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Come home to splendour and elegance - Kanyakumari tourism Si tua ted a t the s outhernmost ti p of India, kanya kuma ri

is a gatewa y to the vast and beauti ful Indian Ocean, i t is a quintessential religious destina tion of the Hindus wi th many of the i mportant temples si tua ted here, what many Hindus follow is the cus toma ry principle and pra ctice of immersing the ashes of the crema ted body into the hol y wa ters tha t flows in Kanya kuma ri amongst va rious places a cross the country. Kanyakumari tourism is a wholesome assortment of reveri ng pla ces, golden bea ches , great s ta tues and a rchitectural splendour.

Kanyakumari tourism is bes t experienced wi th the Kanyakumari tour packages whi ch would ensure smooth and hassle free va ca tions , Ka nyakuma ri is well connected by trains a nd ai rline fa cilities. Shopping here could be a grea t indulgence where you get to shop from a la rge va riety of handi cra ft products , the one made of seashells, cane a nd wood a re mos t popula r whi ch you could ta ke ba ck home as souveni rs . Pla ces to visi t: There a re many places to visit in Cape Ca morin (the Bri tish gi ven name of the distri ct) and some of them a re as follows :

 

Vi vekana nda rock Memorial whi ch was buil t to commemora te the a rri val of Swami Vi vekananda in the 1800’s who had emba rked upon the rock to medi ta te for about three da ys , i t is a calm and beautiful temple wi th a sepa ra te area gi ven to medi tation of the tourists , do include this in your Kanyakumari tour packages Ga ndhi memorial : another important temple which was buil t in the honour Gandhi - the leader of the na tion, the ashes of Gandhi after his dea th soon after the i ndependence of India was kept a t this place for people to pa y respects

  

pri or to the immersing of the ashes in the hol y sea of Kanya kuma ri which forms an essential crux of the las t ri tes of Hi ndu religion Ba y wa tch kanyakuma ri : to spend enjoying the wa ter ri des, visit this wa ter pa rk whi ch was the fi rs t of i ts type i n the dis tri ct Thi ruvalluva r s ta tue: this enigma tic piece of s ta tue of a Tamil saint and poet stands tall a t a hei ght of 133 feet, i t is one of the la rges t s tatuettes in Asia and the larges t i n India Ma thoor hanging bridge: i t is the tallest and longest bridge in the whole of Asia , the government there has buil t a s taircase to allow passage from bottom of the bridge to the top and also a children’s pa rk.

Kanyakumari tour packages: Kanya kuma ri tour pa cka ges provides you the fa cilities of food, lodging, transporta tion and si ght -seeing. You can book such kanyakumari tour package from the websites of the offi cial tour a gencies or can conta ct the personal tra vel a gent fo r details, such pa ckages makes for a smooth va ca tion wi th everything ta ken ca re of.

Kanya kuma ri is one of the leading touris t des tina tions in India , do not miss on the beach indul gences and one of the things t hat you mus t do here is to wa tch the sunset from the view tower, i t is an experience so hea venl y that the ca ptured sight of i t in the mi nd would be there wi th you forever. It will gi ve you one of the most calming and pea ceful va cations of your life where you would want to keep coming back again and again.

Come home to splendour and elegance - Kanyakumari tourism  

Kanyakumari tourism is about exploring the exquisite beaches, architectural and spiritual splendor of this beautiful destination.

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