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Top three beachy destinations in Mumbai If you are a person who loves sand, water and sun and happen to be in Mumbai then there are various beaches in and around Mumbai that you may find pleasing and they do indeed make the major contributor to the economy and tourism of Mumbai. Amongst other places the top three places to visit in Mumbai that we highly recommend is one Aksa Beach, second the very posh Juhu Beach and thirdly the all famous Chow-patty beach.

Let us explore the Aksa Beach:


Aksa Beach is one the most popular holiday destinations and places to visit in Mumbai, which is situated in Malad. Majority of the youngsters head to this beach on weekends to unwind and if you happen to be in Mumbai or visit it soon then do not forget to miss out on this one, it is sure going to prove to be a relaxing holiday. Do not worry about accommodation here as there are several hotels and cottages that given out on rent.

How to reach there:

You can easily commute to this beach by private transportation or the deluxe buses that you get at the Versova bus stops in Andheri (west) or you may hire even an auto-rickshaw which will reach you there in lesser time and money.

Now the all famous Chow-patty beach:


Chow-patty beach is almost synonymous with the city and boasts of being major contributor to the tourism of Mumbai, nobody visits Mumbai and skips on this beach, although is less cleaner and more crowded than the Aksa beach and is not ideal for stay-overs yet it perfect for spending a startling evening here watching the sunset and basking in the sight of scenic splendour and glory.

What is the star attraction: 

Chow-patty beach is the place where Ganesh Chaturti celebrations takes place on a massive scale every year, that is when the locals drown the idols of God Ganesh into the waters of this beach as traditional ritual of Hinduism. The beach is also known for upstaging annually the Ramlila (a staged act based on the Hindu literary piece of art; Ramayana) where post the ten days performance of such an act the figurine of Ravan is erected and burnt.

Besides that Chow-patty beach is a sight spotting venue where you may indulge in the spectacle of Malabar hills and Nariman Point Skyline in the background, it is indeed of the best places to visit in Mumbai. This beach is going to spoil you choices in terms of food that is available here and it has earned quite a reputation for items like ragda patties, vada pav, pav bhaji, etc.,

Juhu beach:


About at a distance of thirty kilometres from the heart of the city, it makes our third and last category of one of the best places to visit, amazing view, relaxing time, beautiful sunset, you are set for a splendid time.

So if you are contemplating to visit Mumbai anytime soon and want to indulge in the exquisiteness of beaches, these are the best places to visit in Mumbai.

Top three beachy destinations in mumbai  

Tourism of Mumbai is particularly famous for its beaches that attracts travelers from far and wide. The beaches possess a distinctive charac...

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