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Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF

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Introducing IMI International Management Institute Switzerland Our philosophy... At IMI, we have always centred our curriculum around our students. Those who study at IMI are educated to a high academic level, but personal development is valued just as highly. We believe these soft skills can only be taught at a relatively small institute like IMI, where staff members know each and every student personally. Our faculty is one of the most highly qualified in its field with professional as well as academic credentials. Our class sizes are kept deliberately small so each individual is guaranteed personal care and attention. Our graduates are found in senior management positions around the globe - their success shows that to reach the top, it pays to start at the top!

Spectacular location... Our Kastanienbaum campus is situated directly by Lake Luzern with stunning views of nearby mountains Rigi and Pilatus. With such beautiful surroundings, it is little surprise that IMI students soon begin to think of it as their second home. The city of Luzern is just a short bus ride away and offers a wide selection of cafĂŠs, restaurants and bars as well as sporting facilities and many easily accessible day trips and excursions. Students get all the benefits of the city while living in a tranquil and peaceful environment.

A home away from home... Our recently refurbished accommodation offers a safe and warm experience in the traditional Swiss family style. All rooms come fully furnished with modern study facilities, refrigerators, safes, kettles and fast wireless internet connection. We specialise in ensuring all dietary requirements are met by offering the best local fresh produce every day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served from Monday to Friday with brunch and dinner on weekends and public holidays. Meals are served in a buffet dining hall daily with a fine-dining training restaurant available for lunch on weekdays.

Introduction to The Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management This programme is designed to comply with the strict requirements of the Swiss federal government whilst staying true to the values that have made IMI one of the finest hospitality schools in the world today. Combining practical training with academic excellence, we are committed to helping you fulfill your true potential. IMI graduates are confident, entrepreneurial, honest, empathetic and culturally sensitive. We support our students through small classes and individual learning to help them develop their talents and professional integrity. The degree spans three years and each year consists of one taught semester of 22 weeks followed by a practical training semester also of 22 weeks. IMI trains students in food and beverage, housekeeping and front office as well as preparing them for management roles in the hospitality industry. Students have the opportunity to acquire language skills with professional English, German and French classes running throughout the programme. On completion, students can pursue a BA (Hons) from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. In line with Swiss federal requirements, all students applying for the Swiss Degree need to have a minimum of 10 months of work experience in any field. This work experience can comprise of full-time, part-time, internship, placement or intermittent work. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for the programme, please contact our admissions team who will be happy to advise you further.

Swiss Degree Progression... Unsure about your entry level?

Your Profile - 18 years of age

- High School Diploma - IELTS 5 or equivalent - More than 10 months work experience

Please contact Ms. Greta Musu at for a free personal consultation...

Semester 1 Semester 2 22 weeks

22 weeks

Campus Study

F&B Internship

YEAR 1 Semester 3 Semester 4 22 weeks

22 weeks

Campus Study

Culinary Internship

YEAR 2 Semester 5 Semester 6 22 weeks

22 weeks

Campus Study

Supervisory Internship

YEAR 3 On completion of the Swiss Degree, progress to IMI’s Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree

Y E A R 1

Semester 1

An introduction to the basics of hospitality and service management alongside essential university-level study skills. Entry Requirements - 18 years of age - High School Diploma - IELTS 5.0 (other recognised English qualifications also accepted) - At least 10 months’ work experience in any field or completion of IMI Professional Development year (full-time, part-time, internship and voluntary experience accepted) Study Units - Housekeeping Management - Study Skills - Food and Beverage Service - Food Hygiene Management - Hospitality Basics in Finance - Managing Food and Beverage Business - Food and Beverage Industry Practical Training - Professional English - Basic German

Semester 2

F&B or Housekeeping Internship (in Switzerland or overseas) Arranged for you by IMI’s Careers and Internships department. Placements in Switzerland pay a minimum salary of CHF 2190 per month. Start Dates: 20 August 2018, February 2019

Semester 3

Developing management and strategy techniques with an overview of accountancy and marketing planning. Study Units - Professional Development Planning - Front Office Management - Marketing and Consumer Behaviour - Food Services Concepts - Food Production - Restaurant Management and Control - Hospitality Accounting - The Business of Tourism - Kitchen Industry Training - Intermediate German - Basic French

Semester 4

Culinary Internship (in Switzerland or overseas) Arranged for you by IMI’s Careers and Internships department. Placements in Switzerland pay a minimum salary of CHF 2190 per month. Start Dates: February 2019, August 2019

Y E A R 2

Y E A R 3

Semester 5

Exploring advanced decision-making techniques and higher-level management strategy. Study Units - Professional Development Planning II - Enterprise Development Project - Hotel Facilities and Operations - Financial Decision Making for Hospitality Professionals - International Hospitality Operations Management - Hospitality Services Marketing - Managing People in Hospitality - Tourism Impacts and Sustainability - Food Costing Purchasing and Merchandising - Front Office and Housekeeping Industry Practical Training - Advanced German - Intermediate French

Semester 6

Supervisory Internship (in Switzerland or overseas) Arranged for you by IMI’s Careers and Internships department. Placements in Switzerland pay a minimum salary of CHF 2190 per month. Start Dates: February 2020, August 2020

Course content, fees, requirements etc are subject to change at IMI’s discretion.

FURTHER STUDY Top-up your Swiss Degree with a UK validated BA (Hons) Degree giving you world-wide employability and allowing Master’s Degree progression...

BA (Hons) Degree in International Hospitality Management

validated by:

Entry requirements: Completion of Swiss Degree or equivalent; IELTS 5.5 or equivalent Graduates from the Swiss Degree are eligible for direct entry onto the 22 week Bachelor’s with Honours semester. Specialise in one of five pathways and receive a BA (Hons) Degree in:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

International International International International International

Hotel & Tourism Management Hotel Management Hotel & Events Management Tourism & Events Management Hospitality Entrepreneurship

see website for further details:

Internships Internships are available with some of the leading hotel and hospitality firms both in Switzerland and overseas. Personal consultations are organised to give each student the best advice and guidance when deciding upon their internship destinations. Support is provided through the whole process of CV review, interview, checking the employment contract and the work permit application. Students are informed about the workplace and briefed for the interview. We partner with companies that provide the best training opportunities and offer a great platform to succeed professionally.

Careers At IMI our Careers team take a personalised approach to finding students their dream graduate placement. Individual meetings, CV workshops, Career Days and a vast network of international industry contacts means our students are ready to excel at interview and grasp the numerous opportunities we offer them. Twice a year, we are visited by some of the top hotel and tourism brands who present to our students and interview on campus. This results in great opportunities for our students to secure top placements worldwide and network with industry leaders.

Alumni Our alumni can be found in senior management positions around the globe and nothing makes us happier than hearing about another success story from one of our graduates. To ensure our alumni could keep in touch with both IMI and each other more easily, we created our Alumni Network. This dedicated website provides job opportunties, career support and all the latest news and events from the school. Every year this network is growing, providing all IMI graduates with a ready-made contact book with senior figures in the industry.

Programme Fees and Application Procedure Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 BA (Hons)

Registration Fee 2,800 2,500 2,500 2,500

Tuition Fee 20,000 22,000 22,000 24,150

Intro. Offer Aug 2018

10,000 11,000 11,000 12,000**

Room Fee* 2,800 2,800 2,800 2,800

*other room categories available - details on request. **only on completion of Swiss Degree Programme.

Meals Fee


Grand Total:


2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500

Intro Offer.

18,100 18,800 18,800 19,800

Application Information For more information and In order to apply, the completed enrolment form and all additionally required documents should be sent to: Ms. Greta Musu - Director of Business Development IMI International Management Institute Switzerland Seeacherweg 1 6047 Kastanienbaum Switzerland Phone: +41 41 349 64 00 E-mail:

The following documents are part of the application: - Copy of passport - Transcripts of your previous education (school leaving certificates) - Proof of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent test results) - Curriculum Vitae (Resumé) - Work certificates/references - Proof of financial funds - Letter of Motivation with 500 words minimum (duly dated and signed) outlining your reasons for study and career goals, either: 1. My future in the international hospitality industry, or 2. How a Swiss education at IMI will enhance my future prospects - For students originating from outside the European Union/EFTA a Letter of Intent to leave Switzerland after your studies (150 words minimum and duly dated and signed)

Step 1 Submission of Documents

Step 2 Personal Academic Consultation

Step 3 Provisional Letter of Acceptance issued

Step 4 Registration Fee to be paid

Step 5 50% of course fees to be paid latest 8 weeks before start date

Step 6 Study visa application

Step 7 Remaining 50% of course fees to be paid (by week 2)

Step 8 Start your IMI programme!

Fees Information The registration fee includes: registration documents, residence permit, airport pickup for new students, compulsory health and accident insurance during the academic semester, federal taxes, wireless internet connection, student card, social assistance from the student counsellor, extensive online and on-campus library resources, gym and other campus recreational facilities. Additionally, life-long membership of the IMI Alumni network. There is no registration or tuition fee payable to IMI during the internship semesters. The following items are included in the tuition fee: all class materials and handouts, loan of core textbooks, teaching materials, access to Moodle - IMI’s virtual learning environment, professional excursions, extensive academic guidance, guaranteed internship opportunities, sourcing graduate placement opportunities in permanent positions for graduating students, personalised career coaching and on-campus recruitment, industry presentations and examiner fees. Course content, fees, requirements etc are subject to change at IMI’s discretion.


Seeacherweg 1 . 6047 Kastanienbaum . Luzern . Switzerland Phone +41 41 349 6400 . .

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Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management Brochure  

Study for a Swiss Diplom HF qualification in English and benefit from three paid, practical placements alongside three semesters of study.

Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management Brochure  

Study for a Swiss Diplom HF qualification in English and benefit from three paid, practical placements alongside three semesters of study.