfield Business Park New Mill Rd, Finchampstead Berkshire, RG40 4QT One Pension Consultancy are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

National Living Wage (per hour) Age 25+

£6.95 Standard adult rate (per hour) Age 21+

£5.55 Development rate (per hour) Age 18-20

£4.00 Young workers rate(per hour) Age 16-17

£3.40 Apprentice rate (per hour)

£6.00 Accommodation offset limit (max daily deduction from NMW)

Care of the elderly and those in need is a subject which touches almost all of us at some stage in our lives and it must be right for the people who provide the care to receive at least the National Living Wage, if not more. This case will be watched with interest. For further advice about employment matters please contact Anna Illingworth at Rowberry Morris Solicitors. 0118 981 2992 anna.illingworth@rowberrymorris.co.uk

Independent Financial Advice ‡ Investments ‡ Pensions & Retirement Planning ‡ Inheritance Tax Planning ‡ Long Term Care For an initial consultation call Mark Penston on:

0118 987 6655 markp@blueskyifas.co.uk www.blueskyifas.co.uk 3 Chalfont Court, Lower Earley, Reading, Berks, RG6 5SY

BlueSKY Independent Financial Advisers LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage or other loans secured on it.


Mulfords Hill | Tadley | RG26 3XJ | T: 0118 981 2992


Business & Finance

Enough to # he danger of what I’m about to do is that it can be significantly inaccurate.


Even the mildly financially educated could shoot holes through my methodology. I do however think that it’s a shame if we have to hide behind legislation and compliance standards to the extent that we can’t give some help to people to at least start the thought process.

5 6 7

So this is my (inaccurate) ready-reckoner, just to get the thoughts going:-

What do you currently spend each year

by y Marrk Pe ens n to on

(after tax)?

e this figure by 0.8 to retirement (positive or negative). Divid Adjust for costs that might change at in retirement e incom red requi gross total is now your give the pre-tax income needed. This figure(s) from your on scheme(s) put the pension income If you are a member of a final salary pensi latest statement(s) in this box. (If not and you think you (available on-line) put this figure here. If you have a State Pension forecast ) right t £8,000 p.a. is abou have a full national insurance record then except final salary savings, investments, pension funds (all In this box put the total of all current retirement), possible in rty prope your size you might down pensions), downsizing equity (if you think d count towards shoul think and any other capital that you inheritance (if you think appropriate) major spending when any ipate antic you if e figur this ce Redu generating an income in retirement. ) mortgage repayment – all today’s costs you retire (e.g. property costs, holidays, e in today’s relevant factor below to give you an incom Multiply the figure you have in ‘5’ by the sum. terms that could be generated by this 30 25 20 15 10 5 ment Years to retire 0.084 0.074 0.066 0.058 0.051 0.045 Factor Add the figures that you have in ‘3’, ‘4’

and ‘6’ together.

The result you have in ‘7’ is an estimation of your gross retirement income and can be compared with the figure in ‘2’ (what you ideally want in retirement). The figures are expressed in today’s terms to give you an idea now how far you are adrift or in surplus. There are so many factors that could affect the above result one could argue that this is a useless exercise. If you have followed it this far though, at least it may have got your thought

Retirement Ready Reckoner

1 2 3 4

Our view is that many (or most) people sleepwalk in to retirement without much idea of what their income might be, or whether it’s enough. The solution is then to adjust spending to meet income, but that can be uncomfortable and / or inconvenient.

processes started, which of course might be a good time to make contact and ask for more personalised assistance. Whatever you do, please don’t rely on the above as your definitive guide to your retirement income!


Mark Penston is Partner and Chartered Financial Planner with Bluesky Chartered Financial Planners

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Jack worboys


Volvo XC60 thing. g Prices start at ÂŁ32,685 , and it comes as standard with climate control,, a power p operated p boot and rear p parking g assistance. Further options p include p power adjustable j drivers seat, automatic p parking g and headlights g that follow where the driver steers to light g the way y round corners. For ÂŁ1900 you y can also g get the Driver Support pp Pack that offers a blind spot p monitoring system, y , auto-dipping headlights and adaptive cruise control. Ma^k^Zk^Ă&#x203A;o^^g`bg^himbhgl%_hnkh_pab\aZk^ ` i % diesels. If you y want a manual gearbox g and// or four wheel drive y you will have to g go with diesel. The diesel engines g offer both 190 and 220bhp p and the petrol p engine g offers 245bhp. p The best option p is the 2 litre D4 diesel that gives g 62.8mpg, pg, y yet still g gets the car to 62mph p in 8.5 seconds. The driving g experience p is capable, p , but not as much fun as the offerings g from the likes of BMW and Audi. This capability p y continues off road with the four wheel drive options, p , however it will never achieve what a Land Rover is capable p of. The ride q quality y is g good,, keeping body y roll to a minimum,, but still offering ga smooth,, comfortable ride. This is also backed up by a very comfortable set of seats.

Similar to Skoda last month, Volvo has gone through something of a makeover in recent years.

It is likely y Volvo will always y hold a strong gp position in the family y car sectors g given their excellent reputation p for safety. y However,, even pbmahnmbml.lmZklZ_^mrk^\hk]%mablQ</)blZo^krlmkhg`himbhg' r % r ` i Reliability, y, quality, q y, practicality p y and a certain level of class make this a very desirable small SUV.

Volvos used to be known for being g boring, g, boxy y storage g containers on wheels,, but now they y offer some of the most interesting g designs g in the family y car market. The XC60 is a small -Q-[hhdbg`OheohlieZ\^bgma^gb\a^lfZeeik^fbnfLNO ` i i market. This market is now very y popular, p p , competitors p include the Land Rover Freelander,, BMW X3,, Kia Sportage and Ford Kuga so the XC60 really has to perform well. This is one of the more conservative designs g of the current crop p h_Oheohl\Zkl'Ma^pkZi&Zkhng]_khgma^Z]eb`aml%mZeek^Zkeb`aml i ` % ` and pronounced p hips p are all distinctive Volvo styling y g cues g giving this quite q a familiar feel. The interior is also very y Volvo with a fbgbfZeblmb\L\Zg]bgZobZglmre^Zg]ZĂ&#x153;hZmbg`\^gmk^\hglhe^' The interior is well designed, g , spacious p and with p plenty y of storage. Volvo has chosen to use high g q quality y materials,, p putting g this on ma^lZf^ieZrbg`Ă&#x203A;^e]Zlma^:n]bJ.%pab\ablZo^kr`hh]

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Nobody ever got poor from giving... It was year ago this month that Village Eye reported on a new communityspirited Facebook group that was being launched in Mortimer. Buy Nothing Mortimer – part of an International ;nrGhmabg` movement – was set up by a local lady, Jo Kay...

P^]ebd^mhlZrZ[b` AZiir*lm;bkma]Zr mh;nr Nothing Mortimer and celebrate the sister groups set ni]nkbg`mabliZlmr^Zk&;nrGhmabg`;nk`aÛ^e]Zg] Buy Nothing Silchester. It really is a wonderful concept that is slowly spreading far and wide. A long way, in fact, as it all started across the pond in the US of A... An Int A n errna n tiion onal a Mov al vem men e t Liies esl Cl Clar C lar ark , ffou ark ound ou nd der er of the tth he Bu Buy B uy No Noth N oth thi hin iing ng Pr Proj oject ect ex ec xpl pla plai aiinss P Pa^ ^g gi^hi hi ie^ Zldd f^pa pa aZ Zmm Z ;nr Ghm h ab abg` g `kh g` khni i k^Z ^ eeeer r r eh hhd hdl leebd^ d %BB m^ m^eeeee ma^ a^fbm bmm l Z ?Z\^[ ^[ [hh hhd d`k ` hn `k h i ma aZm Z e eee `b `bo^ o^ ^ you yo y o ou uah ha and nds-on ds on n chanc hanc ha nce e to o take ake pa ak part r t in a so socciiia al mov al oveme em men ent

s re sp read ad din ng a accro ross ss the he cou ount unt n ry r y, en enab ab bliling ling g peo eopl ple pl e and and \hff \h ffng ngbm ng bmmbb^ ^l mh \hffbm^i ibl blh] h]b\ Z\\mml lh_ h_ ]Zb Zber er `hh h] ]mh mh`^ ^ma ma^k ^ ' ^k ' P^ P ^ Ze ZeeeaZ aZo^ ^ lmn mn__ __%% pa pa^ma^ ^mma^ ^ ^k k mh mhh h fn n\a hk kgh g m^g ghn n`a ` % Zg Zg] ] bg bg mma abl abl fh] ]^k ^kg g ph phke kee] pa pa^k a^k ^ ^ p^ p^k k^ ^bg bg\ bg g\k \k^Z ^Zlb lbg` `er er mb^ b ]^o ^o^k ^o^k ^o ^k fhk hk^ k^ tigh ti ghtl tly ly to our u inter erne nett de devi viice ces, s, we ha s, have ve opp por ortu tuni tu n ty ni y at th this iss mo ome ent nt in hi hist ist stor or y to to usse e so occia ial me edi dia ia at at its ts be esst to sha harre e the e bounti bo unti un tifu ful m ful fu ma ate teriial al cul ultu ture re e aroun ro oun und uss wit ith ou our ne eig ghb bou ours rs.. At rs its co c re re,, Th T e Bu Buy y No N th thin ng Pr Proj ojec ecct is an ex expe periime m nt in gi g fting ft g ft what wh at we ha have ve, to ve, to pre reve reve vent ent nt the he ove verp erp rprro rpro od du uct ctio tio on of of un nn nec eces esssa ary y `h ` hh] h]l' ]l' BBm Bml m ll Zeelh ellhZg Zg hiihk Zg ii ihk hkmn m gbbmr mn mr mh l^ l^Zfe^ Zf fee^ ^ll lleer r fho h ^ `h `hh] h]l as gifts ts fro rom m th the e ha have vess to the h hav he ave e no n ts wit ith h ze ero o cash h in the he he mkkZg mkZg ZglZ l \m \mbhg' bh hg'

Families & Leisure Bmlma^l^kob\^l h__^kk^] Zg]h__ _ &[^Zmk^jn^lmlmaZ ZmZk^ perhaps the most touching, ena n bl b ing pe eople to giv ve in the most precious ways. These have included a group p member fetching over-the-co oun u te er me edi dici ciness from a late nig ght pharmacy for a neigh hbour ur in ne eed, a librarian offfering a k^\hff^g]^] [hhd d h_ ma^ ^ p^^ ^ d pbmaZ[kb^_k^o ob^pZg] ZfZ ZgZldbg` _hk[eZ eZ\d Z\ [^kk kkb^ b l_hkpbg^a^lfZdbg b^ g` Zg] th hen e sharing the win ne with h the h whole com he mmunity. Keeping It Local Intrrig i ued by the idea, Jo star a ted Buy Nothing Mo Mortim mer 12 2 months ago and d sinc n e th hen ov ver 450 0 residents of Morttim i er have joined in the fun! They y have seen all manner of things g requested, borrowed and pa p ssed d on…. Tomato seedl d ings, baby y k t, handbags, shoes, cour ki urge gettes, ge games, craft materials, wa wate terp rproof p trrousers, revision guide es, s rec ecip i e ip b oks and even a drain cov bo o er to name but a few! Me emberrs ha h ve offered liftss to (u (unknown) neighbo ours to local events and fetes, as a wel e l as giving away tickets k t and d ohn\a^klmaZmf^f[^kll \Z \Zg gm m nl m n ^' W rk Wo rkin ing g al alon on ngs gsid ide e Jo o as an admin on th the pa p ge ge, Si S an G^ ^ellhg h k^Ü^\ ^Ü Ü^\ ^ ml m hg g pa paZm Z ma^ Zm a `khniaZl Zl h__^k^]a^kZg] a^ ^k k _Z _Zfb fber fb er% P


P ^ aZ Zo^ o^[^^ ^g g _hkmngZmm^ ^ mhk^\^bo^ fZg Zgr r item it ms wh whic ich ic h we hav a e be been en excep ptionally grateful fo forr and have ha ve e sav aved d us ex expe pe ense but, more than that, it has saved th he ti time me e of go g in ing g in into to the busy town to buy these items. More Mo rre e imp mpor orta or ta ant n ly y it ha has gi g ve en me the e opp p or o tu tuni nity to meet e more mo e peo eopl opl ple in n the he viilllage lage, la ge e, sso ome e of wh whom hom m I wou uld d nev e err h ve cro ha ossed ed e d pat aths hs wit i h ha ad it not bee en fr f om m giv vin ing g an nd r ce re eiiv vin ing g thro th h ou ug gh gh Bu Buy y No N thin i g. in g I has rei It eint n ro odu uced d me m to pe people e tha ha at I ha hadn n'tt had a tim i e to t see e and d ope pene ned d doors to new fri r en nds dshi hiips ps. Ad A ve vent nt gave ga g v me and d Jo o the h challlllen enge ge e of n ne ew id dea e s to keep p Mo M rtimer e smiling ng in the e rru un n up p to Ch Chri r st ri stma mass an ma and d my y per erso so sona ona n l high hi g liligh gh ght was seeing n alll the fac aces es of the th e lu uncch cl club b mem emb bers bers be rs wh ho o we erre a l so al o tou uch hed d by th t e lo love vely ly giff ts dona dona do nate ted te d by by thi hiss fa fant ntas tassti tic bu tic bun nch off nc f^f[^k ^kl l A^k^lmhfZgr r fh fhkk^ r^Zklh__ ;nr r Ghm hmab abg` ` Fhkmbf^k G oups Gr p Hg g^h_ma^ a `k^ k Zm Z mab a g` `l l Z[hnm m ;n ;nr rGh Ghma abg`bl b maZ aZmmbmm \k^ k Zm^l an n opp p ortu t niity for o mem e bers to em o fr free eely l offer the heir ir tim i e and im skills to ot o her hers in the he th group. This iss when e nei eigh gh hbo our u s can real re ally ly y get e to kn now eac ach h otthe h rr.. F Fo or example,, a gro oup was a as f rm fo med d for peo eople wh w o wa want nted ed support to lo ose weiigh g t with hou o t th the eh hu umi miliatio on of o a wee eekl k y pu p bl blic i wei ic eg gh h-in, n, so on one e off the mem mbe bers r ope rs pene ned d th theirr ho home me to ac me acco commod comm mmod mm datte th the he g oup gr oup wh ou who th hen n off ffer fered ed enc ed ncou oura rage geme ment ntt and d sup ppo port rtt to on one e a otthe an herr.


Events Getting people e tog ogetthe h r is at the heart of Buy Nothing. Buy Nothing Mo ort rtim imer e hosted a Cheese and Wine evening for me m mb mberss of the group, which was a great successs and d cr c ea ated d an n evening for members to meet one an a ot o her. An nd in the Summer, the e many y nationalities repr p esen e ted in the h village were celebrat ated ed witth an international sh in shar a ed ar e lun u ch. The idea was embraced and en njoyed by b man ny. y But Bu uy Nothing can help get events offf the ground, too. A cry for help from the loca al pre-school asking to borrowing g cutlery and cups for their Breakfast Social event wass met with offers from villagers of much of what was needed.

Organise s d gi givi ving n As the Faceboo ookk gr g oup member erss are likekemind n ed, co comm m un mm unit ity y sp s irited souls, Bu Buy y No oth t in ng can al a so inspire grou oup p gi givi ving ng and nd vollun unte teer e in ng. Additio all v Addition volunteer l t rs ffor th the Mo Mort M rt r tiim mer e Fun F n Day D werre recrui u te ed th t rrough the pa p ge e and at Ch Chri ristmas, membe b rs offe of fere red d to w wrap and presen nt lliittle le gif ifts ts forr the h elderly k^lb k^ lb]^ ]^gm gmll h_ Fhk h mbf^kZliZkmh_ h_ma^ a^: :]o^gm\hngm]hpg init itia iati tive ve.. Similarl r y, me em mbe b rs of th the e Bu Buy y No N thing Mortimer gro roup u were offere ed the h cha ancce to t tak a e part in th ak t e an annu n al Sho h ebox ox appeal whicch h inv nvol vol o ve v s wr wrap a ping a shoe bo b x wi with th Christmas iZi^k%Ûeebg` ` bm pbm bma a `b ` _m _ml l Zg] ] mZ mZdb d g`bmmhZeh\Ze ]khi of f po of poin oint int. The sh in shoe oe ebo boxe xess ar are e gi g ve en to children in need over ov errse e seas eass. Hype Hy ype pererr Lo L ca al Hg^ Hg ^ h_ h ma^ a^ ngb gbjn gbjn j ^ ^Zl Z i^ i^\m \\mml mlh__ ;nr r Ghm hmab abg` ab g` bl g` lma aZm Zm ^Z\\a g oup in gr nte tent ntio ona alllly y co cov ve ers only y a ve very y sma alll geo eogr grap gr ap phy h , Z ob obeeeeZ` Z`^ ^h hkk li^ i^\b i^ \ Û\\ ih \b hllm\ m\h] h ^' h] ^'Ma abl b bl l mh mh ^g\\hn h kZ kZ`^ ` eh `^ h\\Ze _kbb^g]la _k l bi il% pabb\a ]h h lh h fn\ n\a amh mh [^g ^g^Ûmma^ ^ \hffng gbm bmr r r In n fact, the h iide d a ha de as pr p ov ved d so pop pu ullar ar tha h t th ther ere a arre no now w lblm lb lm^k ^k `kh khni ni il l bg ;nk`a nk`a nk ` Û^ Û e] e]Zg] g  g] Silc Si l he lc hest stter. er. IIff yo er y u liiv ve e in o on ne off the hese hese e villa iillla ag ges, s jus ust se ea arrch c Buy No Buy Bu Noth th hin ing g Si Silc lche hest ster er or Bu B y Ghma Gh mabg bg bg` g`;n ;nkkk` k`aÛ aÛ^e ^e]' ]' An nd wo w rd kee eeps pss sprrea p ading diing ng wit ith h B y Noth Bu thin i g gr g oups ps abo out ut to laun nch in n Ea arley y, Woodley and T eale Th le! Jo wou uld love to enc n oura ra ag ge e grou ou upss to open e in Tadl dley y, Ald Aldermassto Al t n, n, Spe p ncers W Wood od Zg] ] _n _nkkm k ma^k a^k ZÛ ZÛ^e]&lhb_rh r nÛg]rh rh r nk nkl^ l^e_ bgl l^ g ibbk^] ] Zg] ] woul wo uld lilike uld ke to ge ke g t invo vo olved just search Buy Nothing n Mor ng o ti or t me m r o F on Fac a eb ac ebook and d se end d a messsa sage ge to Jo o Ka K y.

Ma^k^ Ma^k ^ bl Zel elhZ;n ;nr ;n r Gh Ghma mabg bg` bg ` \\kh k \a^m \a a^m ^ m Zg g] ] dgb gbmm mmbg b ``k bg ` hn ni i whic wh hic iich ch meet meetss mo mont ont nthl thl hly in th he e viilllage lage la ge,, br g brin iingi ngi ging ging ng neigh eigh ei ghbo hb bo ou urrs toge to ge geth ether therr wh th ho ose se pat a hs hs may ay not ot hav ve otthe h rw rwise e cr cros osse sed da an nd nd lear arni nin ng a new ng ew w ski killll att th t e sa same me tim ime. e..

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Christmas Fairs & Shopping Events Theale Christmas Shopping Evening Thursday 10th November 8pm to 10pm.

This year the annual Christmas Shopping event is raising funds for The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre. The entrance fee is just 50p for adults, which includes a lucky door prize ticket! There will be jewellery, sweets, Christmas decorations, gifts, ladies' accessories, cards, wrapping paper and lots more. Enjoy the refreshments, which will include Theale Club bar, along with a raffle. It promises to be a social evening and an opportunity to do your Christmas shopping in a stress-free, relaxed atmosphere. Take family and friends along and help to raise funds for an excellent cause! Theale Village Hall RG7 5AS

Winchester Christmas Market Shopping Trip Saturday 26th November

Ra aising money for Cancer Research, SUN School, 1st Ufton Nervet Scouts and St Mary's Church, Sulhamstead this annual shopping trip to o tthe beautiful Winchester Christmas Market is one not to miss! Tickets are just £15 per person and the coach picks up from Willink, Mortimer and the RAF estate. There are limited tickets for this festive day out. You can book your place by emailing winchester-trip@hotmail.com

Silchester Christmas Market Friday 2nd December 10am - 12.30pm

Once a mont nth Silchester Village Hall becomes a bustling market filled with independent traders. Most are food or drink related and attend regula arly, whereas the arts and crafts stalls rotate month by month. This special Christmas market takes place on a Friday morning, as opposed op to the regular Saturday slot, so put it in your diary now and don’t miss out! Silchester Village Hall, RG7 2ND

Calleva WI Christmas Bazaar Saturday 3rd December at 1pm

Come and find that at special gift. There will be seasonal refreshments available as well as a lovely variety of stalls including craft stalls, Party Dayz, sweets, ts, pickles and cheese. The ever-popular tombola and raffle will be running too so go along and enjoy some Ch hristmas shopping without the bustle of town! Pamber Heath Memorial Hall RG26 3TQ

Tadley School PTA Christmas Fair Friday 2nd December 5-7.30pm

A wo on ond n erf e ul, u festive evening for tthe whole family. Come and enjoy carols, a performance by a special guest, Santa’s grotto, games, shopp sho ho opp ppi pn ng g and a more. With free ent ntry to the evening for all our pupils and their families and the wider community. Children can select and nd dw wrrap p the th iri parents a surprise gift ft to put under the tree, while the parents enjoy some traditional Christmas food favourites. Amazing prizes pr pri es ca es can n also l be won on the raffle du during the evening. The Tadley School PTA, teachers & pupils would love you to join us for this festive evening, while helping uss tto raise funds for our wonderful school. Tadley School, The Green, Tadley, RG26 3PB

Mortimer St John’s Christmas Fair Saturday 10th December 2pm - 4.30pm

A busy C Ch hristma as fair that is well supported b by the whole village. Entry is free and there will be a wide variety of stalls selling Christmas giifts g gif t and decor orra o atitions o , jewellery, books, toys,, cosmetics and more! It's always a very popular event and there are even activities to k p the chiildr kee ke drre en n am amu m sed so that parents can n stay and browse! There will also be a raffle to raise funds for the school. Why not join them for the af afternoon? Mortimer St John’s Infant School RG7 3SY


2017 advertising Bookings now being taken - <gfleakkgml We are now taking bookings for the Christmas (very limited space available) and New Year issues... A^qgm\dac]lgbgafl`])((kg^Zmkaf]kk]ko`g`Yn]$ and are already growing their businesses in this area with us, please give us a call.


eye u in are yyoet? it

0118 933 3311 hello@villageeye.co.uk

TOTS SAY THANK YOU Little Tots Montessori Nurseries would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who helped, supported and donated to our “Stolen Minibus Appeal”. There is a happy ending! After holding a Fun Day at the Forest School site, promoting a Just Giving page and holding a Secret Auction, they were overwhelmed by the support in our community, not only from current parents but from past parents,

businesses and local people who were all appalled that the children’s minibus was stolen and burnt out. It even caught the attention of the national TV Media! Our wonderful community all rallied round and they were able to raise enough money to complement the low insurance pay out, to buy a newer bus towards the end of the summer. It is now sign written, has the latest safety seats and securities features, and has had its first outing, much to the delight of the children. The local community has helped turn an awful experience into a positive and happy ending.

During November you may notice a little more facial hair around than usual. This phenomenon is not down to a full moon or a sudden change of fashion, but rather, the fundraising event Movember. The aim of Movember is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer, by asking for sponsorship in return for growing a moustache across the course of the month. Are you man enough? According to Cancer Research UK, Prostate cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the UK, accounting for 13% of new cases. The organisers of Movember have been working hard to bring this to the attention of all men and campaigned hard to change habits and attitudes men have about the health risks they face and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment. Since its humble beginnings in Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 1.9 million men to participate with formal campaigns across the world. Over the last 11 years they have raised £443 million for men’s health. If you are one of the 1,000,000 taking part around the globe then we salute you and at the end of the month, when your Mo-Grow is over, we invite you to post the pictures to our Facebook page www.facebook.co.uk/villageeyemag For details about ways in which you can get involved and for further information about Prostate Cancer, please visit: www. uk.movember.com

To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email info@villageeye.co.uk



Theale 0118 930 3133 %XUJK¿HOG Common 0118 983 3897 7DGOH\ 0118 981 0494




























































Property of the Month %DGJHUV %XUJK¿HOG9LOODJH 4 bedroom family home

























































Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re here for your every move... 21


Theale 0118 930 3133 %XUJK¿HOG &RPPRQ 0118 983 3897 97 Tadley 0118 981 0494

Property of the Month Mount Pleasant Tadley 4 Bedroom Detached Family Home


chain, this detached home is conveniently located within easy walking distance of various schools, shopping facilities and regular bus routes with VHUYLFHVUXQQLQJWR5HDGLQJDQG%DVLQJVWRNH%HQH¿WWLQJIURP839&GRXEOH glazed windows and gas radiator central heating, internal accommodation comprises of entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, separate dining room, conservatory, kitchen, utility room, 4 bedrooms with en-suite to the master and separate bathroom. With the potential to extend on the side or rear (subject to planning), externally this spacious home offers single garage with driveway parking for 4 vehicles and private rear garden.















Â&#x2021;*DUDJH 'ULYHZD\












£995pcm (Tenants fee apply)


Rental Properties 0118 981 0494

%XUJK¿HOG&RPPRQ0RUWLPHU%XUJK¿HOG9LOODJH Aldermaston Wharf Beenham 0LGJKDP Woolhampton Sulhamstead Beech Hill Aldermaston Theale %UDG¿HOG Stanford Dingley Baughurst Tadley 8IWRQ1HUYHW Spencers Wood 3DGZRUWK6LOFKHVWHU7XWWV&OXPS Tidmarsh %UDG¿HOG6RXWKHQG (QJOH¿HOG3DPEHU+HDWK/LWWOH/RQGRQ%ULPSWRQ 23

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OKE EEl E ectrical All aspects of electr ical work from a light switc h to a complete rewire Fully insured"Fully qualified"Pa rt P complia nt

d . o k e @ m e . c o m w w w. o ke e l e c t ri c a l . c o . u k

0 7 7 6 9 0 1 1 8 9

5 5 6 8 5 2 3 3 2 8 6 7

Geoffrey Church & Co Funeral Directors

For a personal and dignified service at all times...

tPersonal Service - 24 Hours tPrivate Chapel of Rest tAll types of Memorials, supplied and fixed tPre-payment Funeral Plans Available tEnquiries welcome

Tel: 0118 9814420

Tel: 01635 868444

(24 hours) 48 Bishopswood Road,

(24 hours) Churchgate, The Broadway



Tel: 01488 686830 (24 hours) 48a High Street,


Plasterer ? Ne N eed a Goo eed ood, d, Local


Whether you're e loo oo okin kin i g forr a newly y plas plaster tered ed ceiling or external rendering, g we provide a wide wiide w de ran an a nge g of of pl pla p l sterin la ng serv se ice ces. With h more e than a 10 yea ars of exp peri rienc ri ence in plas enc la aster a e ing in ng, you ng ou can ca expec pe t the highes h t stan standar d ds and d an H[F FHOOOOOHQW H ¿QLVK ¿QLV ¿Q VK HY VK YH HU\ U WLP PH PH PH


Exp xper xp eri rienc enced ed tea te eam of spec eam s ec e ial alist al ist stt pl plastere ers rs Will Wil ill tak ake ke o on na an ny plas l ter errin ing ng jo job, b, dom om mest est s ic c & comm m e erc rc cial ia ial Frriend endlly and en an profe an essi ss ona onal serv erviice To request a free quote, or to discuss your requirements, contact us today. We'll be happy to help.

Plastering Services

Want to rid your home of your old Artex ceilings?

0118 988 7590 or 07789 902 091 After


info@mtjplas a te eri ring ng g.co.uk ukk www.mtjplastering.co.uk

To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email info@villageeye.co.uk

18 Chestnut Close | Theale| RG7 5DF



Kite te e

No Job too Small

Garden Services

Iff you doon nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hav nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ave the ti time m or ex expe perience ce to ta t ke care of you ur garden ga en n and nd d havve iitt loooki k ng the way you would lik ke, let thiis loca lo oca cal, exp xper erie ienc ienc nced d gar a dene nerr ta ne take k the strain so s you ou u can an sitt back ba c and ck d rellaxx thi his au autu tum tu umn mn! mn! 011118 988 7590 07768 764908

Au Autu utu tu umn mn n law awn nccar are, e, moow wing win ing, diggi in ging, sowing, plantingg, weeeed weed diin ngg,, pru uniing ng, he ng, hedg dgee cu cutt ttin ing, g, treee mana g, maana m nage age geme men ntt, sym sy mp pat athe heti tic maake keov overs ers an er and so s ft ft & har ard la land land dscap sccapin ap pin ing ng. g.

Jordan Close, Spencers Wood

Experts in metal recycling We accept everything from small domestic jobs to full factory FOHDURXWV:HDUHD/LFHQVHGZDVWHFDUULHUEDVHGLQ%XUJKÃ&#x20AC;HOG

We will pay you top ££s for your scrap!

Demolition Site Clearances We can come and collect your scrap from site or you can bring your scrap to us and use our 50 ton weighbridge!

0118 9500 470 0781 3443 763 www.readingmetalrecycling.co.uk Mon-Sat 8am-6pm

Residential Scrap Metal Drop in your scrap metal old copper pipes, washing machines, power cables etc.

Reading Metal Recycling

(Opposite the Cunning Man)


Contact John L Bankyy Solicitors

James W Fisher













For advice please call:

0118 930 4630

Property Maintenance

Experienced legal consultancy

All interior and exterior decorating, carpentry and small building work. 25 years experience. CONTACT JAMES TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTATION. No job too small:

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm


john@johnlbankysolicitors.co.uk 18a High Street, Theale Berkshire, RG7 5AN

Keep it it local ! !Trades && Services Pages. forget toto mention Village Eye when calling! Keep local Trades Services Pages.Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget mention Village Eye when calling!

What can I do for your Garden this autumn?


www.johnlbankysolicitors.co.uk $ WK LVHGD $XWKRUL G QG5HJ G 5 XODWHG O W G E\WK E WKH6ROL 6 OLFLWRUV LW 5 5HJXO ODWLRQ WL $XWKRULW $ WK LW\ 65$ 65$1XPE 1 EHU

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FREE WINTER CHECK! Tyres, Battery, Anti-Freeze & Lights BOOK YOURS TODAY!

3D Wheel alignment computer system

With our extensive range of facilities and FREE services can you afford to go anywhere else for your vehicle maintenance needs?

Please contact SERVICE RECEPTION on

0118 970 2222 www.mendemmotors.co.uk

Berkshire Design Build Ltd

& tel: 0118 983 4164 or mob: 07836 751 072


www.trustedtraders.which.co.uk/businesses/berkshire-design-build-ltd To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email info@villageeye.co.uk




TV signal problems? We can help! Contact Toby on 07737 784 244 for a free quotation or email: info@bluebanana.tv Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;

Digital Television Aerials Radio Aerials, (DAB and FM) Sky HD & Freesat

Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;

Multiroom systems European satellites TVs mounted on walls

Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;

www.bluebanana.tv Home cinema systems IRS Systems Hidden cables

Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;

Repairs to existing systems, Domestic and Commercial Work undertaken

CLEAN HOUSE SERVICES simply professional... Regular & One-Off Cleaning Home & Office Cleaning End of Tenancy Cleaning Before & After Party Cleaning Pre/Post Holiday Cleaning Spring Cleaning


Call: 0759 362 7139 info@cleanhouseservices.co.uk

Curtain Alteration Service Domestic Carpet Cleaning Ironing (free collection & delivery)




Household Carpen Ca C arpen entr e nt try tr t ry Ki itch it tc ch hen en F Fit itti it in ng g Flat Fl F lat Pa ac ck k Furnitur Furnitu ure ur u re D cora De Decora ati in ng g Plumbi Plumb bing b in ng g Ti Tili ili ing ng Ho H ous ou o useh u se ehold hold o d Repa Repair R Re epa ai irs ir rs


Garden Putt P utt ut tti ing in i ng up p she ed ds s Gr ra ass as ss Cut C t Cu ttin tt ti ing in ng Clea C lea eari ar ring rin ri ing g Gu Gut utte u tt te er rs r s Fen ence nc ce e Pa ai int in ntin nt nti n ti ing ng He ed dge dg ge Cutt Cutti ing in i ng Garden M Main Ma ai inte in nt tena tenanc ena an nce nc ce Pati Pat tio t io o Clea le ea n ning ni in ng g

No va vat t ch char arge ged d | Co C mp m et etitiv ve Pr P ices es

Andy O118 929 1447 O7788 21181O Em mai il an andy dypr p op oper e ty tymtce c @g @gma mail il.c .com

Taking Time to Care Helping your loved ones to remain in their own homes Does your loved one need some help each day, getting up and dressed, preparing meals or getting settled in the evening? We offer daily visits to homes across Berkshire ensuring both you and your loved one are getting the support you need. We never rush, we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe in 10 minute visits â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we believe in helping your loved ones to feel safe, cared for and independent. p Contact us today for a no obligation discussion about your needs. Melanie.Meads@q1care.co.uk

Tel. 01189 323 865

Q1Care Ltd is approved by the Care Quality Commission â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CQC inspected and rated GOOD 14/9/2016

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No Si Signal? i gnal? ? weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll fix fii x it it


Q1Care Ltd Mortimer House 49 Church Street Theale Berkshire k h RG7 5BX Q1Care Ltd is approved by the Care Quality Commission

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We Deliver

You name it, we stock and sell it and probably for the best prices in the area. We provide FREE DELIVERY, have some great promotions and guarantee friendly service. You name it we sell it.Just call and ask!


0118 981 9996


Dog Training Based in Spencers Wood



07793 073622

One to one attention for you and your dog...

Short & long term secure storage for home or business Open 7 days a week 8am – 8pm Easy access, all on one level Security alarms, CCTV cameras and 24 hr surveillance 0118 982 0788 e: tadley@barn-store.co.uk



New Line Sheds ManCave Specialists! WE MANUFACTURE

Garden Sheds. Garden Workshops. Summerhouses. Chalets. Bespoke Rooms. Playhouses q q q q q q q q

We do not use cchipboard pbo or plywood. pl plyw od. Bolted B olte asse assembly embbly Bespoke design available B il

0118 971 2245 www.newlinesheds.co.uk

Padworth Saw Mills, Rag Hill, Padworth, Reading, RG7 4NU

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Over 50 years experience. A family run business. Over 50 years experience. We us wood from renewable sustainable Over 70% of our sales come Mention this advert managed forest. and receive a free wood from recomm recommendation We do not use chipboard or plywood. with every Bolted assembly. A family run business btreatment shed purchased! Bespoke design available. We us wood from renewable Helpful and friendly staff. sustainable managed forest Value for money.




your local mobile IT helpdesk! 7*364 3&.07"-  1305&$5*0/ ."9*.*4& 4&$63*5: )"3%8"3& 3&1"*3 03 61(3"%& 40'58"3& 3&1"*3 03 61(3"%& */5&3/&5 "/% &."*- 4&5615306#-&4)005*/( *.1307& $0.165&3 1&3'03."/$& 4611-: "/% */45"-- 0' "/: 5:1& 0' $0.165&3 )&-1 8*5) .0#*-& 1)0/& 4:/$30/*;"5*0/ %"5" 53"/4'&3 %&4,501 "11-*$"5*0/4 40'58"3& */45"--"5*0/4 0/&500/& 56*5*0/ 4611035 $0/53"$54 "7"*-"#-&

[ QRĂ&#x20AC; e e f no

call us now

01256 560070

UPVC: Wds - Doors Cvatori - FaciĐ° - SoffiĘŚ & Gu g With over 20 years experience serving local customers, we take pride in offering quality replacement windows, doors and conservatories with all of our products meeting British standards. We provide a personal touch and competitive pricing that only a local independent company like ourselves can offer.

All w guar ork antee d

For a friendly, no obligation chat about your windows, please call:

0118 930 5757


UBNQDTVQQPSU!HNBJMDPN Registered in England: Tailormade Windows & Doors of Berkshire Ltd. 6 Valley Road Burghfield Reading RG7 3NF


For more information, please call

David: 07887 734632 or Andrew: 07952 517246 info@aspectcontracts.org.uk www.aspectcontracts.co.uk Painting & Decorating O Tiling O Plastering & Artexing O Kitchens & Bathrooms O Landscaping O Building Services O Carpentry O Flooring

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rely on us for all aspects of property servicesâ&#x20AC;? +RPHRIÂżFH&RUELH9LOOD_%DWK5RDG_&DOFRW_5*4-


We repair just about anything!

SAVE TIME. SAVE MONEY. WHY REPLACE WHEN YOU CAN RESTORE! Surface Medic is a state of the art, repair and restoration service that is capable of repairing practically any hard surface, fixture or fitting, saving considerable time and money.


ŕ Ž>VVK ŕ Ž(J`YPSPJ ŕ Ž<7=*




Call today... What can we repair for you?

07736 895092 0118 983 6996 info@moherltd.co.uk

Keep it local ! Trades & Services Pages. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to mention Village Eye when calling!

If you have computer problems, we can help you with: t t t t t t t t t t t t t

www.moherltd.co.uk =HSSL`9VHKc)\YNOĂ&#x201E;LSK*VTTVUc)LYRZOPYLc9.5-

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Another Sparkling Offer from Spratleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

MOTs (Including while you wait*)

0118 933 2338

Servicing Pre-loved Vehicle Sales Courtesy Cars available too!

www.spratleys.co.uk 60/62 Victoria Road | Mortimer | Reading | RG7 3SG

*By appointment, subject to availability


TADLEY The Loddon Valley Lions Club will be building on the success of their first Bonfire Night Extravaganza held at Barlows Park Tadley. This year’s event will consist of two Firework Displays, an early one for younger children at 6.30pm and a noisier, more spectacular event at 7.30pm. There will also be a competition for the best Guy, a parade of the guys and their ceremonial burning on the large bonfire. Add to this special effects lighting, licensed bar, food village and fairground amusements

and it promises to be b a great evening ou ut. Members of the pu ublic bringing their own firework fireworks, ks, s, including sparklers, will not be admitted. Children aged 4 Years and younger get in free. Adults pay just £7.00 and children aged 5-15 years when accompanied by an adult pay £4.00. A family ticket (2 Adults plus 2 Children) is £18.00. Car Parking is free but all cars must be removed from the site by 10pm. A superb evening of fun for all the family. Barlows Park, Tadley From 5pm

Family Family Fa y & Leisure Leis Le ure

It is that time of year again... Wrap up warm and have a great family night out at one of the many bonfire and firework th displays in the Village Eye region. Come and enjoy all the thrills watching one of the organised displays that are on at some great venues for all the family to enjoy. NOVEMBER




Come along and enjoy an evening of fun and fireworks. There will be warming food to enjoy as well as a tuck shop. You u will also find the all-important beer tent. Why not light up the night with some flashing novelties, too? Adults pay just £4 an nd children £3 in advance and it’s just £1 more if bought on the gate. You can buy your tickets from the Mortimer St John’ss Infant School Office, Budgens, Dads Shop, McColls, The Baobab (the former Post Office), Parkers Estate Agents and nd Wellers in Burghfield. Only disabled parking is available on-site. Please park in the village and walk down - a torch would be useful! Drury Lane, Mortimer from 5pm.

SILCHESTER Silchester House is hosting a magnificent evening of fireworks this year. Alongside the delicious BBQ, hog roast and drinks, this year will also see a Pumpkin Competition. Judging will take place at 6.30pm, so do take your pumpkin along! No sparklers yea please. Adults pay just £7 in advance (£8 on the gate) and children 5-15 - when accompanied by an adult - pay just £3.50. A fa amily ticket is just £18 (£20 on the gate) Tickets are available to buy from The Calleva Arms and Pamber Heath Stores Silchester House From 6pm S Sil c

PANGBOURNE P Alo ongside the 20 minute firework display, there will be plenty of other activities and refreshments to tuck into. There will be ab bonfire, barbecue, bar with West Berkshire beer, hot drinks, a chocolate tombola and more. Food, drink, the bonfire and entertainment will be from 5.30pm with the display taking place around 7pm. Children under 11 go free when accompanied by an adult, adults and children 12 years and over £7.50 each in advance (or £10 on the gate), or buy a family ticket (up to five family members 12 years and over) for £30. Tickets are available at Pangbourne Primary School, cho and The Rhubarb Tree or buy tickets online www.fopps.org.uk Pangbourne Primary School RG8 7LB From 5.30pm pm m

for further information about the fireworks code www.fireworks.co.uk/fireworks-code REV: 1





Mortimer St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CE Infant School â&#x20AC;&#x153;We Learn Together, Grow Together and Shine Togetherâ&#x20AC;?

Would you like your child to attend a warm, welcoming school where nurturing and learning are key to educating your child?

A school set in the heart of the village A well-resourced, bright learning environment Creative, fun curriculum An education based on Christian principles :DUPFDULQJVWDĎ? We foster a love of learning Visit us anytime.

Please contact the Headteacher: Nicola Sumner 0118 933 2242

Quality tuition at affordable prices Fun and exciting dance classes Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street, from 2 - yrs to adults Gymnastic Dance Musical Theatre Course from 5 yrs

Singing, Drama, Street Dance

Free trial lessons available 7RÂźQGRXWPRUHSOHDVHFRQWDFW/RXLVHRQ01189 868000

info@allstardance.co.uk www.allstardance.co.uk



Berkshire Music & Arts Festival 2017

C lass


Village Eye magazine is thrilled to be lending its support once again to young writers by ssponsoring the Winner’s Cup for Junior Poetry at the next Berkshire Music & Arts Festival. As A well as putting our name to a winner’s cup, we w shall also be publishing the winner’s work in Village Eye magazine. Would you like to be a published writer? This T growing Arts festival takes place annually at a the magnificent Tudor Manor House, Ufton Court and surrounding venues across the weekend on 28th and 29th January 2017. The w Festival is run by a not-for-profit organisation F celebrating and encouraging children’s participation in the Arts. If you have a young writer, musician or actor in the family, do take a look at the list of categories that they can enter at www. berksmusicandarts.org.uk Entrants will get feedback from adjudicators which cconstructive o tthey can use in their future work, and also have the chance hance to win medals and cups! p Entries have hav ve to be submitted no later ter than n 14th h November, so don’t delay!

r every child tre Classes fo Musical Thea demy and holds respected owner of All Stars Theatre Aca

Louise Cleghorn is the e the joy of territory. Louise is keen to mak dance classes across Village Eye und. The kgro bac r thei children, whatever performing arts accessible to all ale Green The at 2 9-1 from ys urda Sat ses run on abilities, academy’s musical theatre clas and ls leve all of and singing to children and one School and teach drama, dance Mal sy Bug e, Alic as h suc s e musical ege working on material from favourit coll a dram and have gone on to dance Matilda. Students on this course g. If UK Tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Ban the in ing form per is while another do , fees ut abo but you are concerned your child would love to take part cessionary rates, scholarships con ut abo out find to get in touch le for this class. ilab ava ts and discoun www.allstardance.co.uk

ilaynt!omimime m a F e h t l l aP Fuitniss!” FKoicckr-stAart CohrfisDtemceams wbeitrhandthsetakriiddt sy,oburriinng

me “Oh yes e first weekend ’s not just for Pantomim it l h trip on t ith a bang. And Ability’s Annua h December sw y 4t tage festivitie grrandad too! S 3rd and Sunda year sees the y d is a n h d a e T r gran al tale Satu ham. taged on eatre in Woking rform the magic ? You s e b l il e w hiitty Th ildren pe the stag at The W ound 40 local ch ow up there on ets online at k n r ic k a e your t .uk cast of . Who will you purchas in co of Aladd t your seats and y.ticketsource.c c it can sele www.stageabil

And just for adults.. At SMOKIN’ BILLY’S! If you were a fan of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ ay’ and always secretly thought you could do it better yourself urself (!) why not go along to Smokin Billy’s bar-b-q at St. t. Mary’s Butts in Reading? You’ll find a fun adult improv mprov group taking place upstairs every Wednesday day from 8pm - 10pm (£8). The class is run by the mad-cap ad-cap local drama teacher and performer, Seamus us Allen. All levels are welcome for this drop-in class and nd it’s sure to be great fun. So dig out your quick wit and check it out! No need to book, just turn up.

To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email info@villageeye.co.uk

facebook.com/villageeyemagazine villageeyemagazine


Film of the MONTH by Rob Barnes


ubbed Flight of the Conchords meets Wes Anderson, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a joyful quirkfest brimming with sentiment and heart. Director Taiki Waititi worked on Conchords as writer, director and actor and you can see his hallmark stamped all over this as a Bonnie and Clyde comedy caper set deep in the New Zealand bush. The movie wastes no time in setting g the scene as chubbyy foster kid Ricky ((Julian Dennison)) is deposited p at his new home byy his uppity pp y Child Welfare escort Paula (Rachel ( House). Unimpressed p with the ramshackle farm house Rickyy gets g back in the car without uttering g a word, before being g hauled back out and forced upon p his new guardians g Bella (Rima ( Te Wiata)) and Hec (Sam ( Neill). ) Whilst grumpy Hec g g grunts his disapproval at the new arrival, the jolly j y Bella sets about winning g Ricky over with food, a hot water bottle and guns. Just when you y feel set for an uplifting p familyy drama the movie takes a dramatic left turn finding g Ricky and Hec as mismatched renegade g outlaws on the run from the cops. p With every new encounter they find themselves deeper p in trouble and it’s not long g before long g they become a media sensation with a ransom on their heads. The tension and laughs g slowly build as a crack police unit are choppered in to hunt them down ending g in a climactic Thelma and Louise style stand-off. Flitting g between the frighteningly g g real, the ridiculouslyy weird and the laugh g out loud funny there is never a dull moment. We get g gruesome g action when a wild pig g attacks Hek’s dog, g utterlyy zanyy characters such as Psycho Sam (Rhys Darby) and some

Children's book of the MONTH

eye on Leisure

Hunt for the Wilderpeople! beautifullyy daft scenes between our two fugitives g and a calamitous hunting g mob who are always one step behind them. However it’s true charm lies in Waititi’s abilityy to always y bring g it back to the core story of two lovable and lonely souls who need each other more than theyy care to admit. At first the Gangsta-rap-loving g Ricky, y who describes Tupac p as “like my best friend” and the hermit-like Hec appear pp polar p opposites, pp and yyet both find themselves isolated from society each with their own insecurities. Thanks to his rugged gg beard Sam Neill is almost unrecognisable g as Hek, and despite his star quality it is the young g Denison who steals the limelight g with a magically g y deft performance.

which of them is the Terminator and which is Sarah Connor: ‘But in the first movie, before she could do chin-ups.’ You may have to veer off the beaten track to unearth this heartwarming g and understated gem but it is well worth tracking g g down. Hec puts p it best in his short poem “Me and this fat kid, We ran, we ate and read books, And it was the best.” WOW!


We are guided g through g the story with the help of Wes Anderson style chapter titles that grow ever more bizarre, and an awesome 80’s synth soundtrack. There are moviereferences galore g from Rambo to Scarface to Lord of the Rings, all beautifullyy weaved in. One of the standout lines comes in an argument g between Ricky and Paula, over

The Assassins of Rome

by Caroline Lawrence

A young boy called Jonathan has always thought that his mother died in the destruction of Jerusalem whilst his father took him and his sister and fled to Ostia. One day a visitor from the past appears and the next morning Jonathan and the visitor are gone. Flavia, Nubia and Lupus are determined to find him but their search takes them to The Golden House of Ne-ro where a deadly assassin is at work! My Opinion on This Book: I especially love this book because it always kept me guessing. My favourite part was when Jonathan found hope that his mother may still be alive but I disliked the part where a convict’s punishment is announced – having his eyes pulled out and having his big toes chopped off. I would recommend this book to all who like the mystery genre and I would rate this book 9/10. Ages 11+ Review by Thurka Ananth To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call

or email



Theale Green School

SIS REPORT: Good with outstanding features


June 2014




Open Evening

Take a different route

Thursday 1st December 2016

Learning is a journey, and we like to take the scenic route. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no rush - children love to learn naturally, and there is so much to enjoy along the way.

6.30pm - 8.30pm

We offer: Sunbeams Parent & Child groups 0 to 3 Kindergarten for ages 3 to 6 Lower School for ages 6 to 14

Visit us - opportunities start together.

we can... ...together we can

Alder Bridge School, Mill Lane, Padworth, Reading RG7 4JU 0118 971 4471 info@alderbridge.org.uk

www.thealegreen.w-berks.sch.uk T: 0118 930 8516 Theale Green School

@thealegreen #thealecan


Independent School of the Year TES Independent School Awards 2015

Independent School of the Year TES Independent School Awards 2015

Open Days Tuesday 8 November, 10.30am - 12.00pm  5uesday 6 December, 10.30am - 12.00pm  To reserve your place at an Open Morning please call Admissions on 0118 984 6910   or email admissions@sjcr.org.uk. Alternatively you can book via our website.



5VFTEBZ%FDFNCFS BNBN To reserve your place at an Open Morning please call Admissions on or email admissions@sjcr.org.uk. Alternatively you can book via our webTJUF


To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email info@villageeye.co.uk






on Education

On L

that our highly-skilled team prepare the children for their eventual move to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;big schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Children naturally develop DWGLÎ?HUHQWUDWHVDQGVWDÎ?VXSSRUW them by encouraging everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique talents through their in-depth understanding of child development.

Children might learn about topical festivities or enjoy visiting the dedicated â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Learning Hubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; where they really start to get to grips with phonics during fun sessions with their teacher; they enjoy educational games, dance and immerse themselves in other lively activities â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all of which are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage. We often receive comments from primary school teachers who tell us they can recognise â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Jubilee childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; IRUWKHLUČ&#x2020;FRQČ´GHQFHLQGHSHQGHQFH and joy of learningâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. If you are interested in enrolling your child in either of our pre-schools and you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t already done so, please do come and see us!

Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems Term-Time Day Nursery, known for the quality of outdoor learning, provide high quality pre-school education in preparation for your child starting school. But why is a preschool education so important? â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Once seen as simply a preparation for school, what happens to young children between the age of 3 and 5 is now an important phase of education in its own right and one with long term implications for children as OHDUQHUVČ&#x2021; 'HSWIRU(GXFDWLRQ(Î?HFWLYH Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Research Project, 2015) Recent government research has shown that attending a high quality pre-school has a positive and long term impact on childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attainment, progress and social-behavioural development and continues to LQČľXHQFHRXWFRPHVWKURXJKRXW primary school and beyond and has proved to be especially important for boys 3UHVFKRROFRQWLQXHGWRLQČľXHQFH outcomes throughout primary school especially if it was of high TXDOLW\DQGLWVLQČľXHQFHFRQWLQXHG during secondary school through higher attainment and better socialbehavioural development at age 14. By age 16, results showed attending a pre-school predicted better GCSE UHVXOWV7KLVSRVLWLYHLQČľXHQFHZDV greater for those who had started at an earlier age (before 3) or who had

attended a pre-school of high quality. Beyond compulsory schooling, students who attended pre-school were also more likely to go on to higher academic study, taking four or more AS/A levels. Both nurseries place great emphasis on providing caring, safe learning environments where children are happy, nurtured and encouraged to develop and achieve their full potential. Jubilee employs a large QXPEHURIVWDÎ?ZLWKJUDGXDWH TXDOLČ´FDWLRQVDVZHOODVDTXDOLČ´HG Early Years teacher for each of their pre-schools and many highly experienced practitioners. We place importance on a wellrounded learning experience which encompasses a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s physical, personal, social and emotional development. Pre-school children have a dedicated IUHHČľRZVSDFHOHDGLQJLQWRWKHLURZQ garden, designed to promote and encourage independence. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s here

For Jubilee Gems, our term-time nursery: Tel:0118 983 4018 Email: info@jubileegems.co.uk visit www.jubileegems.co.uk For Jubilee Day Nursery (full-time), Tel: 0118 970 1600 Email: info@jubileedaynursery.co.uk visit www.jubileedaynursery.co.uk 37

Christmas & New Year Bookings now being taken

Special Discount Rates Available for Company & Large Party Bookings

Special Rates

Available for Lunchtime Set Menus

For All Bookings, Enquiries & Prices, please call us!

Delivery y Are ea: %XUJKÃ&#x20AC;H % JKÃ&#x20AC;HO HOG G0RUWL 0 WLLPH PHU U %XUJKÃ&#x20AC;HO HOG&R HO RPP PPRQ RQ 3DGZ RQ 3D ZRU RUWWK K 7D 7DGO GOH GO H\ F EE FR E DEL E IVERY* * on or o de d rs over £15 5 in n a 5 milile e ra adius s 6:0 00p 0 m â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10:00pm m

www.bahgecha a.com &OOD\KLOO5RD & RD DG G %X XUUJK JKÃ&#x20AC;H HOG G&R RPPRQ


on Local Business

On L


Without having to lif t a finger!

Got the neighbours coming round? Having a gettogether with Auntie Mabel, Cousin Freda & Uncle Tom Cobley [‘n’all] this Christmas? Let the professionals help - and it costs a lot less than you’d think!

For a chat about your event call:

O118 9O7 6249 Weddings z Christenings Funerals z Corporate z Parties

utting g Edge g Catering g ha as be b en g going g fro rom streng gth to stre eng gth h since we last fe si eat atur ured the ese locall ca ate tere r rs in Village g Eye Ey y magazi g ine. The friendly y team has ex xpand p ded further and they y now w have a new refrige erated ed van called Ada!

Yo our Christm mas a Get-t -tog ogetherr B__ rhnk^ahlm lmbg b ` Zg ^o^gm or p party ty y in th he run up p to Christtma mas, the here re rea eallly y is no reason n to struggle gg with itth the f od yourself fo y eitherr. You u may y be surprised p to know w tha at it is h_m^gfhk^^_Û\b^gmmh [kbg`bg an outside caterrer...

Rosalile p puts much of pu m ^\h ma hfi fiZgrl`khpma r ` do own to word-of-mouth k^\h \ ff^g]Zmbhgl' P^ \h are receiving g such p positive _^^] _^ ^][Z [ \d KhlZeb^mhe] nl'  Hnk\nlmhf^kl Zk^ nl reco omm mmending g us to their co olleagu gu g ues and friends, too, which mean wh me ea s that our business bll ghp h makkbboobg bg`

<Zm^kbg g` `bl ZmkZ Z]^ ]^h h__ between ny you yo ur time and fhg^r% KhlZeb^mh r he] e nl'

Rhn\Zgli^g]Zehmh_mbf^ i planning, p g shopping pp g and then cooking g for an event - or you can call upon y p a catering company p y to do ev everything y g _hkrhn&Z r Zg] bm ]h^ Zg] h^lgm \hllm h^ Zlfn\aZll rhn hn] ] ]mabgd ^bmma^ a k' k' Pa^ma^kp^k^ik^iZkbg` i i ` ` the food for Wed ddi d ngs, g Christ sten e ings, g Fu une nera ra als or birthd hday hd ay y parties p s, we we pro rovide Zg ^q\ q\bm bmbg`\ahb\^ ` h_Ü Ü^qb[e [e^ ^ m nu me n op ptio pt i ns fro rom m Hott Fo ork Zg]Û Ûg` `^k `^ k _h _hh h][n_ n__^ _^ml mlmh h deliciious sw wee et an a d sa s vo voury y \ZgZi® \Z i®l' 

:g] bm :g] bml l ghm hmcnlmZ[ c [hn hnmmma m ^ f od eit fo ith herr.... Rosal alie ie and n her team are e kee en to be pres p esentt at com o mu munity y and nd cha hari r ty y even ev ents. Most recently ly y the hey y supp pp por orte ted d Bu Burg rghf ghfe est wh where theirr Th hai Green Chi hick c en curry y went down a storm. Beer and curry, y always y a good combo - raising g g money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

to too. No longer ong r do we jju just n ed ne d to co c nssider if so some meon one e is vegetarian, g n, we allso need to ask if people p p e are gluteng free fr ee,, la lact c ose-free, kosher or if the here re are any y other dietary y requ re quir ire ements. A professional p caterer is well-used ed to th the ese requests q and alrea ady y knows ws the e op options p to con onsi s der, so w y no wh ot let someon ne else takke th he st stra r in this pa ra part rty y sse eason? You can be sure thatt q qualiliity y is never compromised. p Cutting >]`^ ` hgernl^lma^Ûg^lm r lo oca calllly y sourced p prod duc u e and ingr gred g edients wh wherev ever er possible. PaZm Pa Z lfhkk^bmbl[^ Zm [ Znmb_neer [^ r deco cora or ted and p pres pr esented to you yo u on white e chi hina na or slate. If you have a special p l occa casion a \hfbg`niZg]]hg \h ` i gm m_Z _Z Zg\ g\r r do oing the cookkin ing gy your u self, ju jjust ust s give ive th t em a cal a l. Ro osaliie can be con ca onta t ctted e on 0118 907 6249 or vis isit it www. cuttingedgecatering.co.uk

H_\hnkl^%ma^l^]ZrliZkmr r i hosts need to consider if there are individual dietary requirements for guests,

Bridle Eye Care your local independent Optician When did you last have your eyes checked? Bridle Eyecare is able to offer a range of examinations from the most basic NHS eye test (for those eligible) through to our fully comprehensive eye examination including digital retinal screening and OCT imaging.

Book your eye test today

0118 930 2312

www.bridleeyecare.co.uk find us on THEALE High Street Eye Tests | Children’s Eye Tests | Glasses | Designer Frames | Contact Lenses 39

eye On L

Rave your way to Fitness! B_rhno^`hmrhnk Ûg`^khgma^inel^ of the world of Ûmg^llrhnphgm have missed the emergence of a brand new mri^h_Ûmg^ll class sweeping the nation Clubbercise®! But what is it exactly? y Clubbercise is a simple, p , fun group g p exercise class using g glow g sticks to dance to club anthems,, from 90s classics to the latest chart hits. Classes are taught g in a darkened room with disco lights!

HgZkkboZeZmma^\eZll%% rhnee[^`bo^gZl^mh_ r ` ÜZlabg`kZo^`ehplmb\dl' ` ` These are reusable - so much more environmentally friendly y than the single g use ones. Then the room is darkened and the disco lights g are turned on and the class starts with a simple p warm up p routine. Following that,, the class works up pa lp^Zm]Zg\bg`mhÜhhkÛee^kl ` from 90s rave to recent dance anthems. The routines are easy-to-follow y and always y have high g or low bfiZ\mhimbhgl'BmlZeeZ[hnm i i fun, not about perfection. Rhn]hgmg^^]mh[^Z dancer and routines are kept p simple p so that y you can enjoy j y the class and not worry y too much about remembering g steps. p You are expected to take it to your

own lev vel,, keep p it simple p and enjjoy y the music. And Zlrhn r k^bgl^fb&]Zkdg^ll% you can y n really y let g go! <en[[^k\bl^lZrmaZmrhnee r r burn arround 500 calories in ZgahnkkZg]rhneeZelhmhg^ r your mu uscles. Despite p e the club theme,, ]hgmp p^Zkrhnka^^el r Just wear trainers and sportsw p wear/streetwear/ / / Ûmg^ll\\ehmabg`lhf^mabg` ` you can y n dance in... and make su ure you take some water.

Tadley y Memorial Hall Wednesday 10.30 am Tadley y Community y Centre Wednesdays 6.40pm-7.30 pm p Thursday 8.00 pm Beenham Victory y hall Wednesday 19:30-20:15

Classess are bound to be starting g all over the area. Right g no ow y you can attend a Clubb bercise class locally y in the fo ollowing g locations. Happy Clubbing!

Mortimer Physiotherapy practice MUSCLE/TENDON STRAIN?





Tel: 0118 933 3896 Text: 07951 840643

www.mortimerphysio.co.uk info@mortimerphysio.co.uk

* NHS referrals are accepted from all West Berkshire GPs - just ask!


The Village Eye is a privately owned magazine and bought to you by Pinktomato Limited, a local marketing company. All content within the publication is copyright of Village Eye. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for views or opinions expressed by contributors or for the accuracy of claims made by the advertisers. All dates, times, URL’s and telephone numbers are understood to be correct at the time of submission to print. To feature your business in this publication please call 0118 933 3311

Get Fit & Ripped for Christmas With a little gift from us! 3 DAY PASS 

Bring this voucher to reception to redeem this offer

Terms & Conditions apply

30 DAYS FOR £15 

Bring this voucher to reception to redeem this offer

Terms & Conditions apply

Expressions Gym is open Mondays - Fridays 06:00 - 22:00 Saturdays 08:00 - 18:00 Sundays 08:00 - 21:00 For further information, or to book please call us on

0118 983 4845 6FKRRO/DQH_%XUJKÀHOG&RPPRQ_5*;3

Proud sponsors of Mortimer Bonf ire Night &Firework Display! %XUJK¿HOG&RPPRQ 7KHDOH 7DGOH\



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