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List Of The Things To Do Near Ooty

There are times when people wish to just leave behind the monotony of their lives and enjoy. These are the times when they desperately wish to go on a holiday and unwind their senses. Ooty is one such place, which never disappoints in term of scenic beauty. The sheer joy of being surrounded by beautiful hill ranges is inexplicable. Moreover the town is surrounded by many other small villages which are equally beautiful, therefore the tourist do not have to travel long distances for some extra sightseeing. Here are a number of things to do in Ooty.

One of the major setbacks of travelling to towns and villages for a break is that there is not much to do there. But Ooty has a number of fun activities, which keeps the tourists occupied. Firstly, South Indian cuisine is particularly popular with the urban crowd, because it is traditional and healthy. People specially go to south Indian restaurants to taste some mouth watering food. However, no matter how delicious the food is, it does lack the authenticity. So the first thing one must do after reaching this stunning destination is to find a good South Indian restaurant and have some authentic food. There is nothing better than enjoying platter full delicious healthy food. Apart from this there are a number of other things to do in Ooty.

Travelling in the Nilgiri train is a great idea; it is not just like any other train journey, but a slow motioned journey in a toy train against the hilly backdrop. Breathtaking, lush visuals can be seen in this journey. It looks exceptionally beautiful and is a treat for sore eyes. The train started off as a means of transportation for the tea grown in this region. It carries the tea and coffee to the plains, from where they are processed, packaged and marketed. One of the other things to do in Ooty is to go trekking on the Nilgiri hills. Trekking through verdant stretches of beautifully green grassland on either side, is an experience of a lifetime. The blue color of the Nilgiri hills acts as an exquisite backdrop. Photographs clicked here are cherished memories; people do not wish to part with. Even the most novice trekkers have a gala time, trekking in the Nilgiris because these treks are not treacherous, they are absolutely safe. Unlike the other lofty mountain ranges, where trekking can be extremely tricky, these hills are much less intimidating. Often tourists are spotted traversing through the blue hills, because it is an overwhelming experience.

The Pykara Lake situated very close to this charming hill station is a beautiful destination for travel enthusiasts. Honeymoon couples and newly wed travelers often throng at this place because of the romance it holds. The picture perfect, movie-set backdrop is enough to make couples fall in love with each other. There are a number of boat houses available in here, which can be booked for a romantic stay. This is just glimpse of the things to do near Ooty, a lot more is kept in store for all the travelers. Also Check Ooty Hotels and Ooty Tour Packages.

List of the things to do near ooty  

One of the most popular travel destinations in the southern part of India is Ooty. The place is full of tourist at any given time of the yea...