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HELLO ! My name is Imke, I’m 19 years old. I’m a Dutch expo and design student and I’m looking for a 5 month internship to conclude my last study year.

01 COCOU School project for designing a lunchroom.

COCOU For this project I’ve designed a concept for a lunchroom. This assignment did not have any particular requirements so the choice was up to me what kind of concept I could think of. At the right you can see a target and range research. The average age is between 16 and 35 years. The COCOU target audience is primarily aimed at students of the academies in Eindhoven. Students who want to have lunch just want to relax in their breaks and socialize or to work on school assignments. COCOU specializes mainly in the lunch menus with many different recipes customers can’t get in other coffee shops. There are a lot of items on the menu prepared with coconut. The chocolate shop specializes mainly in chocolate with coconut as ingredient. For the rest, there will be healthy smoothies and it is mainly a healthy lunchroom.

MOODBOARD AND INSPIRATIONBOARD Here you can find my mood and inspirationboard. I am inspired by nature, retro prints and design.

INTERIOR The front of my lunchroom is made of natural stone and wooden frames. So you can already get an impression that will radiate my lunchroom and so it stands out. The bar I’ve designed and made it with wood. The bar is high and present but very airy.

INTERIOR I’ve 3 tables with 6 barstools, they make sure that people can eat with in large company. In the lunch room you will find a combination of retro design, tropical details and graphic design. The seats with bean bags are there to relax nicely.

INTERIOR In the back of the lunchroom you can find two lounge sets shielded behind a wooden partition wall with plants. Here you can sit very quietly and calm. The graphic prints and posters in the lunchroom are made by students from the accademies in Eindhoven. Students can exhibit their work here.

GRAPHIC For the lunchroom I’ve designed a flyer and a poster. It looks very fresh and clean and is combined with a little buzz from the plant in the background.

GRAPHIC The website that I designed for COCOU is very clear. It gives the atmosphere of the lunchroom and you can see in advance what you can eat. The ingredients are there and the amount of calories, so customers are aware of what they eat.

EVERY SHOT COUNTS In love with life, nature and structures For me taking photos isn’t just a quick memory of something or necessary need, It’s an expression of feelings. It doesn’t need to have a slogan or a meaning. Just take it when it feels right. I am really inspired by nature, hard contrast and shadow.

02 PHOTOGRAPHY Selected Works between / 2013 - 2016 Canon EOS 1100D


WEEKDAY For this project I’ve designed a t-shirts display for the retail store Weekday. It needed to have a industrial style. For this project I was inspired by geometric shapes.


MULTICHAIR This school assignment was totally free. We had to make a chair. My choice was to make a chair that is multifunctional. I like to work with dual functions in products.


WOODLIGHT For this project I’ve designed a lamp of natural wood. I wanted to make something of raw materials that still create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. I am inspired by nature.


GASOVEN For this project I’ve designed a multifunctional oven from an old gasbottle. I am inspired by primitive life. My goal was to use as little material as possible, to make as much new features in a product as possible. This furnace is recycled from an old gas bottle. It’s small and compact so you can take it to a festival or camping site. You can use it both as a grill and barbecueand there’s also room to bake a small and delicious pizza.



This project I created to describe myself it Steel describes my outside sometimes I’m really in my own world. You can’t judge me steel frame. The fire represents my passion for design and for being creative. I also hav new people and to travel I enjoy life and ge from all the little things in life.

is my logo of steel. hard to read and e easily. Hence the n. I’ve a big passion ve a passion to meet et a lot of inspiration


SMALL WOOD In my spare time I am busy with small private projects. I really like to work with wood and am very inspired by nature. I prefer to work with rough wood.

WOOD BURNING Wood burning is a hobby of me, I love to do it when I have a day off. I also love to make my own longboards


BEER Last year I did an internship in Barcelona. For a Spanish friend who brewed his own beer, I’ve designed the beer labels.

POSTERS Here I show some of the graphic posters I’ve made.

WIPE OUT This is a poster that i designed for a WIPE OUT event.

VANS This is a poster that i designed for the end of season sale of vans.

ABSTRACT DAPHNE GROENEVELD For this poster I made an abstract graphic design of Daphne Groeneveld.


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