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Finding hotels in Goa during Peak Season Every place has its own charm and beauty during its peak tourist season; similarly Goa is at its best allure during the winter season! Goa tourism industry is booming with tourists from across India and the world during its peak tourist season from October to February. This is the time with the entire state of Goa comes alive with festivities and events in the form of carnivals that take place annually during this time. Every year the number of tourists and the bookings in the hotels in Goa soar up during their peak season.

It is easier to get a room or two during the months of March to September, Goa’s off peak season due to sultry summers and humid monsoons; but the scene completely changes October onwards. Hotels in Goa experience a surge in tourist footfall during this season because of its carnival time that starts at the end of the year, the season itself being favourable to move around without sultry weather conditions and the Christmas and New Year festivities that ring a bell in the minds of the tourists. Annual New Year and Christmas parties in the state of Goa lights up the entire state with heavy bookings in all the hotels!

Getting a booking during the peak season in any of the hotels is a task by itself. If you are planning a holiday during these months to Goa, it is advisable to have your reservations done in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments. Months in advance, the hotels get booked and trying to find any kind of accommodation at the last moment is not a good idea. Whether it is a budget hotel or a luxurious one, it is next to impossible to book them during the peak season. One can choose to get in touch with travel operators who can find the best hotel and give you good rates depending on your budget and time availability. The entire package can be pre-booked where the agencies take care of your stay, reserve your sightseeing tours and organize a great trip to Goa. You can book your travel through reputed travel websites and avail discounts to a certain extent if booked in advance. These online bookings too are reliable and one can enjoy equal comfort and stress free time by going via this medium.

Finding hotels in Goa during peak season is not only a daunting task but also turns out to be an expensive affair. On one hand though it is great to experience life in Goa during this season, but it is also suggested to keep aside a pretty decent budget because the prices are bound to go up this time around. With people flocking from all places to enjoy the nightlife, the beaches and activities in Goa, winter season does end up making you spend a little more than you would during other seasons! Since it is the peak season, as per Goa tourism, the rates of everything seems to go up and therefore be prepared to dish out additional for your expenses.

Book and plan in advance to enjoy a stay at the hotels in Goa!

Finding hotels in goa during peak season  

A time to enjoy, a time to let loose and a time to revel in the magic of this wonderful state, Goa tourism is at its best during winters! Th...

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