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In 2010 alone it had 21,585 wind energy plants accounting for 36.5% of the nations power supply. Further more, cultivating wind energy has reduced Germanys CO2 emissions by 23.6%. In the race to go green, Germany has come a long way. The first couple wind farms started out in 1990, accounting for around 1% of the nations energy consumption and within 20 years hit 36.5%.

Germany gone Green Germany 2051, looks very much like today. Except that it runs purely on green resources, not just that though. It plans to help everyone make a difference in smaller ways. Generating electricity while travelling. The Future is a place where simplification of technologies and green alternative will become easily available and advertised by the government. Germany has one of the largest wind power markets and is very much in the lead on Solar power.

My ideas.

Conceptually a lot is possible and achievable. That is from what reality is. Considering the state of the world economy, it is unlikely that cars will start flying as such, but what is plausible is the fact that Germany will go green. To such an extent that each individual is able to more accessibly adopt a greener lifestyle. I will focus on Travel, through green methods, taking what exists and modifying it to suit the need of the future.

2010 also saw a massive investment in renewable sources of energy, with a 2, 500 million EUR input only into the wind energy sector. OMA’s project on a greener Europe outlines the potential of the region and the possible visual outcomes. Although it is a project on ‘what could be if..’ Germany is already on her way to becoming a greener nation

I wish to create an animation, through paper sculpture and motion graphics. I was inspired by, Julien Valle with his motion and graphical projects. Klye bean and his paper sculpture and PixcelGarten for a variety of works which stem around paper sculpture and motion graphics.

This marked the beginning of my Project, to help people make a difference.

What I wish to communicate is the proposition that Germany is not as a nation trying to make a difference but as a people, individually helping to make the change. Oma’s project ‘Roadmap 2050’ also sheds light on my view of Germany and its future in Europe, in the bid to go o so green. The project was inspirational and gave my concept considerable backing.

Charging electronics while travelling is both practical and plausible. While exhorting energy to ride the bike, the same energy can be the driving force for generating electricity. Which and alternate between being generated from the rider and from the wind (when going down hill).

The Construction process.

I wanted to create narrative in my sculpture my combining the physical media with motion graphics. The first stage was the story board. I wanted the narrative to speak about Germany and how it would advertise itself in the coming future. There were three main points I wished to communicate -What they are doing -How they want to help the people do the same. -Mutual benefit Message : We are not just Building greener homes We are not just generating greener energy We are helping you go green.

Germany, gone green  

Project two year 3

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